Rick and Morty (Blood Sucker Edition)

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Other Aspects: 8.503

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There are 141 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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37 days ago
Pure pinball fun. R&M is the perfect theme for pinball and Scott Danesi hit it out of the park. Non traditional, ass-kicking layout makes ball times short and brutal. Really feels like a TNA sequel, and like that game, the lights and music are incredible. So much content that after three years of owning this game I still find new dimensions and callouts.
75 days ago
This pinball machine is quite special insofar as when I got it, it was partially unplayable, the fault is simply badly placed elements and requiring adjustments which sometimes require re-drilling the playfield !! Once all this is done (thanks mainly to the pinside community) the game becomes just amazing! It's demanding and not made for casual players, the code is extraordinary and sticks so well to the theme! The soundtrack is just amazing.
I discovered rick and morty with this pinball machine and I must say that the game is as crazy as the series!
Take the time to correct assembly errors and you will have an awesome machine!

Good job to Spooky and Scott Danesi !
3 months ago
Not a fan of this pins quality at all, feel Spooky has not hit their stride till Scooby. Not a pin I ever look to play when at a location.
3 months ago
Love love love Rick and morty
I recently sold my standard to purchase a BS edition it's quite rare for me to buy a game when I already have one the only other time I can think of this was Stranger things .. anyway on to the game

This is TNA2
That's how it feels to me , I loved my TNA and missed it terribly when I sold it but then this came along and wiped away and regrets I had selling TNA

I am not a fan of the show in fact I hadn't seen the show when I bought the game ; but I am now I love it and integration of the show into the pin
Is incredible.

The sounds are what you would expect from Scott and the art package and lighting is off the hook .

Humour is so good the game makes you laugh all the time and it's brutal .

