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Game Design: 7.821

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Other Aspects: 8.363

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40 days ago
Tricky to rate this one. Love some aspects, like the art, music, lighting, but dislike some key things, like the theme, callouts, and some of the layout decisions.

I think if you’re a Rick & Morty fan, you’ll love this table, if you’re not, there’s not a lot to keep you coming back to it. The tricky thing about pinball and humor, is that the first couple of times it’s hilarious, but it gets old quick.

The “Mr Meseeks” callouts might be one of the most annoying / shrill sounding callouts in pinball history.

I’ve been really trying to warm up to this game over the past few months, but I just don’t find it as enjoyable as the average pinball game. Theme, art, and sound are all top-tier, but the actual game play isn’t.

Local arcade average ball time is ~10 seconds, and overall game time is ~50 seconds. Not exactly the kind of experience that will recruit a slew of new pinball players. More likely to reaffirm to casuals that pinball is simply an overly complex game of chance.
45 days ago
I'm always coming back to rick and morty, whether it be for one game or for my final game of the night it's ALWAYS Rick and Morty. Only difference between this and the BSE is the cabinet, which got docked. But other than that, fun game and GREAT lightshow!
46 days ago
Finally saw a standard in person and it looks just as good as the Blood Sucker Edition. Slight edge goes to the purple so cabinet rating is slightly lower but to each his own. Here is my rating based off of my extensive experience playing the BSE.

Put 20 games on this at Lyman's Tavern in D.C.

I'll put the bad up front (Disclaimer, this is on fairly early code with less than 50 machines in the wild):

The bad:
1. The Garage Shot is as hard as people say. I made it 3 times in 20 games.
2. The different dimensions require a garage shot. My 3 dimensions I made it to ended instantly because it flashed up on the screen what the dimension was, I looked up to read it, and the ball came out the portal instantly and drained before I could read it.
3. The Magna-save is cool, but I saw 0 opportunities where I could have used it to save the ball.
4. The ball got stuck... alot. I had the ball fly off the end of the left ramp and wedge itself into the wireform that spits out the ball from launch multiple times. The ball also got stuck in the lip of the scoop a couple of times... to the point I had to tilt it to get it out.
5. Not exactly sure what the Beth/Jerry/Summer targets are used for outside of modes
The good.
6. The pop bumper only seemed to pop on balls approaching from the top on this example.
7. No rule cards?
8. The ship on a stick looked cool, but I'm not sure it performed correctly when it was supposed to move.

1. Art is on point. I've heard complaints about the playfield, but it looks nice in person. The cabinet and rails look good... the backbox looks good, the topper looks good.
2. The game reminds me very favorably of The Addams Family. Shoot ramps to light scoop to start new random mode.
3. The modes are laid out well and explain what you are supposed to do very well.
4. The stock sound system rocks and the music/call outs are great.
5. More swearing than an NWA album.
6. There were heavy balltrails and grime from heavy use on this machine, but I saw 0 dimples.
7. The modes are nicely varied.

Overall I had a blast and cannot wait to get to tear into my first NIB in my basement. I'm sure the game will only improve with code. If I can get the garage shot dialed in on my basement machine I'll think this one is hard to beat.

Edit: Now in my basement and loving it: I revised my score upward after understanding the dimensions aspect of the game and how to get them off the right orbit. Here are my critiques after having it 3 days.

Super enjoying the pin with only 1 regret on my build sheet.
I regret not ordering the coin door with the bill acceptor. Don’t get me wrong, the one it comes with is fine, but I really wish I had the coin door so I could add the external volume control and headphone jack. While there is an option to turn swearing on or off, the voice callouts are mostly not changed, but bleeped. I don’t feel comfortable playing this thing on full blast as intended next to my 4, 6, and 9 year old playing army men on the floor. There are still plenty of mother ****ers, sh**s, and f**ks. I fully understand not everyone needs family mode, but I do with I had gotten that version of the coin door so I could play during the day when they are around.

Only issue out of box was the top countdown display was out a digit. I emailed Spooky and they had a solution in my email box within 4 minutes. I had a loose ribbon cable, no biggie and it works perfect now.

