Royal Guard

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Game Design: 7.572

Artwork: 7.24

Sounds/Music: 2.323

Other Aspects: 7.235

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Found 10 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 10 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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8 months ago
My go-to game. Never gets old, always try to sneak in a few games every day. Challenging yet not impossible to snag free games. Just another great example of the late 60's Krynski-Morrison collaboration
11 months ago
What a great game. At first you think it’s easy then you find yourself playing another game. In our collection it’s the second most played game. Recently the game was redone with new LED lights, rubbers and all contacts clean. Just a great EM game!
2 years ago
Strange theme. Just not into this one!
2 years ago
I have heard a rumor that this game was supposed to have back glass animation of the soldiers legs swing back and forth as if they were marching. Again another great playing wedge head that doesn't get enough credit for playability, but in my opinion is a fun and challenging game to play.
This for sure is great playing Gottlieb wedge head with loud sounding bells which seem to never stop vibrating that sweet ringing. The moving colored "swing targets" in the center of the playfield are easy to hit with the flippers or sling shots kickers and sometimes two get knocked out at one time with the ball if shot perfectly between any of the two colored targets in either the right or left swing position. Knocking out out any colored swing target when in left side position lights corresponding top matching colored stand up targets for a hundred points. Knocking out any colored right side targets lights corresponding colored matching pop bumpers for 10 points when lit. Knocking out all right and left position swing targets lights large fan targets for special which i find are easy to hit with flippers or side sling shots kicks. Completing the top arch rollovers A B C D E will light the C or center rollover for special and will also light the bottom rollovers on the playfield for 500 points with each letter made. For example the making the C rollover light will light the 500 point rollover between the flippers, if you make the A rollover it will light the very far left side out for 500 points or if you make the top rollover letter E it will light the far right side out rollover for 500 points.

If shopped correctly with all new moving mechanical parts flippers, pop bumpers, kicks and more this game really is a great player with lots of action. It is easier to beat by special then it is to beat by score. This is a extremely hard game to turn the score reels over on this game for sure. Many skilled flipper shots throughout entire playfield for a 1960's Gottlieb EM Wedge head and a real challenge to beat by score. This game will make you want to play it until you beat it good and it won't happen that often !
2 years ago
Clever scoring carries a lot of the weight on what is otherwise a dull table. First, the theme. Royal palace guards? Oh boy, how, uh, exciting. That drab theme is matched with similarly unexciting playfield art -- ugly colors with a whole lot of yellow and a bland brick building that takes up too much space. Art Stenholm has done far better.

The game is also a drain monster and doesn't offer the player much chance to shoot (and no chance to trap), but makes up for that by handing out extra balls like bubblegum in Palace Guard, the add-a-ball version of this game. The snap targets are the playfield's best feature, complete them all in their left position for an extra ball and corresponding bonuses, same when they're "snapped" to the right.
3 years ago
Others have explained the unique nature of the moving stand-ups and the interesting rule set. I'll add that set up right, and with strong coils on the flippers, this game plays fast and fun. It's simple but has a big 'just one more' factor. Fun game.
6 years ago
The 1st em pin I bought was this game. It was cosmetically in fair shape/a lil rough..but I liked how it showed its age. It started right up and is a fairly easy game to understand. Hit the snap targets to light up the pop bumpers/targets for bigger points. The small flippers are a challenge, but you have 2 posts down by them that allow you to nudge the ball in play. The outside lanes are a killer..I still enjoy playing this game..I've had to work on it a few times, but that has helped me to better understand how em's work and makes u appreciate it even more
*update..after a few years, it still sits and remains one of my top games to play..lil adjustments to the pitch, and still having fun w her..I like it!
*edit #2..I sold this game, and missed it big time. I, luckily, managed to buy it back. I’ve gone thru 7-8 other em games, but this 1 is simply fun, and has that ‘1 more game’ to it..
8 years ago
This is the ugliest game and worst theme that Gottlieb ever put out. Now after you get past all this you have one awesome playing game. This game is all about the snap targets, the sling shots and keeping the ball out of the viscous outlanes. The top roll over lanes are labeled A-B-C-D-E. You want to get all the rollovers so you can protect yourself on the outlanes. When the outlane rollovers are lit up they score 500 points instead of 50. The snap targets go back and forth and if you light up certain targets then you light the bumpers so they are worth 10 instead of 1 and the stationary targets can be lit up for 100 points instead of 10. This is one of those games that will have you coming back for more and cursing the game as you do so. The best part about this game is at parties. People will lay down money to bet against one another. This game is highly addictive and very cheap to buy one in the wild. This game normally has a well worn playfield when found and for a good reason because this game is a BLAST!
9 years ago
Royal Guard is a game that is much more than it first appears.

The Pros:
Master K broke out the "simple but never easy" maxim on this deck. The targets sliding to the left and sliding to the right and how they light up different features on this deck is utter pin-genius. A deceptively simple PF that if well maintained (and high tapped) is much faster and has more action in it than one would expect from a game with eeety beety fleepers. Hitting all 5 lanes from the plunger lane requires a soft touch and solid nudging skills. Make sure the last lane is the center "C" lane for the special. The "one more game" factor on this deck can be incredibly high.

The Cons:
The ravenous outlanes are death. Deadly, deadly, drainy pin-death.

The Takeaway:
A simple and entertaining tablewith quite a bit of game in it when properly maintained. Imagine that...
11 years ago
This is a classic wedge head. Had a special feature where a set of targets would move positions and in the two different positions they activated different other features. Very tough to score high on it. Fast play for an EM.
There are 10 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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