Rick and Morty (Blood Suckers Edition)

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Game design: 7.869

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Other Aspects: 8.613

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Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "Rick and Morty (Blood Suckers Edition)".
The other version is: Rick and Morty (Standard) (regular version)

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9 days ago
This is a super fun game to play. My wife liked it even more than me. The one thing that through me off is that there is just too much white lighting. I feel more colors would have upgraded it from a really good game to a great game. The speech is funny and not too repetitive and the animations are my favorite part. Will continue to drop quarters in it but not one I would bring home.
16 days ago
The shots are tough, but rewarding. The modes are tough, but unique and fun. The pin itself is tough, but a blast to play. I'm very happy with mine.
27 days ago
Spooky’s best yet! Excellent game and ties to the show perfectly! Wish they would have made more as it is a great one to own!
33 days ago
Theme integration is incredible. The variation of modes and dimension exploration keeps me coming back for more. The only downside in my opinion is the layout can be clunky at times but overall the game is fantastic.
36 days ago
I really love this game. It is the best integration of a theme in a long time. Great clips from the show and very cool shots. The portal is a really cool feature. Bottom line this game is a lot of fun. If you are a Rick n Morty fan this game is a must. Great job to Spooky on this one. This one will be in my collection a long time. It’s Schwifty!!
41 days ago
Yep... It's the best pinball of all-time if you are a Rick and Morty fan. Definitely not a flow game, in fact, finding any flow is the actual key to success - it's there, its just really hard to sustain. The game plays exactly like the show - extremely smart and chaotic - fast and furious. The code is incredible and so deep, from the music to the light show and seemingly millions of animations. After owning for a few months still uncovering new things every game it seems. The UNSUNG hero of the game? the "dimensions": very cool, interesting and adds a layers and layers of fun. Mine has played great out of the box - great job Spooky team!
43 days ago
A hugely fun, fast playing game. Videos are awesome and the sound is beyond great. There are a couple hard shots but not annoying. I love all the complaints about the left ramp being "annoying." Yes it's a rough shot but that is by design and adds to the challenge. Playfield art is great and will really impress any R&M fan. Cabinet is a true piece of art. Replay-ability is large because new missions are added regularly with updates. One complaint is the build quality of the ramps and the plastic bracket holding the ship. But all in all a really fun, fast playing machine.
48 days ago
61 days ago
The theme is well done but this game is hard. Adding Co-Op would make this better for casuals like TNA. I might have added another Standup on the left ramp post so the shot would be more fun to miss, but this game is entertainingly brutal. My location has the price per play discounted accordingly. Such an awesome package.
74 days ago
I read some of the comments before buying this one and wasn't sure what to expect or if i was going to like it. If you
like the show you will love this game. The callouts are great and the cabinet art is fantastic. Gameplay is fun but the ball drains are a bit brutal. The more i played it the game the more i liked the shots and the rules. One of my favorite spookys! By the way i called them today they have amazing service! The more I play this game the more I like it. Shots are HARD on this one, especially the garage shot.
75 days ago
Great game, hilarious, wonderful theme integration, hard, challenging... big fan of the game.
75 days ago
This game is so much fun to play. Spooky nailed the theme, fun factor, sound, shots. A few minor PF tweaks with space ship bracket and glass vibration from the awesome sound system. Love this pin, it’s bolted to floor. My teenage son and I look forward to playing it every day.
76 days ago
I own this pin because I love the them Rick and Monty are awesome. I just wished this game was better. I hate that left ramp shot I can’t hit it to save my live. Best integration of a theme and the call out oh the callout. It’s a keeeper I will never get rid of it.
85 days ago
As a huge Rick and Morty fan - this was the ultimate theme for me! The Spooky team nailed this one all the way! Out of the box it has played perfectly - and the fact that it's a very challenging and brutal game keeps players coming back for more. Only 4 months into ownership and this is a game that will outlast many others in my collection.
87 days ago
So, I didn't even know about Rick & Morty before this pin came out. Once it did, I educated myself and if you like Rick & Morty, you will like this pin. The content from the show is terrific, and Spooky appears to be far from done with adding more. All the main characters and adventures are there, and don't forget the R rated version if you want to be berated about your pinball skills more colorfully. Yes, some clunky shots out of the factory, but for the most part these have been fixed or fixes have been posted. Also some potential issues with a few parts durability, but overall out of the gate this is a terrific effort for Spooky. Too bad it was limited to 750 pins, could have easily sold another 750 or more.
88 days ago
So I've owned Rick and Morty for a few weeks now. Great game. Should eventually be a top 10 game.

+ The music, artwork, theme, callouts, "feel" is excellent if you are a fan of the show. If you are not a fan, I think the colors and music and theme are vibrant and catchy.... IOW, no foreknowledge of the show is necessary, but it certainly helps.
+ Shot variety and difficulty. There is a lot to do, and the rules are simple at first glance. But if you want to score big, you really have to chase down those mega seeds and go to the dimensions, and you have to do that while solving the adventures with a decent score. Add in side quests like meeseeks mania and other stuff, well... there's just so much to do. But it doesn't feel like chopping wood or doing the same thing all the time.
+ Can't get enough of these non-traditional fan layouts. Scott really hits it out of the park with an interesting layout that really requires you to use all 3 flippers to hit certain shots, as well as get comfortable with nudging and dead bounces, if you're not.
+ That magnet! So much fun.

