Scared Stiff

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Game Design: 8.334

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Other Aspects: 8.435

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Found 439 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 439 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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8 years ago
The better of the two Elvira pins. Dennis and Greg did an outstanding job here. The innuendo callout outs are funny and work well with the theme. The overall look of the playfield is done very well…I really like the skeleton ramp. The integration of the spider on the backbox , though it isn't anything mind-blowing, is a great addition. The game doesn't have a deep rule set, but doesn't need one. Another fantastic Bally title from the mid 90's. Get Scared Stiff!
8 years ago
There are few games in this world I would say are perfect, but this is for sure one of them. The theme of course is hilarious and amazing, being that it is based on the goddess of horror, and the overall experience is one not to be missed. I've rarely found myself so addicted to anything like I have been to Scared Stiff. The art, the sound, the vibe, and the goals are all top notch. When I was young I was obsessed with The Party Monsters, but once this one arrived I nearly forgot about it (as well as other games for that matter). I own one and only one machine, and it is this for good reason! So fun!
8 years ago
Love this game. Everything from the spooky horror theme to the campy comedy. Elvira is all about innuendo and this game delivers it in spades. Great flow with a very unique backglass incorporated. I love sci-fi pins but my love of horror films and the classic nature of this game, I can see myself owning this one someday.
8 years ago
This is my favorite pin! The seductive Elvira callouts are great, multiball modes are great, the unique spider back box is one of a kind, and just overall awesome theme and play. I want one if these machines! Play one and you'll be hooked too.
8 years ago
just came back from playing this game on location,always wnted to play it ,so i was super stoked to find one ,i loved it ,it looks super sweet and very expensive,so everyone will be inpressed,the crates cool and the ramps are super smooth,the dmd is very nice and the call outs are great, i would love to really get in this game to figure out all the rules and get more of an idea of how the games ment to be played,it was very imressive,i always wanted one,but i think after playing it i can put it on hold,just for a while,but definatly still get one,only saying that coz theres one machine i played that i liked that little bit more,but still a super cool game that is definatly worth the hype....5 stars!!!!!!
8 years ago
I really wanna add this pin to my collection. Easy to understand rules and great flow. Great theme how can you go wrong with Elvira! I think this machine is a little overpriced.
8 years ago
Fun game. Good humor. Use to be one of my favorites ten years ago. Starting to show its age now but it is certainly a great pin for beginners or people new to the hobby learning pinball.
8 years ago
Great sexual humor. Relatively easy to start Scared Stiff but tough to finish. Awesome backbox animation. Really well put together pinball package.
8 years ago
This game has a lot to offer -
Great skill shots throughout the game - fast and fun.
8 years ago
UPDATED: After the more I've played this, I've come to realise that Scared Stiff is just not for me. Both the digital and physical version just seem a little too easy for my taste. It doesn't get boring, but when I have a good game EVERY game, it just gets old to me. Scared Stiff is fun, and without a doubt one of the best of all time, but it isn't as much for me.
8 years ago
I go back and forth on Scared Stiff, but I think, ultimately, I just wouldnt want to own it in my smallish collection. One of the best themes (and integration) and art packages out there. Backglass animation is awesome. Funny and clever, which is very important to me...but it still leaves me more flat than elated.

It's not that deep or hard, so it can get a little old. I do particularly like reaching a wizard mode more than once in the same game...and everything is a little more repetitive on average in the easy Wizard Mode makes it worse.

I really dont ramp shots that return the ball to same flipper...and both of these ramps do that! So I'm always thinking "this coulda been thought out better".

