Scared Stiff

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Game Design: 8.323

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Other Aspects: 8.427

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Found 438 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 438 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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2 years ago
Was just meh tbh.

I think in a large collection this may suit that, but overall the shots were repetitive and not much else there in game play.
2 years ago
Lots of fun. It is a classic with lasting power!
2 years ago
Scared Stiff is a great themed, fun pin that features easy to make shots and one of the easiest to achieve "wizard modes" of the era. And therein lies its only flaw: the game is a bit too easy. I am by no means a greatly skilled player, but I got to Monster Multiball (completed the Stiff-O-Meter) on only my fourth game. Spider Mania is more difficult to achieve, but just involves shooting the right ramp followed by the Spider hole over and over again and certainly isn't worth the trouble other than to say you accomplished the feat.

Still this game has great "flow" and is a pleasure to shoot when set up correctly. The callouts are adult-themed but some of the best in pinball history, IMHO. It would be a great pin to have in any collection and certainly is a very "beginner friendly" pin that most people can enjoy regardless of skill level.
2 years ago
Scared Stiff is a home run in every conceivable way. Gorgeous art package, great shots and flow, fun for beginners and pros alike. It has last-ability in a home collection and is is very profitable routed. Proud to own one! If you can find one GET IT.
2 years ago
Fantastic game - a relle Beuty
2 years ago
This and Pinbot are dear to my heart. Sentimental reasons aside it is a fun game for all. Casual and professional both can get down on this machine. No bones about it. Let's put it this way, the thought of losing this machine makes me Scared Stiff.
2 years ago
I love games that incorporate the backbox into the game. Scared Stiff is so much fun and has great audio clips. The shots are fairly easy and the rules are shallow, but it's a great game to come back to time and again.
2 years ago
Scared Stiff is a good game. The call outs are too funny!!!! I enjoy the game. Rating and price are too high
2 years ago
Stop the Spider!! Its Scared Stiff! Whats not to love?! Everything about this pin rocks! There is nothing like just beating the crap out of that crate until the ball gets through!
2 years ago
One of my favorites. OK, the rule set is pretty simple, but the flow is great with very satisfying shots. The humor is THE best of any machine I have ever played. My kids enjoy playing it, while having no idea that the call outs are continuously referring to male genitalia, and oral sex. While I am not necessarily a big fan of Elvira, I think she is perfect for a pinball theme.
2 years ago
The look of the 3 dimentional back glass is amazing. Elvira draws you in. Once you play a few times you realize the spider wheel is important as it can help you make the 6 objectives. The comments are great although not appropriate for children. Each objective is accomplished by 3s which makes it fun to follow as you play. The toys are very unique as wells. Stiffa meter real meaning is questionable. Over all a great game and worthily of high rating.
3 years ago
I think this table is one of the most fun out there.

Every time I see it, I need to play.
3 years ago
A really fun game visually beautiful definitely a keeper for me
3 years ago
Great pin, but only for beginners, it gets very easy quickly (shots are too large) and very short to finish, but it has a really nice sound, especially when you play the Stiff-o-Meter
3 years ago
One of the best games of the era. Beautiful cabinet, one of the best backglasses ever made. Amazing theme integration and toys. I could play this one all day long. Sound/jokes get a little repetitive but that's a small knock on this one. The shots are silky smooth, great layout. This one is on my wishlist for sure!
3 years ago
I ignored this pin for years before I started collecting them. I only saw the theme and the little rubber pencil eraser toys and plastic bones and silly spider backglass. Once again, I was wrong to judge and dismiss this machine. It's deep enough, with 6 main modes and then the spider backglass web to complete, and moving up the Stiff-O-Meter! It's kinda trashy, kinda sexy, pretty spooky and odd, and a huge amount of fun. The shots are straightforward and pretty easy, but satisfying, and they allow you to accomplish much even if you are new to the game. The crate is really fun to shoot. When the lights are bright and the color DMD is installed, this game is great looking. Now I understand why these are pretty hard to find and not cheap to own. Can't wait for number 3!

