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Road Kings

Pinside rating

This game received 52 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 6.811 /10


Top 100 ranking

This game ranks #297 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

Score breakdown

Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 6.743

Artwork: 6.698

Sounds/Music: 6.571

Other Aspects: 6.956

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Found 25 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 25 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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4 months ago
Awesome apocalyptic 80's motorcycle gang theme. Cool Y shaped ramp and great lighting effects. Subsonic rumbling of the engine. Whats not to love?
8 months ago
Road kings is one of those bargain games that can be fun for a newer pinball player. The game rules are pretty basic, yet the game is still tricky. You need to be sure your left flipper is strong if you want to make the ramp shot. There are actually a ton of flashers in this game, so some of the light shows are borderline blinding. I rate this one on a "bang for the buck" scale, and it really isn't too bad when you look at it that way.
1 year ago
Road Kings is a fun game for the era. The right ramp shot is fun when it lifts to create a tunneling loop. Middle ramp is challenging. Right outlane is brutal and is worst part about the game. Worth a look and not bad in a small collection.
1 year ago
I just picked up one and I dont understand the bad rap this game gets. Just as fun as most other games of the era, cool music and an interesting layout. The backglass art isnt that great,but the playfield art reminds me of some cheesy 1980s comic book, in a good way. And the awesome Steve Ritchie voice really tops it all off. I say, give Road Kings a chance! Its cheap, its a fast fun player, and with the settings on hard it can be pretty challenging. (Updated- game is still here and still fun and challenging, raised rating slightly as this game has now outlasted other more prestigious titles that got stale).
1 year ago
Half the price of a “HD” machine and twice the fun! If you can hit the ramps, targets and holes!
2 years ago
Road Kings better than Pinbot???

Bought this as my 1st machine expecting I might play for a while and resell after I get bored with it and buy a new machine. Haven't got bored with it yet, and it will be hard to let go if I do. I was skeptical of this machine after hearing it was a sub-par machine to Pinbot in the System 11 format. Personally I am not a big fan of Pinbot particularly cause of the Panchinko board that takes up the entire right side of playfeild and minimal technical shots. Road Kings may not have all the moving parts and bells an whistles of Pinbot, but has 5 technical shots. Pinbot has 4 sort off ehh ones and the raninbow lights only get a bit hard trying to land your last one. I think the Road Kings letters are harder and cooler to rack up. The whole Madmax Road Warrior theme and reving bike engines sounds are awesome. Right lane is definitely a major drain but don't be a bitch shake that shit. I love this game only wish it had a 3-ball multiball instead of 2-ball or a mod for it (it does have 3 locks). You'll be back Jack!
2 years ago
Road Kings is a sys 11 game that many people forgot about because it got drowned in other games like pinbot and high speed. That is not saying it's a bad game. Theme really isn't that bad coming from someone who doesn't really care about motorcycles. Art is pretty ehh. It'snot that bad but could be a little better. It won't turn you away from it just because of it. The cabinet is pretty basic. There isn't really any toys or gimmicks that make it differ from any other game in that era. It's got a nice center ramp and a cool right ramp shot but it's pretty basic. Audio is average. The 2-Ball (wish it was 3) multiball is actually pretty hard to get. I would recommend this game alongside a couple of other pins but you may get bored with it if it is your only game.
3 years ago
I'm a sucker for Road Kings. The art, the music, the theme, and the game ain't half bad either. It gets overlooked a lot being sandwiched in between High Speed and Pinbot in those early System 11 games. For those folks that like the history of pinball, it is neat to see Mark Ritchie's first attempt at a game, and how many ideas were carried over into his beloved later work like Indiana Jones and Fish Tales. The centre ramp is one of the coolest sucker shots in all of pinball. The game BEGS you to shoot up the middle...and you better hit it, or it's almost a guaranteed drain! This game is one of my guilty pleasures.
3 years ago
Which way is the ball going to go?!?! Road Kings brings good ramp action to a rather sparse playfield and limited rule set. Still, there is some fun to be had on this table - worth playing.
4 years ago
Just picked one up.. after a,good cleaning and some replacement parts ect.. fast and fun...
4 years ago
I put this pin on the high side of my sleeper list. The game is interesting. We have restored several and they seem to shine after the proper TLC. This is one game that an LED upgrade really helps. This pinball tends to be a real value ever after a full restoration. I would not be ashamed to have this in my collection.
4 years ago
This game was far more strange than it looks. The trouble I had was the sound package borrows from 3 or 4 different games all together: space shuttle, pinbot, firepower... it really distracted me, but even though Road Kings has its own vocals and theme music, the overall quality was terrible: muffled, lo-fidelity, and just distracting.

Of course you PLAY a game more than you "listen" to it, but unfortunately this one didn't do much for me. The center ramp shot on the example I played was unreliable which made this very frustrating. For having 4 pop bumpers there never seemed to be much action, the targets on the lower pf are way to vertical and too far out toward the edges, and there simply just isn't much to do.

