Rick and Morty (Blood Sucker Edition)

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This is "Rick and Morty (Blood Sucker Edition)".
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56 days ago
Probably the best Spooky I have played, but it still is just an OK game IMO. I can see how fans of R&M would be totally geeked-out over this, but I'm not a big fan of R&M. Nice looking pin, but not something that has any last/lust-ability for me.
79 days ago
Man, this game is such a blast. Without a doubt the best spooky.

All the shots are highly satisfying and fun to hit.

Theme integration is incredibly well done.

Art is great.

Animations are great.

Music, while not my style, is very well done.

Topper is fantastic, and one of the best ever.

Build quality isn’t the greatest: feels cheap and breaks down constantly on location.

Sound quality is so so. I feel like it shakes the game at times.

Overall, just a great fun game. Keep doing good work, spooky.
3 months ago
I was worried when I bought R&M recently having only played it once (and not *loving* it by any means). But being a huge fan of the show, I figured I would give it a chance...what's the worst that could happen? I resell it at slightly less?...

Boy, am I glad I took the plunge.

This has quickly in a matter or weeks turned into not only my favorite game but the household favorite game, and the game friends want to try immediately.

I have had friends over who know nothing about the show and laugh their butts off while playing - one stating recently that it was the most unique game he has ever played and it was an excellent purchase....

Now my thoughts...

This could be an all time great (think top 5), but I think the tougher shots prevent that (it's still top 20 for sure...read on). What you have heard is true. There are 2 very frustrating shots (however both makeable), and every shot, really, to a degree doesn't really "flow"... Perhaps it is my late # (higher 600s) but I really think it isn't as bad as people say. What I find though is based on muscle memory of other pinball machines, it definitely doesn't "fit". You have to do certain shots later, and other shots earlier... not much is a smooth shot. Having said that, hitting most of them due to their complexities is very satisfying! Especially the spinner shot you can only hit from the upper flipper... At any rate the shots themselves are my only "con" to this otherwise brilliant game... and even they aren't that bad. I mean variety is the spice of life, right?

The other parts of it are just amazing:

Lighting - 10/10. Some of the light shows, especially when in different dimensions, are "out of this world" (bad pun intended). They are just really good.... I have heard lots about Denisi's work with TNA but have never played it.... I can see how high lighting is praised for sure!

Sound - 10/10 - Like lighting, it's great, just great. Although a few things become repetitive (I honestly haven't had a pin that isn't after a while) there is a HUGE variety of music, callouts, songs, etc, etc. Absolutely huge. I still get the odd insult that makes me crack up. Actually...Rick complemented me the other day and I was completely taken aback lol. I play partially to discover all the things that that evil bastard will say to me! Oh and the QUALITY OF THE SPEAKERS / SOUND... let's just say they put anything Stern has to shame (although admittedly I have never had a recent LE Stern so maybe they are comparable there?)

Rules - Great. 9/10. Easy to explain... when you figure them out. My issue in this area is I don't find the game always makes it obvious where to shoot next. And some of the callouts are inconsistent with this as well (the car is ready? does that mean multiball is ready? turns out, no - just means you can lock another ball). Having said that, if you are a home user I will assume you know the rules. On site though, I could see it being a... what do I do? Even simple things like starting a multiball / what seeds do / importance etc - it's not obvious what to do if you just walk up to it. I still don't know (I could read the rules but meh I'll figure it out) completely what the Meeseeks do or how to get an extra ball.

Modes 9/10 - While this kind of goes with rules I have it separate as it's really such a big part of the game - the modes / missions are great! Hilarious and track completely with what episodes... the integration / thought that went into this is great. I'm not sure if it was an accident or not (probably not), but one mode for example you can't hit "Jerry" because in that episode Jerry was a little B* and he wasn't helping out the family lol. So therefore his shot is a nothing shot. Great!

Theme Integration 10/10. I can't think of another game that is even close. They nailed it in every aspect.

