Scared Stiff

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Other Aspects: 8.425

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Found 450 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 450 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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6 days ago
Scared Stiff is an absolute classic.

I think the layout is very special and makes for an interesting game. Especially the lock shot on the left and the left ramp are very satisfying shots to make. The toys on this game are superb including the coffin, the crate, the beast on the ramp, the jumping leapers and the Dead Heads on the backpanel. The rotating Spider on the backglass is also a very nice addition. This game is themed to the maximum in terms of toys.

The rules are very easily understandable as for every other WPC-95 game. I love the Stiff-in-the-Coffin multiball just like the Terror from the Crate. Scared Stiff is an awesome wizard mode albeit that it isn't as challenging. But the different stages on the Stiff-O-Meter are a lot of fun to play through.

This game is a lot of fun but similar to Monster Bash it isn't that replayable for me. Once I have played through the game I kind of don't feel like playing on anymore.

The entire art package is perfect. In terms of art there's nothing they could have done better in my opinion. The animations are brilliantly done on this game.

Overall Scared Stiff is still an awesome game and an absolute classic. This game can still compete with more modern ones in my opinion. It is probably an ideal machine for casual players and beginners.
31 days ago
This is a pin they just got right. The modes make it so much fun and being able to try and select the mode makes it really fun. I love the theme, enjoy the play, and the corny integration to Elvira overall is just perfect. Out of all the Elvira machines this one was the best. The audio quality is really good, the lamp animations and floppy monsters are just super fun. The trap door is a lot of fun and I think every aspect of this machine was just really well thought out. Every shot feels like something fun is going to happen. Best thing is it's approachable for a novice and still fun for a pro.

I think the only flaws are related to a lot of ball traps that make this game unplayable if not upkept well. I've gotten a ball trapped in so many spots on public machines. There are a lot of parts and if this isn't kept clean it really destroys the gameplay. There's so much to clean too. I wish I had one of these because I've rarely played these out in the world where it's in perfect play condition.
63 days ago
Rated higher on Pinside than I think should be but many ratings were done many years ago before newer, better games have come out
4 months ago
Scared Stiff overall has a pretty shallow ruleset and isn't that difficult to 'beat', even so it is still a lot of fun to play. It has a good balance of theming and cheesy humor which is what makes many of the Williams games of this era so memorable. The first time you complete the Stiff 'O Meter you will think the machine is having a meltdown.
5 months ago
Such a classic shooter with a simple ruleset. Theme and artwork on point, hilarious callouts and scared stiff wizard mode reachable by average players. Still haven’t reached spider multiball after years of playing.
5 months ago
I first found myself thoroughly enjoying SS when it came out. And, every single time I've encountered it since, I've had to have a game and I've never regretted it. It's really a pin that's stood the test of time for me. And it was my late wife's favourite pin. So, yes, this review has both nostalgia and sentiment in it. Sorry.
First, a few things about SS that are well done.
The mini game in the backglass is really good in this pin. I realise it wasn't the first to do this, but SS uses it well. It's very easy to understand immediately what you need to do. It's easy to do. And, regardless of what you stop on at the end of the spin, the reward in game is great. Implementation doesn't get much better than that.
The shot arch flows really well, and is nice and satisfying to shoot. This is something that you'll find said about all of the good games. And it should be a given. Unfortunately this isn't always the case. Which is why it It's always highlighted when it is the case.
The monster skeletons that cover the ramps are really cool. They also draw your attention in when you see SS on site. No, in a 1996 game, they don't do anything. They're just there because they fit brilliantly with the theme.
SS is fun. It's easy to walk up to and just shoot, and have an enjoyable experience. Hitting everything feels good. And multiball isn't to hard to access. It has that "one more game" quality.
There are 2 things about SS that I find to be valid criticisms.
The rule set isn't as deep as modern pinball players might like. It's fantastic to be continuously spoiled by the depth, modes and wizard modes of the newer machine. It does however make some of the older games seem unfinished in the code department.
This game could do with another shot or 2. It's not the most crowded playfield you've ever seen. This is something that I could understand some of our younger pinheads thinking. They've cut their teeth on games that cram as many makeable shots under the glass as possible. And there's no blame there from me. My ideas about playfield layout have definitely changed over the last 15 odd years.
6 months ago
One of the best games ever.
6 months ago
Perhaps the perfect pinball machine. Scared Stiff has a great layout with fantastic flow. I love the easy to understand rules that even a first timer can figure out in a few minutes. It's simple yet deep and challenging at the same time.
7 months ago
Scared Stiff is what i think the best out of all the Elvira Pinball machines! The spinning spider inside the backbox is also a very creative gimmick! I also love how the Translite is a seperate layer thats infront of the interactive wheel.
8 months ago
It is a fun game, but after a while it can be a little repetitive. It has great music, sound bites, and animations.
11 months ago
Top tier Elvira, a dream pin on my wishlist. So much fun callouts and audio, simple and easy shots but also lot to do. The backglass spinner is a neat gimmick even if not really needed and could have been done on the DMD. The coffin box target is used alot and works well, with really lot of fun pop up toys all over. A great pin
1 year ago
Without a doubt the best Elvira game. Very addictive gameplay.
1 year ago
Fun game with a fairly simple rule set, but not too easy...nice balance. Elvira has some funny call-outs.
1 year ago
An extremely fun game with a very limited ruleset. Probably the easiest pin I have to achieve wizard mode on. As a single pin in a collection i could see boredom setting in but as part of a larger collection it will see lots of play.

