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83 days ago
Themed after the PC game of the same name. Very appealing art package playfield. Really cool ramp shots. This is a game that should be more fun to play but leaves you wanted more. Great theme for a family oriented home arcade.
5 months ago
I'm a big fan of the PC game. I played the heck out of it. For the pin, I was looking for a family game that had a lot of fun factor. Something that would delight non-pinheads to come up and give it a spin. RCT does the trick.

The layout and wireforms are top notch. The game is packed. The play is pretty great.

Wasn't looking for a deep ruleset, and i'm not a competitive pinball player. That may be why I love this game.
7 months ago
While the lack of modes and deep rule set might impact its appeal to the pinsider, visitors and occasional players all seem to love my RCT. Kids love it too. For that reason it has its place in a lineup.
10 months ago
Ramps actually feel like roller coasters and look cool. Art is terrible and so is the troll!
Cheap stern for a large collection, just turn down the volume.
11 months ago
pinball is excellent the game is great it's a stern game and being more fan of bally or williams I'm thinking of flipping is underrated little known as happiness themes awesome some negative brittleness of plastic ramps and lack of projector lamp on target drooping paint of the feet and glass rods and lock bar not to my taste that I replaced stainless steel pinball that I advise you to buy still remains at a fair price and it's really worth it
1 year ago
Rollercoaster Tycoon is a really fun pinball! I might be a little biased, because I was a huge fan of the PC games. However, as a pinball game, it really works well!

There are several ramps that are colored to look like rollercoasters, including one that goes over the flippers. The flow of the game is really good, and there are 4 flippers to make all of the shots.

The game modes can get a little repetitive, but they are fun - at least for a while!

Scoring is one complaint that a lot of people have on this game, but it doesn't really bother me. I don't need games to score hundreds of millions to be a "good game". I believe the default replay value on this game is 10,000,000, so that should tell you something.

The sounds and music definitely fit the theme. The troll yelling at you in fun, and like any other game (at least for me) can be tuned out while playing if it's a little annoying.

Overall, I think this is a great game - I think of it more as a standalone carnival/theme park game and not so much the "Based of the PC game" gimmick.
1 year ago
“Hey Buddy! Hit me!” Ahhhh……that adorable little troll doll. LOL! I always looked past this machine on location. I just never took it seriously. Is this a pinball machine or a gumball machine? I was dropping my kids off at a movie theater one day and I went inside to play their Demo Man. To my disappointment RCT was sitting in its place. I put some quarters in and had an awesome time playing it. I liked it so much that I actually bought one for myself. Let’s just say that it didn’t last a long in my collection, but I still have a soft spot for the machine. Let’s cover the good and then we will cover the bad. This machine has a lot of shots! I counted 28 to be exact. If you are a shooter and you like to hit targets, this will keep you busy. I love ramps! If you love ramps, you have three of them in this game, not including a VUK that feeds a very cool wireframe that goes to the top of the glass and then loops behind the flippers. The LED dot matrix display on the playfield also gives a nice touch to the look of the game. If you setup this game with the correct LEDs, the light show can be pretty decent. Especially when you hit “The Scrambled Egg”. That shot makes a pretty cool light show that is satisfying when you hit it. I found the goofy repetitive music slightly charming. The audio cues add carnival fun. The organ, the screams, etc. Let’s get to the bad. The rules and scoring are absolute dog $#@%! Yes, you have plenty of targets, but hitting them has to be your satisfaction, because you aren’t going to see the payoff on the scoreboard. In addition, this is a very low scoring game. Don’t expect to see big multipliers with big bonuses. When you hear the little troll dude say “BIG BONUS!!” you look at the screen in disbelief wondering WTH just happened. There are only six modes and as others have noted, two of them are the same! Huh? Instead of doing another Dunk the Dummy, they should have done a Super Joy Ride that would have incorporated all of the rollercoaster ramp and VUK shots. One major disappoint was when I had all of the multipliers lit up and then I completed Park Tycoon. I was waiting for my BIG BONUS! Well….I think the big bonus is tied to the number people in your amusement park, but after you complete Park Tycoon it resets the number of visitors to zero…so when you get your bonus after completing the wizard mode, it’s just a big THUD! The artwork is…well….pretty much hideous. You remember those little golden books when you were a kid? Yeah….it pretty much looks like that. I have always loved Circus/Carnival themed things and perhaps that is why despite all of its flaws I still enjoyed his game and played it many, many times. I just thought it was FUN! The layout of his game has so much potential. Such a missed opportunity. Strangely I sometimes miss this little oddball machine and would even consider purchasing one sometime down the road. How sick is that? For the average novice that just want a cool machine in their basement for house guests, this isn’t a bad choice, but serious players will find little to love here.
1 year ago
I love the different roller coasters!
1 year ago
I’m a fan of the rollercoaster tycoon video games so I enjoy the theme on the game quite a bit and it was incorporated quite well. The troll is out of place for sure but it doesn’t bother me. The layout is a bit unique with 3 ramps and an upper flipper shot that leads to a habitrail that goes below the flippers which is cool. The biggest downfall of this game is the rules. There are only 6 modes and 2 of them are the exact same with slightly different scoring. The remaining 4 are nothing special either. I’ve owned the game for a few months now and I can get to the wizard mode almost every game with standard setting. Just not very deep or interesting code..
1 year ago
The terrible ruleset combined with a mediocre theme really kill this one. The playfield layout is nice with tons of vaired shots, unfortunately there is usually no reason to shot for many of them. I had one on loan in my gameroom for free and I still wanted it gone after a couple of weeks because it is such as one trick pony. If this layout had a classic Tron theme over it with the colored wireforms as light cycle shots it would be a HUGE winner. It's a shame that a feature packed playfield like this was given such poor code. The one thing it certainly does have going for it is that it is very family friendly and approachable for novice players.
2 years ago
I've always felt this game was underrated. It's quite popular with kids and has a nice flow. It's quite satisfying to fire balls up the various ramps, and the reverse handyman drop target shot is fun to hit. I'd love it if someone came out with a better rule set - there are features that are barely used that could be much cooler (scrolling LED readout, I'm looking at you).
2 years ago
Pins based on games don't work....SMB, SFII, BH, PACMAN ETC are all terrible games.

