Road Show (Williams, 1994)

Road Show

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Game design: 8.222

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Other Aspects: 7.969

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There are 227 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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17 days ago
All my reviews are going to follow a simple formula for those reading.
Number of shots to make - Pro's - Con's - Must Have Mods - What To Look For When Buying

Number of shots - 9 - very high

* Lots of short fun modes to make your way across the country
* 2 talking heads & the banter between them
* Hitting a ball into Red's mouth is a challenge on its own
* Collecting souvenirs adds a great element to the game

* The linear nature of the game. If you do poorly it'll be the same few cities every game
* Maintenance of Ted's head
* Theme isn't popular with non pinball people

Must Have Mods: (Note I will not include things like LED's, Color DMD, Invisiglass or Speaker Upgrades unless it's really badly needed)
* Painting the radio
* Swinks construction shooter plates
* A bomb or Witches hat to cover the flasher on the blast hole

What To Look For When Buying
* Faded cabinet artwork is common
* Make sure eyes on both Red & Ted work as they should
* Wear around the flippers is common
* Yellow plastic ramp isn't broken as it's unobtainable
* Wear on the blast zone, in particular the left side
* Wear on or near the fish below the scoop is common
33 days ago
Fun game with allot to shoot for. I enjoy the theme and the music even though I'm not redneck nor do I like country music. Very under rated pin. So much going on in this game and the flow is really good. Two plungers with each having three skill shots, two heads to beat up, lots of drop targets, and four flippers. What more can you want? To me this is only a knotch or two under my Indiana Jones. If you traded themes this would be rated much better and IJ would be rated lower
61 days ago
Fun playfield layout with lots to do. Great callouts. Very enjoyable
64 days ago
My sister has this game in her collection and when I visit her a few times a year I play about a dozen games on it. Lots of fun shots and game play. Her machine has updated LED lighting which makes a huge difference in look and play. A real fun game and one worthy of a home collection.
69 days ago
This is one of the greats of its era. The 2 “living” heads and speech are uniques and funny. The roadtrip through the USA is fasinating and hard to bring to an end. There is a lot of good humor in it and nice to play with the whole family. This pin is from the day when pinball ruled the waves again. Solid built quality. Sold it after 15 years to make space.
3 months ago
Love the wide playfield, seems so much bigger than other games, maybe also because its so bright compared to other wide body machines
5 months ago
I always have a blast on this game, always wanted one cause they’re fairly affordable so I bought one.
6 months ago
A great mid 90s wide-body game. I love these older games that aren't based on movies, rock bands, or TV shows. It has a lot going on for an older machine. The music, call outs, and art work are great. I don't like the linear play (starts at same place and progresses across the country every game). I do wish you had the option to start any mode or at least I wish the modes were random. Like most wide-body games it is a little slow in game play based on the size of the playfield. That said, I highly recommend this game. Its a lot of fun to play. I have owned it twice and would own it again in a heartbeat.
7 months ago
Lots going on, but theme is a bit hokey for me. Music gets old fast. Overall, a fun, very ambitious game, but suffers from music and linear play
7 months ago
I don't like the contry themed music aside from the music it's a good game
8 months ago
At first I avoided Road Show, because I thought the two puppet heads were a rip off of Funhouse and just really stupid looking and not a good idea. I think the idea works amazing in funhouse, as it fits the theme of that pin and is creepy. And I just don't really think it fits Road Show... But, I was glad that I decided to quit avoiding the pinball machine and give it a chance. As its a great pinball machine. And while I still stand by the fact that the heads are a bit out of place. They actually work really nicely in the layout, and the theme as a whole. What I like about the table is there are plenty of shots, and lots of things to aim for. Lots of different modes, and I really like the whole shooting balls in both Red's and Ted's mouths. Red doesn't like balls in her mouth though. This game has I believe 4 flippers, and it has two plungers. I still don't know what you want to aim for when you do get the second plunger unlocked. But, its fun enough. It has nice callouts, nice dmd animations, nice game modes, and nice multiballs. And the two ramps that it has, are simple enough to hit, but not too easy. Just the right difficulty and I like that. I don't want to get to into the modes, but it does alternate hitting certain areas, or ramps, or even not hitting a certain area. So I feel like they utilized the whole playfield for the game modes, and that's always nice when they do that in a pinball machine. The art while I feel not the best, certainly has a charm to it. The backglass art I feel could have been a bit better, or sexier... But, that is my opinion and I know most will disagree with me on that. The playfield art is nice and tells the story, but really nothing too fancy or special. Just fits the theme and that's about it. The cabinet art is a bit drab as well, but works. I like the animations. I think they are humorous and for the time just as good of quality as any other pin out there. And I think that is what is best about this game is the callouts, dmd animations, and humor. Just a fun game to play. And when you get dialed into it, it has amazing flow. I've had games where I had only like 30 million on the first two balls and then the last ball(counting any extra balls as one as well) I get 300-500 million. Just a quality and fun game.
10 months ago
I like it! After you get used to the heads, it is a great game. Red and Ted’s banter back and forth is amusing and the modes and shots are varied and great fun. Love it so far
11 months ago
beautiful timeless game imo. One of the top20 of the 90's. wordt every penny. collecteble pin!!
1 year ago
The first game I ever was able to enter my name into!
1 year ago
There is nothing like Red and Ted talking to you during game play. Getting to Friday with two pay checks and the shaker motor kicking in is something that draws me in to play over and over. This is the game in my collection I really enjoy. I did make mistake of selling it and found myself looking for another one 6 months later.
1 year ago
It's a fun, but strange game. Lots of toys, lots of shots, an insane number of modes (though they don't all feel finished, code wise), and some VERY questionable theme choices. I've gotten used to the music, but I wouldn't say I like it. The rules focus too heavily on the narrow bunker shot, so inexperienced players complain that they bash the bulldozer toy but never get to consistently lock the ball. Addng an option to let the city scoop lock the ball would make some in my family like it a lot more.

