Road Show

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Other Aspects: 7.968

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Found 252 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 252 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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5 years ago
I bought this game before i even knew how much fun it was. I ordered it online and when i started playing it in pinball arcade i wasnt too happy. After a few day the game grew and grew on me! When it finally arrived it took over my days. Lots to do and gets annoyingly addictive because of the difficulty in getting to see the whole west coast. Reminds me of the 80's and early 90's video games where when you die you go back to the first level. Really fun and deep game.
5 years ago
Only ever played in the wild at a bar that is so loud I can't really rate the sound options. Great fun, lots of replay-ability. Rules clear enough to know what you are going for and still challenging for more advanced play.
5 years ago
Love this game...I can play it for hours and never get tired of it. Really the only knock I have is that the bulldozer is huge and really easy to hit...over, and over, and over, and over.....Gameplay is fun and the theme is great.
5 years ago
Fun game but can get a bit repetitive. My friend has one so get plenty of opportunities to play it..
5 years ago
"You big cheeseburger!" - Red

Road Show is essentially an expansion of Funhouse, another splendid Pat Lawlor table. RS has all the same good stuff: dual plungers, shot through the jet bumpers, a talking head to shoot pinballs into, and delightfully taunting audio clips from the construction duet ("what a waste of money!")

The more I hear the multiball music--Carlene Carter's country song 'Every Little Thing'--the more I actually enjoy it. It's not annoying in the least, and the lightshow that accompanies a jackpot is stellar.

SUPER deep table with an impressive rule set. Lots to experience on your trip across the country. John Youssi's artwork is always nice to see, and that shaker motor *really* makes it feel like you're tearing up the pavement.

Collecting souvenirs is loads of fun. Mini-mode multiballs are a lovely addition and I'm still finding new things to enjoy on the west coast. The color DMD I put into mine makes a whole world of difference with terrific animations.

Road Show will be with me until the day I die. Without question it's my favorite table ever. And those callouts? Hilarious.

"Hey look Ted, frozen people!"
5 years ago
Really deep rule set!
5 years ago
Great for the youngsters. Reminds you of being in a truckstop. A little red neck...but I love it. Makes me smile every time I play it. The constant bantering between Red and Ted is priceless.
5 years ago
I have played many machines but this was my first pinball purchase. Very challenging game with a number of objectives to go for and keep you busy. Love the wide body and the shaker on this pin is intense. All of the mini games within the game are entertaining both in voice overs as well as on the dmd. Family friendly with a slight redneck feel to it. Both my wife and 7 year daughter like playing it. I believe this is a highly underrated pin and feel it will not get boring anytime soon! I will be back to edit this review in a couple of months!
5 years ago
I'm not as excited about this game as everyone else. Granted, the game is packed with lots of nooks and crannies, and plenty of eye candy, but I find the gameplay a bit clunky and confusing at times. I like the idea of more talking heads on the playfield, but my allegiance lies with Rudy, not Red/Ted. The redneck theme is acceptable, however, the country music is a bit annoying, and I could do without it. John Youssi art fits the theme, and is an asset to the game. Casual players may be overwhelmed with the sheer enormity and complexity of the game. Not a fan of widebody games...but this is one of the best despite its faults. Being a System 11 guy, I think I like simplicity...
5 years ago
Think this is lawlor's worst game. Not a keeper.
5 years ago
Great game, theme is a little bad for me, but if you put a different theme with the same playfield it would be a top 20 game. Lots of ramps, get good and pull off the three way combo and hit blast zone. Tough shot through pop bumpers, and shelter shot is narrow. Fun game, good family pin, if your into trucking, or country music it will be the most awesome thing ever! I think this game will increase in value, its fun to play once you get past the theme. Certainly worth having as an add on in a collection or to a country music lover.
5 years ago
I thought it would be more like funhouse .
average game
6 years ago
Wow nice gane play
6 years ago
Some people just do not "get" this machine. Essentially, it was the sequel to Funhouse on steroids. Its actually less complicated in terms of mechanics than STTNG (on the underside), but overall complexity is on par with TZ.
A well-oiled RS is a slight to behold when the heads start fighting. It has a deeper ruleset and easter eggs than most WMS machines, but the concept of what you are supposed to do is straightforward. The music can be annoying to some players, but I personally like the country rock and Carlene Carter. If you like Funhouse, you will like RoadShow.

Old Simple 2005 Review:
Everything but the kitchen sink game (shaker motor, multiple ramps, two talking heads) UNDERRATED
6 years ago
One of the all time greats. No idea why this game is half the price of Twilight Zone, it's certainly loaded with almost as much stuff. TWO freaking talking heads, two diverters, ramps and wireforms all over the place, a bulldozer, scoops, 4 flippers, two shooter lanes, a damn magic target! The game for sure is about the adventure across the country and not just playing for multiball all day. It has modes worth playing for days, it's hard to complete, it has excellent call outs and style, just a ton to see and do here and for less than $3k these days.

