Revenge From Mars

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Game design: 7.728

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Sounds/Music: 8.159

Other Aspects: 7.845

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There are 279 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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16 days ago
Bought this to go next to my AFM.

Its different, and if you dont like different... then skip this one.

The screen takes some time to adapt to, but this is a fun game, good shots, not crazy deep.. but still deep enough.

Call outs are funny, even late 90's cheesy.

This game is also a dream to service. And with aftermarket ROM support via mypinballs, it makes it even better.

Very underrated.
87 days ago
Suffers by comparison to AFM. Seems designed by committee. (And later reading that it was, by designers who had reservations about the whole Pinball2000 concept but were forced to get on board by corporate.) Rule set was confusing. Had a “hit it here” and “now hit it there” feeling that felt random. The screen was too distracting and obscured the ball. Bottom line - I played well and got replays, but didn’t find it all that fun.
3 months ago
-get the latest code and add a shaker
-adding a video amplifier adds so much contrast and details to the games CRT-way better than stock

- very nice artwork
- good sound, awesome callouts (...´don´t let them get the intern...` from Bill Clintons white house)
- fast game with good flow
- great bang for your buck - I can imagine prices rise on that title thanks to improved code and shaker/knocker update

- playfield is shorter than on standard B/W games. Feels a bit different
- easy game with long ball times
- shots feel a bit repetitive (center targets, ramps left right are just mirrored,
3 months ago
Proberlby the best game ever made in my opinion, love sci fi, and this is so fun fun fun!
3 months ago
Easy game
4 months ago
Great machine that i own for years and have a few thousand plays on it.
Its fun and the humor is great but can get repetitive since its a mode based game.
Very unique game with the screen. its used well.
Build quality is top notch. very easy machine to do maintenance on.
4 months ago
When I first played this game I thought it was crap. I couldn't see the upper part of the play field, the ball drained easily and there didn't seem to be any flow or good shots. All of that changed once i had played a few games. You don't need to see the upper play field because it is designed so that shots don't come screaming down unexpectedly. If it was lit better then you wouldn't be able to see the display as well. It does take a bit of getting used to, but once you understand where things are you can start to really enjoy the show on the display without worrying about the ball draining. The flow is created when you start following the story and call outs. What really surprised me is how awesome the game gets when you start moving through the story and interacting with both the display and the table. I really love when you get those martians lined up and start splatting them with the ball. All of the modes are funny and have different types of interactions that you complete to move on. Call outs are funny and fit the theme perfectly. This is definitely a game that takes a few balls to learn, but becomes more fun the more you play.
6 months ago
Fun game.Its pretty fast witch I like. It’s not as good as AFM but I like the theme and gimmicks.
6 months ago
I had high expectations for this game, but did not really enjoy playing it. It was interesting with the integrated video Pinball play but in the end I did not enjoy this game
8 months ago
I love pinball 2000. I wish there were more that were made. I also love attack from mars. That is one of my favorite pins ever. This is a very worthy follow up. Has a very similar playfield design, except a bit mirrored and again not 100% the same. But, its a fan layout and the fan layout I think is one of the best layouts in pinball. It has a ramp that pops up for you to hit the center shot and thats a cool feature to end a mode. Easy shot, but I think its meant to be, as again its the knockout punch and shouldn't be hard to make.
Really nice artwork and energy in the backglass and I think this might be one of the best looking cabs ever in pinball. I think the playfield art is actually better than attack from mars as well.
I love these animations and I think they still stand up to this day because of the cartoony style. Lots and lots of fun in the callouts and animations.
So while the callouts, animations, and art package are on par with the original attack from mars, the gameplay sadly isn't as good. I want to love this game, as I really enjoy playing the episode 1 game.
But, it doesn't shot as well as AFM and the start of the game with the two branching trees can get repetitive. Now.... With all that being said the game does play and shot well... Just not as well as AFM. It has a little bit of clunk feeling to it that AFM didn't have.
But, I really enjoy opening the game up and seeing all the modes that it has... I just wish perhaps they were a little more serious and less silly at times. More action less comedy. Still I enjoy this game and it does make me laugh, and I never fully opened it up.
Is this a machine for everyone. No. But, one day I'd really like to have one of these in my collection. Just I'd want to have AFM in my collection first.
9 months ago
Very fun Pinball, this pinball is very well designed, one of my favorites
10 months ago
I want to like this game, but i just can't get into it. The lighting is so poor, it is just frustrating to play. Im sure this could be fixed with some modded LEDs/strips, but I have played it many times on various machines...and none have even decent lighting.
11 months ago
A last attempt to keep like the pinball factory, but it failed :( . The idea of putting the screen is cool only for the eyes, but it made it very expensive. Rules of this machine are simple, layout of this machine is a lot copied from Attack from Mars. The game is really easy, which makes it bad, because a good player would get bored, and also would make games last longer, lowering incomes from this game. On the last 5 years B/W were making a lot of easy pinball machines (ball rarely drains) like Champion Pub, Cirqus Voltaire, Cactus canyon and the Pinball 2000, but WHY not make a really hard game like the Shadow where game lasts less than a minute even for a skilled player? I think this would have been increased the incomes to the sky
1 year ago
The animations and call outs are hilarious, but the modes have similar rules and the layout is pretty basic. It's neat, but gets old.
1 year ago
Owned one for awhile, sold it due to being WAY to repetitive. Best part of this game is Bill Clinton yelling out "Save the interns!!" Could see this machine lasing in a large collection, but to repetitive for a smaller collection IMO.
1 year ago
Though the center shot becomes repetitive, the different game modes, graphics and callouts are hilarious. My kids and friends that are new to pinball just love this machine. The theme, art work and sound are awesome. It is a real eye catcher. The Pinball 2000 system is great to have for a little diversity in your collection
1 year ago
Very cool concept. Balls get stuck a lot. Great for a small man cave.
1 year ago
Just can't see what's going on. gives me a headache
1 year ago
Bally's pinball2000 system is just such a trip, for uniqueness alone, this scores a perfect 10 in my books. I've got to say, my rating of this pin may be higher than most due to the quality of machine I've played it on: a perfect 10, HUO, cherry, mint cab and playfield, with a crisp CRT monitor with no screen burn. I've heard that this machine suffers when the CRT has been swapped for an LCD monitor, but I am unqualified to speak to that. What I do know is that this game is just fun. I could see why pro pinball jocks wouldn't like it as the playfield is quite simple and the shots aren't incredibly varried...BUT when the playfield merges with the crt animated modes, this game is quite unlike anything else. It's a same that this system kind of of sunk bally, because i really would have liked to see where else they could have gone with it. I find the theme and sounds/call outs hilarious, and the modes are an absolute hoot. Fantastic and unique pin, if you don't take yourself or your pinball so seriously that you forget what this is all about: Having a good time.
1 year ago
The pin2k gimmick is nifty, particularly for its time. The theme and humor are pretty good as well, but this pin stumbles hard on variety on both modes and shots. Doing the same thing again and again, regardless of the animation, gets tedious.

