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Other Aspects: 7.683

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There are 86 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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62 days ago
Rollergames was the pin at my arcade growing up, so I may have nostalgia bias on the sound. I can still hear the music and the call outs. "GO FOR THE WALL" "Don't Flip!" and when you hit multiball, it makes you feel like you are amazing. However after owning the machine for a few years the variety in the gameplay and the sparse lower field made it the least played machine in my collection even if it worked the best.
86 days ago
I have this pinballmachine in my collection and I have to say the FUN level is extremely high. The music, sounds, speach and lighting are great and makes playing the game feel like you are at a funfair. The gameplay is not that complex, which is great for starters, but offers enough depth to keep you interested for continuous kick butt attempts.
4 months ago
I like playing Rollergames quite a bit, the upper flipper ramp shot is fun, and I'm always a sucker for an upper flipper ramp. The magnet that holds the ball for the perfect shot up the ramp is pretty fun. The music in this game is awesome and the tune that plays after scoring a jackpot is, as the lyrics mention, kick-butt. Mainly just a game where yo go for multiballs and jackpots, but the upper ramp and music are enough to keep me coming back.
5 months ago
Surprisingly good for the era, theme,sounds and artwork is super cheesy and it adds to the late 80s nostalgia of the game.
Classic Steve Richie layout and game play,keeeps you pressing the start button
5 months ago
One game I sold that I would love to have back. Freaky 80s theme but great fun to play. Simple and fast. A Ritchie classic for the ages.
6 months ago
Oh man, Rollergames. Another game in the trend of "how did a theme this bad, get a machine this good?". People have overlooked this one for YEARS because it was based on a failed TV show that was a scripted roller derby league on par with some of those lesser wrestling leagues. The original show really is that bad. But the pinball is ooooooooh so good!

If you play this on a well tuned machine, it's an incredibly fast game, I've rarely played anything faster. Only a couple playfield features interrupt the flow, and oh what flow it has. Three different orbit shots, some swoopy return ramps, the main "Wall of Death" ramp. Nearly everything throws the ball right back to you at a high speed. Thankfully most of your standup and drop target shots aren't going to direct the ball toward a lane. But be warned, ball times can be SHORT on this game, it's a drain monster of the highest degree. It's bad enough that even Steve Ritchie himself put in a center post. This game has a level of brutality that just needs to be experienced.

Then we've got "The Pit", one of the coolest sequences in pinball. It's a VUK kickout hole that delivers straight to a flipper with a magnet in front of the flipper, it gives you a guaranteed shot on the Wall of Death ramp, which is otherwise a very hard shot. After a few games with some friends, you'll be yelling 'Don't Flip' at each other for a while. It's really one of the defining features of the game and oh so cool.

There is one even more entertaining feature than The Pit, which is the ball lock. Every once in a while it'll taunt you by sending the locked balls around a loop ramp just to remind you they're there as team-mates ready to back you up. I don't recall anything similar on another game and I just love this feature.

Rules are pretty simple, fairly standard fare for system 11. The main goal is to get multiball and hit the Wall of Death ramp for jackpots. Alternatively you collect orbit shots working toward extra balls. Maybe finish some target banks to re-light features. That's about all there is to the game rules and it's basically perfect for the title.

Sounds are the peak of 80's game synth music, with the official Rollergames theme song that will stay in your head until the neurons go quiet. It's tacky and terrible and just PERFECT for the game. The rest of the sounds are damn good and really work well with the theme of attending a sporting event. "DON'T FLIP! ..... FLIP!"

And the lightshow. I think there was a clearance sale on flashers that year because there's a hell of a lot of them. This game should be bold and bright, one of the most over the top blinky and flashy out there, and that's intentional. If you go with LED's, for the love of god do NOT go for the brighter LED's, and get the dimmest flashers. Rollergames is almost too bright even with incandescents.

