Ripley's Believe It or Not!


Ripley's Believe It or Not!

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Game Design: 8.233

Artwork: 7.61

Sounds/Music: 7.444

Other Aspects: 8.136

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Found 218 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 218 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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11 days ago
Playfield has nice shots, but the odd theming just ruins it for me. Would be a very good game, but it is a bit annoying how it is.
29 days ago
Might actually be my favorite Lawlor DMD
3 months ago
I love being surprised when out in the wild & this one totally caught me off guard.

Walked by a number times, never played but decided to give it a shot. Well, after 5-6 games I was hooked.

I like Pat Lawlor games enough but not a huge toy and gimmick guy. TZ & TAF get all the praise but this is his hidden gem.

Grew up with Ripleys believe it or not being sold at the school bookstores/book fairs, along with the show on Sunday nights with Jack Palance. So there’s a level of nostalgia for me that I didn’t think about when originally ignoring the game.

I loved exploring the game as there’s so many quirky and hilarious callouts with a lot of fun shots.
The vari-target is so cool and the ramp placement is great. Shrunken head is an easy shot but its nice to pop it as a starting or resting point during modes.

Went from no pop bumpers on NO FEAR right to this with six pops and it’s just why I love Pinball so much….there’s variety in each game can you find yourself liking different aspects of them, or at least I do!

Shot to top of my leaderboard for next game to own. I won’t say underrated because it is in the top 100 however IMO it’s under valued at 4,500- 5 grand from what I’ve seen out there.

Its an amazing game….Believe it…OR Not!
5 months ago

Ok so I have several Stern games from this time 2003-2006 i.e. LOTR, Monopoly & Simpsons. This game seems to have a real even spread of shots even off the right flipper (similar to Monopoly & Simpsons but more rewarding as they are still challenging but easier at the same time. Magnets to the left and strait up the middle, 6 POP BUMPERS & when you have a ball in each set of Pops during multiball it’s a real cool experience. Entre the …. crazy world of adventures when you go on to The Strange, the Unusual, the Bizarre! to Australia, Africa, North/South America, Europe & if your skilful enough the amazing Atlantis Wizard Mod! (I haven’t got there yet but I’ve seen it & hope to get there myself one day as this game is a keeper forever as its just a really wholesome game for everyone.

I wanted to say this game has everything including a sporadic uncontrol able upper A, B, C Pyramid play field (only controlled by some specialised nudging!) but it doesn't have a drop target BUT! a new mech at the time of release The Vari Target which is like a drop/knock down target which gives you this but in a more challenging way as it needs to be hit either spot on/hard or by several half hits eventually knocking it back and down into a scoop.

This game is the sort of game that will challenge the good players/tournament/pinball enthusiast a but at the same time will give your kids & friends who don’t have pinball skills are great experience giving them a good laugh with the shrunken dead head call outs & not to mention the bloody penguin quacks and mods!

Honestly that was just a basic run down of what I love about this game I could really go on but will allow you to have the extra Strange, Unknown, Bizarre, Quirky & Really Awesome all round game experience.

6 months ago
I've owned this game for a while now, and it won't leave the collection until I make both wizard modes.

What can I say, I mean, wow, this game is really fun! I might consider this one of the best pins for starters / small collections.

The layout is great, one of the most packed of all time considering its standard width. All shots are very do-able (the vari-target is hard though), and there is so much to shoot for! And every shot is fun.

The rules are easy to understand, even though there are many, but utilizing them efficiently requires skill. This makes it a perfect game for beginners, because it is very deep without feeling encumbering. It took me a while, but I love the temple-bingo card, building jackpots for modes I have not started yet, and utilizing small rules such as the pinguin-jackpot or bozo to my advantage. This game is deep!

The only thing I do not like about the rules, is that the orbit shot from the left direction has no direct function (mainly used for setting up upper-flippershots when cradling), and that the jackpots are always the ramps. I would have loved to see the orbits used more.

The toys are fun, but not amazing. The shrunken-head and idol are a bit simple, but not gimmicky at all. The temple can be used very strategically, which I did not expect at first. Again, making it game that is focused on exploring the rules, rather than being entertained by sheer gimmicks.