I added zip ties under the playfield glass channel and it 100% fixed my glass rattle issues for about $.05
I have not modified my machine (other than purple flipper bats), but will start having fun modding it out over the next few weeks. I really like the purple rubbers and will probably go with that look along with a few cheesy playfield characters. Who am I kidding… I love cheesey character mods and plan on going full bore with this one. I see many meeseeks in my future.

I found the inner orbit shot to be extremely reliable on my late build machine (came off the factory floor 11/30/20). The only shot that is unreliable on mine is the garage shot. I will be doing the wood rail mod as discussed in this thread on https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/aw-jeez-official-rick-and-morty-club/page/37#post-5552517. However, now that I have figured out the right orbit largely does the same thing excepting the super jackpot, I will be going that way. I will likely be installing the “no fear” flipper button disk as I have experienced a little bit of flipper flutter. That left ramp shot is also tight, but makeable.
My score has improved drastically since figuring out how to use the magna save. It acts very differently than the Williams one as you have to carefully time your release. The megaseeds and getting to alternate dimensions is also critical to a good score. My best is 30,000,000, but scores are rapidly improving (just got it).

I really hope we get some more modes soon. It was teased that Spooky had the rights to add new modes as new seasons came out, but I have not seen anything that I didn’t see 6 months ago when I got to play pre-covid, other than Meeseeks mania (not sure if new). As it is, to fill the card from 0 you will have to repeat a mode or two.

Overall, really enjoying the game. Build quality on everything seems great so far, and am really looking forward to a few new modes (hopefully) and enjoy haw differently the game shoots. I did not get the “butter cab”, but the quality on the decals on this seem to be much better than that on many other machines brands.
Thanks Spooky, keep it coming!

Edit 2: Spooky delivered 2 new game modes, 6 new dimensions, and a few hundred new callouts this week and bumped the game up another level. The promised additional code is out bringing dimensions up to 10 including a new wizard mode. Looking forward to a few more dimensions as they come out.

Although not stock I did some slight tweaking to the garage shot and it shoots much smoother now. Not something you should have to do on a NIB machine, but it is something you can do to dial the pin up from an 11 to a 12.
49 days ago
Updated rating after flipper bushing fixes appplied to location game I have access to. Can hit the spinner with ease now. Still can't hit the left garage shot at all. Just wierd.
49 days ago
The only place this game could improve is in layout. A couple of the shots can be difficult. The left ramp and the scoop.
Other than that is a pretty damn good game.
3 months ago
This game is fun. It is my first spooky game but wow...lighting and audio are dynamite.
It reminds me if TNA was a more modern design and had scoops and ramps.
The playfield is wide open except at the top but that works well for me.
Garage shot is hard but there are many other opportunities for advancing gameplay. Garage shot is a practiced shot for sure
If you have an opportunity. Play it.
This game was perfect....right out of the box.
6 months ago
Same as the Blood Sucker Edition, minus the trim:
So, I didn't even know about Rick & Morty before this pin came out. Once it did, I educated myself and if you like Rick & Morty, you will like this pin. The content from the show is terrific, and Spooky appears to be far from done with adding more. All the main characters and adventures are there, and don't forget the R rated version if you want to be berated about your pinball skills more colorfully. Yes, some clunky shots out of the factory, but for the most part these have been fixed or fixes have been posted. Also some potential issues with a few parts durability, but overall out of the gate this is a terrific effort for Spooky. Too bad it was limited to 750 pins, could have easily sold another 750 or more.
9 months ago
Just adding a rating for the standard trim to match my BSE rating since there is no difference in the games except trim.
9 months ago
As others have said, the Standard version is the same as Blood Suckers minus the powdercoat so my review is the same as the BSE.

My honest review.

First the bad:
This game will need some tweaking out of the box. I've had 250 games or so to fine tune all of the shots and make it shoot smoothly, but then again, I have an early run game from a small manufacturer, so this is to be expected to a certain degree. It's not anything that I am personally turned off of, but I know some people will expect to be able to turn the game on and start flipping. Speaking of shots, they are not where you expect them to be and some people will hate this. It doesn't play like every other game that currently exists, and again, some people will hate this. I caught myself getting frustrated within the first 30 games or so, but had to remind myself of this.