Cabinet and playfield artwork.
Best backglass of any B/W pin
Simple ruleset that is easy to comprehend and achieve without before hand knowledge.
Great sounds, callouts and innuendo
Great playfield layout

Simple ruleset might leave something to be desired in a small collection
1 year ago
Cassandra Petersons voice is identical to a long-departed fondly-remembered girlfriend, so playing this machine for a hour or three reminds me of the, err, 'fun' we used to have, especially the call outs when nearing the top of the stiff-o-meter!! And I bet there aren't many comments like that on here ;-)
1 year ago
My favorite Elvira table.
2 years ago
Ramps are the smoothest I have ever played upon. I like the layout, it just seems a bit simple compared to modern games. The game is fun. I'm not sure how to make major points. There are no cheap drains. It's just a little outdated, but I still like to play it.
2 years ago
My favorite machine of all time! Out of the three Elvira machines Scared Stiff is the most fun to play in my opinion and has the funniest callouts. I just purchased one from the pinball company for my gameroom.
2 years ago
Beast ramp is beautiful. Spider is cool. BG is awesome. Easy game to finish.
2 years ago
SS is one of THE best integrations of theme, art, sound and especially speech ever. It is not trivial to beat the stiff o meter and next to impossible to beat spider mode. And Elvira’s double entendres are hilarious.
2 years ago
Amazing game that is great for both pinball beginners and veterans.
2 years ago
Always a fan of Elvira, I decided that after reviewing the three games designed around her that Scared Stiff was the best of the lot.

It has enough variation that it takes a while to get down, and when you finally get to the Stiff-O-Meter, if you make a mistake, you have to get through all six areas again before you get a chance to do it again.

The call outs are terrific, but I can see if you had some young and impressionable children, one might turn on the family mode (easy to do). My feeling on this is the kids probably already know what it all means.

Lighting effects while not revolutionary are effective. The playfield art is good, but I feel more could have done with the plastics. This is just personal taste I guess.
2 years ago
I love all the toys in this game, bogie men, stiff in the coffin, bony beast, spider wheel, leaders, and crate. Add Elvira call outs, and potty humor and you have a super fun game.... for a while.
Eventually the call outs get old and you realize how easy the game is to get scared stiff. Yet it is still fun to play. It just gets repetitive for home use.
2 years ago
good flip
2 years ago
Only Elvira could make this game work and she does.lots of fun,neat toys on the playfield and if you start the stiff of meter ,it just gets a whole lot better
There are 450 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 18.

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