Revenge From Mars (Bally, 1999)

Revenge From Mars

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There are 262 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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23 days ago
Bally's pinball2000 system is just such a trip, for uniqueness alone, this scores a perfect 10 in my books. I've got to say, my rating of this pin may be higher than most due to the quality of machine I've played it on: a perfect 10, HUO, cherry, mint cab and playfield, with a crisp CRT monitor with no screen burn. I've heard that this machine suffers when the CRT has been swapped for an LCD monitor, but I am unqualified to speak to that. What I do know is that this game is just fun. I could see why pro pinball jocks wouldn't like it as the playfield is quite simple and the shots aren't incredibly varried...BUT when the playfield merges with the crt animated modes, this game is quite unlike anything else. It's a same that this system kind of of sunk bally, because i really would have liked to see where else they could have gone with it. I find the theme and sounds/call outs hilarious, and the modes are an absolute hoot. Fantastic and unique pin, if you don't take yourself or your pinball so seriously that you forget what this is all about: Having a good time.
27 days ago
The pin2k gimmick is nifty, particularly for its time. The theme and humor are pretty good as well, but this pin stumbles hard on variety on both modes and shots. Doing the same thing again and again, regardless of the animation, gets tedious.

This is a neat game to play once or infrequently, but would not sit well in a small collection.
33 days ago
Gomez out did himself on this game. The entire Pinball2000 is amazing to say the least but the game and features are AMAZING. Really wish they had more of these produced as they really outdid pinball with Pin2000!

When it comes to the game it is great playing, great theme, and has all sorts of great modes and hidden features. If you can find one at someones house or on location it is a MUST PLAY!!!
41 days ago
Absolutely love the original and I appreciate they we're trying to do something modern to save pinball but wow what a let down. They've taken a legend and turned it into a lemon.
Bought one after playing a couple of quick games and regretted it about 2 days later. The gameplay is so repetitive, just churning through modes to get multiballs that seem to go on forever. The playfield is so small with the back half almost completely obscured by the animations, zero flow, it just isn't fun to play and gets old very, very, very quick.
I'll sell mine as soon as I find someone willing to buy it.
58 days ago
No idea how this game is ranking so high. I had high hopes for this one, and was eager to try this for a long time.

Thankfully in the group we are in, from time to time, we have opportinities to really play and replay some games to our hearts content, and so I feel I really did give this a fair shake. Even after many plays, the shots just seem so simplistic, and the whole package just didn't age well (which is something for a pinhead to say, since this is all about a game which generally ages well).

From a technician standpoint, I love the design of the machine, but playign the game just doesn't keep it anywhere close to the top 100 realm. I'm sure it was great on release, but playing it now, and looking at the gameplay, it is really average all the way around.
3 months ago
Personally, I think this is a hard game. While it is cool to have the screen on the playfield but it is also kind of distracting. Still, it's a good game.
4 months ago
What can I say? Love the gameplay overall just not really wowed by the board itself.
5 months ago
Owned one for a year. Enjoyed owning it. Better suited to a larger collection though as the gameplay is a bit limited due to the constraints of the Pinball2000 system i.e. all the ramps are right at the top of the playfield. Pretty much the whole game just involves shooting up the middle. The holographic effect is brilliant but some of the animations are definitely showing their age, especially the explosions. Overall an underrated pin that currently offers great value for money. I don't regret selling mine however.
6 months ago
I really like RFM! I know it gets something of a bad rap, and the Pin2K system really seems to be a "Love it or hate it" proposition. I find the humor and the pace to be a fitting sequel to AFM, which is quite probably my favorite game of all time. The lighting is a bit dark, due mainly to the requirements of the reflective glass, and I'm hoping this can be addressed. It's a highly accessible game for casual players and newbies, and a lot of fun for kids.
6 months ago
Revenge from Mars is one of those games that everyone can get into. It's straightforward, but it really gets you excited to play. I wouldn't buy it if it's the only game you're gonna own, but in a larger collection it's always a good addition.
7 months ago
Many people might disagree but this is the better "From Mars" pin.
7 months ago
Not a game that you play for 4 hours a night every night, but if someone only had 20 spare minutes or could only play a pinball machine for one hour of their entire lives then this is #1 in my books.

Oh... and it was in ready player one.
7 months ago
Great Machine for beginners have noticed that mine tends to be played by people who dont play a lot of pinball I have 16 pins in my collection so alot available...May be due to the video element still a fun game
8 months ago
The first couple times I played RFM I have to admit that I wasn't a fan, it was difficult to see the playfield because of the monitor overlay on the glass. Come to find out the first RFM I played had an LCD conversion and either the LCD was too bright or the LCD just doesn't work as well as the CRT.