Update-I own this one finally! Just an exceptionally fun pin with 1990's-shallow rules, but in a larger collection, it works. Most pins, especially recent ones, are very difficult to complete. I've only completed 3 or 4 pins ever. SS is a game you can reasonably attempt to complete in a fairly short period of time. I've finished the 6 modes several times, and finished the Stiff-0-Meter once for Monster MB. You can also finish the 16 spider awards for Spider MB, which I haven't seen. The shots just feel right. The 2 ramps are smooth and fun, and the trunk is a blast to hit and works great. The spider is creative and fun, and the spider VUK up through the bottom of the ramp is clever, but must be carefully adjusted (balls can hit the bottom if the VUK is not set just right). Progress on all the modes can be made at the same time, and you can complete all 6 modes in just a few minutes. Hitting all 10 levels on the meter isn't easy (on one ball). There is also a secret passage if you are able to shoot the ball softly up the left orbit. I've only seen this hit once! This game isn't super deep, but it shoots great, has funny callouts and good music. The cabinet looks cool with the coffin design. A keeper for us for sure!
3 years ago
This game is straight up, balls out FUN!

From a rules perspective, it isn't the deepest in a home collection but is so fun for non pinheads and friends really get on with this game. It has some challenge for a season player and the multiballs offer a chance to really stretch out your high score compared to an average player or newer player.

The Monster Multiball is the only real challenge in the game though, but it doesn't matter, hitting it is an incredible rush.
3 years ago
Classic game, classic theme, great art and audio package. Love the risque humour all over. Simple rules and wide ramps can make the game feel a little bit too easy at times and perhaps a little shallow, but the theme more than makes up for that. Completing the spider is actually more fun than beating the stiff-o-meter because the latter is a little to manageable whereas that damn spider takes a while to complete! Good game, but not the very best.
3 years ago
The game is just lots of fun and keeps you coming for more game play. I can see why it’s in the top 20, it not as challenging as some games just lots of fun to play.
3 years ago
This was my third game purchased, which I picked up back in 2006 for price that would be a steal now. I'm a fan of anything Elvira, so theme was a no-brainer. I don't care for the red playfield, but I like all the toys, especially once you put back in the missing features like the lighting the Deadhead skulls and the dancing bogeymen. However, I think the dancing mode is a little silly and the leapers are just annoying.

Elvira's callouts are the best ("Wake me up when you're done!", "Another notch for my bedpost!"), and I like the "hip" Dracula voice. The 3D backglass and spinner spider are great, the cabinet artwork is cool and some of the music is pretty damn good (I like Double Trouble the best).

But how does it play? It might be a bit too easy, so maybe it's not great in a small collection but if you've got 5 or more pins it's nice to have at least one that doesn't kick your ass. A lot of players are negative on this machine because they've gotten bored with it, but to me that's a little self-serving. My take is that although the pins are for me, I love having friends over to play, most of whom are casual players or are drawn to the novelty. Scared Stiff gets a lot of play by my friends because of theme and it's not super complicated...they can earn Crate Multiball pretty easily and that generates a lot of fun and excitement, which in turn gets them wanting to play more. And I'm still trying to complete the spider wheel, which is pretty difficult.

Is it worth the money it goes for today? Absolutely. Everything has risen in price...try to find a Shadow or Dracula for under $'d have to be extremely lucky. Medieval Madness is also an easy game with a great theme and even the remakes are expensive!

In conclusion I would have to say that while it is not deep or hard, it has a great theme and a fun factor that entices curious friends to play, and sometimes that's better than only judging the machine by what it does for you alone. I won't say it will never leave my collection, but I doubt it. I love it.
3 years ago
Best call outs in pinball, even superior to family guy.
3 years ago
Fun and unique game that should only be in a large collection as it tends to get old fast.
3 years ago
Never could understand the appeal of this one. A drag to play and not so ravishing to look at either. Ah well, there are others who love it.
3 years ago
I love that the backglass was put to work in this game. I also love playing this pin. The sound, art, and shots are all fun. The market price for this used pin says it all. The Elvira series just keeps getting better.
3 years ago
A great WPC. Price is a little high and rules aren’t the deepest, but still a really fun game to shoot.
There are 438 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 3 of 18.

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