Scared Stiff

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Game Design: 8.333

Artwork: 8.777

Sounds/Music: 8.136

Other Aspects: 8.432

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Found 441 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 441 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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9 years ago
Great game. One of my favorites to play. Gotta love the sounds and toys.
9 years ago
Extremely approachable and fun layout. Very straight forward and just a blast to play. I love the theme of the pin, and the feel of every shot is on point. Would love to add to the collection for a good chunk of time, but they are few and far between it seems these days and the price demanded is starting to overshadow the fun of the pin...bummer!
9 years ago
I REALLY like the theme on this one. I really enjoyed EATPM, but I like this machine even more. Can't go wrong here!
9 years ago
Fun, fun, fun! This is a great game to play with others. Not sure of the lastability in a small collection but it really is one of the most fun games to play. The theme has been tackled perfectly. The sound bites from Elvira are fantastic. Love the boney beast and the dancing boogie man. This is my Wife's favourite game.
9 years ago
I really enjoyed this game. The extra ball shot seemed really hard to hit, but it was a very fun game to play. I thought the humor was good also, and the call outs absolutely priceless
9 years ago
This was the machine that surprised me the most this year. Only played three games, so it might get old after a while- the shots are too few for me to consider it a keeper, but it was a blast for the few games I played it!
9 years ago
I'm not sure if this is a common problem but the ball seems to get stuck inside the crate at some point every time I play it. It gets stuck about halfway into the crate on the left side. Since the bar's never have keys to open them up it brings gaming to a close on this machine. It's unfortunate because it always seems to happen right when I'm heating up. I love the game, but this particular one (and the only one in the area) seems to need a little TLC. It's a shame but I'm not really letting that fault affect my rating.
9 years ago
Quite possibly the funniest game ever made. Awesome theme with great flow, cool artwork, hilarious voice work, an easy-to-grasp rule set, and fun interactive toys/gameplay. I wanted one of these for a very long time, and was thrilled to finally land one in my game room. Scared Stiff is "tits!"
9 years ago
A personal favorite of mine. Great looking game and some of the best humor in pinball. Great players playfield and cool backglass spinner. Gets super repetitive after a while and a quite easy game overall, not a game to have if your limited to 1-3 machines.
9 years ago
A friend has this in his collection and I have put a bunch of games on it. Not near enough of a challenge on this game for me. The Elvira callouts go very well with the theme and that is probably while I still put some games on this pin.
9 years ago
Backglass artwork w/ mech animation spinning spider is great. Ramps & returns are smooth. A fun pin to play. Not a lot of things to shoot at on the playfield. I don't like spiders, but the backbox side art {spider on spider web} is well done.
9 years ago
very cool game,Great theme,fun to play cool music and excellent quotes from the very SEXy Elvira!
the only bad thing is the Rules are too simple(for me) I just wish someone would come out with a new set of harder rules and modes
9 years ago
Was suprisingly not that fun of a pin...
9 years ago
Decently laid out playfield and you can tell there was a lot of time put into the style of it, but I cant help but think it 'felt' cheap. Something about little rubber spiders and what appears to be 'thumb creatures' popping up and down that reminds me of cheap redemption game prizes. I shouldn't be thinking about cheapo 5 cent toys while playing a game.
9 years ago
Had an SS for a while. Loved it at first, but if found the game too easy to complete (aside from spider multiball) and it became very repetitive. Loved the theme, and the coffin 'booing' at you as my favourite toy. A decent game for a time, but has no lastability in the home.
9 years ago
The sum is greater than the parts. This game is interesting and fun.
9 years ago
Could not get into this game. The Elvira theme is really cool and the play filed and back glass artwork is excellent but the game play for me was not good.....shots were easy and repetitive and while the spinning wheel was unique I think it takes away from the gameplay...

The ramps and crate shots are just too easy...a great game to look at but not a top 10 pin in my opinion...
9 years ago
Scared stiff is probably the best pinball machine when it comes to art, sound and theme as a package. Its easy to understand and it makes you smile. The downside of this game is that there isnt much going on after you've been enticed by the amazing visual and sound package. If this game had a few more modes and more difficult or varied shots it would be in the top 3. Regardless of how easy this game is I definitely want to own one.
9 years ago
A great theme. Humor is excellent. A very unique looking game. Callouts are excellent and the Spider game is very unique and integrates well with the PF action. Game rules are not deep but I see that as an advantage when sitting along side deeper pins in a collection. Only negative is that's it's not a "family friendly" theme.
9 years ago
Just pure fun in a pinball game, great sound bites and music, easily accessible to new players, but challenging enough for everyone, the kind of game that just never gets old. Gets even better when some of the mods are done to bring it up to what the designer had wanted, such as the dancing boogiemen and skull pile lights.
9 years ago
Great game!
9 years ago
very good theme. works well and just fun!!!!. Still trying to get spider multiball after all these years. This game captivates, especially when you start the stiff-o-meter.
10 years ago
I personally love Scared Stiff. I also love the fact the owning it isn't a pipe dream. It's a great machine with a very clear rule set and an attainable wizard mode. I understand that an attainable wizard mode might also hurt it's replay value but really when you're on level 8 scared stiff and that heart is beating so loudly and you have to hit that loop and then the crate you're not thinking about how many times you've done it before. You're lost in the moment and in the zone.
10 years ago
This machine is one that you'll always come back to. It is a timeless wonder! I think this is my favorite of all time!
10 years ago
What can one say about this game? It might get old after a while but Elvira has the ability to keep this machine fun and fresh for a long time.
The shots are fun and challenging. The lights with LEDs are amazing. The animations and voice work are some of the best I have ever seen. Artwork is superb. Even the spider spinner was fun and I am not a big fan of backglass games.
There are 441 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 14 of 18.

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