This is a neat game to play once or infrequently, but would not sit well in a small collection.
1 year ago
Gomez out did himself on this game. The entire Pinball2000 is amazing to say the least but the game and features are AMAZING. Really wish they had more of these produced as they really outdid pinball with Pin2000!

When it comes to the game it is great playing, great theme, and has all sorts of great modes and hidden features. If you can find one at someones house or on location it is a MUST PLAY!!!
1 year ago
Absolutely love the original and I appreciate they we're trying to do something modern to save pinball but wow what a let down. They've taken a legend and turned it into a lemon.
Bought one after playing a couple of quick games and regretted it about 2 days later. The gameplay is so repetitive, just churning through modes to get multiballs that seem to go on forever. The playfield is so small with the back half almost completely obscured by the animations, zero flow, it just isn't fun to play and gets old very, very, very quick.
I'll sell mine as soon as I find someone willing to buy it.
1 year ago
No idea how this game is ranking so high. I had high hopes for this one, and was eager to try this for a long time.

Thankfully in the group we are in, from time to time, we have opportinities to really play and replay some games to our hearts content, and so I feel I really did give this a fair shake. Even after many plays, the shots just seem so simplistic, and the whole package just didn't age well (which is something for a pinhead to say, since this is all about a game which generally ages well).

From a technician standpoint, I love the design of the machine, but playign the game just doesn't keep it anywhere close to the top 100 realm. I'm sure it was great on release, but playing it now, and looking at the gameplay, it is really average all the way around.
1 year ago
Personally, I think this is a hard game. While it is cool to have the screen on the playfield but it is also kind of distracting. Still, it's a good game.
1 year ago
Game gets a bad rap. Play it and you will love it!
There are 279 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 12.

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