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Game Design: 8.334

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Other Aspects: 8.435

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Found 439 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 439 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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9 years ago
Scared stiff is a fantastic pinball game with some really cool features. Nordman, Freres and Co. have done it again!

The Pros:
A Great pinball package, great humor and a great rack. The shots are well designed and smooth. The Scared Stiff lightshow/freakout is a great reward. What a perfectly executed theme. The animations are spot on and it's great to have a celebrity who "gets it" and makes real contributions to the package. The audio call are simply some of the best ever recorded for a pinball deck. This game has a great deal of shot "flow" that really gets going when you have to hit alternating ramps during multiball.

The Cons:
Can be a bit easy to run the table at least to scared stiff. Adjust table rules as necessary. The crate can be difficult if not working properly. Dead pops and rubber kits make this game fall flat real quick.

The Takeaway:
Scared stiff is easy to achieve. The Spider wheel is not. Unfortunately the Spider wheel is a two shot combo that can get a bit boring. Still the Spider wheel WizMode is fantastic. If you'll ever see it. PAPA had it in the A bank in 2012, and all but 5 games were under 20M. So for those complaining that this game is too easy... set your games up harder and play like you mean it.

This game may have the perfect 2 flipper fan layout. All shots feel awesome and the balance between ease of shots and chaos from the trunk is very well done. I still have a soft spot for Indy .5k... but this design is probably Nordman's best shooting and most easily accessible game to pinball players. Some will complain that this game is too easy.

Adjust the game rules.
Open the outlanes.
Sensitize slings.
Replace rubbers on playfield.
Clean playfield, ramps, subways, and ball trough.
Put new balls into the game.
Install whisper-tilt (tm) setting on plumb bob.
Tighten the skirt at the bottom of the playfield.
Reset high scores.
Play your "new and improved" difficult as can be game.
Let me know if this game is still too easy.

The scared stiff mini-wizard mode is great and if played well. Key to really big scores. The Spider multiball is always a blast and the game always feels as good to shoot as anything that has ever been reduced by Bally/Williams. The art is great. The spider mechanism is a pleaser to new and experienced players alike. Most of all, Elvira is fun. Thank goodness she is game for tongue in cheek, silly, goofy, sexy scares. Some will say this game isn't for kids. I'd say it isn't for some adults as well. Especially the uptight ones. Some people's kids, no sense of humor...

A great IP featuring an engaged celebrity that "gets" pinball. Only Slash from Guns and Roses may be more involved in the creation of a game that bears his likeness. And wouldn't you know... After playing it all this time. I just found out about the secret passage to the left of the Bone Head lanes. It was there this whole time...

Scores updated accordingly.
9 years ago
One of the BEST for me! I enjoy it more than MM!
9 years ago
Very nice fun game! I spend a lot of time playing it and never get tired! One of my favorites.
9 years ago
Very nice pinball, i'd like the theme, but game is a little bit repetivive if you have only one pinball, if you are a collerctor don't miss it theme are very nice, and also ligth are good if you play in a dark room...
9 years ago
Just seems like another shoot the middle pin to me.. maybe I need to clock more rounds on it.
9 years ago
Love this machine, awesome theme, great fun, may get repetitive in a small collection but a must if you have the space, lighting is awesome, some great features, a solid top class pin from the best, recommended.
9 years ago
Great theme (I love Elvira), funny quotes, beautiful animated backglass. Still, not among my favorites. Hard to say why. Shallow rules? Perhaps - but should be deep enough for me. Too simple? I am not an excellent player - At least I can complete the 6 tales of Horror.
9 years ago
The whole experience...this game does not pretend to be anything it's not. What you get is an accurate representation of the theme with fun, campy graphics and call outs, smooth/fast gameplay that is easily understood for beginning players, and enough toys and animations to fullfill expectations.