I picked one of these up from a friend and it has the CRT and it looks much better than the other one I had played with the LCD. As far as the game itself it is fun to play the shots are pretty good as it is basically the same layout as AFM the animations and call outs are great and overall it is just a fun game to play. We haven't had it a super long time so I will see how much it gets played after we have had it in the house for a while but so far so good.

The pin2k machines were definitely out of the box thinking back in 1999 and it makes you wonder what could be done with a similar machine using todays technology vs 1999 tech. The biggest con to the pin2k imo is the weight, these things are stupid heavy and while they can be moved with the backbox installed I would for sure recommend removing it if you are moving it very far.
8 months ago
The monitor showing in the back of the playfield has always bothered me and obstructed my view,I still think this game can be fun - just annoys me.
8 months ago
A great game overall. The video can be a bit repetitive at times. The 3D effect is a fun addition for this pinball game.
8 months ago
The only downside to this game is how short the cabinet is. It does not look right sitting next to other machines. call outs take you back to Clinton administration and his idiosyncrasies.
9 months ago
The better one of the Pin 2000. very Fun Game.
9 months ago
I sort of wish there was a ratings field for "engineering", because the Pinball 2000 system deserves some admiration for that. I realize most people never see the inside of a machine, and I don't own one, but in the great-lost-opportunities of pinball history, the lack of more than two Pinball 2000 titles -- one excellent (RFM) and one showing serious limitations (SWE1) -- is just going to leave a lot of us wondering what might have happened.

I have to admit the original release of this machine left me a little cold, because of the short playfield and limitations of the lighting, which tended to make the utterly impressive animations and monitor reflection system gimmick feel like they were forced on top of an inferior machine. But I recognize now this was lack of opportunity to play it at length, and a certain lack of perspective. It's great for younger players, but also with the sequel touches (other than a few done in questionable taste) and inside humor just showed a lot of care and attention to detail and the Fun Quotient. The machine now has better staying power, and I wish I had one both for that reason and the unique Pinball 2000 features noted above.
10 months ago
Revenge is a blast for me. The top is dark - once you add some lighting there, it makes a difference as far as being able to see which of the lanes it's coming down up there. The 3D imaging is awesome, and everyone thst plays it loves it. It's a friggin' heavy machine - if you buy one, be prepared with a couple of musclemen yo help you move it! I've had this game for over a year, and have come nowhere close to beating it. I love Williams games, and this one will never leave.
10 months ago
The game is fairly fun to play. I'm not a fan of the way the video is integrated into the game play, but they did that well for the plots of the game play. The playfield is dark and needs to be with the video being the primary part of the game. There isn't much to the playfield at all and you can't see the things you are hitting beyond the visual effect of the video - that is by design, but takes away from "pinball" for me.

It is a "change" of the way that pinball is played (for me at least) - some like that, some don't. I wouldn't own one, but would maybe put a couple of quarters into it at a public location if all of the other pins were occupied. I don't hate it, but it is just a "meh" to me.
11 months ago
Great game that non-pinheads gravitate to. The animations and graphics are a bit dated compared to today's efforts but they get the job done and along with the callouts make it very entertaining. Game plays very fast. I really enjoy this game (Star Wars Ep1 not so much).
1 year ago
This is a great game. Unusual, but a piece of history. Easy to play, great for guests who are not lookin for anything deep. Simple shots, but fantastic theme and humor. I love this game.
1 year ago
Revenge from mars is a solid game with nice flow and great humor. The modes are all very similar, but the callouts and humor keep the game fun. Unique with the Pinball 2000 screen over the playfield and a fun game to come back to again and again.
1 year ago
The best part of this game is the humor and call outs in the various modes. The Alien Abduction mode Bill Clinton comments are hilarious and I'm still surprised how they got a few of them by management for approval. Maybe Williams /Bally knew this would be their last pinball machine so they loosened up on the censor a bit :).

As far as game play goes, it is fun but I can see how it could get a bit redundant over time. The playfield is obviously a bit smaller but it was ahead of its time with the playfield video integration. With today's technology, they could make a game like this even deeper with modes and gameplay. As it stands, it is still a fun game that will keep you and your friends laughing and entertained.

I give Bally/Williams credit for thinking outside the box to try to keep pinball going with the pinball 2000 concept. RFM is light years ahead of its pin2000 Star Wars counterpart. It is?also a historical as it is the last pinball machine made before Bally/Williams shutdown their pinball division.
There are 262 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 11.

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