The art and sound package is what elevates this game from being just a cool layout + rules. Art-wise the theme is implemented very well (aside from the cabinet art), but also very clearly readible from a gameplay perspective (understanding where to shoot). The sound however, it always hypes me up. It is energetic, the call-outs are both hilarious and rewarding and the music is varied throughout the game. Along with the decent lightshow, it always feels like the game pushes and rewards playing well.

I feel like this game is a bit on the easier side though, and games last way longer than on most games. But this is kinda necessary to make full use of the simple, but very deep, ruleset. A good game lasts between 15 ~ 30 minutes.

I highly recommend RBION to anyone, except high-level players who would clear this game way too easily.
7 months ago
The weirdest theme, but it really works out for the best. The code is pretty wild for this timeframe, there is a lot going on and a lot of unique modes that take advantage of the weird stuff on this playfield. The shrunken head is the obvious first thing anyone comments on, and it is super cool. It's not a tough pin, and that works well here, you can pick up and play this one right off the bat and probably excel at it if you know your way around a pinball machine. I got a load of extra balls and won more games right away, played for at least half an hour on my first 75 cents and that's not common for me. Had a great time with it too, was sad to see it leave a spot I frequented. From what I understand, there's a bunch of moving parts on these machines that have been difficult to keep in good condition. One of those pins you have to play sometime if you have never had the opportunity before.
8 months ago
This pinball is an extremely fun and complex machine that keeps players hooked. It is perfect for every level of player. Wish stern made more of these.
9 months ago
This is one of my favorite Pat Lawlor layouts.

All of the shots feel special and the Temple feature is a nice idea. Maybe this layout has a bit less shots than other games but at least hitting them is fun in my opinion. The Super Jackpot shot is quite hard to make but it is worth it.

The rules are alright but there's not much there that draws me back towards this game except maybe the Bigfoot Multiball which I especially enjoy. The gamecode is the biggest flaw of this game in my opinion.

The animations are very good and the artwork is done quite well too. Especially the playfield is very nice to look at especially considering this is the same year Terminator 3's playfield artwork was unleashed upon arcades.

Overall this is a surprisingly entertaining and fun game which is flawed by the repetitiveness of the gamecode. But I'd play it everytime I see it on location as it is a special game you don't see every day.
1 year ago
very neat&addicting pin...lots of fun shots/modes...really like that there are many ways to start multiball...
1 year ago
This game is challenging! The theme is great for families. The shots off of the top flipper are challenging to make, but accessible for players of all levels (the ball often slowly rolls down to the flipper, so players can time their shots and think about what they are shooting for. The magna saves are fun and random. There is a vari-target at the scoop is also somewhat unique and fun.
1 year ago
Fun game. Have spent a fair amount of time with this one and I wanna play again. What gets me is the deeper rule set. I dont always go for a high score. I like to complete the modes to go to Atlantis. Haven't seen frog frenzy yet but I'll get there! I think this one is bolted down.
1 year ago
Ripley’s is a fantastic game that gets dinged a little bit for not being the most popular theme. The execution of the theme is about as good as anyone could do, but it’s definitely limited by what it is.

The shrunken head is one of the cooler toys in any game. And, being a Lawlor design, the game is pretty packed with gimmicks and shots.

