Rick and Morty (Blood Suckers Edition)

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This is "Rick and Morty (Blood Suckers Edition)".
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2 days ago
Love spooky quality. The play of this game is not good. Have not enjoyed it. Will try play a lot more
7 days ago
A group of us traveled 2 hours to specifically play this game. We hit up Blue Moon in Madison and Nerd Haven Arcade. Both locations had the Blood Sucker edition both machines played almost identical. Nerd Haven did turn on the NSFW mode and it highly improved the comedic value. I am going to buy one of these machines. The rules are clear and the modes are obtainable but not to easy. The music and theme is my biggest draw. I have been a Rick and Morty fan since the beginning. I really like this game. The pop bumper by the flipper is such a challenge. It changes the way you play.
22 days ago
TAF is my all time favorite. I enjoy R&M just as much, even though it's more difficult. If you're a fan of the show like me, you'll absolutely love the game.
44 days ago
This game is so unlike any game I’ve played, much less owned, I’m not quite sure how to rate it. First the easy part: the lighting, callouts, music, theme integration are just incredible. 10/10 across the board. Also, the street level loops, orbits, horseshoes etc. on this game are so fun I would have been fine if this game was ramp free like TNA. As far as the evil pop for a sling, I love it. We all know that slings are the devil because they get the ball moving side to side and that spells trouble. This thing is a sling from hell, especially if the ball hits on the lower half. That being said I find this game challenging during a good game and “yikes, that was brutal” during others. This is the most challenging game I can remember since Flash Gordon. Which brings us to replay ability....I LOVE hard games and this is one of the ultimate “one more game” button pushers. I think a big part of that is the game is just so hilarious and weird it’s hard to get mad at it. If you can keep a straight face during fart dimension then move along, there’s plenty of new games with 0 humor available . Full disclosure: love the show and Spooky. TLDR: addictively fun, tough, wildly unique game that is a breath of fresh air from the current games being produced.
50 days ago
Oh good goodness this is an amazing game!! I know I may be biased since I love and sometimes can be seen working with Spooky.... but regardless of any knowings or particular likings to, when it comes to this machine right here all I can say is wow! I've always felt any game that is hilarious wins. The top "fun" games of all time are exactly that, and this is by far the funniest game I've played to date.

Super deep gameplay and adventures to go on that it takes a while for the repeating to be noticed within the callouts and animations, which wins a huge hooray! Some will probably find the layout odd at first, as did I, but once you realize this is a fresh approach to what we've been used to, it sinks in and the flow becomes near magical.

The music and sounds are of course top notch, and Scott was able to cook up some fantastical remixes of the theme track. and add in some super low, car buzzing bass, that is both lol-enducing and foot tapping all at once. Of course the callouts are hilarious and they do a great job of including you as a "morty" throughout. It's immersive, and it doesn't even have a ton of toys!

