Scared Stiff

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Game Design: 8.331

Artwork: 8.769

Sounds/Music: 8.119

Other Aspects: 8.426

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There are 439 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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10 years ago
This game is one of the most fun machines i've played. Getting to Scared Stiff is very satisfying every time I do it. The crate being the main toy isn't the most exciting thing i've ever seen but it's still fun. The coffin shooting the balls out for multiball is pretty cool and the ramps are both very satisfying shots. Not the deepest ruleset but still very much fun.
10 years ago
I love this game and will for sure buy one someday.
Elvira (the game) is so fun, entertaining and forgiving.
She doesn't treat you like a jerk and plays well with others.
10 years ago
I wanted a machine that is funny...This is the first machine I find myself LAUGHING OUT LOUD!
One feels a sense of new accomplishment when working your way toward Scared Stiff mode, even if you got to it before. Elvira and the Stiff are funny narrators and this machine is a MUST for any horror fan! 3-D Backglass and interactive backglass (spinning spider) make this game even more unique/COOL!!! AND it has amazing FLOW and LASTABILITY! "THE Machine of the 90's"! Get the floating eyeball shooter MOD!!! AND other MODS!!!
10 years ago
Best game ever!
10 years ago
Everytime I play cant stop. Love this machine and will be adding to my collection soon.
10 years ago
n°1 under every aspect, from sound to playfield layout, from speech to toys...a must have, even if is not the most difficult one...good to play for novice and quite hard to master for expert players...
try it and you'll love it forever..
10 years ago
I was "lucky" enough to have a three hour delay at the Louisville Airport and discovered this machine in the terminal. Very fun game and the rule set seemed interesting for as deeply as I could penetrate it in three hours. But let's be real... The typical pinball enthusiast is a middle aged male gamer. The attraction for this crowd is a sultry voiced Elvira dropping sexual innuendos that approach orgasmic as the player achieves more difficult shots and combinations. This machine belongs in a bar or bachelor pad and would not be recommended for a family. Without a doubt this is a quality pin but it is also probably a little overrated if measured on its pure pinball game play.
10 years ago
Fun machine and good game play... but, overvalued and overpriced.
10 years ago
I wouldn't call it the greatest game ever but if you can get one for a decent price, pick it up. As with most machines, if you play it and get the hang of it, all you are really looking to get out of it is points, no real further progression. Relatively easy to get to the "scared stiff mode" but it does take some skill to go from the box and the ramps in the time alloted. The games goes nuts after you have become scared stiff and gives you a set time to score a lot of points. After that, you are basically back to the starting point. Completing the spider challange is next to impossible which is great if you love and want to keep the machine, will always give you something to shoot for.
10 years ago
This game is a great deal of fun initially, but so simplistic and easy that I can see it growing old quickly. That's not to say it's not a well packaged pin - the layout, art, sound, and backglass are top notch. Theme is lighthearted and funny.
10 years ago
SS is FUN FUN FUN. Sure it's easy, sure it's a little plain as far as variety goes, but the art and sounds are second to none. Great spooky theme, and the Elvira quotes are seductively hilarious. Stiff-o-Meter will keep you coming back indefinitely as it is an easy mode to start, but finishing it will really test your skills. Great for a quick no nonsense game. Love this one, wonderful simple but fun layout with a lot of cool design features and toys. Best backglass ever.
10 years ago
Also one of my favorite pins. The game is fun, not too fast, has a great theme, and did I mention Elvira?!?!?! Super fun multi balls, a few shots are really easy and a few are tough. All in all a great pinball
10 years ago
Good fun game. Easy yes but still very fun. Back glass spider fantastic.
10 years ago
sweet game play depth with a killer theme and incredible art/lighting/toys
10 years ago
We had this game at work back in the good old days of being an Air Traffic Controller (hey, we need breaks, too, ya know?) I don't remember much about the theme but I KNOW that this pin was one of 4 that got me addicted to playing. There were several funny lines from Elvira.

EDIT:I don't know what is better, the humor, sexual innuendo, or the game play but, having reacquainted myself with this pin recently, I must say it is more fun than I remembered! The Scared Stiff multiball is a tough little booger to beat
10 years ago
Scared Stiff is the perfect spooky pin. You can't go wrong with Elvira's wonderful inuendo's. Terror from the crate is a great ball capture, and activating the Stiffometer is real challenge.
10 years ago
like this a lot I could play this all day every day
10 years ago
Hard to go wrong with Elvira....A nice layout that punishes missed shots. Spider Multiball is almost impossible to achieve.
10 years ago
Great them and artwork on this one. I love the Elvira quotes. Fun pin. For some reason I like EATPM a little better.
10 years ago
Scared Stiff is an extremely fun pin & sequel to the Elvira & Party Monsters system 11 classic. Runner-up to TOM, as the prettiest looking pinball machine. Translite art is beautiful & playfield jumps out with incredible color/detail. Sounds are amazing, with lots of innuendo from Elvira herself. Tons of humor (stiff in the coffin, dancing boogiemen, & DMD dots). Dennis Nordman learned alot prior to SS. Lots of windy ramps (Boney Beast) & orbits that travel the entire machine (WH2O). The powerdown effect from Demo Man & Party Monsters returns during Scared Stiff's wizard mode. The crate is this game's greatest strength & greatest flaw. While being very fun to hit, especially for novices, it will get old FAST! The entire game can ultimately revolve around just hammering on it. Exploiting the spider wheel exposes problems with balancing; a never-ending game. You will sadly end up getting bored. Buy this one, but make sure to have another pin to play. Highly recommended play on location!
10 years ago
I Have owned this pin also,, Play's good but get's Repetitive and Bore-some Really QUICK !!!!
10 years ago
I had this machine for awhile and I really loved it I only have room for a few machines in my collection so I had to move this one on to make room for something different. I will own another one someday.
10 years ago
This game just looks excellent and the humour is just great. It engages and it is fun to play. Great quality as well and the playfield looks fantastic. My only criticism is that I would have preferred the ball to exit near the pops and not into the middle of the playfield. It has humour, fun but will it still be fun in 6 months time? It is a definite maybe in regards to buying one to add to my small collection. Update. Still not sure if it has lastability and wonder if I would get bored of the spider wheel. So close but still not sure.
11 years ago
Scared Stiff is a great pinball machine!! The left and right ramps are fun to shoot for .The crate is a great toy.Elvira's sexual innuendo is out of control funny!! This is great pin to trick out the G.I. and playfield with LED's. The lanes to the flipper in bright green gives a cool effect. Elvira grew up in my home town.Colorado Springs CO.Her parents owed a costume shop Petersons (Elvira's last name) Party Land.I remember seeing her in the store years ago.She is good looking.Scared Stiff is easy to play.But to master it ,well that will take some time .Great pinball to collect!!!!!!!
11 years ago
Very fun game when you play it the first time, but gets repetitive very fast. Not a good pin to have as your only machine. Didn't stay more than 3 months at my home.
There are 439 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 16 of 18.

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