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Rob Zombie's Spookshow International

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Game Design: 6.961

Artwork: 8.063

Sounds/Music: 8.193

Other Aspects: 7.238

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Found 68 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 68 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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16 days ago
I had the pleasure of putting several plays on this game today. It's not a common game, and I liked it. The sound and art is the best on this game. The playfield doesn't have a lot going on and the game lacks any major toys or mechs. However, I did like it for the sound, visuals, and simple play.
11 months ago
The pinball world needs more Zombie and less Toy Story.
1 year ago
Bad, clunky machine. I could only see Rob Zombie superfan's enjoying this machine.
1 year ago
my fav spooky. 4 slings make this game so unique. The skill shot is awesome. The latest code is proper. One of the best tournament pins there is. Fast deadly, brutal, make able shots with Rob Zombie blasting. This and IM are my two fav metal pins. The artwork is amazing. Best artwork and glass on any table. Period.

Worst part of game is that it's not reliable. Would wreck all the time on location. Can order not stern parts much easier. No proprietary parts.... is a huge plus.

Getting video mode is awesome running over all the clowns and then the 8 bit Dracula tune. Pure gold.

I love this game in a home environment. Friends headbang while playing with me. \m/
2 years ago
Just another spooky disaster the only highlight is rob zombies music and artwork otherwise the game is a dud. Spooky games are very homebrew
2 years ago
Playfield is good, not the best but shots are satisfying enough.

Rules are quite good on latest release, lots of ways to score: 6 regular modes, goober, murder ride, living dead girl, 1000 corpses.. all modes have corresponding multiballs if you win them.

Custom art on cabinet and backglass is simply amazing, among the best I've ever seen. Playfield art is good but not very pinball-y, shots and labels hard to see. Rob, the witch and rat look good.

Music is great if you're a Zombie fan.

Callouts are the funniest in all pinball. Rob Zombie's themes culled from music and movies let this game get away with crap that no other pinball machine can dream about. Maybe zingy-bingy could but that never got built and this one did. Not for anyone who is easily offended.

People who rated this 4 years ago should try it again on the v26 code, it plays much better and most of the bugs are squashed.
2 years ago
possibly one of the sexiest pins ever made , it also laughs occasionally in a n evil way, love just having it lit
2 years ago
very very nice game. much underrated. great spooky pin. love it
2 years ago
Not very solid feeling comparatively
2 years ago
Can be brutally hard. House of a thousand corpses Multiball is good times. Center shot ramp is very satisfying to hit. Music is top notch and they didn't skimp on the speaker system on this game. Sounds fantastic!
2 years ago
Great game, very under rated. It’s a tough shooter though! Excellent call outs.
3 years ago
Great game, best callouts of any game I've played
3 years ago
Best Themed game.. Horror and Music. Should age very well.
3 years ago
So this is a game that I actually like despite most saying it is an awful game. I think that it was a great attempt by spooky to meet Rob's demands/requests. He didn't want an easy game, he wanted his game to be brutal, and it is if you miss a shot. I think that the modes and the shots feel weird but good, due to the layout being so unique. I do understand partially why the playfield is dark, and sub-pinstadium level lighting to capture the "feel" but do think I will be adding a few spotlights to mine for basement play at night with lights dimmed.

I do not have a ton to say about the upper playfield. I think its sort of like (Hides from the flack I am about to get) similar to WoZ munchkin playfield. but with a bit more strategy as its not as easy to loop it around, which I think people don't give enough credit for..... IS the UPF amazing?! No. But is it good for the time, and presumably the constraints they had? Absolutely, and there are worse upper playfields.

The sound quality blows sterns even LEs out of the water. Period.

The toys are pretty lacking. A few interesting ones I guess? and maybe part of the "Toys and innovation" is the ballsave that they made from inserts all lit, and the easy repeatable ramps to build that before making dangerous shots.

The rules are deep but not. You can cheat the game, but at the same time, if you don't or they maybe update the code to where you can't repeat a mode until after you get to the wizard mode it would help a lot. The video mode leaves a lot on the table but could be worse.

Callouts in adult mode, Comeon. Its pretty freaking great.

Overall, this isn't the best machine out there, but its better than some in the top 100 at this point, and scores big for taking a lot of ideas from 80s pins and applying it with more modern rules, and toys/features.
3 years ago
I’ve been intrigued by the Rob Zombie pin for quite some time. It seems to be very polarizing. In other words, some people seem to love it and some people seem to hate it. I was fortunately able to finally spend some time on the pin and form my own opinion.

First off, I think your enjoyment of the pin will depend heavily on whether you are a Rob Zombie fan. I think the theme integration is great and they took it to the extreme in, my opinion, a good way. For example, the profanity laced call outs are some of the best ever, but they may not be for everyone.