The lighting is a bit dark for my preference. I added 2 spotlights and an LED strip in the back to help light up the PF. Other than GI, the light show is up there with TNA. Some of the best in pinball.

There are not a lot of toys in the game, to a point where it does look a empty. There's the ship on a spring, the house in the back, and the crystal. It definitely isn't on LOTR levels as far as figures go. This is purely cosmetic more than anything. Some people will want a lot of figures and molded toys. I prefer things that are more interactive.

The white elephant in the room:
Let's talk about the left garage shot and the inner loop, both from the upper right flipper. I feel these shots are grossly over exaggerated as being too difficult and unmakeable. This is simply untrue. Both shots can be made, but must be made with intention and skill. No flailing around here. The sweet spots for these shots are narrow. There is maybe a 30% window on the flipper where you have to time it correctly. Ever play a golfing video game with the sliding gauge and you have to get the bar in green area to make a clean shot? This is what this reminds me of. The inner loop shot has a smaller green area, the left garage shot is a little bit bigger IMO. For comparison, I would rate the left ramp on TWD Pro with a 60% window.

Speaking of left ramp, the steepness of the left ramp is also being grossly exaggerated. Just upping the right flipper 2 increments makes this shot feel like any other ramp.

With all of that stuff out of the way, let's move onto the good stuff:
The rest of the shots are MUCH easier to hit. The exception is the return shot just left to the right orbit. So 6 out of 7 shots can be made without too much difficulty. Short of the small window to access the garage from the upper right flipper, Scott designed a much easier entrance via the right orbit. I use this shot maybe 60-75% of the time to hit the garage so the balance of difficulty is absolutely there.

The inner loop flows quickly around. My best so far has been 3 loops. After 2 loops, the ball blazes around so fast it's hard to react. That 3rd loop that I hit was 99% fluke, but damnit did it feel good.

There is decent shot flow. Right ramp, to left ramp, to inner loop, to garage shot, back to the left flipper is certainly doable; that's a 4-way combo that is theoretically infinite using that shot progression.

The Danesi 2.0 lock is a great feature that is used well currently, but hoping that more can be done with it. Currently it is only used to lock balls and to register shots in a couple modes. Hoping there is more to the captive ball being implemented in future code. Time will tell on this.

The sounds and music are up there with TNA and what you would come to expect from Scott. Top notch stuff here and really no other contenders.

The theme integration is definitely this game's shining point. Hearing Rick berate you and Morty responding never gets old. You want to be called a b*tch? You got it. A little piece of sh*t? Rick's got that covered. Not doing well? Rick still has some compassion and helps you with a few shots. Morty encourages with the confidence of a bull walking on a tightrope. Need a break from some intense pinball action? Well, watch some Interdimensional Cable while the game cycles through attract mode! Yes! See Ants in my Eyes Johnson, Stealy, and How It's Made + more. So much good R&M stuff in here. Let me remind you that this is still early code!

With it being on early code, I am excited to see where Eric will take this game. I feel like I have a good enough handle on the shots at this point, where it's not a concern anymore. At this point, it's the code and how Bowen and Eric will implement the modes with the theme...and this is where the game has the potential to truly shine. Again, time will tell.
9 months ago
This game is so unlike any game I’ve played, much less owned, I’m not quite sure how to rate it. First the easy part: the lighting, callouts, music, theme integration are just incredible. 10/10 across the board. Also, the street level loops, orbits, horseshoes etc. on this game are so fun I would have been fine if this game was ramp free like TNA. As far as the evil pop for a sling, I love it. We all know that slings are the devil because they get the ball moving side to side and that spells trouble. This thing is a sling from hell, especially if the ball hits on the lower half. That being said I find this game challenging during a good game and “yikes, that was brutal” during others. This is the most challenging game I can remember since Flash Gordon. Which brings us to replay ability....I LOVE hard games and this is one of the ultimate “one more game” button pushers. I think a big part of that is the game is just so hilarious and weird it’s hard to get mad at it. If you can keep a straight face during fart dimension then move along, there’s plenty of new games with 0 humor available . Full disclosure: love the show and Spooky. TLDR: addictively fun, tough, wildly unique game that is a breath of fresh air from the current games being produced.
12 months ago
Rick and Morty is a joy to play.