If you can't tell, I really really enjoy this game. It may not be the gold standard of collectability and price, but if you like a brash, loud, flashy and absurdly enjoyable game from the peak of the alphanumeric era.... Rollergames needs to be on your list.
6 months ago
Rollergames is the game that people always want to play when coming over. Everything about it just stands out, bright lights, the music and sound effects, the ridiculous babes and dudes on the playfield and back glass. It's so incredibly dated that the further away from 1990 it is, the better it gets!

The game is fast and flows well as Ritchie games do, with ball times pretty short for newer players. But once you can hit consistently hit the Pit and the Wall, you're golden. Definitely a "one more game" pin. The main song definitely gets stuck in your head, which is part of the appeal, but having played it for months, it doesn't ear worm me as often. Just puts me in a good mood while playing.

I think the only things preventing this game from being consistently one of the best-playing System 11's is that there's no skill shot (from perhaps successfully plunging the ball to make it down the left wire ramp?) and that Sudden Death is random instead of earned (maybe from hitting SKATE, JET, ABC, and 123 or something?). It's a not-so-hidden gem of System 11 era. I just keep coming back to it and don't stop until I have that one good game or suck so bad I gotta walk away.

Extra balls are achievable, Kick Butt is the most awesome jackpot music around, locked ball stealing and zooming around the habitrail are a nice feature, and when you can get your 3rd flipper dialed in to make the Wall of Death from the magnet, the game is just a blast. If this game was on location, I bet it would be an earner. There are a ton of better games, but Rollergames is so unique and fun that it's hard to deny hitting the start button.
7 months ago
I was pleasantly surprised by this game. Fun game, good flow.
9 months ago
Go for the wall! This is another machine I purchased in which that purchase was influenced by videos I had seen. I found out there was one in Louisville, so I went there and played it to see if I liked it. I did enough after 10 games to go ahead and purchase it.

I like how the locked balls occasionally make a quick loop out onto a track and then back to the lock area. This is a distraction that to me adds the right amount of challenge. The Sudden Death round can be intense and allow you to rack up lots of points. But I like to get the jackpot during multiball (by shooting the wall) just to hear it say "kick butt" and play that clearly 80s style celebratory music.

Really a fun game with music you will not get out of your head.
11 months ago
Enjoyable gameplay, with some unique features. I’m not much for the theme, but it’s an easy game to have fun with
12 months ago
This is my favorite pinball machine. I think that this game is challenging, but not too hard. It has great music, art, and Playfield layout. There is not a thing that I would change about this game. I don’t think that many people know about this game. At first you may not enjoy it, but if you keep playing it and get to understand it, I think you will probably like it better.
1 year ago
cheese factor is off the scale on this game. Fun to play.
1 year ago
Love the sound effects and theme of the game. It brings energy to the gameplay.

I like the call-outs especially the one for the magnet 'don't flip' 'flip'


I dislike the cabinet artwork, but I enjoy the Playfield art. The backglass is meh.

Had some real fun playing this table.
1 year ago
The theme and artwork aren't my favorite, but it is a lower priced system 11 game, which means there is lots of value to it.

The callouts are fun and I really enjoy the light show. It has a real cheesy quality that people seem to love or hate, however.
1 year ago
Not a game that I knew a lot about until we were in the market to purchase a second at-home game. In LOVE with Rollergames!
1 year ago
Okay first off this was rated based on a perfectly mechanically sound diamond plate version of Rollergames.
Please don't Rate any machine or base a review off it unless it's 100% mechanically functional!
These old 80's-90's machines are hard to find in good condition I get it so if you play a beat-up machine with half working parts that doesn't mean the game Sux, it's broken so don't write a review bashing it, because you haven't had the real experience.
Okay, okay, so that being said, Rollergames is a simple, fast blast to play! This game doesn't discriminate on who's but it kicks! You can be a pinball wizard and Rollergames will curb stomp
Such a fun game to play multiple player being you can steal other players multi-ball. The music!!!
And ... "GET TO THE WALL!!!"
This is definitely a diamond in the rough and another example of (less is more.) I would highly recommend picking a nice one up if given the chance. If you have deep ruled/mode based machine, this will complement that nicely.
BTW this machine is easy to become partial to and hard to let go. If you love cheesy big hair 80's nostalgia then your gonna love Rollergames.
1 year ago
When i got bit by the pinball bug this game was one of my favorites.. I wasnt getting beat simply because i didnt know the rules and the game evened the playing field a little bit when I was playing better players. I love the music and call outs although the art isnt the best its serviceable for the theme.. Being a fan of the WWF on skates known as Rollergames when i was a kid kicks in the nostalgia for me. Its not deep but a funplayers game that keeps me coming back.
1 year ago
This is a truly smile maker. If you are in a bad mood - this is the game to play. You can’t resist to sing along with the theme song. A lot of fun things to do on the play field. The magnet that holds the ball is a fun feature.
1 year ago
I like cheesy system 11 games and this is one of them. The art leaves a bit to be desired but the layout fits the theme well. The gameplay is not super deep but fun enough to keep you coming back. I like the fact that locked balls carry over to your next game, makes it easier for my five year old to get multiball by himself.

