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This game received 144 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 7.501 /10


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This game ranks #166 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 7.806

Artwork: 6.883

Sounds/Music: 7.094

Other Aspects: 7.621

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Found 70 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 70 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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5 months ago
Not a game that I knew a lot about until we were in the market to purchase a second at-home game. In LOVE with Rollergames!
5 months ago
Okay first off this was rated based on a perfectly mechanically sound diamond plate version of Rollergames.
Please don't Rate any machine or base a review off it unless it's 100% mechanically functional!
These old 80's-90's machines are hard to find in good condition I get it so if you play a beat-up machine with half working parts that doesn't mean the game Sux, it's broken so don't write a review bashing it, because you haven't had the real experience.
Okay, okay, so that being said, Rollergames is a simple, fast blast to play! This game doesn't discriminate on who's but it kicks! You can be a pinball wizard and Rollergames will curb stomp
Such a fun game to play multiple player being you can steal other players multi-ball. The music!!!
And ... "GET TO THE WALL!!!"
This is definitely a diamond in the rough and another example of (less is more.) I would highly recommend picking a nice one up if given the chance. If you have deep ruled/mode based machine, this will complement that nicely.
BTW this machine is easy to become partial to and hard to let go. If you love cheesy big hair 80's nostalgia then your gonna love Rollergames.
5 months ago
When i got bit by the pinball bug this game was one of my favorites.. I wasnt getting beat simply because i didnt know the rules and the game evened the playing field a little bit when I was playing better players. I love the music and call outs although the art isnt the best its serviceable for the theme.. Being a fan of the WWF on skates known as Rollergames when i was a kid kicks in the nostalgia for me. Its not deep but a funplayers game that keeps me coming back.
8 months ago
This is a truly smile maker. If you are in a bad mood - this is the game to play. You can’t resist to sing along with the theme song. A lot of fun things to do on the play field. The magnet that holds the ball is a fun feature.
8 months ago
I like cheesy system 11 games and this is one of them. The art leaves a bit to be desired but the layout fits the theme well. The gameplay is not super deep but fun enough to keep you coming back. I like the fact that locked balls carry over to your next game, makes it easier for my five year old to get multiball by himself.

Kick butt!
1 year ago
This is a classic system 11 game. Rolling fast fun!! The rules are not complicated. Very approachable. Unique features such as the left drain has a kicker that kicks the ball all the way to the top of the play field and the magna hold before shooting the ball up the wall. Great physical 3 lock multi-ball and display show before the 3 balls enter the play field. When you hear this in your sleep “Rock, Rock, Rollergames..” or “Don’t flip ... Flip” then its time to add this one to your collection.
1 year ago
Is it because I'm not a good enough player or because most of the versions i've played of this were in bad shape. I can almost never make the upper loop shot and that seems like the only decently satisfying shot in the game. The music is probaly one of the better things about this game. It seems like a well loved game but I don't care much for it. If there's almost any other table I can play, I will.
1 year ago
While there's a lot to like about this game, there are also some things that bring it down that could make it better. First off, if you take it for what it is and when it was made, the art, sounds, and theme definitely fit the pin in the era that it was produced. It certainly exudes late 80s/early 90s in everything you see and hear. For that, it does a perfect job and shouldn't be downgraded compared today's tastes (late 2010s at the time of this review). The layout is quite fun, and Steve Ritchie's signature left loop to side ramp via upper right flipper is present and prominent. I like the magnet hold for the upper flipper, allowing new players to see and acknowledge, that some games, do in fact, have more than 2 flippers. Good call!

The music is definitely an earworm, but I have to say, has one of the best jackpot tunes in pinball. Pretty awesome!

The major flaw, and what really keeps this game from being great, is the ruleset. You're basically just going for Multiballs, and exploiting the random Sudden Death "mode." What this means is, drop targets, pit, and side ramp all day. Or if in Sudden Death mode, Pit and side ramp all day. There is really no other reason to shoot anything else.