My 10 year old son absolutely loves this pin and has made me promise to never sell it , like I do with all the others lol
The only
This will have to go is to pay for pulp fiction but explained to him he will be 16 and left home before we get that in the games room
4 months ago
Solid effort. Callous are the best in pinball done by Justin Roiland himself with other assistance. Layout isn't my favorite but still fun to shoot. Animations are wonderful. Playfield is good, not great. A lot of FUN to be had with this game.. it's a long term keeper for me!
4 months ago
One of the best in the industry for sound , theme integration , and lighting.
the shots are just brutal though.
this is not a beginner friendly game.
5 months ago
One of the most satisfying shots I've ever played. The left garage shot. If you love the show, you are gonna love this pin. Rick is just brutal with his language. Challenging game, good laughs (the Roy mode specifically). If you can find one, play it. Owning is even better. Love it.
6 months ago
As a huge Rick and Morty fan I love the theme, the callouts, the artwork and all of the subtle nods to the show. However, the shots and flow are not the greatest and make this a somewhat frustrating game. The shots from the upper flipper are not good and neither is the placement of the left ramp. I wanted to really love this game but only like it in small doses.
7 months ago
Over the top amazing pin!!!! This is my first Spooky pin, bought it used in immaculate condition and I am impressed. The flippers feel great, as good as a snappy Stern. The U targets catch the balls and that's something I've just never seen before and it feels really good when you hit those shots. The loop shot is super satisfying if you can hit it, and with the shaker and lights and sound integration, OMG on that continuous loop shot. I just got this pin this morning so will update my review in a couple of weeks after the honeymoon is over. The music is amazing. I guess Scott Danesi wrote the score himself, and rewrote the theme song even. It reminds me of the best club music when I was young in certain modes/adventures. The call outs, well, swearing mode always on baby! (For me, but you can limit the swearing, eliminate it, make it available only during certain hours through the menu options!) It's funny, just my speed, it just gels with my overall frequency man. The sound package...music matters. The speakers are good quality and it has an AMP!!!! The cabinet sub is beefy. Speakers are lit and change colors and have a decorative grill. The art package is by the show creators so it's phenomenal. What more could you want? Topper? Yeah, comes with an interactive topper, standard, boom! Yeah, the topper motor makes noise so I turned off the spinning in the menu. Problem solved. Purple powder coated armor is standard, and mine has the purple coin door too. I was amazed at the sparkle in the sun when we moved it into the house. Of course I don't expect to ever see it direct sunlight again lol. It will be protected in my artificially lit game room forever and ever, Amen. I usually just 'know' when I walk up to a pin and play it for 5 minutes. I couldn't hit any of the shots initially but I was like, yeah, THIS is the ONE. And if I get that special feeling, then I know I want to bring it home for a while. I trade them out faster than most. I don't think Deadpool or Stranger Things Premiums are ever going anywhere, but I'm happy to play the hell out of the rest and trade them, except Godzilla Premium...that one is coming back and staying!!!! Anyway, theme...I don't really care about the Rick and Morty show, but on a pinball, it works. I'm going to have to give that show a second look. The playfield does look a little barren, but it certainly doesn't feel that way when you're flipping. The one thing that really does piss me off on this pin is the left ramp. WTH why make it so tough? So I watched a Scott Danesi interview and he was like yeah, I want this pin to be tough, but fair. Hmmm. The game lighting is awesome. The pin comes with art blades, the side art blades are a little barren. I would put new side art really. But the point is this pin comes standard with just about everything you want if you're a modder, and I am. I like my mods! When I first got into pinball I didn't care about mods, I just wanted to play the damned pin. But now, pins take up a lot of space, and you've got to absolutely LOVE it to maintain them and even to just buy a pin, any pin...they are EXPENSIVE. So for me, I feel like this pin is a total package...really, very, good, and in fact, great. Sound and Vision, and flow. Art matters. Music matters. Of course the bottom line is FUN. This pin is FUN and the 'swearing' just takes it to another level. Is it Godzilla Premium? No. But it's pretty overwhelmingly GREAT! UPDATE - so after a week I do still love this pin, but the shots are really tight and hard. I love the slam function and it has a save, but this pin is not super approachable and it’s going to take some more time to find those shots consistently. For this reason I had to lower the initial score. It’s so tough that friends have been turned off and would just rather play something else. I’m still fascinated with it so putting more serious time in with it. 2nd UPDATE: This is a REALLY tough pin. The geometry is just kind of off, not a smooth shooter by any stretch. I'm still loving the music, still loving the feel of the shots when I can make them BUT realizing it's going to take way MORE time to dial these shots in consistently which is a big bummer. I have 2 pins on order and so I listed my RM. It looks like everyone is listing pins and fire sales are happening...so that makes me think I NEED to keep this pin, at least a while longer. The crazy thing about this pin is I want to flip it every day no matter how much I suck at it LOL. Love Get Schwifty, and some of the club music. Like, it's a pinball moment every time I am lucky enough to get into that mode. The legs start moving, feet tapping, flipping away. I get that feeling when Running up that Hill plays on my Stranger Things Premium Cleland pin. My problem is I want to play almost all the pins at my house, and at this point I have 6 pins and don't really want to part with any of them. All too good to sell! But I will sell RM IF I get full value for it, which it looks like I will not at this point in time...ok for me because I don't really want to sell it anyway!
7 months ago
I really love the show and I was let down with this design. Some may think its not fair to rate it in a manner to what I believe the potential the theme has but I thinks its fair game. On an original title, the rating is strictly to the game and this one would have gotten a very poor rating if you wiped all reference to Rick and Morty. So if I'm rating a game and its themed, then its fair game to say that it could have been waaaaaaay better considering all the content they had to incorporate. The show is so deep yet the game is the 'polar opposite' (fans of the Rick and Morty creators will see the pun in that). Lack of toys, mechs and so many missed opportunities lead me to conclude this is a very boring play field layout. For those who strongly disagree, I only ask you shut off the sound, play the game and look at the playfield, you'll see how much its unimpressive. I hope someone tries again with a redesign....Rick and Morty 2.0 baby!

One last thought I'd like to share, I love spooky and what they come out with, its just seems this particular title was rushed to market. So if spooky sees this, Love you guys, please don't rush it...if its themed, it will be scrutinized.

I will continue to play it whenever I have an opportunity and if I change my view I will update my review but unfortunately this is how I feel about it at this time.
7 months ago
Really wanted this to be a keeper.
The shots are just not fun and not very much to shoot at.
To really enjoy this game you have to play at your highest level the whole time.
It’s just too much work which is no fun for me.
Obviously it’s a beautiful pin to look at but I’m over having pins to look at.
8 months ago
Such a fun game, and the fact that they are still updating the code is even better. Great theme, and they did it really well
9 months ago
A kickass somewhat difficult game to master, great callouts a keeper for sure
10 months ago
Owned now for approx 8 months and I feel I can give it a fair review now.

