Road Show

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Game Design: 8.272

Artwork: 7.808

Sounds/Music: 7.483

Other Aspects: 7.974

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Found 290 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 290 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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30 days ago
Very neat game! Great play and good music, including one of Carlene's Carter's hits!
67 days ago
Really weird theme and kind of creepy articulating heads, and that is kind of the coolest part of it. A pin based on construction sites? I wouldn't have thought to create it myself but makes it interesting.

Some of the shots can be super tough to make, and based on the age of the pin, time does not make the operator setup on these any easier. I have come to understand it is a tough pin to upkeep with all the weird moving parts and size of the playfield.

I wish you could select progression on your trek across the states, but are stuck randomly getting which city comes next in the series and I have had a ton of streaks where I only see the same ones over and over. Quit making me take on the NYC bulldozer!! Too easy to drain and the shots that deflect off are just too random!

I think its one of those pins everyone should experience, there's something there, I just don't have the same magnetism to it.
3 months ago
Veru funny!
3 months ago
This is a great follow up to Funhouse and a super fun game. It's one of the first games to have a continue buy in to allow you to keep playing so you can fully experience the game. It was a great idea and this game made me love pinball adventures. The classic game gets a bit tired when you're constantly going from coast to coast hitting the same cities. The L7 updated version was a huge improvement. I love this game so much more now that it's fully random and I have to hit more cities. I get to experience more of the modes.

You may not realize this has a licensed voice in it for Red and Red and Ted joke with each other. It has a lot of humor and a really good satisfying multiball. The falling rocks is a fun surprise, the mouth shots are silly and not easy, the modes are easy to get to but hard to master, and this is definitely one of those machines where luck is more of a factor than skill. Every game is so different. You won't easily get bored.

My biggest gripe is the ramp shots are harder than they should be. Maybe it's leveling or flippers but the ramp shots look big and easy but I can never seem to hit them when I expect. It adds to the difficulty but it can really annoy you when you get really into a mode and you just can't hit the ramp no matter how many shots you try.

The indicators for certain modes are a full failure. If you didn't inspect the playfield you might never know where the bunker is for the storms or Kansas. It's the lock. This is labeled on the field with art but not a lamp so it's a thing easy to miss. The L7 rom corrects a lot of the modes to tell you where to shoot on the dotmatrix so it's also better to play with the new version.

The shaker is annoying and crazy. It literally moves the machine around your floor and can unlevel the machine if you don't lock the feet. I would rather have haptic motors because it is fun if you turn it down and adjust the weights but yikes it's enough to shake things off your walls. I usually just unplug it.
3 months ago
My second pin, a keeper and my girlfriends favorite.

I just love the theme (comical construction/wrecking theme) and Red and Ted... Two talking heads that react to your gameplay is just pure entertainment. The fact that they are 'integrated' in the gameplay makes it even better. The whole vibe of Road show just makes me joyful and I always play this game with a grin.

The layout is really really good, a lot to shoot and has some unique widebody shots (I like the blast-area shot with the small flipper). The only real negative thing I can think of is that the upper-most-flipper only serves to shoot Red, which hardly does anything (except Super Jackpot). A flipper serving for a single shot is meh. Also, the right ramp shot is quite tight (between the bumpers)

The toys are perfect. Ted and Red follow the ball with their eyes and talk when stuff happens. The way they chat is hilarious. Hitting Ted (face, of mouth) is used in multiple modes. It is shame that shooting Red, which has a hidden shot when she has her mouth open, is rarely used. The extra plunger with flying boulders is also fun.

Code-wise, you really need the unofficial patch that randomizes the city order. Without it the game is repetative, but with, it is perfect. A lot of missions, each are quite unique. Along-side that collecting souvenirs, hitting blast zones and ball-locking in Ted. There is much to do. Also, the wizard modes are easy to get to, the trick is getting all three in one game. My only negative is that the Red-shot/mouth is under utilized.

Playfield/cabinet looks great. Music suits the theme really well, but can get a bit repetative. The country song when playing multiball is lovely.

