Road Show

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Game Design: 8.259

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Other Aspects: 7.972

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Found 252 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 252 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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8 years ago
One Word ... DEEP!

I was smart when I first brought in Road Show. I kept it at 3 balls ... and turned the buy-in "off".

The end result. My friends are tripping over themselves to try to get to the west coast. Sure we play the first few modes a bunch ... but they never grow old. And man is it a challenge to get all the way across. And so what if we do? Try to get there again in your lifetime to have a chance at one of the other 2 west coast cities.

There are SOOOOO MANY Modes in this game. They are all fun and most of them are hysterical! "Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah"

Everyone wants a Funhouse ... but this is Funhouse on steroids! Way better! (Not to take anything away from Funhouse)

And get over it country music haters. I am certainly not a country music fan ... but that Multiball song is infectious. Own the game and play it a few times. All my friends can't help but wiggle their asses and dance a bit every time they hear "Every Little Thing I Do Without You ..."

Come on guys ... Carleen Carter is hot!
8 years ago
Really Fun Game!
8 years ago
Not my kind of Music and Theme but i played this one with friends yesterday and it is a Great game
Lots to do and Toys are Super!
8 years ago
I owned A mint RS Never should have sold it. Very under rated pinball machine.
8 years ago
really hard to see the end...that's the chalenge...
8 years ago
Sorry not a fun machine. I really wanted to like this pin but it's just not going to happen.
8 years ago
Fun game. Not for everyone but with 4 flippers 2 heads and lots to do I always seem to find something new!
8 years ago
Great game with the talking heads. Very unique to pinball games except Funhouse. In my collection as a great widebody game that is many times underated.
8 years ago
One fussy animatronic head is bad enough in funhouse. Can't imagine having to maintain two "Rudy's"
8 years ago
I own this game and when i'm out in the garage thinking about making some room for another machine this one always catches my eyes, it's not a bad machine and while playing it I still get that occasional charge of fun that any good pinball gives but having to follow the same path of events time after time is something I really dislike and will never buy another game that does this again ever, that and the constant stop and go games are just not my cup of weed errrr I mean tea. fun to of owned but when it's gone i'm not gonna miss it like some of the others that I would tear up just thinking about selling
8 years ago
Under rated game! It is actually a pretty deep game.
Lots of fun. I am not a country music fan but the music isn't annoying.
It is a great game.
8 years ago
Come on It has talking Heads !!!!----
8 years ago
Great game,me and my brother played this one today at a friend house and
it's on my wishlist now...plenty to do,2 talking heads.

For the Price they go for i really want one,maybe 2 :)
8 years ago
I think some people don't like this machine because it is very difficult to play through. After two years I couldn't. That is why I love it. The country music is not my favorite even if Carlene Carter is singing.
8 years ago
Looked like fun but just didn't do much for me
8 years ago
Played Road Show again yesterday for two hours. I understand the flow now. I really love the use of upper flippers. Collecting Ted's paycheck, locking balls, and nabbing the multi ball jackpot is great fun. Just hanging out with Red is enough for me to want one in my home.
Should I sell my Marilyn Taxi to make room for RS?
Update!!! Just purchased Road Show and have been playing non-stop. 2.8 billion points so far. This pin is very deep. Earlier today I destroyed a bunch of aliens and locked the rest in the bunker (2-3 balls shot in the lock). Lights went dark, kinda like Bride of Pinbot and started 4 ball multiball...awesome!
Road Show and the Bride are it for me 'til I buy a larger home
8 years ago
I adore this pinball machine. Playfield colors with Red and Ted who livens up(leads) the part(party). Lots of mission one not if boredom not. Music and its perfect. ++++++++
8 years ago
Not my game...
8 years ago
To me this is a very under rated game. The flow is absolutely fantastic. If you want a stop and go game, this is not the game for you. I'm not a fan of the country music theme in the game, but it's not a detractor either.

It's a bit linear in the rule set, but it never seems to bother me.
8 years ago
Good game that has a wide variety games within a game. The machine is very generous with games often lasting 30 minutes or more. May sure your calendar is freed up before you plug the machine.
8 years ago
Had this one a couple years. Still fun to achieve different cities and the different shots that come with it. Mine has led's and a shaker motor which makes game play a blast. Love hitting the ramps. This game is not easy so when you get on a good run is very satisfying. One of my favorites.
8 years ago
FOund this one at a Bar in Chico. Right next to a Dr. Who. Never seen it before SO I dropped $2. A pitcher of beer, order of wings and $10 later I was in love. I like the talking heads, fun game with good rules set. Work the week, get to payday, rack up overtime, and move across the country. THis one scores high for me on the DMD interactions and the heads. Both tie in well with the Fun Factor. Great widebody as I am usually not a huge fan.
9 years ago
Roadshow shows that two heads are not always better than one. However, this is still a great game.

