Road Show

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Game Design: 8.257

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Other Aspects: 7.968

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There are 252 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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9 years ago
The whole table shaking kinda threw me off and I drained. But, once you are expecting it, its pretty cool. I love the Rudy-esque heads that talk to you and open their mouth for pinballs. The amount of stuff you can do in this game is pretty awesome. It truly is the "kitchen sink" edition of pins.
9 years ago
this game would be a top 5 game if it had a different theme, it has tons to do lots of varied shots and it's an extremely fun game. Love the playfield layout and what's better than one animatronic head a la rudy from Funhouse? Two! Red and Ted are great. All in all a great game, one I hope to own very soon.

update: Just picked one up and it's even deeper and better than I thought.
9 years ago
Awesome pin, I have it, but the music is Country "I Hate Country" but the game outweighs the music so its all good.
9 years ago
Two heads better than one? I think it would be a tough pick between this and funhouse
9 years ago
Roadshow is a great game tons of toys such as Red and Ted and shaker motor which cover the theme great. Like the humor alot and really enjoy the theme. Tons of modes and great wizard mode from what I hear even though i have failed to get there.
9 years ago
Great bang for the buck, excellent W/B widebody, really enjoyed this game and was sorry to sell it, would own one again.
9 years ago
Another Lawlor triumph. Deep rules. Really makes me want to buy in over and over to get as far as possible. Also a favorite with the 12 yr olds. Orbits are fun and not too easy. Multiball is a total blast, love to see Ted eat it.
9 years ago
Don't know why this isn't a top 5 machine.
9 years ago
between TZ and this pinball game it is very fun to try to get to the west coast. I am a big road show fan because there is plenty of areas to hit and multi ball is fun. The blast zone make a great rumble on machine and the skill shot is tough to hit. Very good game would love to have one at my home
9 years ago
Lots of great shots and smooth ramps. So much to shoot for. Love the talking heads. Backglass is unique and strange. Country music and sound is the only downside. A very affordable pinball game to purchase and a great value.
9 years ago
This machine was a spectacular follow up to Funhouse by Designer Pat Lawlor and talented others. This game rings true of a classic from the push of the start button. Clever artwork and compelling theme makes you want o visit each city to see what happens. It is a very smooth sound track with the additon of a real country western soundtrack for multi ball. Very enjoyable. You will not get tired of this one.
9 years ago
Fun light-hearted game. Underrated!

Own(ed): Yes

Times Played: 100s

Lots of modes. An execptional PF design. Tons of shots. Getting accross the country is challenging. Bonus rules are cool and contain a really unique concept. Red and Ted are neat toys. Bridge Out shot is fun to make. Shaker motor adds to the game.

Optos for Dozer Blade and Red need pretty frequent adjustment. Sequence of modes is pretty static and much of the game is seen less than the first part. Wide Body discourages nudging.

Highly Recommended!
9 years ago
This is the first game that I ever bought, and it will never leave me.
9 years ago
This is an awesome pin! At first I thought the theme, the two Rudy heads with construction helmets and campy southern accents, was a turn off. It all seemed a little to G rated or something. Once I got into it I couldn't help smiling at the funny animations, quotes and corny music. This game seemed a little on the easy side, and thats a lot coming from myself. I got a replay on my second game and a high score on my third game(ever). Easy or not it still doesn't take away from the fun of RS. There are a lot of fun shots to make a couple multiball modes, I saw two I think, and the rules are easy to learn and fun. This is the kind of game that guests would flock to when they come over to your game room because of its straight forward rules, fun game play, and interactive toys. I think there are other games I would rather own but it would be hard to pass up a RS for a good price!
10 years ago
Road Show is a really great bang for your buck pin. The variety of shots is excellent, and there are plenty of city modes to complete. I personally keep the extra ball buy-in turned off, and have only reached the wizard mode a handful of times. I think this is a super fun pin! I enjoy Red and Ted's banter. I am not a huge fan of the country song that plays when you hit a jackpot in multiball, but I can live with it. I feel it is a top 30 game. Most people complain about how linear it is, but again, this does not bother me.
10 years ago
Red and Ted are more entertaining than Rudy from Funhouse. Personally, I think in some ways that this is the spiritual successor to Funhouse and it is a great game.
10 years ago
I don't really care to have big talking heads on the playfield taking up space.
10 years ago
a good game lot a fun easy to master great wide body but not a keeper
10 years ago
The use of the dummy heads is great, far better than Funhouse where Rudy is just a pain in the ass... these two are a comic duo... the element of humour makes the game fun to play, and some really nice long ramp shots... love the jackpot sounds...
10 years ago
Not really feeling this for being a bastard son/daughter of Funhouse's Rudy.
10 years ago
Owned a great condition Road Show for almost 4 years and in that time probably played less then 300 games. It's not that it's a bad game far from it, it simply doesn't scream out PLAY ME!!!

