Royal Rumble (WWF)

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Game Design: 7.807

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Sounds/Music: 7.305

Other Aspects: 7.963

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There are 97 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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61 days ago
Such a great game from Data East. A niche target audience really holds this back from the spotlight it deserves. Just oozes that 80's-early 90's charm of when pro wrestling was great. Music is fantastic, shaker, upper play field, this is a no-brainer for fans of the theme. Grab one if you see one in good condition you won't regret it.
8 months ago
Funny if you like Wrestling
11 months ago
I used to play this game constantly when I lived in England. Loved the upper playfield.
11 months ago
Owned this for a short time and while it was fun enough to shoot the depth just wasn't there for me.

Cliffy's made those damn scoops so hard to hit, lol.

Simple and repetitive shots with the most annoying "oh yeah" call out every 2 seconds made me want to sell it pretty quick.

Good for Wrestling fans but for me, so many better games for the same sort of money.
1 year ago
Sounds are definitely repetitive, but easy to ignore while having plenty of fun chasing different modes. A little later era than the wrestling I grew up watching, but still enough nostalgia to make the theme great. High scores really come down to multiball over and over again, but it is interesting and original to have different objectives during the same multiball. You can either chase jackpots and collect all the wrestlers, or avoid jackpots (and cradling) to have balls added over time. I don't play this one a lot compared to some of my others, but when I do, I always have fun.
1 year ago
This game is a no brainer if you are a WWF fan. Great DMD animations and although the quality of music isn’t great, hearing all the theme songs of the wrestlers is great. Upper playfield is fun to play and there are 3 shots up there! In fact, there are about 9 other shots to hit so plenty to do. Fast wide body with a a shaker motor.

Get rid of automatic multi ball on ball 3! Go into settings and Expand Adjustments. I thinks it’s number 12. Change the tournament setting from None to IFPA. You then need to turn on multi balls. Change the multi ball setting from “0” to whatever number you want. Now the extra ball will be awarded when you hit the Fuji shot. If you do not turn on extra balls this award will be 20 M instead. The other notable change when switching to tournament mode is at plunge, you will only get the same 3 choices all the time instead of the random options.

Lastly, since changing to IFPA I found that on balls 2 and three, the flashing mode will start on Light Extra Ball. This game is immensely better now and makes going for the wrestler shots worth it since you have to earn multi ball.

Cool mods I’ve seen/own are the alternate translight, color dmd, led speakers, and the color lcd titantron that plays all the wrestler’s entrance videos.

If there is one game where Pinsound is worth it, this is the game. Being able to customize the call outs and change the music to the actual entrance music is an incredible enhancement.
1 year ago
This machine was very much for my wife (who grew up as a huge wrestling fan), but I find it to be a good balance of fun and (albeit frustrating at times) challenge.
1 year ago
Fun wide body game, they could have done more with the play field lots of empty space, the upper play field is really great even tho its a real pain in the arse to remove if you ever need to! I really liked this era of wrestling so this game is an easy play for me but some of the call outs get repetitive! If your a fan of 90's WWF wrestling you wont be disappointed!
1 year ago
Love the theme. Been looking for one for a long time. Great layout, lots of shots and deep scoring. You can get long ball times with this machine. Oh yeah, don't forget about the 6 ball multiball. Great addition to the mancave.
2 years ago
Definitely a must have for any wrestling fan as opposed to the unfortunate Stern WWE. Has a decent rule set that is similar to many Data East games of that era. Lots of modes, then finally a wizard mode. The upper playfield in this game actually makes a difference in scoring which. May not be a must have for non-wrestling fans though.
2 years ago
In my opinion a super underrated game by data east. A bunch of shots and modes to complete that make it a great pin for beginners and veterans. Macho Madness is pretty crazy, with 6 multi balls coming right at you. I don't think you need to be a old school wrestling fan to enjoy the game, but it definitely helps. The theme is definitely geared towards the early 90's WWF fans so it might not be for everyone. I grew up on this stuff so I can get loss in the game for hours!!
2 years ago
God, this game takes me back to being 5-years old and watching WWF on TV! All the greats on the playfield, the effects, the bright lighting! Admittingly, I’ve only played this game a dozen or so times, but every time I see it- I have to play it.