The Pros: There is more to do on this game than you can shake a stick at. Well a big stick anyways... Both Red and Ted are extremely well integrated into the entire game design and modes. Getting to the west coast is tough. Scoring 1 of the 3 wizard modes on the west coast is a blast. Shots are all over the playfield and the reverse standup is the only target in a game that I know of that is designed to be hit from above. The shaker motor does well with this theme and the game can really get going in multiball. Multiball is a lot of fun on this game. 3 flippers on the left hand side of this game mean that the ball is travelling across the PF as much as it is up and down the game. The second shooter is very well implemented. Me likey! When the game is set up steep and the outlanes are open... watch out! Especially on the left outlane under the mini-fleeper.

The Cons: Country-Pop sucks. If you listen to the lyrics... they are rather frightening in a trailer park stalker kind of way... "Every little dream I dream about you Every little thought I think about you Drives me crazy when you go away I oughta keep you locked up at home And like a wild horse I wanna break you I love you so much I hate you Every little thing reminds me of you Honey when you leave me here all alone " How about just leaving her... just my 2 cents... A few modes seem like an after thought. If Red or Ted are broken... oh, boy. I was fortunate enough to have a repairman who could guide me through most of the troubles and fix the rest. Thank you Tom Grobe.

The Takeaway: A great game for the price. Lots of fun and the whole theme works very well. Congrats to the Lawlor team once again.The cab driver is a great character as well. Good thing this game was made before 9/11.

This game keeps on giving. From the reverse standup strategy to the inevitable trapping of a ball under the mini flipper. Damn, now how do I get out of this mess without tilting the game. Skills y'all! The more I play it, the more I look for certain prizes for cities I have visited. I have actually posted a cheat sheet on the BG, over the billboard, to keep me from looking at Carlene and to help the pin-cause. Reaching the west coast is awesome, but you have got to remember to prioritize the spinner lock shot for the Super Pay-Day Wizard mode. Nothing is more of a let down than reaching the west coast only to have the mode time out and you are sent back to the east coast without your reward. Starting Super Pay-Day puts the weight on the skill shot as it adds a ball to your wizard mode! Which leads me to three beefs with this game.

1) General bugginess of the software. This is not up to Dwight Sullivan's and Ted Estes's usual quality of work.

2) No wizard mode for completing all 12 of the awards at "The Wheel". I mean... at least some points would be nice. No? I guess not.

3) Completing EVERY city on this cross country trip will require at least 3 visits to the left coast (it usually takes me at least 4 visits because I always miss one city on my third trip) should give you more than just a "wow". Really? Now I'm not asking the game to tell me I'm pretty or take me out to dinner... but all that work for no Sooper-Whammy-Jammy? See beef #2. Points, a Bil, at least... Most disappointing.

4) I hear people say this game is too linear. The pops will randomize 1 of 2-3 awards for you to choose from each "column" as you travel from east to west. Is it perfect, no. But it isn't the same mode sequence in every game either. There are a few modes not worth playing. Anything with dozer bashing, nope. Too dangerous. Some linearity. Some modes you can time out. It is what it is.


Update V2:
As much as I'd like a mini-wiz mode for the road-busters wheel, it's not a real necessity. The real joy of this table though is PAt Lawlor's incredible design and the shots that this game offers that none other do. This is probably the most "flowing" design that he has done other than NGG and Grand Prix. Yes you can get that shot to orbit around the entire PF and back to the mini flipper to shoot for the Blasting Zone. It is incredibly satisfying when you do. Make sure that you don't tilt out all the bonus you have built during your ball, with your multiplier, it can be HUGE! Learn to use the reverse "magic" standup to your advantage whenever possible and learn your modes and their corresponding awards. Check the rulesheet at for details. The more I play this game, the more I come back to it. It goes great next to my Funhouse. Is it pinball perfection? No. Is it a damn fine game, I certainly believe it is.

Keep on Truckin'!
9 years ago
An amazing classic game. Love the wide body and shaker motor. Sounds and lighting are great. Red and Ted's keeps you coming back for more.
9 years ago
The games centres around Red and Ted who are always chatting away to each other, the voices really give a sense that they are actually part of the game. Red's voice is by Carlene Carter, during multiball one of her songs kicks in and thats when you realise how awesome the game is. UPDATE got real boring fast.....
There are 252 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 7 of 11.

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