The Pros:
The theme is amazing. The clips from the show and the sounds are spot on. The humor and the darkness of the theme is spot on. The Danesi 2.0 lock is a lot of fun to play with. Modes are varied, shots from the lower flippers feel great. The left pop-bumper/sling is a brilliant pf design. Ramps got flow! Playing this pinball is FUN!

The game says "Lionman!"

The Cons:
If you didn't get in on the first day on the buy list, you can expect to pay 10k plus for a copy. some of the shots from the upper flipper feel awkward. The game needs to be leveled perfectly or the danesi 2.0 lock has SDTM drops with high probability.

The Takwaway:
If you got on the list, good for you! If you didn't get on the list, good luck...
1 year ago
Finally was able to play this game at a local arcade standard edition. Spent about 2 hours total with another pinball buddy. My first impression was another Spooky pinball machine that that I was not going to like. However, I was very wrong. Immediately I noticed the booming bass and the really cool music. Spooky did a fabulous job with the Rick and Morty theme. Play was a lot of fun particularly trying to nail down that dang garage skill-shot. We played multiple other games that evening, including the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, but we kept coming back to Rick and Morty. Looks like the rule set is deep (see other comments). We own and play a lot of pinball tables and this is definitely a top machine. By the way, Turtles is also top notch!
1 year ago
This version of the game is the same as the Blood Suckers Edition which I have played and rated. The only difference is the trim color.

I have now put about 40 plays on 2 different route Machines and about 170 plays on my own R&M which I've owned for a couple of weeks now and figured it was time for a review:

Playfield Layout 5.5/6- The bottom half of the playfield with the sling-bumper and right side magna-save is a masterpiece. Family member targets are fun to shoot for. Meeseek's box is challenging to hit. As you move up the playfield I love the left side garage shot which can only be hit by the upper right flipper. It's challenging but feels fun and unique. Noob target does its job. Above that is the loop shot which is also difficult to hit but when you get a feel for it you can rip several in a row (my max is 6 so far). The spinner rips well and is implemented perfectly with the shaker.-I recommend adding a couple drops of super lub. The horseshoe locks flow really fast when open and serve as great ball locks and are implemented well in the modes and multiballs. The scoop works well if you make a couple of quick modifications. I lowered it by placing 2 thin washers at the front and one on each side and also slightly bent the scoop hood down and now it catches almost everything. The flooble crank is well implemented but it would be nice if you could see the captive ball better. The right ramp can be hit by either lower flipper and flows well. The tight turn around shot to the right of it is difficult to hit on -purpose but flows well and feeds the upper right flipper. Right orbit shot is also tight but satisfying to hit and can exit either at the loop or at garage as there is a diverter on top. My only gripes with the layout is that it can take a little bit of tweaking to get it to play right. For my game it was only the scoop. The diverter at the back of the playfield can also occasionally reject loop shots or slow down right orbit shots a bit and could be smoother. The ball doesn't exit the right ramp as cleanly as I would like as it bounces of the rubber and can sometimes spin over the outlane. Overall though this layout is a blast to shoot!

Game Rules - 5.5/6 I really like where Eric P. and Bowen are going. The modes incorporate with the theme perfectly and are fun and unique to play. The 2 multi-balls are also incorporated very well and everything is stackable. I really enjoy how the Megaseeds build your ball-end bonus and how the Meeseeks act as either multipliers or divisors depending on when you collect them. I can't wait to see more Adventure modes and rules added!

Toys - 5/6 I consider the pop-sling and magna-save to be toys as well as the garage/portal and the Danesi lock horseshoe/spaceship. Flooble-crank captive ball as well. It has a lot of toys but doesn't feel as loaded as some other modern games.

Gameplay - 6/6 Super fun and addictive! Challenging shots, magna-save is fun to control. Game keeps you on your toes and is fast paced!

Playfield Artwork- 5/6 Good, but not as impressive as cab or backbox art. Could be more detailed and better colors could have been used. It does work well with the theme and looks good. It just doesn't knock your socks off!

Backglass art - 6/6 It's a real backglass and embodies the theme perfectly. Well done!

Cab art - 6/6 I love the design choices and color choices on the cabinet. Looks awesome! Kind of wish I would have sprung for the butter but the standard decals are sharp and glossy and look great!

