Road Show

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Game design: 8.238

Artwork: 7.764

Sounds/Music: 7.431

Other Aspects: 7.956

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There are 252 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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27 days ago
It's a great game
51 days ago
This wide body game has loads of shots, quite a few lateral shots which make for unique shots, Pats name Is written all over this game.. and it being one of the last super pins, it’s also an incredible value as far as 90’s Williams games go. I do recommend the 7.0 rom for this one.
56 days ago
Really love playing a few games whenever I find it on location or in a collection. I can imagine it would get repetitive in a home environment...but I still want to own one sometime soon.
57 days ago
My spouse doesn't like this game because she doesn't like Red and Ted (She doesn't like Rudy from Funhouse either). I like the theme having been in Civil Engineering consulting for much of my career, and this pin is definitely true to it's theme. Cities can be repetitive but I understand the new Soren mod makes some good changes in that area - would definitely like to play a version with the new code. Overall, this pin is probably under rated and maybe I did a little too.
3 months ago
Nice design, fun gameplay with interesting shots and gimmicks. Enjoyable variety of ramps, targets, and bonuses.
3 months ago
Overall a great game; I have played it countless times where possible, and hope to add as my next machine at home. Although it may not be quite as collectible as other machines produced in that era, in my opinion it is one of if not THE best values in pinball today. The toys, animations, playfield, and everything about the game are amazing. I loved it the first time I played it in the basement of my college's student center in the 90s, and always enjoy it immensely. Certainly seems worth having in the collection for a while at least. Great game and underrated in my opinion!
3 months ago
Built like a tank, with every inch packed with something fun to shoot at. Great audio design with constant chatter from the severed heads keeping you company. Problem is, it's not long before you hear every line of dialogue, so you'll be sick to death of them both before too long.

The theme kills this game Yes, construction. Not superheroes, not racing

The game jokes about making it to Friday and getting your paycheck, and this game sometimes feels like hard work.

Great comedy moments with the stereotypical Taxi driver, breaks up the monotanous journey across the USA.
3 months ago
Game is ok. I would rather have a demo man as a widebody machine in my lineup
3 months ago
Another awesome game from top game designer Pat Lawlor and adding software from Ted Estes. June Carter cash daughter “RED” is the BOSS! with fun callouts and incredible singing, perfectly matched with theme. I love the theme and being California native spending an inordinate amount of time on the highways and byways you really can relate, let’s rip some Road! Touring the cities and adding the extra flippers makes shots challenging and connects you to the themes. The shaker motor adds depth and works well with gameplay. Lighting is fantastic. Fun factor is the best Lawlor game ever.
4 months ago
Flipper très sympa, tout le monde adore le thème dès le début.
Jolie couleurs, rêve Americain, balle qui tourne bien, flipper préféré des invités a la maison.
4 months ago
If you can find this game, buy it. Everyone that plays it after playing new “fancier” games comments on how they wish they had a Road Show instead. There is just so much to get into as you advance across the country. The Red and Ted heads are awesome (did not think I’d like them long term). See if you can find the hidden sound bite from another Lawlor game ...
5 months ago
I'm rating this game on the new official v7.0 code update, also my game has pinsound with custom tracks. Can't rate original audio because I never owned the game with it.
Having said that, these 2 things take care of the only 2 main gripes that others had about the game. The linear modes & tiring soundtrack. Both of those issues are now gone which takes what I already thought was a game with an incredible layout, tons of shots, widebody with amazing toys & features... and bumps it up to being an all time great for me.

I do like the artwork & theme. Has some great color & I appreciate an original theme like this because it just doesn't happen anymore these days. Build quality is incredible & this could not have been a cheap game to produce. About 20 games into owning it & I don't recall the last time I've enjoyed a new addition this much. & it can often be had cheaper than some other newer games. I suspect this new code will make the game more desirable though.
6 months ago
Torn on this one. Neat main toys for sure and a good layout, but I just don't care for the theme. Probably wouldn't own one simply because of the theme.
7 months ago
Games played: ~10, >300 on Pinball Arcade

Very unique ball paths with the diverting ramps and the small upper flipper shot into the blast zone.
Two rudy heads are definitely better than one.
The different skill shot options with the two plungers are very cool.

The basic feature of starting some timed modes is only interesting because the modes feel unique in their presentation.
There are a lot of strategies to go for by shifting the focus after getting some awards (e.g. million plus or combos for EB).
Going for souveniers, red hits, blast and other side objectives leads to a good amount of decision making because all of them have a reward or aditional modes every now and then.
The magic standup is a pretty nice feature.

The whole ruleset feels nicely tied in to the theme and this especially shows in the animations.
There is no indication of the mode rules thorugh the lights, so it becomes very important to check the display, which is unusual compared to other games with a focus on modes.
During the modes the display shows very good animations, but again, no important info.

Combos to the ramps are a big part of the game, and they are very well integrated since after a combo to the right ramp it offers a shot with the upper flipper.
It actually makes a difference of when things are shot, e.g. Ted is deactivated during a mode. That is a little annoying sometimes.
The only option when using the upper flipper is not the best choice is to trust the bounces, so those have to be very consistent or else they will get frustrating.

