Scared Stiff

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Game Design: 8.333

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Other Aspects: 8.432

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Found 441 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 441 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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11 years ago
Very fun game when you play it the first time, but gets repetitive very fast. Not a good pin to have as your only machine. Didn't stay more than 3 months at my home.
11 years ago
Funny Game. Thought this game would get old, but its a keeper.
The humor in this game is one of a kind. The game designers were very thoughtful in this game
11 years ago
Love this game and can't wait to add one to my collection.
11 years ago
I've had one of these for over a year and it never ceases to put a smile on my face.
The hilarious double entendre one liners are a blast. Where else would you be able to hear "Oh, that's just made me stiff" and the less commonly heard but great "what a huge boner.........ssss"!
Great playfield design, with per excellence lighting, get a full set of LED's in it and it is totally incredible to play in the dark.
What's more, it's really easy to get into and enjoy, and yet if your an expert (which I'm not) getting the spider full light set is very difficult.
I can see that the "If it isn't damn near impossible to do, I don't like it" set, may find the gameplay too easy, but for most gammers who just want to play when they get time, and then just want fun, are going to find it super addictive and therefore never get bored with it.
Sometimes, just being able to play a game and have immediate fun is seriously underrated.
Spinning spiders, great speech, wonderful lighting and outstanding playability make this a top top machine.
11 years ago
love to get scared stiffffff
11 years ago
I have had this game in my collection for a few years now and it may be the game I play the least. The ruleset basically involves completing simple shots a handful of times at your leisure to reach the Stiff-o-Meter. Only then does the real challenge of beating the meter come into play.
Having said that, the game IS great fun, especially for those who aren't so familiar with it or with pinball in general. The ladies love it! It's also great for when you want to bash around a pinball without investing a half an hour in getting to some supreme wizard mode. The audio is good, very funny, and the artwork is great (cabinet aside).
11 years ago
very fun pin. Looks great sitting next to monster bash. I like to monster pins would like to get a cftbl and taf.
11 years ago
I think it's not the pin with the deepest rule set (otherwise completing the spiederman can be a challenge), but it's totally astounding how much love and detail work went into this sole pin.

The play/artistic factor is much more balanced than on 'Creature'.
11 years ago
Only real gripe is it is so hard to keep up with display because of how fast the game flows most of the time. The display is normally gone before you can typically read it, meaning you pretty much already need to know what it is telling you, meaning it really isn't doing anything.

Great toys, spinner on the backglass is nice, but a little underwelming. Good comedy mixxed in with a serious machine.
11 years ago
Cool Cool Cool skulls and crossbones!
11 years ago
Excellent comic scary theme, with lots of funny and ribald quotes during play. Spinning spider on backglass is unique and fun. Amazing lightshow especially during multiball modes, play the machine in the dark for the best effect!
Gameplay is a bit stop-start at times, especially when you get a Deadhead and you have to wait for the animation to finish before the ball is kicked back into play again. The ruleset is not very deep on this machine so getting to "Scared Stiff" is fairly easy - but completing it is another matter! Spider Mania (completing all 16 lights on the spider wheel) is damn near impossible.
Watch out for damage to the main ramps, fade to the cabinet, wear to the decal on the front of the crate and check if the spider spins OK if buying. Slingshot covers are very expensive to renew.
Now I found that this pin did not hold my interest, so after owning it 6 months I ended up selling it and buying something which would - a TZ...
11 years ago
good game
11 years ago
I finally played this game at the Texas Pinball Festival this weekend and I'm completely confused as to how this game could land at number 11 in the top 100. I found the ramp shots to be way too easy to hit time after time. Not that I don't like being accurate with my shots, but this was super easy. The coolest thing about the machine was hitting the frog targets and watching the frogs leap up, it was entertaining. I dunno, maybe you just need to enjoy that theme to really get into it, but I just wouldn't ever consider this game to be top 25 material, much less number 11.
11 years ago
Pretty fun but wasn't able to keep my interest long.
11 years ago
Owned SS for about 6 months as my only game.

The bad: The rule set can get old pretty quickly, as Monster Multiball is very easy to get to. In a longer game, the Deadheads/The Lab become overly important to the point that the orbit is the only shot you want to make, even during multiballs. Getting to Spider Mania often feels like a chore.

The good: Beautiful artwork and superb sounds. Overall "fun factor" very high. Rules good for casual players (like my gf), the goal is easily explained and Crate Multiball offers an easy way to a sense of achievement. Spider Mania gives the better players something to go for.
12 years ago
As far as I am concerned this pin is underrated even at 10 or 11 in the top 100. I feel it should be in the top 5. It really is a special pin, with amazing flow, smooth ramps, great art and with elvira thrown into the mix you have the whole package.

A special game.
12 years ago
I just didn't really get this machine. I guess you have to be a die-hard Elvira fan or something. It was a good game and fun to play, but not a top 10 in my opinion...sorry
12 years ago
One of my all time favorites . . .
12 years ago
Fun pin to play no doubt. Sounds and lighting are awesome. I would of liked it to have a bit better flow but over all a fun pin to play.
12 years ago
very fun to play, it's a easy game but every time i play it i like it.
Great pinball to own
12 years ago
What a funky, fun and addictive table. Fairly simple but smashing the balls into the crate never gets tired for me. Grew up watching Elvira and love hearing her dulcet tones telling me to "Be careful". I love the kooky horror theme and artwork. Just wish the table was a little cheaper as I would love to own it one day.
12 years ago
Spinning spider backbox so cool, one of my favourites, hope to have you in my collection one day. Luv u Elvira xxx.
12 years ago
A very unique game.
12 years ago
Not a fan of this one.
12 years ago
This is a fun game to play. Elvira has plenty of funny things that she says during the game play. There are several mods available for this game too. The moveing spider in the backglass is really cool also.
There are 441 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 17 of 18.

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