Road Show

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Game Design: 8.261

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Other Aspects: 7.971

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There are 251 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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9 years ago
I actually like R&T's Roadshow more than Funhouse. However, something about the flow of this game feels a bit off. But it's still tons of fun with an insane sense of humor. I'm not a fan of Carlene Carter at all, but I find her song "Every Little Thing" fits in quite well with this game, and she does an amazing job as the voice of Red. However the picture of Ms. Carter on the sides of the backbox is downright creepy.
9 years ago
Great game with so much to do. A unique theme but the game really takes full advantage of it to make one fun pinball experience!
9 years ago
I never tried to play that machine until very recently. Just found the artwork ugly and could not understand the theme. What a big mistake!!
That game is a gem. Plenty of shots - IMHO, best use of a widebody I ever seen. Deep rules, good lastability.
Con: cities are done more or last in the same order, and missions tend to become repetitive.
9 years ago
One of the very few pins I remember playing during my early childhood. Red and Ted's Roadshow is a really fun game to me, and I'd love to own one someday. The music, art, and rule-set all have a lot of charm to them, and I really like playing it. I highly recommend giving it a shot.
9 years ago
Really don't care to much for this game, It just has a cheap plastic feel to it. Really don't like the two big plastic heads.
9 years ago
I like country music but I was not a fan of this game. Played over and over trying to get into it but it had to go. Maybe a OK game to play with a chick on a date.
9 years ago
Just gotta love Original themed games!
another one of my Pat Lawler favorites, besides Funhouse ;)
9 years ago
I am fortunate enough to have a fine example of this machine on location nearby. This is a suprisingly addictive machine. Excellent widebody layout. Lots of fun shots including some satisfyingly long ones. Great ramps and wireforms with numerous divertors. No orbits is a minor gripe, as is the lame skill-shot. But the fun left plunger shot makes up for it. Very unique/kooky theme, but I really like the road trip aspect of the theme. Art is good overall, but unfortunately the hideous Red head knocks the aesthetics down considerably. Music is another issue and the country music during multiball/jackpot is a bizarre choice, though I have to admit refreshingly original. Well-integrated shaker is lots of fun.

As a route machine, I give this one a 9.5. As for owning one, the oft-maligned linear progression through the same modes might become an issue in a smallish collection. However, I enjoy the ride so much, I don't mind the repetitive scenery.
9 years ago
I really liked the layout of this one
9 years ago
I seriously do not like country music - and this game is all country. However, does not matter a bit. In my opinion, one of the kitchen sinks of pinball, and the last widebody Williams in the series.

Are two heads better than one? YUP. This game takes all the right shots from Fun House, adds more depth, way deeper rules and way more shots. Just like HS2 > HS1, JackBot > Pinbot (many will disagree here), RoadShow > FunHouse.

I suppose if this was also a circus theme and Rudy was on here instead of the rednecks, it would be an absolute home run of a pinball machine.
9 years ago
I really enjoy this game. If you've played Funhouse before you can feel similar layouts in a few areas. I've played FH so much that I feel I just "know" this game because of it. It's a very busy pf but none of the shots feel cheap. Some of them are quite hard, in fact. I don't really care much about the theme. Like one reviewer said it's "refreshing". I usually don't notice the music when I'm playing so it doesn't matter that it's country music. Even though I feel they used a little too much of the FH pf design, I think this is one of the best games I've ever played. They just don't make games like this anymore.
9 years ago
I really like Roadshow. Nice cross country theme and good banter between Red and Ted.
Overall fun pin to play multiple games on.
9 years ago
Fun. one of my Pat Lawler favorites.
Great setup, not easy, lots of modes.
Love the mini-flipper shot to the Blast Zone.. that never gets old :)
9 years ago
Normally not a big fan of wide body games, but was really surprised how much fun road show is. Really good layout with lots of ramp shots with good flow. The callout outs and annimation are great, seems game would have good lastability and would definately like to add to my collection one day.
9 years ago
I fell in love the 1st time I played it. I have ww and funhouse. I like it far more.
Game fell in my lap and I absolutely love it and keeps me coming back. More so than my new acdc I got the same week. Pat lawyler games rule!
9 years ago
A game full of life and very quirky. Great playfield items. Interesting sound. Nice ramps shots. Highly reccomended!
9 years ago
Roadshow is a game whose sum seems to be less than its parts. Few games have as much going on on the playfield as RS, led of course by the 2 talking heads, Red and Ted, there seem to be endless places to hit the ball too, but for some reason the gameplay just isn't as good as it should be. Some blame it on the use of country music, but that doesn't really explain it.

All that said though, RS is still a very good game, and set up right can be challenging as well. A nice example can be had for a reasonable price, so it's an excellent bang for you buck game!!!
9 years ago
Love this machine.
Lots of variety. Multiple multiballs. Shaker motor. Talking heads. Cool DMD animations.
What else could you ask for?
9 years ago
Ramps and dozer are fun along with shaker motor. Music and speech from talking heads gets a bit repetitive. Easy game for beginners.
9 years ago
This is a really great game to play. There's lots to shoot for, some very tight shots on the playfield and a ton of modes. This must take an age to complete - needless to say I haven't got anywhere near. Hugely enjoyable though. If only i liked the theme...
9 years ago
Road Show is a great pinball for a little game in the coffee break. Its a lot of fun, but not too complex and can be understood by everyone in a couple of minutes. You play mode after mode until all cities are full. Thats it. But hey, as I said, it makes a whole lot of fun!
btw. The rumble shaker motor is far too heavy, the whole house is shaking :)
edit: with the new OS you can turn the shaker strength down
9 years ago
What can I say about RS? It's stupid good. Super fun. Very deep, with tons of modes. But it isn't just quantity of modes.....the quality of the modes is excellent too! Criss crossing ramps, two talking heads, two plungers, built in shaker that is very well integrated, excellent sound effects and sound quality (DCS). This is one of Lawlor's best titles (I have this with TZ and NGG right now and RS is better than NGG and holds it own vs TZ).

The first week that I had RS I was starting to think that I made a mistake getting it. I wan't getting too far into the game because I was not hitting my shots consistently enough. Once I started hitting the shots and getting deeper into the game, it really started to shine.

I'm having as much fun playing RS as any title in my current lineup (SM, MB, TZ, NGG, Tommy, BSD, Tron LE).

My ranking is not in any way based on what this title costs. This pin should sell for a lot more than it does. It gets my vote for the very best bang for the buck pin that money can buy bar none.

I love this pin!
9 years ago
RS is a game I was wary about at first. It has a ton going on, I'm pretty sure Lawlor tried to get every gimmick in pinball on one game. For that when you step up it's a pretty daunting task trying to learn the game. But when you get into it it's not nearly as complicated as it looks and it's a whole lot of fun. I find myself coming back on location so it's gotta be a good machine.
9 years ago
Not a widebody fan and maybe I need more time to get into this game but it did not pull me in like a lot of other pins.
9 years ago
The whole table shaking kinda threw me off and I drained. But, once you are expecting it, its pretty cool. I love the Rudy-esque heads that talk to you and open their mouth for pinballs. The amount of stuff you can do in this game is pretty awesome. It truly is the "kitchen sink" edition of pins.
There are 251 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 8 of 11.

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