First Impressions:
Fabulous backglass and cabinet - truly gorgeous if you have the butter option. The playfield is a little underwhelming but fits the theme nicely. Artwork is brilliant and completely faithful to the show, and the toys/sculpts in the game such as the house and the ship are similarly very well done. Firing up the game for the first time and getting that incredible light show, and that awesome remixed theme tune is really something - and the sound is 100% banging on this thing. Definitely no need to upgrade the audio in any way on this one. Shots are veeeery weird at first, very different and the layout feels very strange - no that's not a bad thing.

This one takes some getting used to for sure. The shot layout is very unique and different and finding the shots at first can be pretty tough. The left ramp is long and steep and requires almost a perfect shot to get up there - that's not a negative I like that its not a gimme shot and it's incredibly satisfying to hit. Once you've dialled in those shots this game hits another level entirely. When you are able to combo a left ramp shot into a left inner loop shot to rip the spinner and charge the portal gun, and then combo that into the VERY tricky garage shot you experience something pretty special. Did I mention there is also a ball staged in the portal scoop so when you hit the garage, the ball "magically" appears suddenly out of the scoop - very nice touch.

It's a tough game, VERY tough perhaps. It can be a drain monster, and the pop bumper which replaces the left sling creates absolute chaos, but again that's a positive in my book. It can throw the ball SDTM though that's unavoidable - however you can activate a ball save for it, and it doesn't happen as often as you would think.

Another thing worth mentioning there is an absolute tonne of content from the show, the callouts are genuinely funny and the clips are all great.

I was going to dock a mark for toys - but with the house, ship, garage, "horseshoe" ball lock (which awards points and increases jackpots if you "newton hit" the ball through the drop target), portal scoop and anti-grav magnet I really dont think this is lacking for gimmicks.

These rules are brilliant! Yes it's a mode based game and they have incorporated various adventures from the show. Nothing really new there you have to hit ramp shots to qualify modes at the scoop. BUT the general gameplay where you are able to charge the portal gun and visit other dimensions is where this game really shines - and they basically created a model where they could just keep adding dimensions without touching the modes or potentially having to licence further assets from the show, and that - is genius. Even at the time of writing this, the developer has just released a new code drop with several new dimensions and some challenge modes. The dimensions are so great too - you have ones which change scoring positively (eg, certain targets score more), negatively (eg ramp scoring disabled) or ones which change the features (pop bumper disabled, or the sounds are all different). Very unique, very imaginative and extremely well done. There are also subtle multipliers (using meseeks) and going to other dimensions enables you to collect megaseeds which are your bonus points. Possibly scoring wise these megaseeds have a lot of priority you can really boost your score massively by concentrating on them.

Not many - I heard this is a pretty bad experience out of the box and various things need to be dialled in, fixed or tweaked. Since the previous owner seemed to have ironed everything out I didn't have to go through that process. Possibly one very minor nitpick as mentioned is the playfield being a little bit on the average side. But generally I really don't have anything bad to say - yeah its a tough game but it's super fast, super fun, you want to keep playing it over and over again and I love it.

Overall - brilliantly executed. Just such a blast to play has terrific sounds, animations, light show and really satisfying shots it's all top quality stuff. I don't plan on selling this anytime soon, if ever.
10 months ago
Okay, so the theme and integration is second to none. I laugh out loud constantly playing.

It's not an easy game, and I appreciate that. Takes some dialing in but it's fair and really can shoot well. Do NOTE judge the game by one that hasn't been tweaked. It can play great, but it can be a clunkfest if no one has spent the time to dial it in.
10 months ago
I love the show! The game is a great game! it is a pretty simple playfield layout but still has challenging and rewarding shots. It has great flow to it when you learn the game. The modes a fun and challenging, the animations are great, the sounds a great, I love the different dimensions and the things they change about the game. The main multiball is pretty simple yet can be hard to achieve. I love being able to bring multiball into the modes.

Overall this is a fantastic game with a lot of playability. It is simple enough that most people can walk up to it and have fun playing it but deep enough for experienced players to have a challenging game.
11 months ago
First, full disclosure. My machine has MRS magnetic switches in 8 spots, lowered the flippers with Spooky bushings and I dialed in the garage shot. After these modifications (and these modifications bring it from an 8 to a 10), I can honestly say this is the perfect combination of fast shooter, perfect theme integration and long lasting appeal of any machine I have owned and I have owned Godzilla, Deadpool, Wonka, WOZ, GNR, Dialed IN and The Big Lebowski.

