Rick and Morty (Blood Suckers Edition)

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Other Aspects: 7.997

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This is "Rick and Morty (Blood Suckers Edition)".
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5 days ago
My honest review.

First the bad:
This game will need some tweaking out of the box. I've had 250 games or so to fine tune all of the shots and make it shoot smoothly, but then again, I have an early run game from a small manufacturer, so this is to be expected to a certain degree. It's not anything that I am personally turned off of, but I know some people will expect to be able to turn the game on and start flipping. Speaking of shots, they are not where you expect them to be and some people will hate this. It doesn't play like every other game that currently exists, and again, some people will hate this. I caught myself getting frustrated within the first 30 games or so, but had to remind myself of this.

The lighting is a bit dark for my preference. I added 2 spotlights and an LED strip in the back to help light up the PF. Other than GI, the light show is up there with TNA. Some of the best in pinball.

There are not a lot of toys in the game, to a point where it does look a empty. There's the ship on a spring, the house in the back, and the crystal. It definitely isn't on LOTR levels as far as figures go. This is purely cosmetic more than anything. Some people will want a lot of figures and molded toys. I prefer things that are more interactive.

The white elephant in the room:
Let's talk about the left garage shot and the inner loop, both from the upper right flipper. I feel these shots are grossly over exaggerated as being too difficult and unmakeable. This is simply untrue. Both shots can be made, but must be made with intention and skill. No flailing around here. The sweet spots for these shots are narrow. There is maybe a 30% window on the flipper where you have to time it correctly. Ever play a golfing video game with the sliding gauge and you have to get the bar in green area to make a clean shot? This is what this reminds me of. The inner loop shot has a smaller green area, the left garage shot is a little bit bigger IMO. For comparison, I would rate the left ramp on TWD Pro with a 60% window.

Speaking of left ramp, the steepness of the left ramp is also being grossly exaggerated. Just upping the right flipper 2 increments makes this shot feel like any other ramp.

With all of that stuff out of the way, let's move onto the good stuff:
The rest of the shots are MUCH easier to hit. The exception is the return shot just left to the right orbit. So 6 out of 7 shots can be made without too much difficulty. Short of the small window to access the garage from the upper right flipper, Scott designed a much easier entrance via the right orbit. I use this shot maybe 60-75% of the time to hit the garage so the balance of difficulty is absolutely there.

The inner loop flows quickly around. My best so far has been 3 loops. After 2 loops, the ball blazes around so fast it's hard to react. That 3rd loop that I hit was 99% fluke, but damnit did it feel good.

There is decent shot flow. Right ramp, to left ramp, to inner loop, to garage shot, back to the left flipper is certainly doable; that's a 4-way combo that is theoretically infinite using that shot progression.

The Danesi 2.0 lock is a great feature that is used well currently, but hoping that more can be done with it. Currently it is only used to lock balls and to register shots in a couple modes. Hoping there is more to the captive ball being implemented in future code. Time will tell on this.

The sounds and music are up there with TNA and what you would come to expect from Scott. Top notch stuff here and really no other contenders.

The theme integration is definitely this game's shining point. Hearing Rick berate you and Morty responding never gets old. You want to be called a b*tch? You go it. A little piece of sh*t? Rick's got that covered. Not doing well? Rick still has some compassion and helps you with a few shots. Morty encourages with the confidence of a bull walking on a tightrope. Need a break from some intense pinball action? Well, watch some Interdimensional Cable while the game cycles through attract mode! Yes! See Ants in my Eyes Johnson, Stealy, and How It's Made + more. So much good R&M stuff in here. Let me remind you that this is still early code!