I will start with the positives as this machine does have a lot going for it and I would not want to put potential owners off.


- Probably the best bang for your buck game out there, as far as how much you get for your money.
* Wide body* Two Talking Heads* Ridiculous Number of modes* Great Dots * High Quality Build (everything feels real solid) * Intresting and rather deep rules*

- Maybe one of the best collection of toys of any machine I have played. The Two heads both of which interact with the ball, and the bulldozer bash toy are really great.

* The Fourth mini flippers well integrated into the overall game design.

* Probably the best Multi ball of any machine I have owned. Although it can be hard to get for newbies.

* Excellent Dots really can tell its a latter model DMD.

* Cool callouts and nice sound touches such as a tribute to Pats other games during the Quick Lock.

* Awesome Youssi art as usual.

So why have I played so few games? and why is it being moved out of my collection? To answer the second question I own a TZ and have a fully rebuilt Addams arriving in a couple of months. Two Pat Lawlor classics is more then enough for my small collection (6 games). To answer the first question.


- It just not a lot of fun to play, period. It should be amazing but its not.

- The wide body creates to much space between the shots and detracts from the games flow.

- You don't ever feel connected to the mission of making your way across the country.

- The construction theme is not really integrated, it feels much more like a road trip game then construction. The modes should have been about building or destroying construction sites, not police chases and angry cab drivers.

- The endless continue ball, just makes any accomplishments mute. Yes you can forgo any continues and reach wizard mode the old fashion way (which I have done a couple of times) but hey when all you need to do is press the continue button indefinitely kinda of defeats the achievement.

- The country and western song is a actually okay but just does not fit in with the theme.

- REDs heads is kinda of creepy.

- If you going to own a Pat Lawlor game this is not his best work.

However as an addition partner to Fun House or in a home collection for the Family it could be a real winner.
Do I think I will miss it? No. Would I own again? Only if the Addams and Twilight leave the collection which ain't happening.

Pick it up if you get the chance, you get a lot for the $2500 - $3000 it will cost.
10 years ago
Somehow I can't get enough of Road Show. The multiball is fun to achieve. The city stops are neat in making the modes feel a little different each time. The shaker totally works for the theme. All in all a fun package. If there's one thing I'm not a fan of it's the country song that slips in during the multiball.
10 years ago
very, very, very UNDERRATED Pinball Machine. IMHO better than Indiana Jones etc.
If you want to buy it - do not hesitate.

Good Flow, so many adventures, so many modes!
10 years ago
No thanks, this game just isn't my cup o' tea. Widebody with a strange layout (some call it unique, I call it half-baked), annoying sound and speech, country music, way too powerful shaker, hideous talking heads on the playfield, and no flow makes this a pin that I avoid at all costs. Update: Still not a favorite, but I've come to appreciate it a little more. There really are some great tight shots in this game, and is one of lawlor's more unique layouts (not best, unique). Still don't like the theme/art/widebody/sounds, but not as bad as my first 10 plays had me think.
10 years ago
Good points. A lot going on , 4 flippers, Lawlor threw everything but the kitchen sink at this so it as a much as TZ and its a wide body. Some great shots and a shaker motor. Love the blast shot from the little flipper.

Bad Points. The theme is made up ( driving bulldozers across america ), so not brilliant . 2 Rudy heads instead of one ( 2 heads bdont make it better I'm afraid, i.e RED does not do a lot ). That Music ! , just gets on your nerves after a while.
There are 252 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 9 of 11.

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