The vibrancy of the game and the musical theme bring nostalgia. I can’t help but dive in and replay the wrestling matches of old! Smooth play and a great last-ability! I have since added it to my collection and it’s so much more than I could have imagined! Super smooth operations and just a solid piece for the home!
2 years ago
I’m this game integrates the theme well. If you’re into wrestling, or this period of wrestling, the game captures it well. There are a lot of shots here, with varying difficulty. The rules make sense and there’s a lot to go for. Multiball is cool, especially the countdown.

No toys on the game and no interesting light show are the low scorers for me. The Data East clicking sound when translite is blinging during multi-ball ready is annoying

For it’s era and price range, it’s a good game. There is alot to do and getting to Royal Rumble mode isn't easy (for me). And surprisingly, it’s a hit with the under 12 crowd who knows nothing about the theme. Very good value -- shaker motor, upper playfield, and nice variety.

Update: Added pinsound and color DMD. Pinsound, with updated soundtrack, significantly improves the game -- especially if you're a fan of wrestling. Color DMD also enhances it, but not as much as Pinsound.
3 years ago
I was never really into wrestling, but this machine was fun for what it is. I can't say that I'd feel like playing it much if it were in my collection, but it's definitely something to try if you like wrestling to any degree.
3 years ago
All my reviews are going to follow a simple formula for those reading.
Number of shots to make - Pro's - Con's - Must Have Mods - What To Look For When Buying

Number of shots - 10 - very high

* Shooting 9 wrestlers for multiball is great fun jackpots moving is a nice challenge too
* Lots of modes to complete, all interacting with the playfield components
* Interactive launch button for Tag
* I love Macho Man (but might be the only person)
* Nice upper playfield interaction

* The captive ball shot is pretty useless
* A full orbit shot would have been nice
* 2 Start Mode holes not needed

Must Have Mods: (Note I will not include things like LED's, Color DMD, Invisiglass or Speaker Upgrades unless it's really badly needed)
* Prototype Translite is fantastic
* Art blades match the playfield brilliantly
* Prototype cabinet decals from Retro Refurbs

What To Look For When Buying
* Wear near both scoops
* Broken main plastic ramp
* Broken Tag button area
* Topper intact is near impossible to find
3 years ago
Good game, 6 ball multiball is good and the upper playfield is great. Good widebody with shaker
3 years ago
first pin i ever owned. let it go last year after 15 years so i could get started on
saving money for a gotg pro. I put alt translite , leds, mirror blades on mine and it really
looked good. game play was fun and upper playfield is awesome except for when you do
a shop job and have to take that thing out. what a pain! enjoyed it while i had it and was
a good pin for me and my kids when they were younger.
3 years ago
way better than a 7.6..lots of shots, cool mini upper with a lock, 3 drops and an orbit..only bad thing is repetitive callouts and music..but if you love pinball and WWF this is way better than the new Stern..I've now owned both..and sold that one...
3 years ago
Fun for a play or two. The code let this one down a bit. Scoring is not balanced.
3 years ago
with my perso mix pinsound,and the prototype translite and a lot of wrestlers figurines on the playfield,becomes this pinball a top !
3 years ago
Underated game, but suffers from speech and music (OHHHHH YEAHHHH every 5 seconds). I personally love the theme, but could really use an updated sound/speech mix.
3 years ago
One of the best wide body designs I have seen. The game doesn't play like a slow widebody. Upper playfield is fun. Lots to shoot at. The game gives off that cheaper data east feel when it comes to artwork and sounds. Ruleset is decent from its era. Great 90s theme.
3 years ago
A fun game ruined by a terrible theme. Some of the call outs get REALLY annoying in a smaller collection and the translite is just terrible. Great layout though and the rules are pretty good. If it was any other theme, it would be on my wishlist.
3 years ago
We have had this almost a year and still enjoy it. Has a lot going on and is very fun. The original wrestlers voices and theme music is very cool and it was one of the best eras in wrestling. I’m not a huge wrestling fan but did watch it growing up and this captures everything very well. Has a second playfield, pretty deep play and just play fun to play.
3 years ago
Every time I stumble upon this game I end up playing for quite sometime. Growing up a wrestling fan, the older legends hit me with a taste of nostalgia. If you grew up watching the likes of this era, you will enjoy the theme. The Doink the Clown mode is a hoot, the smaller playfield (corner ring) is a fun addition. The difficulty isn't great, but the overall feel is fun.
There are 97 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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