This is a very unique, but well designed game and deserves to be one of the best, especially for its FUN factor.
4 months ago
Road Show is a decent game. The Shaker is definitely an outstanding feature.

The layout is quite nice and has some enjoyable flow. In general the game seems like an improved version of Funhouse to me. I especially like hitting the ramps and the Blast Zone. Nevertheless I think the layout has one or two too many shots.

The rules are pretty straightforward and I like the modes as well as the multiball. In general the idea with the heads on the playfield works out quite well, it is the same as with Funhouse.

The artwork and theming is excellent on the game as with almost all other of Midway's original themes. The entire art package couldn't have been better in my opinion.

All in all it's a decent game with world class theming, superb artwork and nice flow. Everybody who likes original themes will enjoy this machine.
4 months ago
It is cool. I like how At payday multi-ball, Ted spits out the pinballs! I like New York because the bulldozer is easy to shoot. I have a high score over 1B.
4 months ago
I may be nuts but I love roadshow. Without a doubt the most bang for your $ with todays prices.

Shooting the ball in Teds mouth( and reds when you’re lucky) is so so cool and touring the country modes are awesome. This game gets played as much as any in my line up and is always the first I go to
4 months ago
I love this game. It’s just so damn charming. It feels wholesome and fun. The shots are good and for the time the modes are great. As well as collecting items to sell for points later in the game. Red and Ted are fun to hear and watch. Especially the multiball choke.

I don’t mind the music but the variation in all sounds get a bit repetitive. But for me I love the call outs they are so musical they get stuck in my head and I find myself repeating them even when not playing.

Overall this is a great game and I will play it any chance I get.
6 months ago
Excellent use of the wide body. Game shoots smooth with excellent flow. 7.0 code is a must so it doesn't get too repetitive. My rating is on that code. It drops significantly in older code.
6 months ago
Classic game with a fun widebody layout. The skill shot is fantastic and 4 flippers make for fun variety.

The non-licensed theme is creative and stands out in a sea of licensed games. Red and Ted are hilarious characters and the story/voice work keeps a smile on your face.

The cabinet art leaves something to be desired, and the country music isn’t for everyone. But RS is one of the more underrated games available for the money. Good fun!
6 months ago
Ok game but the theme is what kills it for me.
7 months ago
very neat&addicting pin...lots of fun shots/modes...including the skill shot, blasting zone, sell a souvenir, Ted and Red's heads...IMHO it has the 2nd best payoff mode for completing everything...
8 months ago
Peak-Lawlor loaded widebody! Red and Ted are some of the best, most 4th-dimensional toys in all of pinball. If there's a pin that integrates a shaker motor better, then I haven't met it. Possibly THE best bang for the buck pin out there.
9 months ago
Love me some Roadshow! (but not everyone does) Theres a lot going on here. But still room for improvement. I get that the top left flipper isnt much chop... On Funhouse there is a loop below the Rudy mouth shot, on RS its kinda,.. well umm not really for shooting in her mouth or a loop, just that smack in the jaw for 5m and maybe radio targets.
Code is pretty deep for a mid 90s game with plenty of diferent modes and ways to select them,..and you will be doing pretty damn well to get to Super Payday to see S.F. slide into the sea and the world blow up.
Pinmation heads are a beyarrtch to work on.

Pros: Great layout, reasonable flow, tons of city modes, long term playability
Cons: only one shot off the upper flipper, should have at least got a score for those almost impossible, accidental in Reds mouth shots.
Some reliability and wear probs 30 yrs later...
10 months ago
Owned this game for 2 full years before selling it. It was in excellent condition when I bought it. Even if it's a 90's game, the ruleset is pretty deep and very hard to beat (never succeeded at doing so). Music is excellent and a total ear worm, I challenge you not to "hear" Carlene Carter sings the catchy tune "Every little things" in your head for the rest of the day after playing it.

The talking heads adds a lot and are part of the gameplay. A little creepy at first but a great choice to have 2 of them and have them chat together. There is plenty of shots to do and the fact that there is 4 flippers add a lot to the gameplay as multiple shots are possible from different angles.