The art packages are very disconnected. The characters look completely different on the translite, the playfield and the rudy heads.
Otherwise, with the green signs and the hard hats, it conveys the theme of "construction site" pretty well.

Some of the most memorable callouts in pinball. They just won't get boring or annoying ever.
The music goes well with it. Unfortunately some music bits are very short and so they can get annoying when they play for more than 30 seconds at a time.

The humor is great and along with the music this is a welcome exception to have a more relaxing atmosphere in a pinball game.
The focus is on traveling the USA, so as a non-american I can't really comment on if the city themes of the modes are fitting.
One of the few games where a shaker motor acutally makes sense.

Interesting game because of the layout alone.
Sometimes the rules are a bit imbalanced (e.g. miami vs. new york) and so this leads to just timing out modes that aren't worth it.
7 months ago
There seem to be lots of people thinking the heads are scary and give the whole game a lower score because of that but I don't get that at all, Red and Teds bickering is just pure fun to listen to. Lots of things to do and four flippers , underrated game.
8 months ago
The is a great game! Theme has not aged well unfortunately, the cab driver call outs are funny.
9 months ago
Great pin. Not that into the theme, but other than that, the overall game play and layout is awesome. Challenging shots, great multi-ball, and Red and Ted make for talkative companions with funny call-outs as you make your way across the map.
11 months ago
I love everything about this game and put it in my top 5 pinball games of all time. The flow, callouts, playfied, toys,music , and artwork are perfect. The price point is perfect for me sense I'm on a budget. A list pin for a price!.
1 year ago
I bought this game and played it for 1 year. It's a good game, but so repetitive. Anyway a special mention for the taxi cab! so funny to hear him ! a good oldie pin with RED and TED, a strong shaker but this left ramp is so hard !
1 year ago
Underrated game! Many of Pat’s signature shoots. Fun theme and suits everybody. Tricky enough.
1 year ago
Very underrated game. Mine has Soren's code so the linearity of the modes is not a problem. Great shots, good lighting for the time, decent scoring balance (although it could use some tweaks), and a pretty packed playfield. The theme is meh and Carlene Carter's song is fine but some variety would be nice. Red and Ted are pretty awesome playfield toys. Color DMD really helps this game. While some of the modes are excessively simple, the sheer number of them more than makes up for it. If the theme was better this game would demand much higher prices.
1 year ago
I am a big Pat Lawlor fan so I was curious where his brain was after creating the TwilightZone masterpiece.
I picked up a RS last weekend and it makes an automatic first impression. A wide body full of a ridiculous amount of toys and routes. The game play is slower than TZ and approaches AF in its linear play factor. Here are my pros and cons:
Pros: -The animatronics are amazing. Ted and Red actually add to game play and do not become annoying as others suggest.
- The game play has many shots that are challenging , many modes that are hard to unlock, and the idea of going around the country is cool.
- The actual theme is humorous and it was supposed to be. This is not TZ or Monopoly. Hence the hokey call outs and kitchy music.
- any young players all skip my other games to play this one. Multi age appeal ( they all skip Judge Dredd... )

Cons: - The back glass theme is lacking. All Lawlor games have cool back glass .... except this .
- keeping this monster running can be a challenge. I’m sure this was a route nightmare.
- the music detracts for some, not others . It certainly isn’t a bonus IMO.

The truth is this: I believe this is the absolute best pin you can buy for the money. Period. You simply can’t buy a pin with more routes, modes, toys, shaker, and animatronics and compete with this pin. The theme killed the price point .... not the mechanical nature of the game. You make this same game, rebrand it with better theme and art and it sells for $6K all day long .
1 year ago
Love my roadshow! Lots to do, and a long term keeper. Most all who play it agree
1 year ago
One of the least appreciated Lawlor games, but still an extremely good machine, hampered (in some opinions) by an odd theme of road construction. Personally, I love the theme and this game.

As part of the "Super-Pin" generation at Williams, it's flat-out loaded with stuff. Almost to the point of absurdity. Two talking heads, lots of ramps, it's a wide-body that's overflowing with stuff. For all the hardware, you rarely get to use the 'flying rocks' second plunger. Rules are decent, trying to work across the country from East to West, but does get a bit repetitive as it's always the same sequence and start point.

The thing is, though, I think this is better than a large number of games of the era in many ways. But for some reason the community never really took to it, which at least in 2018 leaves this as a bargain compared to other WPC era games. Maybe it's just overshadowed by other Lawlor games, particularly TZ and TAF, and the comparatively simple linear rules aren't in vogue these days. Or maybe people just really don't like the Country/Western theme and music. Either way, this is a hidden gem that got lost in the shuffle, in the days of excess before Williams started their cost cutting extravaganza.
1 year ago
Such a great pinball and theme. Hugely enjoyable visiting the various states as you cross from East to West coast.
Nice flow with some nice long (and short) shots.
Not only is the multiball enjoyable, but when you get the jackpot, you're entertained with the music of Carlene Carter.
And oh.....did I mention it's a Pat Lawlor game!
There are 252 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 11.

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