I’ve heard so much debate about the layout. It’s not a traditional layout, but I think that’s a big plus. Why is something different undesirable? It’s a layout that certainly works. It’s a tough shooter, but not so tough to be frustrating. For example, you need to hit the left orbit to start a mode. It’s a tight shot. However, I was pleasantly surprised how easy and often I was able to hit it. I didn’t hit it every time, but I did so on a consistent basis. I found the right orbit to be the more difficult shot, but I also always have a hard time with right orbits.

The modes are tons of fun and the music and sound rocks. The lighting is dark, but it fits the theme and looks cool. Why does every pin have to be brightly lit? There a lot of slings creating chaos, but I never thought they were unfair or resulted in SDTM drains. Lastly, the art is great. I think the cabinet art is some of the best. Really really detailed and cool. If I had to really rip on it for something, I do agree with the criticism that the DMD is muddled. It’s definitely lacking.

In conclusion, I loved playing the pin. It’s not perfect or the greatest pin ever, but it’s way better than a lot of people give it credit for. For me, I definitely wanted to push the start button one more time. I hope over time it generates a bit more respect.

UPDATE: I now own a RZ and have for about 6 months. No regrets. Great and unique pin.
3 years ago
This is a very rare machine and also quite polarizing. I enjoy some rob zombie music, so I am more keen on it than most...but I will be the first to admit that I have played it on 2 different machines and came away with very different perceptions. It absolutely needs some fine tuning to be enjoyable.
3 years ago
This machine is all over the place. A dream theme for me. My biggest issue is the DMD and the toys. The DMD looks straight out of an early 90ies video game. Terrible. The toys are even worse. They look pathetic. So cheap. Day/Night difference to the quality Medisinyl provides with their mods. Also a shame Spooky and Fawzma don't care about the game and don't provide the final code the machines deserves.

Other than that, a fun machine. I grossly overpaid for it at roughly 7k, but not many have made it over to europe and i will keep it. Translite is great, the callouts are fantastic and probably the best in pinball. Shots are fun, it's fast and nasty. Just could have been much better.
4 years ago
Very underrated game. Difficult and very unique layout and is a total ass kicking game.will definitely drain quick if you are not in the zone. Love the modes and its quite a deep game and I adore mode based games. This looks too be a keeper in my collection.
4 years ago
After finally being able to play this game I love it! I like Rob Zombie's music but am not a super fan and I do enjoy watching his terrible movies! The rules are deep enough for me and this game is rather difficult. Definitely not a traditional or a flow game. That's the main thing I like about it. Definitely play it if you get a chance. I did and ended up buying it.
4 years ago
This is my firts NIB machine, so I might be a litle “colured” in my raiting. After updating to code 24, this machine is just awesome - it will blow you away, settings in adult, makes it hard ti concentrade on the game. This is not my last machine from spooky.
4 years ago
This game looks simple but it will kick your butt. Sad that so few were made that only a small amount of people will ever get to play one. Love this game and it stands up nicely in my collection.
5 years ago
I rated this game rather highly. I bought mine having only played it on location twice, months in the past, with the sound very almost muted. I gambled that I would like it. Before buying the game I liked 3 Rob Zombie songs, and two of those I hadn't listened to since HS.

This all said the game is an interesting piece. Build quality is like a boutique car. There are things that are incredibly high quality and well made, and design features that make you scratch your head. For example, the clear coat, powdercoating on the hardware, and backglass (surprisingly heavy) are miles beyond anything stern does. Other things like how the apron is assembled, really make you wonder what they were thinking.

Now the game itself is unique. It is an adult theme, it needs to be played in adult mode. Yes, the display is a little muddy but when comparing it to a stern of the same time period a color dmd beats an led dmd. The swearing, nudity, and sarcastic nature of some of the callouts is great. This is the kind of game you play with your buddies over a few beers, not with the kids.

Code has enough depth to give you plenty to do. Modes are interesting due to several requiring you not hit certain things or fail the mode. The shot layout is not typical, but the game is also fairly forgiving. I don't find that the numerous slings or pops send balls sdtm. It does not feel like balls unfairly find their way to the outlanes. Make a bad shot and chances are you get punished, but it doesn't feel like you are getting hosed by design.
5 years ago
I’m a big Spooky pinball fan. But I’m not a big Rob Zombie fan. So there was some room for me to like this game more than I did. The game design is okay and the rule set has some decent things going on. But overall this game is thin and kind of a bore. Like Zombie’s movies (except Halloween)
5 years ago
Art is good, game is bad.
Boring ruleset and the dmd looks muddy.
I guess if you like Rob Zombie it can fit in a larger collection.
5 years ago
Played the game at a few shows and saw it as something unique and different and already had the hats off to Spooky for building a licensed game that could hang with a Stern. The third time it really grew on me as I got some extended time and started to get into the rule set. Fourth time was the charm - quiet room on adult settings. Artwork is excellent. Sounds are great if u are a Zombie fan. Upper Playfield is lame until you figure out how to set it up proper - thank pinside! Game is DARK so additional lighting is a must. Play code version 23 or beyond.... whole different world
There are 68 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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