Scared Stiff

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Game Design: 8.323

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Sounds/Music: 8.093

Other Aspects: 8.427

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There are 438 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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4 years ago
Lots of fun to play, with funny (though repetitive) call-outs and entertaining results for successful shots. Deceptive because it looks fairly simple and the goals seem like they should be easy to achieve; yet, many of the shots and goals are rather harder to get than you think. The spinner in the backglass is a nice gimmick. One shortcoming is lastability: I think that the call-outs, shots, and rules/goals don't have enough depth, variety, and surprises to make the game sustainable in a home collection for an extended time of more than a few years. All-in-all, my personal opinion is that this game is slightly overrated. It's a fun, standout game but maybe not entirely deserving of quite as a high a ranking as it gets. (I suspect that the risque side of Elvira and her double entendres add some cache that the game wouldn't otherwise get.)
4 years ago
After the awesome table that was "Elvira and the Party Monsters", she returned with "Scared Stiff", a fine table to be sure, but a slight step down from its predecessor.

The design is eye-popping. The playfield is brilliant and colorful with a 60's grindhouse horror cinema feel to it. This is capped by a coffin/crate in the center of the table and a giant ramp covered by the skeleton of a dragon's neck and skull. The music matches the theme but gets really repetitive very quickly. The frogs screaming each time you hit one is not great audio because you seem to hit them every five seconds.

Elvira has her usual double entendres but they're more innocent this time around and some of the others seem forced and too scripted ("Nice, us"; "Oh! I'm having multiple jackpots!"; "How 'bout another ball?") to be truly memorable.

"Stop the Spider" is also repetitive and wrecks the flow of the game. Sorry. I've never liked it. It's just an annoying feature that gives you repetitive tasks to accomplish ("Fish Head" for the 173rd time in ten minutes?!) and makes it feel like something completely separate from what you were just doing.

Aside from that, the gameplay is very smooth. It's fairly easy to hit the ramps and I love the light show during the multiball event, though it just sort of "happens" without much fanfare.

Great ball drain sequence (no pun intended).

I just like the first Elvira game better. It was beautifully simple whereas this game is needlessly complex and repetitive.
4 years ago
I loved this game the first time I played and I loved it the last time I played it. Genius to have that crate be easy and fun for beginners, but not to mean too much in terms of score (unless you keep hitting it). The game just feels solid. I wish the rules were a little deeper...maybe have completing all of the tales mean a little bit more in the long run. Getting to the scared stiff mode is great, but beating it is a little to easy. This is another game in my collection that everyone loves right way. It just makes sense and is flat out fun to play. A classic.
4 years ago
Gorgeous game...just wish it had a little bit more in terms on longterm interest. Got tired of it pretty quickly. Got another one 5 years later and same deal.

The game just does not have legs like Elvira does.

Could have been a top ten all time based on art and theme. But the rules and layout just are not at the same level.
4 years ago
well , i dont know how to start or from where to start.

in my life i have played 90% pins from top 30 rated in the world , for me Scared Stiff seems like one of best pinball ever made due few factors :
smooth gameplay
music/soubd(except frog sounds :) )

Pin have everything you need for tons of fun, a lot of adrenaline rush and all other fun factors that will make you love this game.

Completing tales of terror is challanging and very nicely done , shooting ramps milion times, multiball, elvira callouts , general gameflow is what keeps me back over and over and over again to play .

Not hard game to figure out and tons of fun is what makes this pin highly rated in my case ;).

3d backbox with spider is also very fun addition to game .

For me its underrated pin , and i think it deserve better rank all arround. game easy can beat m.m , afm, tz and other hyped pins. But its all about personal taste i guess.

only downside can be frog sound that i mentioned above , can iritate sometime but still its not biggie.

i just love it.