In my opinion, if this exact same layout would have instead been themed as Beetlejuice (including the shrunken head) it would be a top 15-20 classic game.
1 year ago
One of the truly underrated games, from a player's perspective. Many different shots with different degrees of difficulty and risk. A less skilled player can visit continents and reach most of the same goals as the more advanced player, albeit while earning fewer points along the way. There is a degree of strategizing to employ for bigger scores that is just about right -- not too complicated, not too simplistic. The more skilled player can spend a long time trying to reach the continent of Atlantis or Frog Frenzy. I'm not sure I will ever get there unless I start working more seriously on my skills. Consecutive games played by the same player can produce drastically different game times. Rarely do I have good game that doesn't include one evil ricochet side drain or some disastrous "just missed" carom. It's not overly complex, but it never gets boring. A top ten game for me; it should be a top fifty game, at the very least, on Pinside. The silver lining is that it remains a relative bargain compared to other games of this caliber and fairly 21st century vintage.
1 year ago
Loaded with toys, solid build quality, great theme, and a really cool looking package. The playability, on the other hand, is terrible. The shots feel clunky and lackadaisical, and the game is just *way* too easy. I'm not a talented player, but after 7+ minutes on ball 1, I got bored and just let it drain.
1 year ago
I found this game to get old surprisingly quickly. Great code for the era, but not in the same league as TSPP or LOTR.
1 year ago
This game has a lot of interesting shots and toys. The shots are smooth and there is a lot going on. It's an underappreciated gem.
1 year ago
What is wrong with pinball people? This game is an absolute pleasure to shoot and very different from many pinball machines. 6 pop bumpers, drop holes, ramps, magnets. What more do you people need? Buy it play it you won't be disappointed.
1 year ago
Played on my iPad for years and really liked the silliness, glad to have it part of my collection, I have mine heavily modded, color dmd, sparky tv, art blades, etc etc, always a favorite of guests, long ball times if you stay away from the outlanes. Takes alot of effort to get to the various wizard modes. Great game, lot of haters for some reason, I think all the stuff in the lower left of the playfield, but there’s a lot of shots there and everywhere . Give it a second play Haters
2 years ago
I remember playing this when I was little as well. It used to be available at one of the Pizza places where I live and it eventually got removed. When I saw this machine on Sterns Pinball Arcade however, it got my attention. This is what initially drew me to getting the collection in the first place. Getting on track, my favorite part about the game is the humor and the design of the game. It provides a fair challenge, though. I never got a perfect Ripley wizard mode segment except on accident. One time, I had my best run going, but because we were preoccupied by other things, we weren't paying attention to when the Xbox shut down and we lost my progress. But overall, this is a funny machine that takes me back to the days when I played it as a young child.
2 years ago
I love this game. Currently have it in my small collection for about 6 months and it's still my favorite. The rules are very deep and collecting is a decent challenge for me. Collecting all RIPLEYS letters or frog mode has still proven impossible, but that's what engages me because I want to achieve those some day.

Playfield layout is good, but not excellent. As a Lawlor design, it has all typical features like a shot through the pops, scoop at the bottom of the playfield, upper flipper, ... But it feels less solid or flowy than Whirlwind for example. The upper pops always feel cramped and the ball almost always just dribbles out to the left, which feels awkward to me. Not that many toys, but I do like both magnets. All in all, not perfect but still very enjoyable and challenging.

The theme was unknown to me but I've grown to like it a lot. The pin feels like undertaking an adventure, exploring continents and collecting things. Incandescent bulbs also fit perfectly as they add to the gloomy/tropical theme. The music is pretty catchy and I also like the callouts and shrunken head, as opposed to some people. The artwork on the playfield and translite looks great to me, the cabinet is pretty unimaginative and could be better.

In summary, not the perfect game but definitely one of the deeper and challenging ones. This one will definitely stay in my collection for quite some time.
2 years ago
Really fun game to play, was not sure about the theme but the gameplay makes up for it, if it was a different theme and the same everything else, would have been considered a classic for sure.
2 years ago
Ripleys is highly underrated. It's a pretty deep game but not so deep you need a 100 page book. The shots are fun, especially the left orbit between the pops. The shots feel similar to Dialed in, or vice versa. The Penguin jackpot shoot is so satisfying because it's so damn hard. A colordmd really makes the animation pop. Its bizarre and unusual, and thats what makes it fantastic.
Edit 2023.
As far as ripleys. Love it. It's a wierd game. And the theme is what keeps the rating lower. Next to dialed in, I think it's pat lawors best game. The shots are fun, the call outs are goofy, and you can mod it very easily. 4k has been the going rate for these for ages. Give or take a little depending on condition.
I only sold mine because it was a pretty beat up example. I will own another one. I just took a Wonka on trade, and I would trade it for a ripleys and cash any day of the week.
Like I said, it's an odd title, but working perfectly and dialed in, it's a great shooter.
2 years ago
Love it
2 years ago
Wow. Instant classic. Could play this game all day and night. Great shots and callouts. I really need this one in my collection.
2 years ago
Great layout and rules
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