Ripley's Believe It or Not!

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Game Design: 8.182

Artwork: 7.61

Sounds/Music: 7.38

Other Aspects: 8.072

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Found 190 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 190 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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35 days ago
Such a great table, highly underrated in my opinion. Pat Lawlor and John Youssi created another amazing game! So many shots to take, it will entertain right away, and yet very hard to complete the rules for the seasoned player.
35 days ago
It's hard to call this anything other than Stern's Twilight Zone, and for me as a Pat Lawlor fan but generally not a Stern fan, I think it does the job. The rule sheet is a novel, and the modes are cool, and for those who'd like a more forgiving and better lit approximation of TZ, this works!

Pros: Unlike a lot of Stern machines, there is a bigger variety of toys and pathways, and the modes are pretty good. The depth of rules is also bananas, and a lot of the shots are rewarding, so it's easy to spend a long time with the machine.

Cons: Unlike Addams Family or TZ, the alternate flipper shots didn't feel intuitive, and the sheer breadth of things to do is a bit dizzying. The barcade that I played this at only had it for about 3 weeks, so I may revisit this if I find another one.
3 months ago
A nice surprise. This game is great and highly underrated. The theme is very different, weird, and may not be liked by many, but i loved it. Sounds, toys, rules are great.
4 months ago
fun game to play, the build quality of the playfield could be better. the call outs not too strong.
4 months ago
Great game. . . dsepite an older title, still holds up and has very rewarding shots!
4 months ago
Nice game that seems packed with features and shots. Not crazy about the theme, but it’s still fun.
4 months ago
Love this game totally packed with features , fun to play , think I’ll try to buy one .
4 months ago
Nice to shoot. BUT the theme is weak. The Call outs began to wear on me. I owned RBION, its fun for awhile, then i sold it.
6 months ago
This is one of the games I could play for hours and work my way through a multitude of features. I think it's very well designed, has many cool shots and goals to progress through.
6 months ago
Lots of depth to this game, but non of it is interesting to me. I'm not engaged when I play it and my mind wonders. Doubt I'll ever play it again, but it's still a substantial game that many seem to enjoy.
8 months ago
Bought this game a few months ago and have been pleasantly surprised. Deep rule set, challenging shots and plenty for a beginner or expert to go for. Takes some time to figure out the best strategy to use as it can be very confusing at first. Game is probably better in home setting on free play then on location, as I could see this game eating your quarters because it is unforgiving. What lacks in art/ cabinet, the gameplay makes up for it. Super jackpot is a very satisfying shot, but I have no [email protected]#$ing clue how you would hit the frog frenzy.
10 months ago
I'm a big fan of Lawlor pins, owning Funhouse and Whirlwind, so the layout of RBION appeals. Plenty of similarities with FH, WW and Adams. It shoots really well and the modes are enjoyable, but I'd never own it. The artwork freaks me out too much haha.
1 year ago
A good whitestar machine
1 year ago
This is one of the only Sterns that feels and plays like a Williams/Bally WPC pin. The game is interesting and fun to play.
1 year ago
"Amazing" game. from Pat Lawler. There is a lot to do in this game and mine is set up pretty tough which is what I like so it's not easy getting through all 7 continents. I like games with modes. This is similar to Addams Family in that you must hit one of two scoops to start an adventure. When you start an adventure you must make the required amount of shots to receive a letter from "RIPLEYS" This game is a lot of fun. 6 Pop bumpers and a magnet under the shrunken head. My knocks on the game are the cabinet art is bland and there are very few mods to purchase to install on the game. I'm not sure why that is but unlock other games out there where there are several toppers to choose from for example I can't find one for this game. A keeper for me!!
1 year ago
Very rare machine in the UK. Plenty of stuff to hit, and shots are different to any other pin. I really like it and its nothing like any of my other pins!
1 year ago
This machine is a blast to play. I picked it up about 5 months ago and we will be keeping it. I'm an average (I wish) player and sometimes find the rule set a bit above what I can keep track of. My wife routinely has the high scores. I am an experienced tech and this is a very easy machine to keep tuned up and playing well.
1 year ago
Way over rated.

A lot like funhouse. Clunky. Zero smoothness. Clunky. Clunky.

Was expecting more. Got very little.
1 year ago
Fantastic machine!! One of the few machines that ropped me in immediately! Very deep with tough shots. Got BM 66 two weeks before I got this. Have barely touched BM 66 since.
1 year ago
This pin has a lot of people who believe that it is one of PLD's best, I'm not one of them. Compared to his other work this pin is just not at the level of his other designs. It seems too compact and tight, over-stuffed. Possibly if it was a wide body the layout would be better/more spacious. The modes are not that interesting and the game audio is just too repetitive.

This game has somewhat of a strong support base from many of pinball players...I tried, its just not for me
1 year ago
I've had this game for a few months now and enjoy playing the game a lot. I think it offers a lot of bang for the buck as this game can be picked up for less than 4k. The theme is obviously bizarre but the sounds and callouts are paired quite well with the theme. It's a cool game and a family friendly machine. Fits well in any size collection from a single pin to larger collections.
1 year ago
I finally got to play Ripley’s at Pinfest 2019 in Newcastle, NSW and it didn’t disappoint. The machine has shots all over the table and the rules tie in beautifully with the theme. I’d love to spend some more time with this one to gain a deeper appreciation for its true depth.
1 year ago
I guess the nicest thing I can say about this game is how much it reminds me of other Lawlor games. Whirlwind: skill shot, upper right flipper shot, lower outhole. The TAF reference: "it's not plugged in yet mon." The mode-select shot reminiscent of the mirror in Funhouse. The one innovation I like is where the magnet grabs the ball, lets go long enough to let the ball drift downward. Then pulses again to fling it back up to start the monkey mode or whatever that is up there. On the downside, it feels like those old Stern and Gottlieb games always seemed *way* too forgiving. I put in a couple of quarters and 12 replays later I had had enough.
1 year ago
Very nice lawlor game that you just don't see too often. It has tons of toys/gimmicks and the shrunken head gives it a definitive creepy feel. The rules can be a bit if a curveball to understand, but it has all the checknarks for a good home use pin.
1 year ago
Fun game with some challenging shots. Keeps a good pace and has diverse objectives.
There are 190 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 8.

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