Roller Disco

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There are 7 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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4 years ago
slow playing game , great art and theme tho
6 years ago
Roller Disco's a widebody with double sets of flippers, with a mostly open playfield, so it lends itself to verrrrryy loooonnnng and slow ball play. Whether this is a blessing or a curse is a matter of taste. The scoring set is heavily loaded on bonus, although there's a long left side vari-target to collect bonus that allows for a progressive approach to scoring, as well as bonus carryover. It's relatively difficult to return a ball through the upper rollovers -- you have to get lucky off a top bounce from the pop bumpers - so being able to light A-B-C-D and get the two top star rollovers is a little quixotic. Not that it isn't a challenge, but it's more a matter of shoot the ball high and wide and hope for either a pop-up, or if lit, a roll down the mini-outlanes in the upper playfield in order to score specials. So the play is, well, OK.

As far as the theme, while there are some cute little squibs on the attract mode, the machine was just a bit too early to really capitalize on having Disco snippets incorporated, so it's a surprisingly quiet machine. Most of the shots do have semi-distinctive sound effects. But between the art work and the sounds, it's a lot less fun than the theme choice might suggest. (Oddly enough, the theme was too early to incorporate the kind of technology needed to emphasize the theme, and too late culturally to be cool.)

I may add this to my list of "ersatz licensed themes" - it may or may not have been meant to capitalize off the "Roller Disco Roller Boogie" movie of 1979, a year before its release.

As far as owning it, like any widebody, it's a labor of love for someone who has the space. (Disclaimer: I don't own one, but I help maintain one, sort of, for somebody who does...and who picked it up for the chore of moving it out of a garage, because they are BEARS to move even a few inches.)

One speculative note: certainly this is a game that will benefit MIGHTILY from an LED conversion and some add-on toys (like a flashing disco globe as a topper), and if it could be wired for sound with some appropriate songs, I can see making this into a major fun party pin. But it would require somebody with the proper motivation and creativity.
8 years ago
Roller Disco is definitely a game that looks MUCH better than it plays. Unfortunately the neon colors have a high tendency to fade, so finding examples with the original colors can be a challenge.
I really wanted to like this game because it looks cool. Layout and game flow are just abysmal.
You have the two no good stand-up targets in the middle of the field restricting access to the upper 50% up the field. 2 symmetric target banks of 5 targets each are something to aim for but for a wide body that's a pretty poor overall showing. If it would be 2 target banks of 10 targets each, some spinners, saucers, lanes, cool rules, etc. It's all absent from this pin. Ed Krynski must have had a bad day when he designed this game.
11 years ago
Very loyal for the theme and has lastability for Sys 1 game. Great artwork.
11 years ago
Great simple pinball game with great replayability
11 years ago
Roller Disco is a game that needs to hang out in the dark. Preferably under a black light.

The Pros:
Jungle Princess/Queen in a widebody format. Solid shots and incredibly detailed artwork. The copy of the game I got to play had been kept in an unlit storage unit for a few years and looked FANTASTIC. Vibrant detailed graphics were everywhere to be seen on this game. It was stunning. I can see how time/light would take this away from most games on location, but the copy that I played screamed for visual attention.

The Cons:
I like the narrow body version of this game better. The extra real estate takes it's toll with this design. Maintenance is not optional with this game. If she is not freshly rubbered, waxed and the mechs are slack... boring... This is one needy mistress of a pinball deck. I love Krynski designs, but this one just adds a few inches in the middle with a few standups at the top. I mean, that's just a whip it up quick design or just plain (I am cringing writing this about a Krynski deck) lazy.

The Takeaway:
This game needs love. This game needs care. This game needs darkenss (to keep her beauty, and from getting wrinkles). Otherwise this deck falls flat on her face. Just like a rollergirl who hits a rock on the street. In summary, Roller Disco is a beautiful colorful needy pinball pin-bitch.
11 years ago
Great game with great lights and artwork.
There are 7 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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