The 90s were some magical times for pinball. We got some mechanically PACKED games with rules, sound, and design to back it up. Not to mention PASSION, something missing from some games these days. You can tell every bit of this game was designed by people who cared. Very, very fun.
6 years ago
One in my collection for 6 months now. Being a Lawlor game, nice rules with good depth and an interesting variety of shots. Red and Ted, Like Rudy before them, integrate their speech into the game well without being annoying. Shooting into the mouths is fun, but there are enough other ramp/scoop/target shots that the machine is entertaining for the long term. linear rules means it's hard to get through the game, but the city path varies enough not to get repetitive. Color DMD brings out the animations well. Nice machine for the whole family.
6 years ago
Fun and challenging, but the call-outs can get annoying after a while.
6 years ago
I currently own, in order - Bride of Pinbot, White Water, Wizard of Oz 75th Anniversary Edition, and now Road Show. I bought this on a whim at ZAPCON in Phoenix, Arizona (a really great annual show!), just because so many people were coming up and playing this, saying they've dropped tons of quarters in to it, and just had such energy and sparkles in their eyes reminiscing over this game. It was very interesting, because there were so many great games around it. So, I did some research, found that it had high ratings in the past and did the math on its ratings today - really dropped because of a few really bad reviews that I felt were unfair.

The game shakes a LOT - intentionally, and in a fun way... the audio-animatronic Red and Ted heads are just great, and that they swallow the balls and make for targets is great. I can't complain at all about this game... and I live in a pretty communal situation where I've combined 4 high rise condos into one giant place for about 10 people to live. And let me just say, this game gets played more than all other games... and probably will for a while!

With the unique characteristics and features, great lighting, easy but also challenging-at-times goals, and a feeling that you can get all the way to California pretty easily (but you really can't, at least we can't, but have enough times to captivate us when it happens), I think this is a wise investment, will keep its theme fun forever, plays to the times nicely, and will be timeless...

Great, great, great game...
6 years ago
I bought RS on a whim, because it was a good value and it already had a color DMD. I wasn't expecting a lot, and figured I would probably trade it right away. But, after playing a ton of games and getting a chance to understand the rules, I am extremely impressed.

I have heard others call this a "kitchen sink" game, basically stating that they threw everything into it. I would agree. Hitting your mini flipper on the left into the blasting zone across the play filed and setting off the shaker is fantastic. I love the back and forth with Red and Ted. I thought it might be annoying, but I truly enjoy it. Modes/cities are very fun with different objectives at each turn.

I owned Fish Tales for quite some time, which is rated slightly higher than RS. For my money, there's not even a comparison between the two. But, everyone has their own tastes and opinions.

Great game for the money. Highly recommended.
6 years ago
This is one fun pin, plenty to do and some great "feel good shots". Two heads are better than one.
I love the theme and the music is great.... and I am not even a country music fan.
I love the variety of shots, some being quite difficult. this Pin even has a second plunger, you gotta love a second plunger.
it has been said before that this game can get tedious when played frequently due to the fact that that the modes start the same every time.... and this is true, but it doesn't bother me.

summary- awesome game.
6 years ago
love it.
6 years ago
A good "kitchen sink" game - feels like Lawlor threw everything he had into this one. I like the mini flipper hitting the blast; having the ball head to the left plunger, a la Funhouse and GnR; locking balls for multiball through a tight spinner; obligatory Lawlor shot through the bumpers to a cool ramp, etc. Layout kinda reminds me of Last Action Hero - lots to do everywhere.

Sounds are okay, a bit repetitive as you work your way across country every game. Carlene Carter fans will love it! Wish it had a bit more variety...

Oh and yes, the theme is music, construction, trucking, ???

Overall though, a fun game by the master designer.
6 years ago
Its destruction, not construction. The machine is fun, with lots to do. The quirky unusual theme and game play sets it apart from all others. Found it to be truly underrated. Color DMD on this, awesome!
6 years ago
"Time to go to work, lets fire that thing up"

I love the lighting countdown as the wheel award

have never gotten further then Las Vegas

one of Pat Lawlors best games
6 years ago
Lots of stuff to do on this table, and a fun theme with wonderful execution. The puppet heads are kind of gimmicky but all the cross shots, loops, scoops, locks, elevated ramps and mini-games more than make up for it. The game leads through a nice progression of crossing the country and the map on the pf is cool. Some fun loop shots but nothing that seems forced - you're able to switch things up on a whim if you choose. Obviously the shaker detonation is a highlight in itself, and the callouts and animations are amusing.

The theme is kind of silly but I love this style of B/W artwork. Table is forgiving enough for beginners and kids, but perhaps the best part is even after racking up a respectable grand champion expo score, I never came CLOSE to exposing all this game has to offer. Surprised I'd never heard more of it before... definitely a pleasant discovery!

[FWIW I self-rate my skill level as medium]
(Played at Louisville Arcade Expo 2015)
There are 252 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 4 of 11.

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