Road Show

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Other Aspects: 7.971

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There are 251 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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7 years ago
Just picked this game up and I am blown away with the bang for your buck. Classic WMS Widebody with a shaker, two heads, and double plunger. I have always enjoyed this game in high school and it truly was the game that got me hooked on pinball. Now that I have one, I feel spoiled but am glad my kids get to enjoy the very game that brought about my addiction.
7 years ago
Nice pin for beginners and experts. However, when you become good one game easily last for +1 hour. Nice use of red and ted.
7 years ago
I found it fun, but a bit on the easy side. I'm not a pro by any means and I got toe free games back to back.
7 years ago
The best qualities of many of Pat Lawlor's previous pins...all rolled up into one crazy package!
7 years ago
Good playfield layout. Red and Ted are nice toys. Software could be better.
7 years ago
Fun game. Too bad there is no award for getting all of the wheel awards
7 years ago
Road Show is a very cool game. It's got awesome ramps and makes great use of them. The left ramp, left ramp, right ramp, blast hole combo is one of the best combos in any game and is super satisfying to hit. The city modes get repetitive since you always start on the east coast, but the west coast modes are excellent! The variety in the modes are great: some are multiballs, some are timed, some are hurry-ups. Starting Super Pay Day once you get to the west coast is very difficult to do, but totally worth it. Scoring-wise, the ramps provide big time jackpots, but my favorite part is the DMD animation.

I love gimmicks, and this game has some of the best. The talking heads are brilliantly engineered and add to the gameplay. The fact that the game provides you with an opportunity to shoot into Ted's mouth but Red's is only available basically by accident is very clever, because it makes it special when it happens. The cleverly designed 'Flying Rocks' diverters and left shooter lane are easy to overlook until the ball suddenly gets diverted. And the shots provided by the left shooter are fun and rewarding. The mini-loop to the mini-flipper is fun to hit. The right-ramp diverter all the way around the back and to the mini-flipper is even better!

When not just playing for points, there are a lot of different things to play for: to get to the west coast, to hit sweet combos, to get flying rocks, to use the shaker as much as possible to annoy others, etc. One of my favorites, though, is hitting multiball jackpots, and there's one reason: Carlene Carter's "Every Little Thing".
7 years ago
For those who like country music and easy game
7 years ago
Played it at a fellow pinheads house. Really enjoyed it. Don't mind the country music. Really like the shaker during the game, feels like you are on a jackhammer. If the price is right buy one. Even though I have not owned it, will be on my list to purchase.
7 years ago
I'm not into the theme or the music, that aside I wish I still had this game. This would be one of the top games were it not for theme and music.
7 years ago
this one is in my collection, don't know why I bought it?? the price was right at the time I guess, if your gonna own a lot of pins this makes another nice FILLER game. this was restored and REALLY clean! I own A Funhouse and I guess putting Rudy next to Ted and Red was a cool idea!
7 years ago
Absolutely brilliant pinball a proper journey (literally you have to travel from state to state to progress). Will last for a long time this one.
7 years ago
Roadshow ... good laugh and lots of entertainment when it was released in 1994. The two heads on the playfield (Red and Ted) take up a lot of room but are integral to the game theme and good for a laugh. The cabinet, backglass and playfield all fit the theme really well, but it feels a bit like this machine is tailored to young player. Played recently and still had a laugh. Sadly the machine was in a state of disrepair. If the heads aen't working right, the game experience suffers a lot. Classic game though. Will always play it, but its not my the wishlist.
8 years ago
This game is fun, lots of cool features and simply too many to feel/see in one or two games.
Keeps me coming back.
8 years ago
An amazing, easy, difficult and FUN williams wide body offering! Playing though the first several modes again and again can be tiring, but the challenge to beat the game is addicting! Great layout, theme and toys. A fantastic game all round, for begginera and veterans alike!
8 years ago
Road Show has it all. This pin could easily pass for Williams best machine ever made.
8 years ago
Game suffer from too linear of game play.
8 years ago
This is the best Pinball for young and older. Even my kids adore it. The game is not to difficult and is very funny.
8 years ago
Road Show may have the best playfield layout ever. It has multiple modes, flippers, targets, ramps etc. I feel that it almost has too many modes and I would have preferred a few less, but with ending animations for the ones that are there. Being forced to go across the US makes sense, but having the option to have the modes be random would have made the game better. With the rules as-is you get some of the modes much more than others. Dot matrix animation is excellent, with only IJ better for a Bally/Williams game. Good game that I am sure was expensive to make, but lacks that special charm found in earlier Lawlor games TAF and TZ.
8 years ago
Roadshow, wow, Very under-rated game. Has everything in it, 2 talking head, wide-body, 2 plunger's, shaker motor. Pretty good set of rules, just alot of fun once you find the shots.
8 years ago
Very good pinball machine. I don't know if it's possible to end this one but that's a fun game with nice shots to do.
8 years ago
Some thing different and fun game to play. The hill billy country music kills it for me though.
8 years ago
Extremely disappointing machine, I expected to like it because I liked Funhouse but the game is tedious. No replay value. Bad repetitive country music and annoying voice. The only good thing was the shaker motor.

Absolutely not family safe! Voices contain racist slurs, sexual references and a "funny" voice of a scared Indian taxi driver. Strangely enough these heads are more creepy than the one of Funhouse, like Chucky of Child's Play.

Glad I was able to sell it for a reasonable price, as there were 3 for sale at Pinfest for bargain prices.
8 years ago
I like this better than Funhouse ruleset-wise, but some callouts can be a bit annoying (namely some of Red's callouts), but they're still amusing. The country theme fits really well, although the main theme music gets tiresome at worst, but it's not too bad still. I would consider it if I saw one for sale at a good price.
8 years ago
One Word ... DEEP!

I was smart when I first brought in Road Show. I kept it at 3 balls ... and turned the buy-in "off".

The end result. My friends are tripping over themselves to try to get to the west coast. Sure we play the first few modes a bunch ... but they never grow old. And man is it a challenge to get all the way across. And so what if we do? Try to get there again in your lifetime to have a chance at one of the other 2 west coast cities.

There are SOOOOO MANY Modes in this game. They are all fun and most of them are hysterical! "Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah"

Everyone wants a Funhouse ... but this is Funhouse on steroids! Way better! (Not to take anything away from Funhouse)

And get over it country music haters. I am certainly not a country music fan ... but that Multiball song is infectious. Own the game and play it a few times. All my friends can't help but wiggle their asses and dance a bit every time they hear "Every Little Thing I Do Without You ..."

Come on guys ... Carleen Carter is hot!
There are 251 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 6 of 11.

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