Even still, it's family friendly and I personally enjoy the game a lot. Progressing through the modes across the country feels very rewarding, but you have to be in the right mood...
1 year ago
Road show is a very fun widebody pin. Lots of modes to play through and Red and Ted have good humor. There are plenty of shots to make and the modes are all pretty unique. The shaker motor fits the game well and there are lots of shots to make.
1 year ago
Expected much more from this game. The layout is overburdened, and the theme seems wasted. The rules aren't as clear as they should be, and it definitely takes quite a while to get the hang of the game with the amount of ramps and rails this game has. I also don't like the talking heads, they look terrible. Overall I'm not a big Road Show enthusiast.
1 year ago
Great fun game. Nice widebody game by Lawlor! He took Funhouse to new level with shaker which really added game fun.

Would defenatelly want one in collection.
1 year ago
The two talking heads are super annoying.
1 year ago
Lots of stuff to shoot at and a unique playfield - I like pins that have their own uniqueness. It is fun too. Lots to figure out. I DO play this every time I go to locations that have it. Still undecided if I would want one to own. Once I learn the rules better, I will likely update my rating.
1 year ago
What a game! If you like Rudy from Fun House, you'll love Red and Ted from Road Show. The only thing that bothers me is the rather lineal gameplay. You always start with the same modes on the East coast and progress westwards. Apart from that: really cool game and the sound really fits the theme.
1 year ago
My user name probably gives away my bias, but there isn't a Lawlor machine I don't love to pieces. This despite the fact that as a rule, in non-Lawlor-land, I prefer machines with more open play fields and where everything is visible. Road Show, if I can commit apostasy here, is even better than TZ or TAF -- because it's got an original theme, albeit a strange tale of a cross-country construction crew -- and isn't a licensed game, I feel like the odd modes and hidden souvenirs and easter eggs all point to a hilarious unspecified story of some sort. There's no upper playfield or captive ball or magnet, but it's got a little bit of everything else, and the playing regions of this machine are varied. I just haven't gotten bored in the nearly quarter century since it came out (though I have never owned one, I'll sit and play anything on location until the cows [MOOO] come home).

The only faults I can find with this game have to do with mechanical quirks. It seems like very machine I've played has had something - a kickout that went close to STDM, a curve to the outlane, a balky kickout from Bob's Bunker. An idealized perfectly-tuned machine would be amazing. As far as the rules set, I'd be happier if modes could overlap, but for a linear-progression to wizard mode game, it's just fabulous and pretty well balanced.
1 year ago
One the best pin!!! Amazing
1 year ago
This is one of my all time favorites! Never seems to get old. Great multiball and animations. Perfect family game. 4 flippers and lots of ramps make this a true classic. Wide body design packed with shots. Pat Lawlar nailed it with this design.
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