The Rolling Stones

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Game Design: 6.145

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Other Aspects: 6.05

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This is "The Rolling Stones".
The other version is: The Rolling Stones (LE)

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44 days ago
I'm a big Stones fan and before playing this Stern I'd been playing my home pins's Monopoly & LOTR.
I played this pin over and over to try to get to like it!!!! Man I tried but to date it's the worst Stern I've played very close to Led Zep! I'm sorry to say but I'm only being honest.
Monopoly is way more fun than The Stones but if your a massive fan you would have it and have it turned on in the back ground of your games room or wherever it would look cool.
I've got a Stern Ali and I do the same it's not a great game but Ali is my favorite sport's/person of ALL TIMES and to have an ALI on in the back ground of the games room is wicked!!
The playfield is not bright/badly lit. The plastic lips logo is cool but it's a game I will never want to go to again.
Respect ..... Megadeth Hangar18.
5 months ago
This was mine first later Stern game after Elvis .
The first thing i notest was the poor quality of the playfield and the thin plastics.
When i first opened the playfield it crashed into the box.
Elvis was decent build but the Stones pin was a disapointing.
Gameplay ok for a quick play nothing special.
Artwork is good and fits the theme.
Only for the Stones fan.
7 months ago
Better than people give it credit for. overall fun factor is pretty high.
11 months ago
Well,i see all the bad rating of this game.Many pepole probaly don’t like this game.I was able to get one for a wery cheap price in mint condition.I think,this pin sucks so i can sell it for the same price If i dont like it.But actualy i like it bether than i tought.The pin Plays wery well,and the rules are wery deep.The art work fits the theme wery well.When you hit the shots it flows amazing.This pin is not bad at all.Maby pepole need to play more before all the bad ratings.It deserve bether place on the pinside top list.
2 years ago
It's 7 years that I play this game and I still can't understand the hate it gets. I played it on location and had a lot of fun playing it, because it has nice flow and rules. However, it doesn't reach the level of Metallica and AC DC but it's s still a decent game
2 years ago
Just about the cheapest, most boring pinball machine I have ever played, hated it, I mean could Stern have produced a more cynical machine?, I put £2 into it and felt robbed, even my 11 year son said it looked cheap and nasty.
2 years ago
Just played this pin. For a 2011 game I would think it would have been much better in design an play
Just wasn’t to exciting. But when your out looking for new machines to play. What you get is what you get.
3 years ago
did not last very long in my collection got bored really fast . there are better music pins out there . stones is ok and it was an le....
3 years ago
Great theme good music but the game just does not play that good and mick on a stick gets a bit annoying.
3 years ago
Absolute waste if time. Never should have been made
3 years ago
Mick on a stick, isn't as bad as most people make it out to be. He's gotta be the most random feature seen in a game. Blocking shots, and then not being able to hit him cause he moved at the last second. The sound and art package are spot on for the band, and make for a nice looking game. Gameplay is fairly fast, and ball times are relatively short, which may turn off some people.
3 years ago
Yikes...this game came out about five years too early when Stern didn't know how to properly handle band licences. If they were to take on the Stones now, they'd probably have a lot more control, because they would be able to show them their successes with ACDC, Metallica and Aerosmith. Back when it was released, it seems Stern's hands were tied. Bad song choice and some really weird choices for shot associations and modes. There's just no takeaway, no feedback, no immersive-ness to the game overall. I have no problem with the Mick-on-a-Stick, but the idea seems so much more integrated into and well suited for the Big Buck Hunter game than it does here. If you can pick up this game on the cheap, because nobody really wants the oldest of the "old rock and roll bands" in their collection, it's a good entry level modern Stern. However, you'd be better served spending a bit more and grabbing a Metallica or ACDC. Hell, even an Elvis.
4 years ago
This is one of the best games I have discovered, and 6 years after it's release. This game is terribly underrated, dogged to death, and complained about. So I dug deep into this game to see for myself and was surprised just how great a game this really is.

First, let's start about what is hated and what people complain about. Mick on a stick and the theme, people have complained is not relevant or too old. Mick on a stick is a neat little feature to this game. Sure, he can block shots, but this just adds to the challenge. The theme? C'mon, it's the Rolling Stones. One of the greatest bands of all time. I think sometimes, people just want to bash something without giving it a fair shake, and unfortunately, this games production run was cut short due to this. I also think that the rules are not understood enough in a play or two, but after a couple dozen plays, you really start to feel and understand what to do and this is where the game really shines.

This friggin game is a blast under glass. The flow is fantastic, with two lanes that orbit the playfield, a spinner to rip and two tight alley shots, and two ramps- one at the center which is large and one to the right which is a little tougher. Sometimes when the game gets crazy and out of control, it's nice to be able to slap that ball right up the center ramp to gain some composure. There are also two stand up targets under a plastic to hit to light the standups in front of the ramps to activate ''Rock Star multi-ball''
There is always something to shoot for and you'll never be at a stand still wondering where to shoot next. The rules are straight forward and there are some nice suprises, like when you collect enough records, you go into a super cool ''Shattered'' multiball, where practically every shot on the playfield is lit and hitting these shots sounds off the sound of breaking glass.
Speaking of Jackpots, the multi-ball modes are done very well and the beastly jackpot sounds in ''Rock Star multiball'' are a hoot. The general game rules are challenging, with two wizard modes. If you light all the modes, you can get ''Encore'' A feast of points. Light all the modes flashing, which is pretty extensive progress in each mode, and you'll qualify ''Super Encore'', something I have no accomplished with wide outlanes.