Animations - 6/6 Many are lifted from the show directly and they are perfectly implemented. David Van Es does amazing work! His work on Alice Cooper is also really impressive!

Sounds and Speech - 10/6 - Hilarious, amazing, and done by the show's creator! This is the funniest and most adult rated quotes in pinball and will keep you smiling during your game. Bloody amazing!

Quality - 6/6 The sound system and quality is incredible! The game doesn't need an upgraded sound system or external sub.

Variation - 6/6 the game is on early code and still has so much variety in sounds and music. I hear new quotes all of the time!

Game Lighting - 10/6 This game is like TNA on steroids! The lighting and lighting effects are phenomenal! I love the lightshow at the beginning of multi-ball and how the whole playfield changes colors in various modes!

Lastability - 6/6 I love the theme and the game is always a challenge! I can almost guarantee that I will never sell it.

Theming - 6/6 This encapsulates the Rick and Morty theme perfectly! Best theme integration since Lord of the Rings.

Fun - 6/6 This game is a blast to play and is the most addictive game I've ever owned!
1 year ago
I’ve owned this machine for a while now and feel comfortable giving it a review.

This machine in my opinion is very special. It’s hard to put your finger on just why at first. Yes, it’s a great theme that is brilliantly integrated into the game, but it’s more than just that.

The play field design almost feels like a throw back to the best of the alpha numeric solid state era, yet at the same time feels fresh and new. You can tell that the designer Scott Danesi has a love for that era of Pinball as his past machine TNA reflects that.
This machine incorporates some of those great aspects of that era with Scott’s own twists. The horseshoe lock is really interesting and kind of a throwback to Swords of Fury, however incorporates drop targets and optos creating a crazy ball lock in a really interesting way.
The use of the portal in the garage where there is already a ball loaded in the scoop (Similar to Bally Spectrum) give the feel of the ball auctomatically teleporting to the bottom of they play field.
These are really neat features that are not incorporated in a lot of other games. The list goes on and on like the pop bumper sling shot. Yes this has been done before on games like Andromeda, but this has a different feel to it. The pop will actually shoot the ball up the pkay fiel perfectly to the upper flipper or even into the horseshoe. It becomes a crucial part of the game. The magnetic save is sooooo much fun to use (similar to Black Knight 2000). I love this feature and find myself occasionally trying to do this on other games.

It’s really not one thing that makes this pin special, it’s a list of little things that goes on and on. Sure, it’s Rick and Morty and it’s a great theme. But it’s also a great machine with a ton of great features and it’s a ton of fun.

If you’re a fan of the show and have watched all the episodes this machine is packed with content from the show. Not just the adventures (modes), like Pickle Rick and Anatomy Park, but tons of subtle things in the call outs, one liners and general humor from the show.
It’s incredibly well integrated and a ton of thought went into where and when to place the call outs and animation. It’s in my opinion it’s one of the best theme integrations ever done on a pinball machine.

The code is still fairly early, but Eric has been cranking out updates at a rapid pace since the games release. It’s really refreshing and exciting to see him interact with the Pinball community and being an active participant. The code is really quite polished and very good for how long this game has been out. I’m really looking forward to see where he takes us with upcoming updates. Especially eager to see what adventures get added. I think that’s another one of the beautiful aspects of this machine. As the adventures (modes) on the game are all adventures from the TV show there are soo many possibilities of new modes to be added over time to the game. Hence the game will continue to remain fresh with new content.

I’m really happy with this machine and feel very lucky to own one. Definitely a keeper for me.
1 year ago
Play it. You won’t regret it. If it’s dialed in, it’s one of the best pins! IMO. We
1 year ago
Same game as BSE, just normal trim

honestly, this game is the whole package.
What I like broken down a bit >>

Intergation: Best theme integration since TAF. Lights, sounds, callouts, annimations, music. All combining to bring your IN TO the game. World under glass gets over used, but this game really makes you like you are part of the experience. Very few games capture this.