Troll is ugly, collecting more visitors goes with the video game but is just boring in a pin. Has some good shots but on the whole this gets boring fast.

Comments suggestiing this should be in the top 100 are laughable...get out and play some more pins if you think that.
2 years ago
This is an insult to the Rollercoaster Tycoon franchise, cleary this game is meant to be Hurricane 2.0 or another rollercoaster in that line of games because it is very obvious they wanted to make a continuation of the Comet/Cyclone/Hurricane series. Stuff like 'Dunk the Dummy' which doesn't even feature in Rollercoaster Tycoon at all, and the talking Troll? What the hell happened? Aside from having guests in the park and the artwork this game doesn't even remotely represent RCT, a game I grew up playing - and still play! Hugely dissapointing machine. You have to completely ignore the theme to enjoy I think, which I just can't do.
2 years ago
I've owned this game for a while and sold it and another became available so I bought it again.It actually has quite a few things to shoot at,a couple multiball modes,a animations are OK.Im not sure why it's not rated higher its pretty fun.
2 years ago
First off this game is extremely family friendly. I think I am in the minority but I love this game. I was a fan of the PC game though which the pinball stays true too.

The layout is definitely unique and is designed very well. I truly wish this title would have sold better and stern would have allowed a little more time to tweak this code as this game could have been fantastic. I will say that I do think the game is great as it sits though.

If you don't know what is going on and do not learn the rules you will not truly appreciate this game for what it is. It is definitely fun and a great scoring pin when you understand how to get a high score. It is very easy to play the game for noobs but will challenge the higher end players as this game requires skill to get a top score. Getting to the wizard mode can be very easy if you time out the modes but if you truly understand the rules and gathering guests aspect of the game then you quickly learn that the wizard mode jackpot scoring directly correlates to how well you did on those modes and how many guests are in your park. Cleaning up on the wizard mode by scoring all 4 jackpots and then shooting the rocket coaster (yellow ramp) to get a 4x superjackpot is really awesome. Doing it twice during the timed wizard mode is thrilling and I challenge anyone to try and accomplish it.
3 years ago
A game theme based on another game is a terrible starting point, and Stern's cheap feel and awful artwork make it even worse! Seriously-- a troll doll as a playfield toy? What, did some carnie booth at the fair go under and Stern was able to purchase their remaining inventory cheaply? I thought for sure when I saw that troll doll that some owner had added it as a "mod" that they mistakenly felt contributed to the theme, but no... that's a factory installed item!

Gameplay itself wasn't awful. It's nothing two write home about either though... and a pin about a rollercoaster should have some new and groundbreaking toy (a loop de loop ramp for example) that makes it stand out... yet this one has no such gimmick.

