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This game received 81 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 7.589 /10


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This game ranks #141 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

Score breakdown

Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 7.764

Artwork: 7.397

Sounds/Music: 6.965

Other Aspects: 7.919

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This is how we, the very knowledgeable (wink wink) staff & moderators rate this game. 4 of us have rated this game.


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Found 42 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 42 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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72 days ago
Another quirky system 11 game. It is quite rare, so play it if you get a chance...because owning it could be quite difficult.
9 months ago
This game looked like it was going to be lame at a pinball show and I ended up playing it the most. Sleeper title with serious fun and radical moves. The play was like climbing a staircase. Very different.
1 year ago
great game with new software "LA-1 patch aa9e"
1 year ago
A different and somewhat weird or experimental playfield on this Sys11 game.

The positive stuff: a unique and entertaining playfield design with some crazy long ramp loops. Great flow here and one fine example of a game where the PF designers have placed ramp entries, spinner, bumpers and targets in what appears to be perfect position to each other.

The bad stuff

Lastability: This is the kind of game that certainly is unique with a rather unusual and wild playfield design and placement of ramps. It belongs to the type of game that you just have to give a try if you spot one in a arcade. However, I doubt that this will continue to be entertaining and feel fresh after a couple of months in a small home collection. It just doesnt have the same variety as some other Sys11 games.

Cosmetics and sound: The game looks like garbage and sound like a ten second clip of the most annoying radio jingle you can imagine. There are games that look outdated - but with a certain charm. Then there are games that look outdated and just horrible corny. Radical belong to the latter.

As a opposite and positive example of a pinball that has a skateboard theme and doesnt look like egg on the wall; Skateball, from Bally as well.

Summary: Radical! is a weird and daring playfield design that offers great gameplay. On the other hand its one of the ugliest games from the Sys 11 series with really irritating music and callouts.
1 year ago
Not a big fan of this game. Prices are ridiculous for what you get. It does have a unique layout, but the sounds are extremely annoying. I do like the music however. Not sure I would buy this game even if it were 1k cheaper.
1 year ago
I was an avid skateboarder as a kid and later an avid pinball player. This turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. The playfield has a good design and some cool ramps (as a skateboarding pin should) but the shots are limp and one of the ramps is designed very poorly. Actually the ramp is flawed creating game play issues. But anyway, this should’ve been a great pin, but it is mostly boring and a little frustrating.
2 years ago
This game is bananas fun. The two upper flippers are amazing. If you love fast ramp rampage, you have to play this. Definitely the best pin of its era.
2 years ago
really cool ramp changer, the mega millions on random is a bit much, really only needs a third ball and a kickout hole along the right side to be theoretically perfect. would recommend. its a keeper.
3 years ago
The theme of this game is fantastic. The art is total cheese, but appropriate for the era of skating. Skate or Die!
3 years ago
Finally spent some time on this as i was able to add one to my collection.I was quite surprised at how fun it was.Lots of shots,good flow,great light show and Its not even refurbished yet it or led'ed.I think it will really pop and play faster when I'm done.A for sure keeper in my collection.
4 years ago
my other standout pin from replayfx2016, the other being adromeda. this pin was fun to look at and a blast to play. perfect implementation of the skateboard park theme as there are ways of keeping the balls going from ramp to ramp to maintain the flow. interesting placement of drop targets and ball lock. if i could afford one i would get a radical in no time.
4 years ago
I haven't this game long but I believe it's a keeper for life. The ingenuity in some of the features really impressed me. Constant barrage of fun and ultimate ramp-age. I love the sounds, the art, the everything.

The ball lock feature still leaves me in awe every time... the way it just instantly hits the second ball out with the first ball in one smooth motion. And the curve to the exit of the lock, thing of beauty.
5 years ago
another game that doesn't seem immensely popular but i love the play field layout. i consistently have games that seem to last longer on this game. the high intensity day-glo color scheme seems more suited to 80's era things but here brings a small sense of nostalgia. but the play field does all the work here. every line seems so clean. every shot seems to do something. the first time i played it, i'd wondered why i'd never heard of it. truly a hidden gem.
5 years ago
Chopping wood, only one thing to go for, spelling radical for multiball over and over. Damn this game is tedious. It was painful to watch in IFPA 12 world championships.
5 years ago
For me, this is the first machine that when I played it, I felt like "Oh my god thats so good", the shots with all four fingers are really brilliant and the flow is amazing, big up.

Hitting left ramp for megamillions via multiball is top satisfying, but havin the silver ball on the right lower flipper to make the tripple move to get the letter "I" is unbelievable and for me as I can think about pinball now unbeatable by any move on any machine forever, some RADICA!-players might know ...
Update: as I play more and more machines I have to say that radical has a good flow, but is quite a bit repetitiv as the game is not so deep
5 years ago
A fun sys 11 from Bally, a friend had one for a while which was an enjoyable game to play. Kind of rare here as well so it was great to get to play one. Love the skater theme and the game has a lot going for it. 'Shoot the skate run!'
5 years ago
wha-hoah! radical bro! the callouts on this game are by far the most annoying i have ever come across. the music is terrible and repetitive. for a game with two auxillary flippers and so much clutter on the field the game is ridiculously smooth. there is a wide variety of shots with clearly established objectives. what a time capsule!! the one i'm playing on has a mod where instead of a typical plunger it has a neon pink skateboard wheel!
5 years ago
My numerical rating will not add up to how i feel about this table, i'm afraid. Theme is campy funny, definitely stirs up some 80's nostalgia. Artwork is cheesy 80's as well. Shots are in uncoventional areas and flowly, to an extent. Main shots are hard to set up, which is where the skill comes in. I think the game is fun to play and would probably hold up in a larger collection long term. Short term? Not so much. Sorry about this wandering review. I give it 3 stars out of a possible 5.
5 years ago
I have never played anything like this pin ever before! It's truly one of a kind! You like ramps? This game feels like a constant ramp shot! I'm on the hunt for one to add to my collection, it's crazy fun fast pinball!
6 years ago
In a word, the game is radical. Some of the oddest shots you will find on a playfield. Upper flipper better be strong.

Locking ball ain't easy and neither is getting a high score, you have to grind on this one. Themed very well in my opinion. Absolutely worthy of a few quarters.
6 years ago
Played this at Logan Hardware in Chicago. machine was in tip top shape. Fun game. I like the immersion in the late 80s- early 90s feel you get with this theme. taking me back, SKATE OR DIE!!! very colorful and the call-outs and music are cheesy goodness. lots of ramps and ramps, and four full flippers! Very fun for 5 to 10 games, will get repetitive. This game is not for the long haul unless you live in the early 90s. this machine is a time machine to 1990, worth the trip back, RADICAL!
6 years ago
Radical is a fast moving pinball that never lets up. even after locking one ball the other keeps flowing. Diverting the ball this and that way and using upper flippers this game just flows great. Basic rule set, spell RADICAL, lock ball, spell RADICAL again and go for Mega Millions,pretty much it but if flows. One of those ones you can play with mates as you can steal the locked ball. Back glass art is great, looks like a young Tony Hawk!! love the theme.
6 years ago
This game needs to be dialed in to appreciate how well it plays. 4 flippers ensure the action never stops and the ball is always heading for a flipper.
6 years ago
Interesting old game, lots of great ramp action, hitting the left ramp for a Mega-Millions jackpot is so satisfying. Audio is corny and fun.
6 years ago
Great System 11 machine. Lots of ramp shots and a blast to play, even though only like 1000 were built, but still worth playing if you find one.
There are 42 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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