Road Show

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Game Design: 8.257

Artwork: 7.796

Sounds/Music: 7.462

Other Aspects: 7.968

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Found 252 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 252 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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10 years ago
An under-rated game. Great, different layout that is refreshing. Fun banter between Red and Ted, 18 modes, super payday wizard mode, and a challenging multiball make for a fantastic game. Most people bag on the country music but it fits the character of the game quite well. It will never be an 'A' game, but is a SOLID B+ effort. One of Lawlor's best.
10 years ago
A "bang for the buck" game but more of a top 50 then top 25 machine. You must like country music or I would recommend you stay away. As stated else were , more of an evolution from funhouse and TZ then a new design. Also talking heads were not favorable with the wife. Bought and sold. Will not rebuy.
10 years ago
Best game ever
10 years ago
The talking heads are great although they spook some of my guests. Great sound and fantastic modes. Very good flow shooting the two bridge out ramps. Scores can be high on this machine compared to others but it's all relative. I like country music so thats a plus. I feel this game tends to be underrated because of the mantainance this game require...not for a beginner. If you are skilled at fixing things it's well worth it. I rebuilt both heads and haven't had any trouble since. A true classic game that my guest, except for the ones that are afraid of it, love it.
10 years ago
Good fun game, not heaps of flow but it has some great modes and lots to shoot for.
11 years ago
very fun, with deep ruleset and not easy to manage...
cool the shaker motor...a must have pin in collection!
11 years ago
I played this game at the last pinball game show in town, and by far it was on of the best games at the show. I was able to play it for a long time with out getting board. A cool thing that this game dose is vibrate when the rocks fall. first time I have ever seen that effect in a game.
11 years ago
Typically excellent Lawlor Pin. Not exactly difficult, but lots to do. A crowded widebody with one head more than Funhouse. Funny to!The music is not to die for , agreed, but it is far from being annoying. In fact the whole sound package suits the humorous theme, very well.
11 years ago
I think this widebody machine is underrated for the pinball enthusiast. The rules are very deep and there are a ton of modes to unlock within the game. The design of the playfield may be a little "borrwoed" from Funhouse but I still think this game stands on its own very well.
11 years ago
The multi-ball country music ruins this game for me.Otherwise it's great. FOR SALE!
11 years ago
Artwork is ok but dots are good. The talking heads are twice as cool as Funhouse. They don't annoy me as much as Rudy does. The game flows ok. Better than I would have thought by looking at it. Play is not fast by any means though. I do have fun playing it.
11 years ago
Playing Road Show always brightens peoples' moods with its lighthearted theme & humor. Pitched as a spin-off to Funhouse (plays similar), its no surprise its main gimmick is a pair of talking heads. Red & Ted are traveling construction workers causing mayhem. Hilarious dot animations (taxi & bulldozer western-style duel), funny vox, fun shots to Red & Ted's mouth, family-friendly art package (eye-catching cabinet), & return of Earthshaker's shaker motor. Playfield layout is novice friendly with interesting rules (collect & sell souveniers). Most of the time, your just shooting up the playfield. Advanced players might not like the required Buy-In, in order to advance. Suicide left-most flipper area is notorious for drains, in a game otherwise aimed at casuals. Constant TLC on the heads is a downer. Audience is split on the music selection. I myself enjoy Carlene Carter's "Every Little Thing" country song contribution for multiball, but some people may hate it. Affordable game. "FRIDAY!"
11 years ago
This is a great game, and highly overlooked / underrated.
The only disappointment I have, is that when you reach the West Coast, the time you have to lock the balls is too short. If you miss out, the game returns to the beginning.
12 years ago
My New Pinball @ home! Soon...

3 Wideboy, the next one will be "Star Trek The Next Generation" and after, maybe Judge Dredd (i don't want Popeye pinball, really bad to play)
12 years ago
This is a pretty fun machine. It has variety and humor. If you get the chance you should definitely give it a play or two.
12 years ago
An under rated game & a very complex machine with some tricky shots, music is cool (even for a non country fan) and speech is funny, an uplifting game with a fun theme which is a plus esp if you own a Twilight Zone which is totally opposite. This game has nice flow, there is one badly placed flipper on the left hand side of the table (get the feeling it was an attempt to cram more than was necessary onto this widebody superpin) other than that, flow is sweet. Red is aesthetically challenged & could have been a lot nicer to look at, gees she's ugly but there you go, someone should design a good looking replacement head to swap with the existing one, they would make a mint (a Pammy head) Pammy & Ted's Roadshow, now there's a thought. Shifted mine within a year...don't miss it but glad I tried it.
12 years ago
Great pinball, plenty going on in here, great art package all over, superb theme, loads of toys and loads of game modes, very challenging and fun.
12 years ago
Fun game. Wide body with plenty to do and look at but it's just not widely like for some reason. Does get repetitive after a while but i liked it better than Getaway, Frankenstein.
12 years ago
Fun theme, nice ruleset, not too deep but plenty to do. Lots of shots. Very good if you want just one pin with appeal to all skill levels.
12 years ago
I'm just not that into this game. Walking up to it, it looks really impressive and seems like you're in for a wild experience, but there are actually a lot of dead shots and seemingly unfair drains right down the middle. The ramps and toys are really neat, however.
12 years ago
Really cool theme but what a bore to play. Looks cool, has cool toys but no flow
12 years ago
I played this at a local dealer. I'm now looking for one for my kids. Seemed a lot like Attack from Mars. Move from city to city performing tasks. Good rule set. I didn't spend enough time on it to get multiball going. I liked the toys on the game.
12 years ago
Great game with ratings low enough to keep it affordable. A widebody pin with super toys!
13 years ago
This a really an underestimated game.
13 years ago
Highly underrated game. Four flippers with lots of shots and 18 different video modes. Great playfield toys: two talking heads, a bulldozer that goes up and down, very strong shaker motor, and dual shooters. Funny.
There are 252 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 10 of 11.

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