Revenge From Mars

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Game Design: 7.751

Artwork: 8.29

Sounds/Music: 8.143

Other Aspects: 7.82

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Found 299 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 299 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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61 days ago
This game is fun but the novelty of the animations on the playfield get old after a while. Definitely betters than Star Wars Episode 1.
4 months ago
This game was much more fun than I expected - shooting at the screens was great, and the callouts and animations are first rate considering the age of this game.
5 months ago
Fun little game, upgrading the inner projector tube tv to a modern monitor is a huge game changer! The call outs are entertaining even if they are a bit of a 90s time capsule......
5 months ago
I have owned this game for nearly a year now, and this game is fun. Not the deepest game out there, but more variation compared to Attack from Mars. This game has a number of funny callouts and animations and still is fun and amusing 20+ years after it was released. The screen integration is well done and does not detract from the game, its a shame that they weren't able to expand on pin2k. This game is a solid classic!
5 months ago
Ford time playing a pinball 2000. Kind of underwhelmed. I definitely want to find one somewhere else tho.

This playfield was dark. So dark I couldn't see the ball. I didn't even know there was a right ramp bc it was so dark.

It was fun. Very novel idea shooting into the video screen and it's is well executed. But, even with that it wasn't super fun.

And it's small. It feels like a 3/4 size pin. I think on a proper one it would definitely be more fun. I need to find the star wars one now.
5 months ago
Rating this on the new fan created code,
Game is very fun and very fast. The rules and screen are well done, stereo sound as well.
HyptoBeam mode is fantastic.
Put some LED’s in to brighten up the playfield.
Cool game for any size collection.
7 months ago
Owned this for a long time now. Always fun and was ahead of its time if you look at Stern and JJP Etc screens now. Theme is awesome and 3D screen is a lot of fun. Wish the playfield was a little bigger or normal size but the package of Pin 2000 had a lot going for it.
7 months ago
Picked one up the other day, must admit that this took me by surprise of how fun it is, great call outs great flow and a overall great game!
8 months ago
I like this machine a lot more than I thought I would. Even though it isn't super deep, there is still plenty to do, and the music is incredible.
9 months ago
People love or hate the P2000-system. What is a fact that end of the 90ies it was far ahead of its time. And even today there are only a few newer pinball machines applying this technic (e.g. Dialed in)
The layout is fun. Deep code with lots of (funny) animations which had been programmed for Rfm exclusively... what a hell of work and love for details.
Great lightshow; especially if you change the playfield bulbs with LEDs. Makes a great difference.
I do have this game now 5 years in my collection and I am still enjoying every single game I play.
9 months ago
Love the innovative aspects in this game. I couldn't stop it!!!
9 months ago
Recommend this game to everyone my favorite Pin by far
10 months ago
People either love or hate this machine. Many just don't get the hybrid nature of this game and dismiss it as a video game. To be honest, every casual fan and kids are attracted to this one and are blown away by the pseudo 3D images on the playfield. Who cares that the technology is 30+ years old! People still find it very unique and entertaining. Some of the funniest callouts of any pin. AFM lite would be a good description of this pin, while still retaining all the charm of the original.
10 months ago
What a weird machine this is - it looks like the strange marriage of a pinball machine and a stand up video game both in appearance and how it plays.

This machine has to be in my top ten because it is not only unique but it is really great fun - the silly humour of the call outs - there is a large variety of them so not repetitive either - keeps you smiling.

The range of shots is not very challenging, almost too easy but somehow they balance well with the story, which draws you in and keeps you entertained.

A good machine for multiple players as they can all work upon different strands of the story.
11 months ago
I love everything about this machine. Great 90ies fun in every aspect. Maybe not the deepest rules, but it doesn't get old for me. Great piece of history too.
1 year ago
I have only had my RFM a few weeks but have played it over the years in beercades. This is one that will most likely never leave my collection. The game code support and add on's from is a huge reason this game shines so much. I love the arcade pinball merge they did and will add SWE1 to my collection at some point. I love the artwork on everything but I have to confess I am a huge sci fi fan. Some of the call outs are very repetitive and others you never get tired of hearing. I have not played it with the adult mode turned off so I can't rate or comment on that aspect of the games call outs or animations. Overall this is my new favorite pin to play at home.

Some have pointed out they wish the playfield was full size. I myself love that it's not. I have a small arcade room in my home and I can not fit full sized pins in that room when you factor in having to remove the glass. I have other rooms in the house for full size playfield pins. :)
1 year ago
Just something I love about the pinball 2000. Ahead of its time I guess. Now all the machines are coming with lcd screen interaction with the pinball platform.
1 year ago
i recently got a RFM home for few monthes, of course know this pin from time, and forget to rate it... what can i say that hasn't been said already !? this pin is fun, fun, and fun ! P2000 is a very nice plateform, pity about how all this finaly ended... than RFM is a very good sequel to AFM, may be with even more funny nonsense (screen/sounds/voices samples)... of course this RFM is quite simple about the design, not very deep, and than most of the shots are quite always the same meanwhile various modes (until the big wizard), but anyway, it remain something you wanna play, again, and again, and again, just because its... fun ! (did i said it already !? lol)... enjoy :)
1 year ago
I have owned over 100 pins (not all at once) throughout the years including most of the top 100 made before this one, and, for a variety of reasons, at one point was down to only one - and this is it. I have had mine since 2000, have played it thousands of times and still absolutely love it. The combination of the video animations reflected onto the playfield and the multiple (sometimes moving) targets give you a lot to do. The humor in the game is awesome, and the easter eggs are also a plus. Sure, there are a lot of Pinball 2000 haters out there who just don't like how different this was from everything else at the time - but those who have given it a chance will understand just how good this game is. Set up as intended, this game is fast and far from easy. But even when made easier, it will take you a very long time to conquer all. I find it much more challenging and less repetitive than AFM, which is also a great game. Overall, RFM is a great game all the way around and the total package is one of the best out there. Probably the best pinball bang for the buck at the moment.
1 year ago
Bought this to go next to my AFM.

Its different, and if you dont like different... then skip this one.

The screen takes some time to adapt to, but this is a fun game, good shots, not crazy deep.. but still deep enough.

Call outs are funny, even late 90's cheesy.

This game is also a dream to service. And with aftermarket ROM support via mypinballs, it makes it even better.

Very underrated.
1 year ago
Suffers by comparison to AFM. Seems designed by committee. (And later reading that it was, by designers who had reservations about the whole Pinball2000 concept but were forced to get on board by corporate.) Rule set was confusing. Had a “hit it here” and “now hit it there” feeling that felt random. The screen was too distracting and obscured the ball. Bottom line - I played well and got replays, but didn’t find it all that fun.
1 year ago
-get the latest code and add a shaker
-adding a video amplifier adds so much contrast and details to the games CRT-way better than stock

- very nice artwork
- good sound, awesome callouts (...´don´t let them get the intern...` from Bill Clintons white house)
- fast game with good flow
- great bang for your buck - I can imagine prices rise on that title thanks to improved code and shaker/knocker update

- playfield is shorter than on standard B/W games. Feels a bit different
- easy game with long ball times
- shots feel a bit repetitive (center targets, ramps left right are just mirrored,
1 year ago
Proberlby the best game ever made in my opinion, love sci fi, and this is so fun fun fun!
1 year ago
Easy game
1 year ago
Great machine that i own for years and have a few thousand plays on it.
Its fun and the humor is great but can get repetitive since its a mode based game.
Very unique game with the screen. its used well.
Build quality is top notch. very easy machine to do maintenance on.
There are 299 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 12.

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