The red "unpainted" red radio is an eye sore and have to be hand painted (which my wife brilliantly did) to look good. Cabinet art is bad all over, the sides, the front ... a total miss and not something that will draw people to the game. Backglass looks good and the playfield art is "ok". Sounds effects are perfect, voice acting too and I really like the fact that this is not a licensed theme for once.

It's brutal and very fast despite the fact that this is a wide body. You can find one in great condition for less than 6k theses days, which is, in the pinball world, a hell of a deal. If you can go over the ugly cabinet and just want a great game with great gameplay and rules, you just can't go wrong with it.
11 months ago
Ball mostly goes right to the extra flipper on the left, but its a very creative theme!
11 months ago
I like this game a lot. It is a fun ride to take, across the north American continent. It shoots well and is moderately difficult. I love the theme song!
11 months ago
Road Show! What a great wide body game. Playfield quality is rock solid and the charm of the 2 talking heads is a sight to behold. Excellent rails and a crazy dual shooter lane, 4 flipper layout! The music is hit or miss depending on how much you love country. The ROM update to change the rules up is a very welcome addition and a Color DMD is must. A Pinsound board will obviously go a long way here as well. SO many things to shoot for in this title yet it keeps you on your toes by being very challenging. I honestly feel this game gets compared to FunHouse and that's why more people don't have this game on a higher pedestal. (Personally I think it's a much nicer flowing game). A truly timeless Pat Lawlor pin, give this one a shot!
1 year ago
It's a big, dumb, fun game. Totally over the top. Every toy imaginable for the time, shy of a Twilight Zone. Easily the best code (updated), lighting and animations for the time. Very upbeat, and the unique flipper layout makes all the shots interesting.

I wish they still made more of these odd themes, instead of so many movies and superheroes. Seriously, enough Star Wars already.

Road Show is so much (slightly corny) fun.
1 year ago
Reviewing as ROM Code 7.0. Changing the city order to various fixed my biggest gripe with the machine. The repetitive/linear nature of the past code made me overlook this game.
I'm a metalhead so not a fan of the music, but it's fits the theme and not overly annoying. There's always the PinSound option. :)
Great game - especially for the price they are going for today.
1 year ago
Owned this one for a few years. Lots of toys and rare Lawlor wide body. But all in all fun but not that fun.
1 year ago
After a few games,I liked it more and more.Now that Ive adjust the flippers properly,it plays great.
Very fun to play
1 year ago
Ein würdiger Nachfolger zum legendären Funhouse.
1 year ago
Road Show is one of those games that I used to not really think much about due to not having consistent access. However, after owning it for some time, I have grown very fond of it.

Love the layout: especially the ramp shots. The fact that the combo’s relating to them work so well is a testament to the design of the game.

Modes, while a little basic, are still fun to play. It’s crucial to play them well or else Super Payday won’t be worth nearly as much.

Animations are just phenomenal, some of the best from the era. Backglass and cabinet are pretty solid.

Build quality is excellent: as makes sense for a Bally/Williams.

Sound is great if you love country music: sound quality is top notch for the time due to DCS sound.

Plenty of fun Easter eggs, showing Dwight and his team really enjoyed making this game.

Playfield art is kind of bland and barren. Not bad, just not a lot going on.

Game ruleset is certainly linear: can be a put off for some. I’ve heard the 7.0 code fixes this, which I will install soon.

Overall, just a real fantastic game. Hope this gains more respect over time.

Edit: with the new 7.0 code, this game is even better. Being able to remove the linearity makes each game a new one instead of trying to do the same things over and over again. Playfield art has grown on me as well (not that it’s fantastic, but it’s pretty good).

Edit V2: I will say that I wouldn’t change my score of this game, but it’s not quite as much fun as it used to be. However, I still think it’s very fun, but I will put this disclaimer, as I think it’s rating is a bit high compared to how good the game is.

Edit V3: okay, I do have to acknowledge some of the flaws this game has (such as the feed from Red’s mouth, as well as modes taking a huge priority over the main multiball). Scores have been reduced.
There are 290 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 12.

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