i am just a fan of pins , i am not pro player, love this hobby (love to play pinballs) and every review is based on my personal feeling and emotion. I am in this game only for FUN and to have stress free ;).
4 years ago
An absolutely great classic machine. The layout is simple and easy to understand. You always know what to go for next and what you have/haven't completed. The theme and music are just great. It is such a fun game to play with the just one more play aspect really kicking in for me.
I would definitely recommend anyone going out and playing it when you can find the chance.
4 years ago
My Nr1 in style - it looks like a damn good tattoo and is a top tournament table
4 years ago
One of the best pins ever made.
4 years ago
This is one sexy table. The rules are easy to understand and once you are good at making the ball lock shot it becomes even more fun. Elvira's super sexy voice is a real treat and the dialogue make it fun for kids while still having enough sexual innuendo to bring a smile for adults...just wait til you make her have 'multiple jackpots'. Great fun for kids and grown ups.
4 years ago
I love it really great artwork and funny theme !a good gameplay not so easy with the blue fear but all the familly
can enjoy with.I recommend this amazing game a really successfull ...
4 years ago
Again it was PS4 pinball arcade that introduced me to this Pin and I love it...played one at Intencity that was a little crappy but still fun..then played one in great condition and it was awesome...I love the spider hole and the back glass is a great getting very expensive in Oz but its only money ....
4 years ago
I find this one to be extremely fun! It's got a solid challenge, and the modes really feel like a progression. As someone who was a fan of the Elvira character back in the 80's, this pin really hits on what was fun about watching those old B horror movies in the middle of the night. I won't be owning this while I have a daughter living at home, but I throughly enjoy playing it on location!
4 years ago
The Bad - the leapers sounds get tiring. The Good - just about everything else. The callouts are classic and just about the best of any game out there. Stop the spider is genius. Multiball modes are challenging.
4 years ago
Fantastic pin! Played it enough to appreciate the theme. Love Elvira!
4 years ago
My absolute favorite game. Its not so overly complicated that you really have to think about what your doing but deep enough that you get invested in each ball. There's nothing more rewarding in pinball than when all of the lights suddenly turn off and you have that moment of calm before all hell breaks loose when you reach scared stiff. Cool toys, the stiff in the coffin, the leapers, the back box spinning spider. In too young to be an Elvira fan but the theme holds up and the call outs are fun. Overall exactly what a pin should be, fun!
4 years ago
Yep. Us old timers love it because they have years of experience playing lots of pins.

Very fun game with fantastic implementation of a great theme. Well designed with fun, flowing shots. Great humor. Rules are fun and spider wheel is a great invention. Rules aren't deep so it's last ability is hurt a bit. I think it's a top 20 pin all day.
4 years ago
hey old timers love this game
4 years ago
I want to play more of this. I have never gotten deep enough into it. It seems a bit shallow on the rules, but boy, it's fun.
4 years ago
This pin is a blast to play. It rewards practice and is enjoyable for folks of any skill level. A truly refined game and also very pretty and solid. Love it. If only it weren't so dark.
4 years ago
I think this machine ranks blah blah

Action/Per/Minute: poor. tons of stop n go (2 scoops, 1 blackbox toy, very long ramps.
Backhands: good
Bonus Multiplier Goal: unknown
Dink Donk: decent — ball dinks and donks after hitting trunk
Drops: none
Extra Balls: great - many ways to earn them
Flippers: 2
Hurry-ups: unknown
Inlane Lane Change: none
Inlane Ramp Release: poor — the ball is spoon-fed to the inlanes, and there’s a pause each time that throws off your flow
Inlane Swoosh: good
Jackpot/Bonus Collect: unknown
Lane Change: yes
MB Earning: decent - kinda easy - several ways to earn it. left ramp then left outlane is rather easy with low risk
MB Fun: great - multiball. detains, long ramp shots. open space
Nudging: decent. didn’t need it too much other than outlanes
Orbits (Repeatable): none
Outlane Fun: decent
Pops: poor — they don’t help or hurt you. Rather waste of space
Rules (time/order): unknown
Shots (total): 9
Skill Shot: yes - very good one
Slap-Saves: yep. very good.
Spinners: none
Stop'n'Go: poor - very stop n go.
Taunting: fair - callouts - but they sure don’t make u mad
Toy/Gimmick: bash toy is very good
Voice / V. choreography: excellent. game knows what you are doing and what’s up - lots of call outs

ART: great
SOUND: great
FEEL: great
OVERALL: not my style of table, but I can see why people like it
4 years ago
Great theme
4 years ago
fun pin lacks a little on code
5 years ago
Amazing game! 3D Back glass, nice playfield, Fun toys. Music, sound and speech are awesome ! Scared Stiff is a MUST HAVE machine.
5 years ago
In high-school, I spent tons of coins and almost more time playing this pinball than being in class. It's one of the best-themed and funniest machines ever, and I loved it. Since then, I played a lot of other pinballs, got better skills, and when going back to Scared Stiff, it lacks a bit of variety and challenge. But still, it has that "special" something that makes it so lovely.
5 years ago
Another one of those classic tables, it has a certain level of "sexiness" which may turn some players off but my wife loved the suggestive comments and thought the table was great fun. I did have to explain who Elvira was though, the problems with marrying young.
There are 438 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 5 of 18.

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