Overall - 10/10. Although I have a few small complaints, they are just that - small. I really think a few tweaks though and this game would be a GOAT candidate, I really do. A 1/8th inch here, a 1/8th inch there... the left ramp not being so steep etc. It just interrupts the flow a bit when you have to take 5 shots to hit a ramp, especially on timed modes like the dimensions, etc. I would recommend this 1000x to any fan of the show who is also into pinball - it really captures the essence of the show and maybe the frustration Morty has with Rick (and vice-versa).

Overall, I'm very happy I bought it and I can't see this one maybe ever leaving. It is a rarer machine and if you have the opportunity to get a nice one I highly advise you dive in head first!!!

Edit: 04/15. Rick and Morty is all I play. I have never had a game that I am addicted to like this, and I've had almost every game in the "top 50" at one point. I would recommend it to any true player. My only caveat is I'm not sure it would be great on location, where you can't necessarily hear call outs, instructions. But this is one I will never, ever move.
3 months ago
I think I am surprised how much I like this game. R&M is a fun show, but I don't necessarily love the show.
3 months ago
It’s a very cool game. Excellent theme. Some shots can be clunky and hitting the right side of the playfield is tough as you can’t settle the ball on the left flipper due to the pop bumper.

Would love to own one but the pricing is getting wild!
3 months ago
Bought a R&M BSE about a month ago, have enough plays on it to rate.

Awesome theme integration, hilarious pin. Funnier than TSPP and FG. Many said this pin was hard, so I was expecting a super tough pin, it's by far easier than TWD and SW. The shots aren't that difficult once you have them locked in. Shots are satisfying to hit, both left and right ramp, and the garage shot and inner loop, plus horse shoe orbit.

Music is awesome, animations are fantastic and cabinet and playfield art are gorgeous, plus a real backglass...This game is a gem, and will continue to rise in value.
4 months ago
In general the game play is a B but the theme and callouts are a A+++ Rules are a bit shallow as well as the modes with no real wizard mode. I have wanted to own this twice and both times decided against it. I think it would be a wonderful edition to a larger collection but in a smaller one, once the shine wore off I think it would leave most wanting more.
4 months ago
I have such mixed feelings on this game. I cannot imagine a better implementation of a theme in pinball. The Rick and Morty charm just oozes through. The music, animation, call outs and theme are literally the best in the business.

But that playfield. It’s just barren. The shots are all difficult, the ball drains are too frequent, and it really feels like an uphill battle the entire time you play.

This is a game with AMAZING potential. It could have been one of the greatest of all time. But it is knocked down to above average because none of the shots feel good.
4 months ago
Played RAM for the first time yesterday in a very dim lit bar (hence the lower rating for game lighting as I really couldn’t clearly see the entire playfield) but must say it was entertaining. Not a huge fan of Adult Swim TV but the game truly replicates the show. Play was smooth, although my 5 games seemed to gravitate to the right side of the playfield. The establishment had the tilt set to Uber sensitive so at least two of my games were terminated prematurely as I spazzed out on the multi ball episodes. Really enjoyed playing this game and look forward to playing it again.
Since owning RAM (a week now) I have increased my earlier rating in all areas except for the lighting. Had to move it under my game room’s overhead lights to be able to clearly see the entire playfield. With illumination no longer an issue I was able to fully appreciate the genius of the Spooky Pinball crew in the design, playability and depth of this pin. Upon becoming proficient with the upper flipper the scoring possibilities are increased significantly. The callouts are hilarious and easily adjustable to tone down the F bombs without losing the meaning intended.
If you’re looking for a game that is challenging and entertaining RAM fills the bill.
4 months ago
Great theme intergration. Fun pin for the fans of the show.
If you look at the playfield lay-out and the rules, this pin is average.
5 months ago
By far spooky best game but still has a home brew feel. Great theme and amazing set of assets
6 months ago
What a great game! I've never even seen the show but loved the game! Absolutely fall down HILARIOUS callouts. Might be the funniest game I've played yet (yes, even better than Family Guy and Simpsons). Everything reminds me of TNA, which is good because I love that game. This makes sense being a Danesi pin. The music is killer, the dots are perfect, and the layout is.....good, but not great. The shots are a bit too tight and required WAY too much fiddling with to get right. The scoop needs modding to hit right and several of the other shots can't be made without modding. Even the plunge jumps the end of the habit-trail without some modding. QC is still an issue for Spooky. That said, I LOVE the way their games play; WAY more than Stern. I'm hopeful these guys will keep at it and keep releasing great games like this. This game plays FAST. I would totally snag one of these for the right price. Humor + pinball will always be a match made in heaven for me.