With it being on early code, I am excited to see where Eric will take this game. I feel like I have a good enough handle on the shots at this point, where it's not a concern anymore. At this point, it's the code and how Bowen and Eric will implement the modes with the theme...and this is where the game has the potential to truly shine. Again, time will tell.
19 days ago
I did not like TNA, too simple and repetitive. This is better but far away from the best pinballs. Music is the best part but unfortunately that will not increase the lastability very much. Ramp shot too steep.
20 days ago
There are a lot of die hard spooky fans out there, that rate their games super high no matter what because they love everything spooky. Me personally I'm not a spooky fan yet, but either way I'm going to offer a fair evaluation of the game. Here is an honest review... the geometry off in this game across several spots. One of my biggest complaints against spooky is their games are kind of clunky and cheap looking. This is by far their best game,but it still feels very clunky. The left ramp is nearly impossible to make because the ramp is way to high... I hit this shot perfectly several times it goes near the top and right back down. To get it to work you might have to lower the back legs a lot which then slows the game down. The middle flipper shot is almost not aligned correctly again I think the geometry is off here.

In my opinion Spooky continues to get better with each game. This is their best game they've ever created by far, I like the layout a lot but this game needed more refinement. Either way if you're a fan of Rick and Morty then you will still like the game.

The game isn't perfect but again if you're a fan of the show you won't be disappointed. For me a downside to a Spooky game is the feeling of a homebrew game, this feels almost like a fan of the show built the game. Despite this being by far the best attempt by Spooky for theme integration, Spooky still has work to do to build a refined game.

One more thing I couldn't figure out for the life of me what the third button did, I read the rules nothing was mentioned. I kept thinking this button is used to save a drained ball but I couldn't figure it out. When you create features in the game you really need to make it obvious how it works. Maybe I'll figure this out eventually. LOL

Either way Spooky made their best game and that is what you want to see, a company getting better over time but in my view they still have a ways to go. Some rate TNA high I don't, the game is a one trick pony, with terrible artwork, no toys, no animation, and honestly I feel that game will eventually be a $2500 game. This game on the other hand will hold some value because fans of this show will love the game despite the flaws. Great job to Spooky but keep striving for perfection.
25 days ago
Put 20 games on this at Lyman's Tavern in D.C. today and have 1 on pre-order!

I'll put the bad up front (Disclaimer, this is on fairly early code with less than 50 machines in the wild):

The bad:
1. The Garage Shot is as hard as people say. I made it 3 times in 20 games.
2. The different dimensions require a garage shot. My 3 dimensions I made it to ended instantly because it flashed up on the screen what the dimension was, I looked up to read it, and the ball came out the portal instantly and drained before I could read it.
3. The Magna-save is cool, but I saw 0 opportunities where I could have used it to save the ball.
4. The ball got stuck... alot. I had the ball fly off the end of the left ramp and wedge itself into the wireform that spits out the ball from launch multiple times. The ball also got stuck in the lip of the scoop a couple of times... to the point I had to tilt it to get it out.
5. Not exactly sure what the Beth/Jerry/Summer targets are used for outside of modes
The good.
6. The pop bumper only seemed to pop on balls approaching from the top on this example.
7. No rule cards?
8. The ship on a stick looked cool, but I'm not sure it performed correctly when it was supposed to move.

1. Art is on point. I've heard complaints about the playfield, but it looks nice in person. The cabinet and rails look good... the backbox looks good, the topper looks good.
2. The game reminds me very favorably of The Addams Family. Shoot ramps to light scoop to start new random mode.
3. The modes are laid out well and explain what you are supposed to do very well.
4. The stock sound system rocks and the music/call outs are great.
5. More swearing than an NWA album.
6. There were heavy balltrails and grime from heavy use on this machine, but I saw 0 dimples.
7. The modes are nicely varied.

Overall I had a blast and cannot wait to get to tear into my first NIB in my basement. I'm sure the game will only improve with code. If I can get the garage shot dialed in on my basement machine I'll think this one is hard to beat.
25 days ago
I own this game. It’s a tough shooter, but once set up correctly (like many games) it’s a blast to play! Spooky’s build quality has set the bar and continues to do so. Playfield is like glass and remains so even after several hundred plays. The theme is like most (if you aren’t into R&M) then it’s ho-hum, but if you are they nailed it! I love the more adult call outs, but these can be adjusted in the settings. The light show is second to none!
27 days ago
A very cool game with amazing lighting and sound. Spooky is the best in the industry when it comes to light shows and sounds.

So this is a difficult game. The inner orbit is pretty clunky I can't tell you how many times I had the spinner block my shots. The far left hand shot from the third flipper.... good fucking luck with that... I think I hit it once or twice in 20 games.