I will finish by saying this is my current fave, and indeed one I can't wait to show off in HHF (hopefully someday!).
82 days ago
This game is simply fantastic. Lightshow, sounds, music, art is all superb. Not the biggest fan of the show, but when comparing to something like FG, the callouts are actually humourous. The way the music changes is awesome also. Can't rave about this game enough.
85 days ago
Don't let the first few games fool you. This game is all about practice and making those planned shots. Stacking modes and multiballs is a blast and the game sucks you in quick. Fairly simple layout with lots of challenge.
3 months ago
I love the show Rick and Morty, but sadly can’t say the same thing about the pinball game. It came out with a lot of fanfare, but that was quickly extinguished as you realized the only redeeming quality were the call outs. The pop bumper and left ramp are also a bit.... awkward. I loved and still love Spooky’s first pin and TNA, but the other pins have been a disappointment. I’ve given Spooky every benefit of the doubt, but this is likely my last pinball from them.
3 months ago
This pin has an unusual layout but it works. The rules, lights, sound and art are all tops. Overall this pin is so fun to play and funny that covers up any shortcomings.
3 months ago
I've been waiting to write a review until I had a chance to put some more time on R&M. The first time I played it was at Cactus Jacks in OKC and it was brutal but hilarious. That said, at first flip I wasn't 100% sold. After putting ~100 games on it since then, I can say I'm really loving it. It's not easy to shoot, but when you get in the groove it is so much fun (kind of how Jurassic Park is for me). The theme integration and lighting are extremely well done. The modes are well thought out and each one fits the theme well (Roy: A Life Well Lived is brilliant). The sound effects and music are really well done too, which doesn't surprise me given it's Scott's game. Similarly to JP3, there are just a lot of things going on beyond the modes. Traveling to dimensions (over 20 currently), meeseeks mania, risk vs. reward of looping on the skill shot, etc. The Danesi lock 2.0 will send the ball screaming back at you, and the slam ring introduces a different kind of chaos from the typical sling. Spooky's games have come so far from AMH, RZ, and Dominos. It's awesome to see a small independent company bringing such a great overall package to the market.
3 months ago
Rick and Morty is fun and addictive. Jumping dimensions and hunting down megaseeds is very rewarding. Playfield layout is a bit clunky unless you absolutely nail every shot. Maybe I suck or maybe the geometry could have used more refinement. Stellar audio/video package and a great rule set were the highlights for me.
3 months ago
Rick and Morty is a joy to play.

The Pros:
The theme is amazing. The clips from the show and the sounds are spot on. The humor and the darkness of the theme is spot on. The Danesi 2.0 lock is a lot of fun to play with. Modes are varied, shots from the lower flippers feel great. The left pop-bumper/sling is a brilliant pf design. Ramps got flow! Playing this pinball is FUN!

The game says "Lionman!"

The Cons:
If you didn't get in on the first day on the buy list, you can expect to pay 10k plus for a copy. some of the shots from the upper flipper feel awkward. The game needs to be leveled perfectly or the danesi 2.0 lock has SDTM drops with high probability.

The Takwaway:
If you got on the list, good for you! If you didn't get on the list, good luck...
3 months ago
A very playable, entertaining game that I think will have a lot of legs as more code comes out. Built well and looks fantastic. Art package, music and callouts, all A+. Not any real toys so to speak, but honestly, it doesn't seem to need them. Code is thoughtful and should improve with age. As of Dec. 2020 it's beginning to be fleshed out, particularly with the first wizardish mode (hopefully more of those to come).

Biggest thing to address are the unusual shots. I did a little tinkering with the guides, etc. like everybody else, but I don't think shot geometry is the issue with this game. The shots are difficult and they are narrow. I'd even go so far as to describe them as weird and not intuitive. When you make them though, they are smooth and feel great. They have very small success windows that you'll miss until you get the hang of it.

Screen is totally fine. Not a thing. At 25, 90, on it has good color and is crisp.

Playfield is great, but will dimple (not much, not too many airballs). Be aware of that soul-crushing reality if you're actually going to play your game.

Plunger wireform sucks. No nice way to say that.

The sub rattles the game too much at volume. Gave up and hooked it up to an external sub. Much better now – tons of bass, no rattle for all the fantastic music. The amplifier unit is also installed facing the wall of the cab which is a PITA.

Contentwise, I kind of wish more of the R & M universe was in the game. I know Eric has reiterated a million times that the game is from Morty's perspective and I get that, but Whirly Dirly was a Jerry adventure, not a Morty adventure, so maybe this could be fudged more? Don't get me wrong, there is a TON of awesome, funny, original content on this thing – just bums me out a little to see the Beth and Summer targets and not have callouts or something from those characters.

A lot of games don't go well, but when you have a good one, the machine really shines. When you're in a cool dimesion, in an adventure, and start multiball and are nailing shots… it's awesome. At times, it can be frustrating, but generally in a "one-more-game" sort of way.

