Scared Stiff

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Game Design: 8.336

Artwork: 8.771

Sounds/Music: 8.125

Other Aspects: 8.431

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Found 438 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 438 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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9 years ago
Fun and beautifull pinball machine with stupid plain ruleset.....good on location only, unfortunatly i bought one....
9 years ago
Basic gameplay on a great theme

Own(ed): No

Times Played: 25

Shots are pretty fun. Boney ramp and flipper make the game look unique. Quotes from Elivra are great and add to the atmosphere. Spider Wheel is a nice diversion. Crate is a fun toy. Achievable and fun wizard mode

Very basic gameplay and a pretty generic Fan layout. See WCS for same layout done better.
Might be too easy for avg players
Spider Wizard mode is very tedious to get to

Expensive, but OK if you just love the theme. Not a bad game by any means, but not a great bang for the buck either.
9 years ago
This game is a blast to play. One of the few games out there that have an interactive back glass to "stop the spider"!! Whether you like Elvira or not, the game theme with sounds and design are so on target - bullseye! Humor throughout both in sounds and graphics - love it. Come on fat head is Steve Ritchie - how can you not like this game!! Some of the innuendos are borderline if you have kids but the game really delivers and cracks you up as well. Some same too easy - if you're a pin wizard maybe. For me very fun challenge after 6 years. A skull pile, boney ramp, crate, deadheads, stiff in the coffin, spinning spider, dancing boogey men - this game is loaded. Never leave my home.
9 years ago
Super pin! Only game rules stop to soon (MonsterMultiball) IMO.
9 years ago
Just a great overall pin. Lots of fun, great humor, good flow. The rules are easy to understand. The Stiff-O-Meter is just a great mode. Love the way the call outs escalate into a near frenzy the further up the meter you get, asking you if you are "scared yet", seemingly trying to distract you from completing the Stiff-O-Meter.

The theme is very well integrated into the game play. The Spider Wheel is one of the coolest back glasses ever.

One of my favorite pins.
9 years ago
Scared stiff great game. As lots of great Elvira quotes
10 years ago
A bit easy so lastability might be an issue but it looks and sounds great and is a blast to play. The lightshow is also one of the best I've seen. Wife likes it too so that is a plus. Would love to have one in my collection.
10 years ago
A quality game that not only plays well but looks and sounds amazing. Nice and easy to play but challenging to complete. An overall excellent game.
10 years ago
Scared Stiff, Bally's pinball with Elvira, Is the sexiest pinball.
For an beginner and average player I managed to get through it , or at least get to Scared Stiff
Maybe a litle bit easy for a pro but hey not everybody a pinball wizard.
So for all a lot off fun!!
10 years ago
Theme, flow, sounds (especially humorous sound clips) are done exceptionally well. Overall good game, just nothing about it that really drives me to play game after game.
10 years ago
found this one in the wild and cannot wait to get one in my own collection, great fun! wish i could have turned up the sound more since it was pretty low for an in the bar setting.
10 years ago
I played this quite a bit before purchasing one.

Once cleaned up, this pin is a lot of fun. It may not be super deep, but it can be difficult, and punishes you for poor shots. Stacking modes is fun and challenging. Light show is awesome.

It can be a fast game as well if set up a little steeper than normal. Good multiballs. I've never reached the Spider wizard mode.

It's a hit at party's, as the game play appears very simple. And who doesn't love Elvira? Mine's a keeper.

Edit: Sold the pin. Not easily though, only reason being the wife did not want it at home around the young kids.
10 years ago
beautiful pin nice artwork fun to play but not very deep
10 years ago
Played this pin at a pizzeria not too long ago, and it is a great pin. Not a fan of Elvira, but the horror theme fits perfectly here. I like the spinning web in the backglass, which is very cool. Overall, this is a great machine and worth getting.
10 years ago
By far my #1 favorite! It's the first pinball I purchased and is currently the only one I own. Tried this as a virtual game which led me to buying the real deal. Way better as a real pinball!
10 years ago
Love the sexual snipes that come out of this pinbox. Great cabinet and artwork. The playfield in the backbox is fantastic. This is about as good as it gets with a dot matrix pinball.
10 years ago
It is a good game that can get repetitive after a while. Would not mind one in my collection.
10 years ago
This is a really fun game. I haven't even got close to being scared stiff but I think I need to find me one of these so that I can get some practise in. I love this game!
10 years ago
Absolutely love the overall gameplay and fun factor of this pin, not to mention the covergirl for which it was designed after. fell in love with this game from the moment i set eyes on it!
10 years ago
I thought I was going to like this game, but after having it set up in my house for about 6 months I realised that the double entendre humour just got a bit tedious after a while... haha, she said 'stiff' again... and again... and again... and again... I hope she says it again soon... it's really funny... er, I think not... I love silly humour, which is why I like Roadshow, Whitewater and MM, but this just left me wanting to get it out... not a keeper.
10 years ago
A bit too easy and the comedy gets old fast, Still its a fun game ..............ZOD
10 years ago
My wife's favorite, and my second or third. I LOVE Elvira, and it's great themed machine. Lot's of great voiceovers from Elvira. If you like toys/gimmicks, it has two. I love the terror from the crate gimmick, and it's situated on the playfield where you can hit it a lot (which is very fun since you can hear Elvira telling you to stop). The rotating spider backglass gimmick is super too. It's a great machine, and always has me coming back to play again.
10 years ago
Overall fun, but not very deep. A top 20 for sure, however games like Spiderman, Simpsons pinball party, and Star Trek TNG are much more fun to me and should be above this one. Still would like one though at some point.
10 years ago
Finally played a really nice version of this game at the PHOF. Smooth ramps, excellent campy humor. Tense Stiff-o-meter mode. Game seems a bit shallow/repetitive and would work best in a larger collection. Overall, just excellent fun!
10 years ago
This game is one of the most fun machines i've played. Getting to Scared Stiff is very satisfying every time I do it. The crate being the main toy isn't the most exciting thing i've ever seen but it's still fun. The coffin shooting the balls out for multiball is pretty cool and the ramps are both very satisfying shots. Not the deepest ruleset but still very much fun.
There are 438 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 15 of 18.

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