The ramps are really tough to make as well you have to hit those on the fly for the most part. If you think your going to cradle then take a ramp shot for an easy gimmie think again.

The right out lane is your worst enemy. The cool thing is the magnet save and it actually works. I think I might have drained once out the left out lane ever. This is a key part to playing this game, knowing when to use this feature.

This is going to end up a players game, I don't really see the causal player enjoying this one.

It's way too hard but for a good reason.
27 days ago
My personal favorite Spooky Machine to date. Very fun! Perfect theming and gorgeous art work! Excellent use of episode scenes! A fun but difficult machine! Very skill intensive. Love the count down for the save ball. Very fun warp portals! An absolute must play!
28 days ago
An instant classic and a keeper . Great theme integration and challenging . Great music and callouts .
Spooky Pinball getting better every year !
29 days ago
he best Spooky to date! Challenging, dynamic, whimsical & unique machine. It is one of few games that truly makes you better at making pinball shots. Many possible combo shots. The pop bumper helps more than hurts (you can at times bump the ball into the center scoop from it). Refreshing to play. Non-buyers remorse...
I'm not fond of how the flipper area of the armor feels.
32 days ago
Absolutely nails the theme with the complexity of the rules, it really feels like Rick and Morty. It's mostly a clunky brickfest, but that seems to fit here, I don't know why, it's like it's a part of the machine's personality that it shoots awkwardly. Lack of cool toys makes it feel a little like a homebrew. Voice clips might get repetitive if you notice that sort of thing. Since it was made by Spooky, if feels very different than Stern or JJP. It feels crafted with affection, like they loved the theme.
34 days ago
(March 3, 2020) Played 8 games at Alamo in SF, in a quiet room and could hear everything. Didn't look at the rules, (since I never do). No functional issues whatsoever.

I think this machine ranks up there in "layout-feel" with the late 80's Gottliebs -- not as polished as a TX-sector or Robowar (with all the banks of drops) -- but on par with some of the other oddball titles from that era. Theme Integration/Light-show/Sound/Programming/Love that went into this/Shell-game action are top shelf. Truth is though, when I walked away, the only shot I wanted to repeat was the horseshoe -- that's how much I prefer shooting banks of drop targets...

Action/Per/Minute: very good in terms of decision making, but not a lot happened with my actual shots.
Asymmetry: excellent
Backhands: left flipper no, right flipper yes.
Ball-time: very good - kinda short -- lots of middle drains, which are the best drains.
Brick-Action: poor -- far too many bricked shots, and very little happens with the bricks.
Dink Donk: pretty good
Drops: (two individuals for the lock) -- but no banks -- this is another big let down. I look forward to my first spooky drop bank.
Drops Sweep: none
Flippers: 3
Hazards: ok -- sling-pop is refreshing but not really "in the way"
Inlane Lane Change: yes (I saw red dots alternating)
Inlane Ramp Release: right is good, left has innovative scoop that feeds it
Inlane Swoosh: fair. Ball cannot flow into the left inlane, has a wall above it. Right I don't recall getting any good swooshes in it, but it should be likely?
Innovation: Very good. Horseshoe, ball return to left lane, sling-pop, two digital UI feedback for timer and magna-save.
Lane Change: none (no pop pens)
MB Earning: good -- the horseshoe is not "a gimme" and neither is the scoop (which should be, frankly)
MB Fun: fair. I found it difficult to detain any balls on ramps to lower the collisions
Metal Ramps: none
Nudging: not really. right lane you can just use magna-save
Obfuscation: very good -- none
Orbits (Repeatable): poor - I found it clunky in this regard
Outlane Fun: right magna-save is good
Pops: one (sling-pop) is nice.
Rules (time/order): excellent -- I am sure, Spooky's strength is programming.
Shell game: excellent -- the pop-sling adds action to the lower and it's fun to regain control.
Shotmap Balance: left has a lot of shots. upper right bricks most shots, and bottom right has few shots.
Shots (total): good, 11 is my guess.
Skill Shot: poor, plunger action with a button - ball always serves up to the same place (skill shot itself is unknown)
Slap-Saves: very good - standard williams distance
Spinners: fair, it's in the worst place possible, ball bricks out 50% of the time, very frustrating.
Stop'n'Go: ok. scoops fire very quickly. and screen sequences can be exited, but I think there are some choices to make (red / green?)
Toys/Gimmicks: Very good. Horseshoe, ball return to left lane, sling-pop
Hurry-ups: unknown, but likely VERY good, since there is a timer at the flippers to help you make decisions.
Bonus Multiplier Goal: unknown
Extra Balls: unknown
Jackpot/Bonus Collect: unknown
Goals: -EB/BC/MB/Jackpot: unknown