The huge lightning bolt inserts are pretty cool when they light up, and the backglass art of a post-apocalyptic road-warrior Chicago is kind of awesome. But the rest of the game is kind of a letdown.
4 years ago
being from chicago i love the back glass and theme of this pin. i can pin point the spot on lake shore drive that serves as the back glass location. the whole mad max apocalyptic biker theme is cool. but..... (and this may be only my experience) the game play on this is an atrocity. thinking i've stumbled upon merely a badly tuned table of this i've now played it in four locations and always with the same result. launch the ball and then watch it come round and shoot right down the middle between the flippers..... time after time. take a shallow ball plunge and watch it ricochet of the pop bumbers and settle right down the middle between the flippers. in over twenty attempted plays at this game i believe i've needed to hit the flippers only four or five times. the result is ALWAYS the same. i hate this game.
5 years ago
I shopped one of these for a local guy and got to know it pretty well. You can tell this was a low budget game due to the very poor production quality, specifically the artwork and sound. There are some difficult shots, but after playing a couple dozen games I had them dialed in and most of the challenge was gone. The features that I found unique and fun were the time lock jackpot, which is basically a hurry up to lock two balls within a certain time window of one another, and how the gates open up allowing orbit shots during certain times that aren't normally available. The detour ramp seems like an afterthought and the saucer next to it bounces out more than half the time. Not a bad game but it certainly isn't a keeper as you will get bored very quickly with how repetitive the gameplay goals and sounds become.
5 years ago
Fight The Road Kings. Tough pinball to score a million on with the right side ball drain...still not a great pin from Williams...could be better with a three ball multi ball. Have it now, may or may not stay in the collection.
5 years ago
I love this game! It was my second pin and I've done some work to it like putting new target decals on, rebuilding the flippers, adjusting switches, cleaning the pf, etc. I also learned this game was the first to have multiple sound tracks, which are very good and remind me of great background music from the mid 80's NES games. Ball 1 has one music track and ball 2 has a second music track. Cool stuff! The time-lock feature during multiball is great, but hard to get and I can't seem to ever get the bonus during multi-ball (yet). The ramp shot is very cool and I like how the ramp pops up for another challenging shot. The theme is a great motorcycle/mad max crossover and works very well for the game. The game's attract sounds and voice are great and the game play is awesome. I really like this game!
6 years ago
Very underrated pin....not sure why there is not more love for this machine.
Top family pin which anybody can enjoy...that's what this hobby is about so it ticks most boxes for me.
Great game to play with your mates as well after a couple of beers.
7 years ago
Road Kings has a few things going for it. I said a few things...

The Pros:
Interesting shots and cool diverters on both ramps. If I remember correctly, the left orbit around the playfield exiting above the right sling was different type of shot feed. Good action in the top of the PF in the pops.

The Cons:
The "meh" factor is high on this game. For a game that is supposed to be about motorcycles on the road, it is very stop and go. I don't like the ramp to the kicker to the top of the PF... let that ball flow!!!

The Takeaway:
Not Mark Ritchie's shining moment. Fortunately, his work gets much better.
7 years ago
We'll be back Jack!
7 years ago
Futuristic motorcycle theme. Right side is a bit of a ball drain. Lifting ramp is an unusual touch. Not a machine most people will fall in love with, but not one they will hate either.
8 years ago
Picked up a Road Kings for a great price, cleaned it up, replaced one display and some bulbs...Plays great! I actually like this Pin! It does have a bad rep here but ya know, everyone has different tastes. I think the sounds/lights are great. Has more than a few skill shots that are not easy. Great pin for all players. Beginners like it because it's easy to understand. More advanced players like it because of the skill shots, ramps, secret trap under right ramp, etc. If you clan find one of these in decent condition and for a good price- pick it up!
8 years ago
Some people like to pick on Road Kings but I think this pin has a specific purpose and deserves a higher rating than it has. The game play is not as fast as some other pins but you get a good game, not too complicated to understand and not too many modes to complete to get jackpot. If you are buying just one pin then this isn't it! If you have multiple pins though then you should consider this one. It's great for the non regular pin players. My guests and girlfriend love it more than others pins I have for the above reasons. They can play it and enjoy it and understand it without too much difficulty. They try F-14 Tomcat and are really impressed with the sounds and lighting but the game play is fast and furious and their game is over (5 balls) in about 2 minutes! Road Kings is an all round balanced pin for non regulars. It has nice lighting, nice game play at a good reasonable speed and non complicated.... It's great at keeping everyone else off my other pins so I can play them! but I do really enjoy a game on Road Kings as well.
9 years ago
Semi-Rad Racer
9 years ago
Just a bad game. And a plain one for its generation. Should have more shots, or at least acouple of good ones. Major ball drainer, and a waste of a good theme idea. Art and sound are way below par, and I was embarrassed to learn that it is from 1986! There are deeper games from 1976! Design team just phoned this one in.
10 years ago
Just restored one of these and had never seen one before... Have to say that I am impressed! A good, solid Williams effort, with plenty to do and lots to see. Reminds me of the Cyclone with the center ramp only the shot is much tougher. Not bad depth either as it takes some time to build the points. Love the ramp that lifts and you can go underneath - pretty rare gimmick. Only criticism would be the right side drain and gate - seem weird just to fire a ball down to a gate for it to bounce around randomly and possible drain. Worth the price do to the "we'll be back, Jack!" finish... Good for a home collection
There are 25 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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