A shaker motor brings this game to life, especially while hitting the Rock Star targets, the game shakes and sounds off a blast. Flipper Fidelity speaker kit also makes this game thump to life pretty nice.

Final comments. Such a fun and flowy game that doesn't get the respect it deserves. Tweak it out, set it up hard, and go to town trying for Encore. This approach makes it feel similar to Tron to me, (one of my favorite games) Where you just feel like playing it over and over again. It doesn't hurt to be a Stones fan either, as their catalog of classics is put to good use here, with the option to add in your own with some software tweaks. The code here is well done in my honest opinion, I really have so little to complain about, I just really love this game.

Once you know the rules and what to do, I don't think it's possible to hate this game unless you're just a grump.
4 years ago
By far one of the worst games I've played. Nothing good about it. Mick in the middle is one of the silliest things I've seen. Stay away. Please.
4 years ago
Another piece of s**t by Stern. Boring layout without any idea. Poor ruleset and moving "Mick Jagger target" is annoying. Its terrible pin as Mustang and many more Stern mistakes.
5 years ago
enjoyed the mick jagger moving back n forth. found myself thanking mick as he caught my balls that were surely headed down the drain.
5 years ago
It's funny to play and the sound is so cool !!
5 years ago
What a steaming pile of pinball.

Probably the worst table I've played that was manufactured in the 21st century. The license has so, SO much promise and the whole thing winds up feeling like a sad attempt at getting something out the door.

Mick-on-a-stick sucks a whole lotta d*ck, if I'm being honest. Once he singlehandedly sent balls 1, 2, and 3 rocketing down both outlanes and SDTM on a single playthrough. I've since stopped feeding quarters into this clunker of a pinball.

If you got to choose a song like in AC/DC, Metallica, or KISS, then that'd be a different story. But you don't, and to make matters worse the sound quality is poor. Uninspired art package and cheap, wide plastic ramps are a bummer. Scoring objectives not terribly clear, either.

Dreadful build quality for something made in 2011. I'd rather get a venereal disease from a gas station bathroom than put my money into a Rolling Stone pinball ever again.
5 years ago
Finally found this April 2016 at a movie theater- it was not very much fun, it felt as if the build quality was low and the game was overall lacking in features. The Mick on a stick idea, I can't believe it's real, I always thought that was a joke !
5 years ago
I find this game, ranked #353 on Pinside, to be highly underrated. It's a newer Stern with a fairly deep rule set coupled with Stern's typical insert lighting system. Of course the music is excellent if limited by often changing songs.

The biggest complaint is about Mick on a Stick but I enjoy the toy. It adds randomness and I like having to shoot around it, especially on Rock Star mode to add a ball. There aren't a lot of toys/shots but the game is fast and hard and has good flow.

350 better games than this one? Yeah right. "I know, its only pinball, but I like it....."
5 years ago
Not a lasting machine, not enough emphasis on objectives, the music should get a 10, it's the Rolling Stones but no, I gave it a low score.

I would say this machine is a medium difficulty pin, it drains too much with the lanes wide open but not enough with them closed. Easy ramps but watch out for Mick, he will SDTM you in a heartbeat.

Music, this is where the pin should have exceeded, has a great license but the soundtrack was poor. I want to hear something out of their top 10, not their less popular songs that hardly anyone recognizes.

The Mick target is unique but annoying. There are three settings, the highest is too much and medium isn't enough movement. Either he is going nuts across the playfield or he is standing still. Furthermore the Mick target was poorly designed and will break in half. They do have a repair kit at Marcos that includes a metal back plate that now protects the top and a new Mick target to replace your broken one.

This pin just doesn't last for me, I think I will at least enjoy it a lot more when I swap the songs.
5 years ago
That moving toy really ruins this table, really horrible.

Especially when the ball comes back Mick redirects your ball to drain heaven, maybe they should have tested it before putting it on the market.

Yes its that horrible!
5 years ago
I've only played the LE, maybe 2 games on a pro, man this one is a dog. Mick on a stick is perhaps the worst toy ever, randomly running around and blocking your shots. Nothing is more fun than trapping up and waiting for Mick to randomly move so you can hit a particular shot. The Sharkey's Shootout style post saves probably make the game a lot more fun than the non-LE. Mick frequently decides to kick the ball directly into an outlane or have the ball dribble off him STDM. I have to say I really abuse the unlimited post saves. Almost every single shot I make I get ready to save it. Combined with the occasionally deadly Mick, that's definitely the most fun part of the game. Other than that it's a really sparse layout, no theme integration, terrible art, bleh.
5 years ago
I love the Stones but the game is rather disappointing. Nothing really horrible but nothing that did me want to come back and play another game either. The music is good, the art work sucks and Mick on a stich is a bit annoying. Move on, nothing special to see here.
5 years ago
Very under rated game. Plays very fast, magnets and power ball are nice. Music obviously great and back glass is very nice. Chrome Clad LE model is a very nice looking machine.
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