BONUS POINTS for an insanely powerful shaker and awesome sub!
7 months ago
Very fast game.
Great fun.
Hard but so satisfying to post a good score.
7 months ago
I purchased a Rick and Morty NIB and the whole experience has been disappointing. When the game arrived it was basically unplayable. Certain shots caused the game to crash. The flippers were so weak they were like wet cardboard. After replacing the flipper springs, maxing out the power settings, and updating the code I was able to finally play the game. Of course turning up the power settings to make the flippers usable would blow fuses. Finally, after another code update, the flippers worked and I could actually play the game.

So after finally being able to play the game over a month into owning it I started discovering more problems. The roll over switches are so tall that the ball actually hangs up on them. There is too much space in the orbit shot which causes the ball to actually slip past the roll over switch. So basically if you make an orbit shot the game may or may not register it. The rubbers on the flippers wore through and needed replacement after only a few dozen games.

The playfield itself isn't laid out well. None of the shots are smooth or have any margin for error. The playfield has to be at a certain angle within a tenth of a degree or its unplayable. When you make the inner loop shot if its not perfect the shot will brick at the top of the loop and the ball will slowly roll backwards back down the playfield. The garage loop has such an extreme angle that making the shot is way more dumb luck than skill.

Everything wrong with the Rick and Morty machine suggests that this game was rushed out the door to meet a deadline before it was actually ready. It feels like a rough draft instead of a final polished product. Which is really too bad because its obvious that the creators of the game really love Rick and Morty and were trying like hell to make a good game. Sadly, in my opinion, that effort fell short. I'm rooting for Spooky I really am, but this machine was not their best work.
7 months ago
Game is ok at best, every shot seems to feed down the middle and build quality is poor, also you would think for almost $10k they could have included a manual

But it says Rick & Morty and that's all that matters at the end of the day
7 months ago
Rick and Morty is a fun mess, its layout and shots are miserable.... but in a fun stupid way exactly like the show, Video animations, music, custom callouts and integration are some of the best done in pinball and why this game will be a keeper if you love the show and pinball.

If your looking for a smooth shooter this is not your game and a easy PASS, if your looking to laugh your ass off while being pissed off at the same time cuz you can't make the shot but desperately wanna see the next animation or hear the next derogatory comment directed at why YOU SUCK AT PINBALL then this game is definitely for you.
7 months ago
R and M was not on my radar. I missed any chance to buy this NIB and markup on any ones available were crazy. A good pinball buddy went to a s**t ton of trouble to get one of the last ones- ordered with everything including the butter cabinet. Well I helped him unbox his masterpiece and I was blown away with the packing (yes, packing!) and build quality. Of course we played it for a couple of hours and got our butts kicked.

Four weeks later I was looking for a new game and my son kept reminding me about a R and M (we are both fans of the show). My pinball buddy told me that R and M was not for him- he felt the shots were very inconsistent and the code could be deeper. Damn.

So in a moment of compulsive fomo I went for it- did not have to get a cash bucket (paid with a check!) and the move was just across town. So now I have this game and I really enjoy it.

I own 20+ other games and have played over 300 titles. The R and M theme is 10++, with actual episodes and call outs from the actors. The art is fabulous as well.

The shots? Yeah they are tough, but when you get that left upper loop going, life is great. The modes are all based on Season1-3 episodes (yeah I watched them recently). The booming subwoofer and shaker are great. I added Pinstadiums and a bunch of figurines as well as the coil fans.