Final note: I'll hear the bass from across the house, and catch my wife or my son playing R & M. This NEVER happens with pinball. They complain, "Game's too hard." And then they're right back there playing it. I think that says a lot about the game. It can be punishing, but it has some real character and fun that brings you back.
3 months ago
Fresh, interesting layout with smooth shots. Some have had issues with shots out of the box (loop, garage especially), where mine shoots smooth as butter. Loops are repeatable and the loop->garage combo is definitely fair but hard. The adventures are all very interesting and definitely vary the game between stop-go and flow. The pace is incredibly quick though, even with the stop-go parts. What really sets R&M apart as a groundbreaking game though is the theme integration. Take, for example, on the "Get Schwifty" adventure, if you watch the screen, the ball ejects right once Morty hits the first note on the piano. It doesn't sound like much, but in play it's just perfect. You feel like you're a part of it. Tons of little stuff like this that makes the whole pinball experience immersive like never before. Having friends/family around to watch the screen and call out shots makes it even better and pulls everyone in.

The only negative I can say right now is that I want more of it. More adventures, more dimensions, more callouts etc. All that will help lastability of it. From everything I've heard from the owner's club, all of that is incoming.

Overall, R&M is definitely a contender for the best pin ever. Even if you're not a fan of the content, it still should be one of the best playing experiences you'll have in a pinball game. It's a homerun for sure. Way to go team Spooky!
4 months ago
I'm sort of new to R & M, and not a rabid fan as some are, same goes for Spooky... I hate TNA, and never owned a spooky game, nor played one outside of TNA.

Man, what a home run theme integration wise, game play, light show, sounds, etc.

Realistically, nothing is a "10" The PF layout could flow better, and it could use more "toys"

Other than that, Its as good as it gets.
4 months ago
So first the good things, and there are a lot:

Could not be better. I love the cabinet, backglass and playfield art. It's colorful and striking and 100% on point with the theme and characters. The butter cabinet is absolutely beautiful and I highly recommend getting it.

Also could not be better. Scott Danesi's thumping techno take on the classic RM theme, plus the new compositions and a few TNA throwbacks are a perfect package. The callouts are perfectly on point as well. Perfect score. The sound system in the cabinet is the best I've heard in a pin. However, the subwoofer is so powerful that it makes everything in the game resonate and rattle loudly. I've done some work to pad the glass channel, backglass and metal service panel which has helped a lot.

Perfect score. Full RGB everywhere and used to the full extent. Contender for a TWIPY in my view.

Excellent use of the RM assets and extremely well presented. Perfect score here also.

This game has unusual and challenging shots. The three in the middle (the U-turn and scoop) are all pretty easy to make and hittable from both flippers.

On the left you have a steep left ramp, the garage shot and the spinner shot (both of which can only be hit from the upper right flipper.) The ramp takes a really perfect hit to make the climb. The spinner shot is SUPER satisfying when you nail it, especially if you loop it repeatedly. The garage shot I'm still struggling with a lot.

On the right you have a ramp (hittable from both flippers), the right orbit, and a difficult narrow curved hairpin. Like the difficult shots on the left, this shot is tough to hit but feels great when you do. It does a swift little twist and then feeds the upper flipper.

Speaking to that upper flipper, there are 3 ways to feed it - the left ramp (hard), the right hairpin (hard) or just shoot it weakly into the right orbit for it to fall back down. There are times when you really need a spinner or garage shot and it can be challenging to feed the flipper to perform them.

While the shots are hard to make, the game is not unfair. There's no orbit or return that aims for a center or side drain. The one exception I'd make to this statement is the right ramp return - sometimes there is enough ballspin when it drops that the ball crawls out of the A lane into the M lane for a drain. This is disheartening when it happens. (UPDATE: Waxing the machine seems to have fixed this!)

I find the shots on this game similar to Jurassic Park. They both have 2 difficult West->East shots from the upper right flipper, and they both have a tricky right side shot.

