Road Show

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Game Design: 8.25

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Other Aspects: 7.967

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Found 261 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 261 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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31 days ago
Rod Show is one of those games that I used to not really think much about due to not having consistent access. However, after owning it for some time, I have grown very fond of it.

Love the layout: especially the ramp shots. The fact that the combo’s relating to them work so well is a testament to the design of the game.

Modes, while a little basic, are still fun to play. It’s crucial to play them well or else Super Payday won’t be worth nearly as much.

Animations are just phenomenal, some of the best from the era. Backglass and cabinet are pretty solid.

Build quality is excellent: as makes sense for a Bally/Williams.

Sound is great if you love country music: sound quality is top notch for the time due to DCS sound.

Plenty of fun Easter eggs, showing Dwight and his team really enjoyed making this game.

Playfield art is kind of bland and barren. Not bad, just not a lot going on.

Game ruleset is certainly linear: can be a put off for some. I’ve heard the 7.0 code fixes this, which I will install soon.

Overall, just a real fantastic game. Hope this gains more respect over time.
84 days ago
This pin is a ton of fun. Have had it for years, and don't plan on ever letting it leave. Still makes me laugh, and I genuinely have fun playing it.
4 months ago
I love this game. It's on my wishlist. I hope to acquire it someday.
4 months ago
5 months ago
I've played this game over the years and I finally got to own a great example of one. You might not like the theme but the presentation and the amount of things in this game whether it be all the modes or all the toys are impressive. A great job was done in making this pin!!!! Definitely a keeper.
5 months ago
Played online and at Pinball Republic.

A very underrated pin with deep code (for its era) and a wide variety of shots. I personally prefer it to the Addam’s Family, but - like many people - I am slightly freaked out by the talking heads.

A brilliant buy given how much so-called ‘top-tier’ pins go for.
5 months ago
Great to look at, not that great gaming experience - gets borring
7 months ago
Super fun game with a deep rule set. Fun to play, easy to play for an member of the family at any skill set. Red and Ted always a good time when crushing cars.
7 months ago
Complex game. Requires understanding and growing with the game. Not a simple quick learn. Great addition to any collection!
8 months ago
Good game to play.
9 months ago
Recently added this game and it’s been fun exploring it and trying to advance further west. This is such a Pat Lawlor game. Lots of unusual and cross-playfield shots keep the action interesting. Double plunger setup like Funhouse, plus two talking, ball-eating heads make this a unique expansion of ideas Lawlor used in Funhouse. The ramps are fun to shoot, the blast zone is a cool shot and most shots are easy to make, except the Bob’s bunker/lock shot and Red jackpot. The code is well known to be fairly linear, advancing east to west as you visit cities and collect objects. There is more to do along the way, and although a widebody, the game doesn’t feel floaty and instead features pretty good flow. The music and callouts are a bit silly and repetitive, to me. The artwork is decent, and the theme is very Lawlor, with elements of travel, construction, weather, and natural disasters seen in other games like Earthshaker and Dialed In. Still a lot of pinball for the money, but it’s not the steal it was years ago. One of the best of the “second tier” of 90’s era pins, not quite as good as the classics from that era, but better than many of the others.
11 months ago
Decent game to play. Deep ruleset but nothing much is exceptional about the game. The two heads are pretty cool.
11 months ago
The eyes. They’re creepy.
1 year ago
I love it. Totally unconventional, spooky talking heads and politically incorrect: a lot of playing fun!
1 year ago
Hey its Rudy's parents! Another good WPC for entry level pinball owners.
1 year ago
It's a great game
1 year ago
This wide body game has loads of shots, quite a few lateral shots which make for unique shots, Pats name Is written all over this game.. and it being one of the last super pins, it’s also an incredible value as far as 90’s Williams games go. I do recommend the 7.0 rom for this one.
1 year ago
Really love playing a few games whenever I find it on location or in a collection. I can imagine it would get repetitive in a home environment...but I still want to own one sometime soon.
1 year ago
My spouse doesn't like this game because she doesn't like Red and Ted (She doesn't like Rudy from Funhouse either). I like the theme having been in Civil Engineering consulting for much of my career, and this pin is definitely true to it's theme. Cities can be repetitive but I understand the new Soren mod makes some good changes in that area - would definitely like to play a version with the new code. Overall, this pin is probably under rated and maybe I did a little too.
1 year ago
Nice design, fun gameplay with interesting shots and gimmicks. Enjoyable variety of ramps, targets, and bonuses.
1 year ago
Built like a tank, with every inch packed with something fun to shoot at. Great audio design with constant chatter from the severed heads keeping you company. Problem is, it's not long before you hear every line of dialogue, so you'll be sick to death of them both before too long.

The theme kills this game Yes, construction. Not superheroes, not racing

The game jokes about making it to Friday and getting your paycheck, and this game sometimes feels like hard work.

Great comedy moments with the stereotypical Taxi driver, breaks up the monotanous journey across the USA.
1 year ago
Game is ok. I would rather have a demo man as a widebody machine in my lineup
1 year ago
Another awesome game from top game designer Pat Lawlor and adding software from Ted Estes. June Carter cash daughter “RED” is the BOSS! with fun callouts and incredible singing, perfectly matched with theme. I love the theme and being California native spending an inordinate amount of time on the highways and byways you really can relate, let’s rip some Road! Touring the cities and adding the extra flippers makes shots challenging and connects you to the themes. The shaker motor adds depth and works well with gameplay. Lighting is fantastic. Fun factor is one of best Lawlor game, don’t underestimate this machine.
1 year ago
Flipper très sympa, tout le monde adore le thème dès le début.
Jolie couleurs, rêve Americain, balle qui tourne bien, flipper préféré des invités a la maison.
1 year ago
If you can find this game, buy it. Everyone that plays it after playing new “fancier” games comments on how they wish they had a Road Show instead. There is just so much to get into as you advance across the country. The Red and Ted heads are awesome (did not think I’d like them long term). See if you can find the hidden sound bite from another Lawlor game ...
There are 261 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 11.

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