Is the game for everyone? No. But if you like profane comedy, tough shots, as well as R and M, then seek one out.

7 months ago
I have watched all episodes of this show, but am not drooling over the theme. Spooky really hit the nail on the head with theming and integration. The gameplay is different when compared to most other games, but it works perfectly. Fast and fun!
8 months ago
Rick and Morty is an absolute blast to play - awesome theme integration with great lights (could be brighter...), music, modes, dimensions, and especially callouts. The Danesi lock toy is a fun setup that is always entertaining. The objectives are pretty straight forward and if you can hit the shots cleanly (no simple task), they feel great and are rewarding, but a typical player may hit a lot of posts. The game plays fast and can be somewhat brutal, but it begs for another play through and each try for a new high score is only a few minutes away (vs. a few dozen minutes in some other games). The art and video is all very well executed and on par with what you'd expect from the show. Once you eliminate/reduce the rattles, the sound on the game is excellent; I don't know why it came with a shaker motor - similar to TNA, the subwoofer does all the work and feels awesome.
8 months ago
Very tough game with very tough shots with amazing, funny theme. It all makes for a game you actually dont mind getting your ass kicked on repeatedly. Having flow on this game is very tough, but the call outs and lit shots make it easy to follow. Its hard to play this game a few times and not get a few laughs. Part of it are the obscure modes and corresponding call outs. It truly does take you into the theme, and its a lot of fun, even if you end up getting berated by Rick throughout.
8 months ago
I was surprised how much I liked this game considering I don’t know anything about Rick and/or Morty. Having a countdown clock to indicate ball save time is a cool idea. It could become standard as far as I am concerned. The pop by the left flipper is very different and bold. Game played well. Interesting shots.
9 months ago
If you love the show, you’ll love the machine.
9 months ago
This game is unforgiving and probably the fastest, most ruthless game I've ever played. But it more than makes up for the difficulty with sheer joy! The custom callouts are PERFECT and hilarious, the modes are diverse and challenging, the artwork and music are beautiful, and the playfield is an absolute blast to shoot. Never pass up the chance to play one!
9 months ago
Rick and Morty replaced TNA in my collection and even though it was a tough decision I am completely happy with the switch. As a fan of the show, I find the pin is true to its spirit in every way. The art is taken directly from the show, so no problems there, and the same goes for the music. The light show is spectacular and is well thought out both for artistic value and helping in shot selection. Rick's callouts are hilariously berating and seldom encouraging but that's Rick being Rick and to me it makes this pinball's experience top notch. And you have to feel for Morty getting the brunt of Rick's ire. One aspect that I love about this pin is as your inability to make shots increases so does Rick's level of frustration with you (Morty). His callouts mirror his disapproval and I think this pin captures Rick's character perfectly. Having the actual voice actors doing the does callout help, but it would be nice to get some of the female actresses to do some callouts (Summer to Morty, "You've dropped sooo many balls!" would be cool).

The shaker is a must have. And don't forget the tilt warning with the Plumbus animation! True to the show, I do have the swearing all the way up but we don't have any kids around to worry about.

My pin is one of the very last ones to be produced so it came out of the box well adjusted. Every shot was makable, but of course some are just plain difficult. The right flipper shot to the garage is a bit clunky and I haven't tried adjusting the lane guide that other owners have done. Perhaps that could smooth it out, but it's still makable on my pin.

Gameplay is a load of fun! The rules are fairly simple but completing modes or actions are challenging. Shots are varied enough to keep me interested, though some modes' goals are a little vague. So much fun gathering Megaseeds and Meseeks to boost your score, especially with multiball mode and the callouts. Trying to fill up Morty's adventure card is always fun and a challenge if you try to complete the adventure with a green stamp. I wish I could see the LCD animations as I play but in pinball all your attention is on the playfield (same for any modern pin).

I don't see me moving this pin in the forseeable future.
9 months ago
This game needs a lot of work
but its a blast to play
love it it will never leave my collection!!
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