The adventure modes are on point with the theme and the shots are nicely integrated. Each mode has a different enough goal/limitation that they feel distinctly different from one another. The downside is there aren't very many of them. It won't take long before you've seen them all and start to repeat. I realize it's early days on the code but I hope this progresses over time.

That's my hot take after a week of ownership and ~500 plays.
4 months ago
Awesome at all!
5 months ago
Great callouts, music, art. But it’s missing something. As a shooter I didn’t enjoy it. As a fan, I loved the sound/art/music. As a pin fan, it didn’t keep me coming back.
5 months ago
Audio package and sound design overall are incredible strengths for this game.

Code is developing nicely, and fits the theme very well so far. I hope, and assume it will only mature in time.

Horseshoe is fun to bounce around back and forth, and presents a really interesting design focus, along with the out shots as well.

Really excited to see this game fully develop in the coming months!
5 months ago
Perfect pin!!!! I need one!!!!
5 months ago
Played several times at a pals place and just couldn't get into the game dispite it's overall nailing of the theme. Way to simple in regards to shots and layout to hold my interest.
6 months ago
The first and only perfect score I have ever given a pinball machine. As things stand in July 2020, this game is everything a pinball machine should be and more. From the rules, to the shot selection, to the music, to the light show, to the IP assets, to ad ons Spooky provided such as the interactive topper that came with every game. The art work really pops in person.

Bravo to the entire team who put this masterpiece game together.
6 months ago
Really fun game, tough for beginners to pinball but the theme can make you forget about the ball being drained repetitively! Theme integration is at the top of my list for this game, Spooky has done an amazing job bringing you the Rick and Morty world/universe/dimensions.... From the Call outs to the Music this game really brought the theme full circle! My rating really does reflect how much i love this game! Great job to the whole team at Spooky Pinball and Adult Swim. #83 won't be leaving my game room anytime in the next decade!
6 months ago
Just going to repost my review from the forum here:

Wow...just...wow! I just got to play this machine (there's one living at The Pinball Lounge in Oviedo, FL now) on my lunch break earlier today and the hype is real! Well, the hype is real for me at least. I paid for 20 games, got 1 replay and made #1 high score (no gc yet). I'd like to think I'm a fairly average player, usually get to put my name on a machine almost every time I go out, I generally win waaay more replays than that too...so take my opinion with what you will.

The callouts were all bleeped (this is in a bowling alley, so family friendly) but the innuendo is still there, it's still Rick, and he is still brutal. I was laughing to myself like some sorta weirdo while dancing away to the awesome sound track. The theme integration coupled with the soundtrack and custom callouts are such a treat. If I have to nitpick, I did notice once or twice (specifically the beginning of Whirly Dirly) that sometimes the sound level will be considerably lower than the level (volume) the audio was at prior.

Light show is amazing, that is all I have to say about that.

The shots are difficult, but so satisfying all the same! I had a few clunkers going into the left garage, the right inner orbit, and the scoop...but when I hit the shot right (total amateur here) it was beautiful. Did have the horseshoe give me a SDTM a few times, but it normally put the ball into the flipper. The magnet is supreme! Had to figure it out, but it is super fun and a great ball saver once you get the hang of it. The most fun part of this game has to be that pop bumper, what a breath of fresh air from dual slingshots, it is a blast and keeps you on your toes! I know this isn't the first time someome has placed a pop bumper there, but it works so well with this game and makes it flow so uniquely.

The monitor did look washed out, but this does appear to just be a settings issue...someone needs to get a Jerry to adjust the factory settings :3

This thing is a drain monster, but it's still a blast! It's going to be difficult waiting until late next year to have one of these at home, but I can guarantee I'll probably sink a couple hundred into this one in the meantime!
6 months ago
Theme is great, good music, awsome callouts, fresh new layout, it’s difficult but it has you coming for more, spooks really comes through on this pin. Highly Recommend This pin Fun, and addicting.
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