Spooky has caught lightning in a bottle with Scott Danesi's incredibly creative music and layout with the standouts being the Danesi loop, the substitution of a pop bumper for a lower sling and the magna save on the right side. They locked up a theme before it most likely became cost and talent prohibitive to license such a machine. To have the creator of the show doing custom, hilarious callouts is just gold. It would be like locking up a license like Family Guy before it became a mega hit and having Seth MacFarlane doing all of the callouts. You most likely won't see it again. They even secured the rights to Jermaine Clement's song.

The Danesi loop is incredibly satisfying, the garage shot is a challenge, the adventure modes are creative and challenging and Danesi continues to update the code years later (most recently added multiple new dimensions). If you are a fan of the show, you will love having Rick berate you and if you have kids, the foul language can be reduced to bleeps.
1 year ago
This game for me just plays a little odd and could not really get into it. I will have to give it more plays.
1 year ago
I am a huge Rick & Morty fan. The first thing I noticed was it would be hard as hell to reskin this. It is so in depth with what you have to do and why right from the show. Incredible.
The Blue/green/purple lights are right on point for Rick & Morty. Their little ship, the garage, all cool.
That pumper at the bottom instead of a normal shoot out is brutal. It is going to take a lot of practice. Because you can't ignore it. You need that left side to shoot right for a lot of the adventures. I tried like hell to play around it and suffered. I need to lean into it and learn it.
The garage is a tough as hell shot. I rarely make it. So that being so important is a struggle. But with some real time in the game, I can learn it.
When I went home that night after playing this, I thought about it all night. I just wanted to play it again so badly.
1 year ago
Endless fun!!! Brutal and freaky - never ending kick in the…
1 year ago
This was one of my most anticipated games to play. Unfortunately, once I finally found one, I could not get a game going. I could not make a second shot, I could not time my flips properly, and I was getting frustrated trying to figure out the modes. I wanted to find one so I could determine if I wanted to purchase one or not. I was so frustrated and devastated that I didn't enjoy the game, I walked away from it after just two rounds. Luckily it was on free play, but I drove 70 miles to this arcade, with R&M as my main goal.

After an hour or so, I went back to the game and approached it like it's own machine. Not a 00's stern, or a 90's Williams/Data East. I took the time to learn the flipper timing and learn the shots. After about 3 more (free) games, I fell in love with this machine. The theme, art, callouts, animations are all absolute top-notch for me. Once I stopped clunking all of my shots and learned which shots start which modes, this game became an absolute top 5 for me. If I ever track one down for sale, or one goes on location closer to me, I will update my review after I can really chip away at the modes. But for me, the major hang-up, is the bricked shots and clunky (lack of) flow.
1 year ago
The theme is what sets this pin apart from the rest, not the shots and layout.
1 year ago
Traded with a fellow pinhead (temporary trade), my Led Zeppelin premium for his Rick and Morty. Have had it a couple days now and feel like I'm able to make a reasonable assessment of the game.

As others have said and it's so obvious I feel silly repeating. The theme integration is the best there is in all of pinball, it is truly amazing. The light show is top notch. The sounds and callouts are excellent. The artwork is fantastic, the animations taken straight from the show.

It is also clunky. It feels a bit cheap. It kinda sorta has flow but not really.

It does make me want to play again after ball 3 drains. It is fun. It's also quite difficult and the shots do feel awkward after having played so many smooth Sterns. It's a game meant for a larger collection. Wouldn't want it to be my only machine, but I'd be happy to keep it as well.

It does make me appreciate the flow of my Led Zeppelin. I'm happy this is a temporary trade. I'll get my fill of Rick and Morty, someone else will be able to appreciate Led Zeppelin and we'll both be happy in the end when our games come back to us.
1 year ago
I waited several months before putting a comment and before finishing this game.
What an incredible game!! i have had all the spooky pinball machines and i have to say that this one is the best of all. Animations are really good quality, the flow is the best of all the pinball machines i have owned for 20 years, the rules are awesome, what fun and what humor, it is bolted to the ground.
1 year ago
Probably the best Spooky I have played, but it still is just an OK game IMO. I can see how fans of R&M would be totally geeked-out over this, but I'm not a big fan of R&M. Nice looking pin, but not something that has any last/lust-ability for me.
There are 141 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 6.

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