Lame, just lame.
3 years ago
Under appreciated Lawlor game. Nice variety of shots, and unique layout. Habitrals look nice, and fit the theme well. The troll is ugly, but not a deal breaker, and can easily be swapped for something else. Also great family game, one that the wife will play on her own, and the kids ask to play. We'll see how it holds up over time. But for now, a nice title in my small collection.
3 years ago
I played a very beat-up version of this Pin in Niagara Falls Canada. Even in its beaten up condition with some broken targets and dirty, dirty playfield, I still enjoyed the heck out of this game. It reminded me of Funhouse but newer and, pun intended, more fun.
3 years ago
meh. it's ok i suppose, but running a theme park is not exactly a theme to make me wet my pants in excitement.

i like the red / yellow / blue habitrails that really do a great job of making the ball look as if it's riding a rollercoaster - they even go across the front of the apron (like on Flintstones). i like the funny little flipper tucked away on the far left. i like the lock shot which is quite satisfying. i like the idea of using the drop target as a thing to rest your ball on to tee up a shot.

i don't like the horrible troll on the playfield, man is that thing ugly. when i briefly owned an RCT, i planned on swapping it out with something else, but i got bored of the game and moved it on in just a few weeks so i never got around to it. i don't like the pointless idea of counting up park visitors - i mean, who gives a shit about that? i don't like the fact that the flippers have to be tuned in just right to have any chance of making either of the ramps, there's no give.

overall, it's an ok colourful little DMD game that deserves its place near the bottom of the DMD hierarchy - somewhere near LW3 or I500 or JB. don't expect too much and it can be lots of fun. but the more other games you play and get to know, the less you will appreciate this clunker.

Dialed In reminds me of RCT in some ways when i'm not feeling generous.
3 years ago
I honestly think this game is underrated. I had no expectations of it the first time I played it and left wanting to play it more. I recently added on to my collection and really like playing it. I feel it is one troll (less) away from being a much more popular game. I sure wish someone would have put more time/thought into the modes. They need to be, in my opinion, completed not just timed out before moving on.
3 years ago
Its amazing to think that people consider this Pat Lawlors worst game. It perfectly combines the pc game and pinball, the ramps are great, and multiple strategies hold merit. I think the only thing that holds this back is the out of place troll toy, which I feel turns people off to this game. If it wasn't for that, I really think this would be a top 100 game. And if it had been released sooner in the 90's, during pinballs hey day, it would be considered Pats best game.
3 years ago
I'm surprised RollerCoaster Tycoon hasn't made it into the bottom quarter of the Top 100 on PS. I must have played on a special machine because I was stuck on this game for 45 minutes the first time through.

I've never played the PC game, so I have no idea how well the theme matched the IP, but the modes were on target for amusement park themes, and the call-outs were both funny and helpful.

I prefer metal habitrails and wireform ramp returns (for looks, mostly), and RCT has plenty of those. The ramps were easy to hit and I always knew what I was supposed to be doing from the get go. I liked the dunk mode (a little difficult to complete) and the VUK "ride" that crosses the PF and drops down on the right. The skill shot required actual skill, but not too much.

The only things I didn't like about RCT were the stupid troll in the upper PF (Why the troll? They could have put something much more interesting and thematically aligned in that cup!), and I had a few SDTMs that seemed a little unforgiving. However, I liked the challenge. This is one of those games that it is easy to get a ball going and start scoring, but you would really have to master the nuances of the rules and the layout to get a great score (as far as I know, there weren't any unbalanced point earners).

I'd recommend this game to anyone, and I wouldn't mind owning one (though there are many games ahead of it). I'd also like to note that I think this would be an excellent "trainer" game. I think young players / first time players could really benefit from the clear call-outs that always keep the player on some task. It's never a mystery which ramp you should be shooting. Great for beginners, but enough backend challenge (moderately deep) to keep a skilled player going.

EDIT: Bumped the rating down just a little after I realized that it wasn't as "moderately deep" as I thought. And, I played on a machine that kept sending the ball directly into the left outlane after plunge. Might have been an off balanced machine, but it was so annoying that I couldn't bear to think of leaving the rating so high (still ultimately a design problem, even if the machine was not HUO).
4 years ago
played this game at the Pinball Hall of Fame (Las Vegas) last week, second time in a year I've been out there and both times I found myself hooked on it. Four years ago at an Ohio show I walked past this machine 100 times, the troll was a turn off. Finally played it and was surprised how good it was. Maybe my expectations were just so low. But after last week I'm hooked. Hard game to find to play on location. Really don't see it anywhere. After playing the crap out of it in Vegas this is definitely on my list of must have. If you can get past the look of the troll doll you're golden. So much going on in this game! Ramps are unique and awesome! Almost too many shots! Four flippers. Why in the heck
is this rated so low. I will own this one by year end! So glad it's cheap, now just have to find a nice one! This game would suck if it has weak flippers. Make sure the flippers are strong.

Updated 9-13-2017: Traded this game a year ago and regretted it ever since. I've bought, sold and traded lot of games. This is the only one that I ever chased down a second time to get back into my game room.
4 years ago
A different theme and this would be soooo much better.
4 years ago
Game seems underrated. I bought this pin for my kids, but found myself playing it a lot too. The theme is definitely geared towards children, but the layout and flow are great. The roller coaster theme and ramps are really cool. I think it's a great game for a family game room especially if you have little kids. I almost didn't buy it because of the reports of how annoying the troll was. I don't think the troll is that bad, but maybe it's just because mine has black hair and you barely notice it.
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