With all that said, I'll likely keep it for a little bit to get my money's worth, but at some point will move it on. I do enjoy the "novelty" factor of owning a late 80s/early 90s time capsule, but the ruleset keeps this game from being anything more than just a few fun flips every now and again.
1 year ago
Go for the WALL!!! First game in my collection and it is still here. Music gets a little old. Whenever we have company this game gets a lot of plays.
1 year ago
Ahh Rollergames. People knock on the games art and theme, but I personally love it. A cheesey theme and art package of its time that is bright and colorful. The rules are simple, with a fun lock shot and smooth shots. Sudden death can be overwhelming in regards to scoring and is completley random when it starts. Overall game is a lot of fun and I keep coming back to it, and has maybe the greatest jackpot song in all of pinball. Kick butt!
2 years ago
I generally am all about art and the joy of how a machine plays. The art in this one is not really to my liking. It's not bad, its serviceable. The cab, backglass and playfield all blend together nicely and fit the same theme. Has some nice energy to it and just a little bit of sex appeal. I think where this game shines though is the music and gameplay. Both are really nice and enjoyable. The magnet use is really cool, but stinks when a machine doesn't have it which makes the ramp shot harder to hit... Not impossible just harder. Rules are not, but nothing really special. The whole sudden death being random is a bit dumb though. But, when you get it and exploit it, its nice.
I don't really like where the roll overs and pops are located, and the whole spelling out skate seems rather pointless and useless... Be better if they actually did something with the left side of the playfield. still, its a fast flowing game that shots smooth. So its really fun to play. And I enjoy coming back to it, just don't see myself playing it for longer than 10-20 minutes. But, I do enjoy playing it when I can.
2 years ago
This game is fun to play from time to time! For that time (1989) it is an excellent pin. It doesn't have modes or much to do. You just go for the multiball and the combo shot (left orbit and up the ramp), which after some times gets a bit boring.

It's good quality and fun for your money!
2 years ago
Rollergames is definitely a cheesy theme, but it works so well. Just a fun game to play. The music is extremely catchy and will be an earworm for a while after your first game. What better song to play after scoring the jackpot than one that says "Kick butt!"?
2 years ago
Loved this game in 1990 when I played it at my local establishment and is still very fun to play. The game has great flow and is definitely fast once you get something going but overall it’s a relatively shallow rule set. The repetitive music gets to be a bit grating and definitely gets stuck in your head, which I suppose is part of the appeal for some.

It’s not hard to find one of these machines but one in good condition without Mylar lifting and magnet wear can be tough. I’m not sure about other parts in the game however the ball lock 2 switch is non-existent anymore so in order to replace it, which I needed to do on mine, you have to buy the ball lock 1 switch and modify the contacts to fit on the board and bend with wire form accordingly. I suppose as time progresses, this will be the norm for finding parts.

The price is right for the fun factor so despite some of the negatives mentioned by others, I think it’s still worth owning.
2 years ago
Not a bad game, just not very exciting. Good music and call outs. The theme doesn't do much for me, may have enjoyed it more if I did.
2 years ago
A real blast to play. I'm glad I finally own one. Underrated for sure.
2 years ago
This game was not as good as I had hoped it would be. A somewhat shallow pin with not a lot going on. Perhaps additional plays in the future will warrant an update on this review.
2 years ago
I purchased this game because I found it at a decent price. After playing a few times the music of course is forever burned into my brain but I was continuously drawn back in for just one more game. . .
I like the integration of locked balls rolling around the wireform like skaters in a rink, I think the atomic whip is another neat skate related feature of the game. The Mrs. and I are from the 80's generation and while we were never avid watchers of the television series we definitely relate to the theme, music, artwork, etc. of the game.
2 years ago
Ah, Rollergames.

This game comes very close to a themed machine that's actually more famous than the thing for which it was themed, the very short-lived camp-out wrestling-roller-derby hybrid of the same name. So let's start with that theme.

I will dispense with the artwork first: blech. It's in part because it's so cheesy it feels like a mid-70's machine, not one done in 1990. There's a certain charm to the use of 80's-style motifs, such as the geometrical colored shapes, but it's not enough to redeem it. What's worse is the TV show (see YouTube for some episodes) had a certain look to it, and they not only ignored it (where are all the teams?) but they punted on the multi-ethnic cast of the show (where is Mr. Mean?!?) I will say, not having done it yet myself on my own machine, if ever there was a theme calling for garish LED conversion, this is it. I expect that would improve things a little.

But OTOH: rarely has the _play_ of a pinball machine matched the kinetic motion of the theme quite so closely. Steve Ritchie, riffing on the same vibe as High Speed and presaging the fantastic double-ramp action of No Fear, has a lot of fun with the habitrails. Once you lock a ball or two for multiball, the balls sort of randomly go around a habitrail loop that looks just like skaters (even speed skaters in short track) drafting off one another. And the unique multiball dump -- hated by some -- of all three balls being dumped into the right in lane looks like a train, and also requires you shoot at least one into play instead of trapping right away. With all the looping, the use of the WALL OF DEATH ramp that's shaped quite similarly to the eponymous part of the track in the TV show "sport", and Ritchie's nearly-trademark overlapping fast orbits, it feels like a real "rolling" sport.

(The music and sounds are famous - or infamous - and you will either be absorbed by the repetition or you will go insane. I don't think there's a middle ground. I am in the former category now, but may be insane eventually now I own one.)