Kick butt!
2 years ago
This is a classic system 11 game. Rolling fast fun!! The rules are not complicated. Very approachable. Unique features such as the left drain has a kicker that kicks the ball all the way to the top of the play field and the magna hold before shooting the ball up the wall. Great physical 3 lock multi-ball and display show before the 3 balls enter the play field. When you hear this in your sleep “Rock, Rock, Rollergames..” or “Don’t flip ... Flip” then its time to add this one to your collection.
2 years ago
This was the first pin in my collection over 2 years ago and it’s not leaving. This game is such a hidden gem in the 30 game system 11 category. The fast flow design by Steve Ritchie is incredible and I’d put it up there in the top 5 system 11 titles. Hitting that combo shot from the upper flipper during multi ball or sudden death feels incredible! Is the music and theme cheesy? Yes, but it all works and this was an actual show for one season, lol! The playfield colors are definitely late 80s-90s themed but they really come to life with LEDs added. It also has the best song in pinball...KICK BUTT! If you have the chance to purchase one some time then take it. Pretty good bang for the buck! ROCK, ROCK, ROCK N ROLLERGAMES!
2 years ago
While there's a lot to like about this game, there are also some things that bring it down that could make it better. First off, if you take it for what it is and when it was made, the art, sounds, and theme definitely fit the pin in the era that it was produced. It certainly exudes late 80s/early 90s in everything you see and hear. For that, it does a perfect job and shouldn't be downgraded compared today's tastes (late 2010s at the time of this review). The layout is quite fun, and Steve Ritchie's signature left loop to side ramp via upper right flipper is present and prominent. I like the magnet hold for the upper flipper, allowing new players to see and acknowledge, that some games, do in fact, have more than 2 flippers. Good call!

The music is definitely an earworm, but I have to say, has one of the best jackpot tunes in pinball. Pretty awesome!

The major flaw, and what really keeps this game from being great, is the ruleset. You're basically just going for Multiballs, and exploiting the random Sudden Death "mode." What this means is, drop targets, pit, and side ramp all day. Or if in Sudden Death mode, Pit and side ramp all day. There is really no other reason to shoot anything else.

With all that said, I'll likely keep it for a little bit to get my money's worth, but at some point will move it on. I do enjoy the "novelty" factor of owning a late 80s/early 90s time capsule, but the ruleset keeps this game from being anything more than just a few fun flips every now and again.
2 years ago
I own this game, so trying not to be biased. The music does get annoying, as does some of the commentary - but it's a fast-paced game (when configured correctly) and has a few stand-out, challenging features. I enjoy playing daily. The backglass artwork ain't bad either. :)
3 years ago
Go for the WALL!!! First game in my collection and it is still here. Music gets a little old. Whenever we have company this game gets a lot of plays.
3 years ago
Ahh Rollergames. People knock on the games art and theme, but I personally love it. A cheesey theme and art package of its time that is bright and colorful. The rules are simple, with a fun lock shot and smooth shots. Sudden death can be overwhelming in regards to scoring and is completley random when it starts. Overall game is a lot of fun and I keep coming back to it, and has maybe the greatest jackpot song in all of pinball. Kick butt!
There are 86 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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