(now the more subjective stuff)
ART (PF/Cab/BG/Inserts):  B+
HUMOR/TAUNTS/LANGUAGE/VOICE CHOREOGRAPHY: A+ Possibly best ever? I felt like the level of LOVE that went into the sound package is very high.
LAYOUT/PHYSICS: B- <== I weight this metric the most.

Mofscore: B+

I am looking forward to playing more of this game for sure. I swore a lot, it pissed me off with the drains -- I wanted to see more of the game. That's a good thing. Left drain was like 1-ball ever (which is weird).

note to spooky: I own High Speed and Whirlwind, so I have the timing down to get the ball into that area just fine. Once I did -- I bricked on this shot about 45% of the time -- when the ball ACTUALLY went into the lane, so that was very frustrating, (when you think your timing was right, but there's no reward). I truly hope the spinner shot can be adjusted at the factory to make the shot much more make-able.
34 days ago
Totally loving this game!

The shots:
I was worried as heard people talking about the difficulty of some of the shots On this game. This is potentially a big problem for me as not being able to hit shots consistently is one of my biggest frustrations when I play pinball.
I start my first game and immediately loop the ball twice as it comes around the upper flipper (I was like wow did I just do that) then I proceeded to hit the left and right ramps easily, the only shot that I found difficult was the garage shot from the upper flipper, I was able to make it, but it is a tough shot! My understanding is that it was designed that way. There is something about the layout/geometry of the shots on this game that feels very well laid out to me. The shots are challenging but make able and there are tons of different shots to make. A+ on the playfield layout, again you can tell when you play this game how much thought went into the shot layout.

The light show:
What can I say, it is mind blowing! No exaggeration it is the best light show hands down I have ever seen on a game! (I have owned DI & WOZ ect) I was totally blown away by it, so much so that I sat and watched the game in attract mode for a half hour last night.

The artwork:
I love it, so much detail! The cabinet back box and back glass are beautiful and perfectly fit the theme and art for R&M. The playfield art is so cool I kept finding new Details on it. The purple armor
And coin door look amazing, there is a sparkle in the purple, pictures can not do it Justice!

The game may look a little sparse compared to a game like dialed in when it comes to toys, but let me tell you, when you are Playing it you don’t think that all all! The game has so many shots and cool features.. like the slam ring (way cooler than I thought it would be!), Danesi lock, immortality field, portal shot to the garage with subway that kicks out to left out lane, Ricks ship etc.

This brings the whole game together the sound is amazing it’s like TNA on steroids! The sound and callouts are absolutely incredible. I want to say that the Factory sound system on this game is the best I’ve heard on any game ever, but since I had a powered Polk subwoofer just sitting there I went ahead and hooked it up and it is intense!

The code:
I love the fact that I am playing as Morty! I have to say that for being early code it is already very good with lots to see and do! I can’t imagine how great it will be by the end of the year! Video clips are awesome, custom call outs are great, modes are fun and objectives are well thought out! (profanity set at 95%) I love the direction this code is going in!

Build quality:
This game is solid! I am extremely impressed with the overall quality and feel of this game! When you play it the game has a really solid feel to it and the fit and finish is very good.
41 days ago
I don’t watch the show. So I can only offer my review as a pinballer. Spooky’s first machine since the simultaneously compelling and frustrating ACNC, it is clear that their ability to produce solid pins is ever improving. For a $5000 pin, the build quality, ball flow and game play are very impressive. There are a few good shots and theme integration seems very good. In fact this pin seems to be squarely aimed at fans of the show because the playfield toys and gimmicks are a bit thin. It reminds me of Spooky’s Dominos’ licensed game.