The scoring is pretty balanced on this machine, although a little random (as I'll get into below) so it makes for a better party game than a tournament game. (This does not mean it's not a player's machine; I think it is, and a sleeper at that.) You can get accumulating scored shots from combos and ramp shots, a reasonable but not huge amount from multiball, and decent amounts from the Sudden Death mode and WILLIAMS mode hurry ups. A reasonable strategy (like in NO Fear) is to get the Jetway shots (left and right orbits) or shoot for the middle shots or non-lit ramp shots to try to bag the extra ball early, or simply stack them up.

The random aspects that make it a kind of non-starter for tournaments (although, again, fun as a party game): Sudden Death just blinks on at random once per game (sometimes more if you have a really long game). WILLIAMS carries over player to player and game to game, which is odd, and a little like 1960's games that had ball capture that could be stolen.

The only ramp in the game is the Wall, accessible only from the upper right flipper (see also High Speed) so it's a strange hybrid between a ramped shooter's game like many that came after it and the lower playfield feels like a throwback. The bumpers and top rollovers hardly play a big role in the game. And the standups play a lot like old-school drop targets: SKATE to relight the magnet, WAR for Multiball lock, and ABC for relighting the left outlane kickback (THE WHIP, another great theme integration that feels kinetically just like the real life analog that inspired it).

The Pit does add something I don't like about this game. While sending the ball from the pit to the magnet on the Wall of Death shot is a clever (relatively) early use of a magnet it adds a pause -- a major pause -- in what's otherwise a fast, fast game. Because The Pit is an easy shot from either flipper, if the magnet's on there's no real reason not to take it, and then bag a Wall shot -- it causes a lot of breaks in the overall flow.

All that adds up to something that's pretty modern -- there are eight distinct shots on the playfield to make, all of which are worth going for at various times, including some side bank shots -- but which isn't entirely into the next era of play in terms of complexity. It's a good game for practice, but also for casual play if you want to play without the tension of working towards a wizard mode, as it were.

Historically, this is right at the end of the solid state era - one of the last five or six SS games Williams produced. It's post-backglass (modders: this is crying out for an alternative translite) but has the kind of simplistic sameness between games of the 1989-90 final SS games (See Earthshaker, Funhouse, Diner, et alia) - simple mode in a remote lock, only one multiball mode, and essentially one "money" shot (the Wall in this case) with a lot of meandering around the playfield. And it is missing a signature toy (think the coffee cup in Diner, Rudy in Funhouse, the shaker in Earthshaker) -- I'm so tempted to add a plastic roller skate in the middle of this as a mod. I personally really love this Williams era, and each of these late SS machines has something to say for it and some staying power, even if they're not entirely immersive (good players will repeat everything on these machines in a good game).

It's definitely not for everybody (see also: blech artwork and love/hate music) but it's a serious sleeper for a fast game. And as noted, it really is a great bridge between High Speed and No Fear. Not boring.
3 years ago
A zany, fun theme with decent integration into the game. The gameplay is Ok, but not great in my opinion. A bit too much randomness when competing. In a few that I have played, the magnet often doesn't work or work well.

The music and callouts get a bit repetitive and could have been cooler. Still it's a decent game for the money and is pretty fun.
3 years ago
Was my first pin, learned a lot about fixing pinball issues with it. Pretty good system 11 from williams, up there with F-14.

Cheesy artwork and sounds
Multiball is crazy, balls all dump out at the same time
Sounds and lighting were well done, love the flash lamp effects
The magnet toy is a nice touch for the "gimme' ramp shot
Good flow, plays fast at times if hitting the ramp and orbits

Cheesy artwork and sounds
3 years ago
I like this game a lot. The shots feel good, ramps everywhere. The theme song gets repetitive but works for me since I'm a nut for this cheesy music. The use of the magnet works well here. Activating lock is easy and getting the balls locked isn't too hard as long as the game is leveled properly. I recommend this game for those wanting a fun game to play with an enjoyable theme.
3 years ago
Im not sure why some dont like it but is a lot of fun1
3 years ago
A fun daily player. never mastered but working on it. can be addictive
4 years ago
A classic game dragged down by some major flaws.
Let's start with the good news: Lots of shots have great flow, and the music and sound effects can't be beat.

Cons? Having logos advertising on the playfield was a crass move.
The Wall shot is too specific to hit casually, especially to loop. Thankfully Ritchie corrected that mistake in later games.
But the biggest disappointment is the wall of standups on the left that are basically inconsequential. It would be amazing if they maintained the original drop target bank there, and had it really factor in to the game play.
Achieving Williams letters, which persist from game to game, is just tedious. Oh and did I mention locks carry over between balls/players/games? So don't expect to use this in a tournament ever.
Really, so many things about this game seems designed for it to be a coin-sucker on location, and not to be a great game for the player.

The left outlane is a chasm, but I kind of don't mind that considering how accessible the standups for relighting the ballsave are. Some risk/reward.
There are 70 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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