Some feel that the depth of rules restricts the overall value, but for those who want to play pinball with no expectation other than smiles, Elvira will not dissapoint.
9 years ago
Visually tons of fun to watch and play, lots of style even if the gameplay isn't the deepest. On of my faves!
9 years ago
Dont' buy it for rules, buy it for humor and fun factor. A simple game with decent shots and great music and even better call outs. While the game is not hard and I can get to the Stiff-o-Meter more times than not it will never leave the collection. Sold the first one I had, regret, the one I have now has roots.
9 years ago
Here is a perfect example of a game without deep rules that is a blast to play. I love the theme and art, especially since Halloween is one of I favorite holidays. The sound and light show is one of the best in pinball. The game has nice ball flow and has the right features in the right spots to make it one that keeps you coming back. It also has two really cool wizard modes, one of which most will never get to.

The guys that require games to have a 40 page instruction manual to understand the rules wont like this game but, your guests will love it.
9 years ago
For whatever reason this is always a fun and entertaining game to play. The quotes are just out of this world. The two ramps are fun to shoot. This may be one of the best user friendly games. The Stiff O Meter is fun to achieve with Elvira pushing you on. I hope they do a new version as might be a rumor somewhere down the road with JJP. The shoot the spider in the back glass is a different touch on this game which can't be matched by any other game. I have never played the older Elvira & the Party Monsters game but the Scared Stiff is a true classic. This game might not have all the bells and whistles and special effects but the game holds up in the end.
9 years ago
Too shallow for my tastes. Needs more to it to really shine. Fun game, just not enough there.
9 years ago
This is a lot more fun to play someones elses, than to play your own. Very repetitive and the voice calls get old REALLY quick. Sold a nice one and never looked back!
9 years ago
The best light/sound combination of any pin I've played; I had to have it as my first pin. The game is very fun and approachable for newbies w/ easy to explain goals. Women love this game.

The backbox spider adds some hidden depth. You definitely want to go for the crate and coffin spider awards to extend their respective multiballs. Landing on 'Double Trouble' before starting either multiball is also great for double jackpots.
9 years ago
Is there a better theme for pinball anywhere? Nope.
Fun, fun game. Plenty to do & have a ball doing it. Such a great game!
9 years ago
very overrated game, fun for a few plays, then just a chore to play any further
9 years ago
Great game in a big collection. But not so good if it's the only one.
9 years ago
Fun game with simple layout and objectives.
Love the theme, the cabinet is one my favorites.
I can see it becoming repetitive in a small collection.

I love listening to Elvira's callouts.. so goth/valley girl and sexy. :)
9 years ago
Never get bored listening to Elvira and the end game is one of the best.
9 years ago
I Have played around 20-30 times at my cousins house, who is an avid collector of pinball machines. I really had fun when playing the game, the speech and quotes a re very funny. I do believe the game does lack some substance in its game play, but saying that getting scared stiff is an awesome thing to achieve and this really helps this game become a keeper in my eyes.
9 years ago
I have now owned my SS for 2 weeks and have put over 100 games on it. This is my second love affair with this game. It certainly belongs in the top 10 games of all time. The theme is timeless. 50 years from now, this game will still have appeal. The Bony Beast ramp is the best ramp ever placed on a game. It is an easy shot, but hit it twice and then hit the lock to the left for a very satisfying combo. The coffin, frogs, boogiemen and toys all work extremely well together. The spider spinning in the backglass is a really fun feature. The Deadheads in the back are classic and hearing Elvira say "good head" never gets old.

The artwork throughout the game is unreal. Putting LED's in the game adds a whole other dimension. It is a well-paced game with a very satisfying Wizard Mode. Try to raise the Stiff-O-Meter by hitting ramp shots and the trunk with an eerie beating heart to add to the intensity.

This is almost a perfect game.
9 years ago
I had a lot of unexpected fun on this machine. I'm a convert and would definitely pick oen up given the chance. Just a unique pin with a cool theme ad some very fun features like the poppers and spider in the backglass.
9 years ago
I hated this at first die to Elvira's nasally whine but soon learned to love it's simplicity and silly humour. I love the layout and that spider hole is a good challenge to complete.
9 years ago
Great game. One of my favorites to play. Gotta love the sounds and toys.
There are 439 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 13 of 18.

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