I cannot fully assess gameplay quality in regard to the software either, having only played a “few” games. I doubt that multiple plays will necessitate review updates. But we’ll see.
41 days ago
The theme integration and callouts are among the best ever. It's the type of game that you want to hit a button on when you are walking by just to hear a callout. Many are laugh-out-loud funny. In terms of the playfield, I really enjoy the pop bumper and staged balls in the "virtual orbit". I actually think the virtual orbit could be utilized more in the game, and with code still early, it very well could be. I prefer the Danesi Lock 1.0, but I'm glad that Scott and Spooky continue to innovate.
48 days ago
Game is really fun to shoot. New geometry contributes to its clunkiness. Video integration, custom callouts and custom music means this game will be the best integrated theme ever made. The modes/dimensions implementation and wizard modes available after completing 10 adventures ensures the game will be “wide” with infinite material. The passion exhibited by the Design Team ensures R&M Superfans will be beyond happy. Wubba Lubba Dub Club ;)
50 days ago
honestly, this game is the whole package.
What I like broken down a bit >>

Intergation: Best theme integration since TAF. Lights, sounds, callouts, annimations, music. All combining to bring your IN TO the game. World under glass gets over used, but this game really makes you like you are part of the experience. Very few games capture this.

Geometry and Risk v Reward: The game is on par IMHO with TWD for unique geometry that is challenging but very doable. The game has both flow and control needed and the software compliments it perfectly. The game is exactly what I would expect from Scott D, Eric P, and Bowen combination and we are just seeing the foundation at this stage. I know some of the things that are coming in code and I can hardly wait. I think TWD is the best comparative for 'feel' of this game and TWD is one of my favorite Sterns ever made. TWD you must be able to hit all three drop targets (top 2 are easy but bottom can be challenging). R&M you need to find the ramps (right is easy, but you have to find the left). When you make shots in each game, you need to be ready for both offense with a quick return that requires you to shoot on the fly (flow) or the possibility of a need to gain control. This game keeps you on your toes. It is for sure a players game. TLDR of this point> the game fucking rocks to play and is challenging but rewarding. This is exactly what I look for in modern pinball.

Light show: WOW o WoW! Seriously the best lightshow in all of pinball

Animations: David is by far the best animator in the business. He just gets 'it' for pinball. He has great assests to use with R&M but his layering and understanding of theme integration in a way that the player readily understands what to do is amazing. Most modern games have so much shit going on with the screen that it takes me months to even know where to look and what it is telling me. R&M (and ACNC) are good because David has it figured out. Appealing to the eye and easy on the brain. He seems to understand that the screen is entertainment for onlookers, information gathering for the player, and should also keep you engaged when you have down time (waiting on mode start) in the game.

Callouts: are fucking hilarious! Tons of them. From the show and unique. I can not stress how important real voice actors with actual pinball call outs are for theme integration. This game is not simply a R&M pinball. It is part of the R&M storyline and if anyone has not realized, it has continuations or extensions of the storylines in cool ways. It is like the "what may have been" if the episodes were longer or they revisted a storyline. I dont think any pinball has done that yet?

Sounds: Fantastic. Scott D is great here obviously and his real passion. It shows. This game is a mini dance party and light show combined. I can hardly wait to have my personal one and late night jam out sessions with the wife while sipping on good boubon and in a dimly lit pinball room. Going to be a blast.

Comedy: Pinball has sorely been missing comedy. It died with MM and AFM for some reason. DP had a poor attempt at some 1 liners but they all feel forced. R&M is just plain funny shit and the callouts and timing of those callouts are enough to pull you out of your own head while playing. What good comedy in pinball is supposed to do. Serious , "what did it just say?" moments and LOL times where I am giggling to myself as I walk away and the game just kicked my ass.

Build quality: Best built spooky ever and they keep making improvements. Better mechs. PF is best ever. While some companies are using thinner gauge metal to save a nickel on each build, spooky is going the opposite direction and asking themselves what can they make better. They are even making brand new mechs (in pf trough for staged ball).
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