I know it's an alltime classic, and in a big collection it woukd be a must have...but I can't think that way. I reduced my rating on SS. At the end of the day my ratings should reflect what I'd want to own in my situation, so having this rated higher than many pins in my collection or my want list didn't make sense.
8 years ago
One of the games I won't pass up playing if it is available. Anything Elvira automatically invites my full attention! That crate shot was made for me, and any other random flipper--not a lot of skill involved there. Artwork, theme and sound effects are all top notch. Elvira is a total hoot and she really adds to the game. The spinning spider is just OK for me, I'd rather have seen something different on the back glass--the incessant spinning gets old after awhile. But, it is cool to try and stop the spider where you want to--not all that easy! Overall--too much fun, great theme, top notch callouts, really nice pinball package--I'd love to own one!
8 years ago
Wonderful balance of challenge -- good for all player levels. Fun theme. Excellent "wizard mode" goal. Lots of hidden goodies keep player coming back for more. Unique backglass spinner feature an excellent idea that should have been included in other machines.
8 years ago
The second most fun game I've owned. Getting the Scared Stiff was the best accomplishment I've done in pinball. As a not-so-good player, this game was right up my alley! The Spider is great fun and I installed the Boogie Men mod making the game even more entertaining. Some of the voice call-outs get repetitive, but they do on a lot of games. A good mixture of easy and challenging shots, though I feel shooting the crate was like aiming for the side of a barn.
8 years ago
Artwork good on this machine except for cabinet itself. Fun game for short period of time, too easy for me with long ball times. Good beginner player's pinball.
8 years ago
Good game, but not great.
8 years ago
Elvira, and pinball? What else is there to say?
Well this game is great for the novice and experienced player alike, and that's what I think makes a great pinball. The ability to enjoy it no matter what your skill level. Attaining the spider multiball in my opinion is one of the hardest achievments in pinball, along with Valinor on LOTR, and possibly BFTK on MM. Yet, multiball and getting scared stiff aren't so difficult that you lose interest in the game. Lots of great artwork, theme is awesome, just a great overall game. Even better if you can get one of the early versions with all the bells and whistles that were left off the production games. Aftermarket mods, make putting together a "clone" possible though.
8 years ago
Very fun game. Elvira is sexy. Play field looks great and theme is superb. Backbox is fantastic with spider. Cons - last ability, not sure will keep you coming back, hitting trunk can be a bit boring.
8 years ago
On my wish list and should be on your's! Great theme, Elvira is a hoot and difficulty level is a tough one. Love the Crate.
8 years ago
Nice maschine, looks great the sound and animations are good. The reason why I sold the game are that the modes to start Stiff-O-Meter are happen during normal play. Shoot bumpers, shoot ramp, hit frogs and so on. Nothing you have to do special. No mode needs to fulfill complete bevore starting the Stiff-O-Meter. Difficults change in the way you have to hit it more than before. On the other hand to beat the SpiderWheel it is very difficult.
The game shows its full potencial if you integrate the Spider Wheel in the BB. E.g. you can enhance the Ball Safer, Start Boogie Man, Collect Bumper hits, etc. But what you get is really weak. No boom feature like a special MB, Multipliers or similar.

The takeaway:
In a huge collection nice looking machine, if you are experienced in pinball there is no challenge.
Gets boring very quick. For this the market price is too high.
8 years ago
After owning Scared Stiff for four years, and finally selling it, I've decided it's time to give my review on the game.

Scared Stiff is a solid title with lots of character, great art, and some of the best callouts in all of pinball. The game geometry is pretty generic with ramps and bash toys in the usual locations. All the shots are wide and relatively easy to hit. One of my favorite parts of the game are the long and twisting ramps. Both are fun and satisfying to hit to a point, which leads to my biggest gripe. My biggest issue I had with the game, which is why I sold it, is that the it's too basic and easy. On some games, I made it to the Stiff-o-Meter (the main wizard mode) three times. On occasion, I've completed it twice in a single game. The callouts, while fun and entertaining, get old. Some people may like the simplicity, but for me its fun and lastability ran out in my small collection of four pins. Yes, there is a challenging second wizard mode for the advanced player (Spider Multiball), but it's so overly difficult and linear to chase that very few will ever see it.

My favorite part: Ramps and callouts
The good: Backbox and playfield art, "3D" backbox, has a 'secret passage', DMD animations, guests and newbies LOVE this game
The bad: Simple and shallow gameplay
8 years ago
Accessible rules and a ton of just one more game!
9 years ago
Played this pin for the first time last week. Reached Scared Stiff on game three. I thought it was dumb luck because I'm not that great a player, but in the ~15 or so following games I reached it 2 more times. I know difficulty can be adjusted, but still..

With that being said, I absolutely loved every game. The layout is fantastic, the crate is a blast to nail repeatedly, and the lighting was some of the best programming I'd ever seen.

If I had the means for a large collection, this would absolutely make the cut. I know there are some deeper achievements that I still haven't seen (spider mania), but with a small collection, I would fear that it would get boring after a while. You could certainly do much worse, though.
9 years ago
Played this game a few times last night. It was a blast. The jumping frogs got my attention. The spider in the backglass is great. The arcade I was in has all the new pins and many of the top pins of all time including TZ and MM. The TZ sits next to this pin. I have to admit I enjoyed Scared Stiff more then the TZ.
9 years ago
Fun game. Much better than Elvira and the Party Monsters. Love the ramps, the back glass animation is awesome, good quotes from Elvira and I really enjoy bustin open that crate! Top notch in my book.
There are 439 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 12 of 18.

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