- I will say the left ramp is long and tall and besides the family stand up targets, it's the only main shot you use the right flipper for. So A- wish there were a few more shots you needed the right flipper for, and B - That left ramp is a doozy.
- Cursing doesn't bother me (I was a sailor in my former life), but I can see how some folks won't enjoy that in their "family friendly" game room.
- Frenetic. You sometimes have no choice but to play lots of shots off-the-cuff, which I know annoys lots of folks who are of the "trap and shoot" mindset.
- Obviously, the amount of tweaking some folks have had to do. I will say that I didn't change my garage or spinner guides, and while they are hard shots seem makable. I had several rejects that I thought should go to the garage, so perhaps I'll tweak that one. And I have not experienced issues with flipper hold or power fade, at least nothing that I dont' experience with other games, old and new, after 30+ minutes of play.

If you're a fan of the show, or love modern games with great music, callouts, theme, and shot variety, or love Spooky games in general, this is an absolute winner.
3 months ago
Feels cheap. Shots aren’t satisfying and the garage shot is ridiculous.

Update: was able to play another machine with improved setup. Flippers acted wonky a couple of times / fading. With another 50 ish games played it’s a slight Improvement for me. TNA with ramps? Theme is my favorite but feel something is lacking.
3 months ago
A bit of tweaking to do, but after a couple of games it plays so smooth !
incredible theme integration, good light show and music
I like the flooble crank and the magnasave
A bit hard for novice, but easily my favorite game ever played !
3 months ago
This game is the most addicting game I've ever played. Some other reviews mentioned clunky shots. I'm not quite sure what that means, but they are different and the flow of the game is amazing if your hitting the shots consistently. To me it doesn't feel cluncky at all, but I could understand less experienced players that are used to the typical Stern layout having trouble establishing good flow. For me I really appreciate the originality of the layout. The theme integration is the best I've ever seen. This game makes newer Sterns seem dated. Spooky surprisingly raised the bar with this game in many ways. I'm still kind of in shock. I didn't expect the game to be as impressive as it is. I'm excited to see what Spooky comes out with next!!!
3 months ago
It is difficult, but fun. The cabinet, backglass, art, and sound are fantastic. I love the popper replacing the left bumper. My only beef is I guess it is just a little bare. There aren't really a ton of shots or toys.
3 months ago
I'm very biased on this, because Im a HUGE fan of the show, but this game...i dont think theres a more satisfying shot from the inner loop to garage, that even after hitting it several times, i still have to catch myself and quickly that the ball is ejecting very fast down by the flipper to get ready for a quick shot. the commentary is brutal, and honest, and you cant get mad at it cause its straight outta the tv show and funny as f*ck! some games i have multimillion balls, and other games, well...one game i got a 0 score on one ball AND using the immortality field timer as well...so theres that. as brutal as this game can be, Im finding myself hitting the start button on this one more often than my other machines. Awesome job by spooky!

And for everyone red flagging this rating, just know, Your boos mean nothing, I’ve seen what makes you cheer. AND Ever breath I take in your disapproval, fuels my (pinball) self esteem
4 months ago
Love spooky quality. The play of this game is not good. Have not enjoyed it. Will try play a lot more
4 months ago
A group of us traveled 2 hours to specifically play this game. We hit up Blue Moon in Madison and Nerd Haven Arcade. Both locations had the Blood Sucker edition both machines played almost identical. Nerd Haven did turn on the NSFW mode and it highly improved the comedic value. I am going to buy one of these machines. The rules are clear and the modes are obtainable but not to easy. The music and theme is my biggest draw. I have been a Rick and Morty fan since the beginning. I really like this game. The pop bumper by the flipper is such a challenge. It changes the way you play.
5 months ago
TAF is my all time favorite. I enjoy R&M just as much, even though it's more difficult. If you're a fan of the show like me, you'll absolutely love the game.
6 months ago
This game is so unlike any game I’ve played, much less owned, I’m not quite sure how to rate it. First the easy part: the lighting, callouts, music, theme integration are just incredible. 10/10 across the board. Also, the street level loops, orbits, horseshoes etc. on this game are so fun I would have been fine if this game was ramp free like TNA. As far as the evil pop for a sling, I love it. We all know that slings are the devil because they get the ball moving side to side and that spells trouble. This thing is a sling from hell, especially if the ball hits on the lower half. That being said I find this game challenging during a good game and “yikes, that was brutal” during others. This is the most challenging game I can remember since Flash Gordon. Which brings us to replay ability....I LOVE hard games and this is one of the ultimate “one more game” button pushers. I think a big part of that is the game is just so hilarious and weird it’s hard to get mad at it. If you can keep a straight face during fart dimension then move along, there’s plenty of new games with 0 humor available . Full disclosure: love the show and Spooky. TLDR: addictively fun, tough, wildly unique game that is a breath of fresh air from the current games being produced.
There are 72 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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