Geometry and Risk v Reward: The game is on par IMHO with TWD for unique geometry that is challenging but very doable. The game has both flow and control needed and the software compliments it perfectly. The game is exactly what I would expect from Scott D, Eric P, and Bowen combination and we are just seeing the foundation at this stage. I know some of the things that are coming in code and I can hardly wait. I think TWD is the best comparative for 'feel' of this game and TWD is one of my favorite Sterns ever made. TWD you must be able to hit all three drop targets (top 2 are easy but bottom can be challenging). R&M you need to find the ramps (right is easy, but you have to find the left). When you make shots in each game, you need to be ready for both offense with a quick return that requires you to shoot on the fly (flow) or the possibility of a need to gain control. This game keeps you on your toes. It is for sure a players game. TLDR of this point> the game fucking rocks to play and is challenging but rewarding. This is exactly what I look for in modern pinball.

Light show: WOW o WoW! Seriously the best lightshow in all of pinball

Animations: David is by far the best animator in the business. He just gets 'it' for pinball. He has great assests to use with R&M but his layering and understanding of theme integration in a way that the player readily understands what to do is amazing. Most modern games have so much shit going on with the screen that it takes me months to even know where to look and what it is telling me. R&M (and ACNC) are good because David has it figured out. Appealing to the eye and easy on the brain. He seems to understand that the screen is entertainment for onlookers, information gathering for the player, and should also keep you engaged when you have down time (waiting on mode start) in the game.

Callouts: are fucking hilarious! Tons of them. From the show and unique. I can not stress how important real voice actors with actual pinball call outs are for theme integration. This game is not simply a R&M pinball. It is part of the R&M storyline and if anyone has not realized, it has continuations or extensions of the storylines in cool ways. It is like the "what may have been" if the episodes were longer or they revisted a storyline. I dont think any pinball has done that yet?

Sounds: Fantastic. Scott D is great here obviously and his real passion. It shows. This game is a mini dance party and light show combined. I can hardly wait to have my personal one and late night jam out sessions with the wife while sipping on good boubon and in a dimly lit pinball room. Going to be a blast.

Comedy: Pinball has sorely been missing comedy. It died with MM and AFM for some reason. DP had a poor attempt at some 1 liners but they all feel forced. R&M is just plain funny shit and the callouts and timing of those callouts are enough to pull you out of your own head while playing. What good comedy in pinball is supposed to do. Serious , "what did it just say?" moments and LOL times where I am giggling to myself as I walk away and the game just kicked my ass.

Build quality: Best built spooky ever and they keep making improvements. Better mechs. PF is best ever. While some companies are using thinner gauge metal to save a nickel on each build, spooky is going the opposite direction and asking themselves what can they make better. They are even making brand new mechs (in pf trough for staged ball).
1 year ago
The best Spooky to date! Challenging, dynamic, whimsical & unique machine. It is one of few games that truly makes you better at making pinball shots. Many possible combo shots. The pop bumper helps more than hurts (you can at times bump the ball into the center scoop from it). Refreshing to play. Non-buyers remorse...
1 year ago
The theme, lower pop bumper, 2.0 lock, music, and light shows are the best parts of this pin. I haven't learned to reliably hit the garage shot yet. The upper loop from the third flipper is a fun repeatable shot. What could be better: I always prefer a plunger over a launch button. The topper motor on the machine I played was silly loud. I think we can all agree this pin needs more slut dragons.
1 year ago
Played the game at AYCE GOGI and liked it:

CONS: Repetitive on the call outs and and for me, the purple lit shots to activate the adventure modes are hard. Could be because I have not sank enough quarters into it yet. Like all pinball machines I think once you have played it for a few weeks unless you are a die hard fan - and even if you are one, you may get tired of the same animations and call outs.

PROS: Once you hit adventure modes you get some great sequences from the series. Has the great Spooky timer in the lower center of the playing field that allows the Immortality Field to bring back your ball. The Adventure Modes feature our fan favorite things like killing the parasites that are in the house while in lockdown mode. In fact at least a couple adventures involved killing things quickly. There was another adventure from the Purge episode. See a pattern here :)?

It may take some more playing to hit some of the other levels. One person I saw was pretty good at getting the Adventure levels and was explaining some of the shots. There looked to be a very hard shot on the lower left side just above the left drain are. Have no idea how one would make it. Also no idea how long it takes to activate Anti-Gravity (on right side). I really should read the rules :). I love the purple colors on it.
1 year ago
A BSE without powder coated hardware.
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