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Game Design: 7.908

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Other Aspects: 8.018

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Found 26 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 26 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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5 months ago
It just doesn't get much better than this, pure pinball magic.
10 months ago
The best classic Stern ever made. Theming is original and the color scheme just fits so well. The sounds, the spinner, the back hand shot to the spinner on the left side, it's the best solid state game from that era.
1 year ago
Quite possibly the perfect pinball machine. Beautiful artwork, fast gameplay, satisfying shots, two lit spinners, sweepable banks, incredible sounds & the best max bonus countdown in pinball. This pin is the perfect package & well worth the hype.
1 year ago
Pretty fun game. This is definitely a great game for its era although it doesn’t end balls quickly like Flash Gordon or eight ball deluxe it’s still a ton of fun.
1 year ago
what a joy to play this title every time I get a chance , superb sound on this game , I wish they weren't so pricey now or I would be after one
1 year ago
Quicksilver has so much going for it. Amazing sounds that are just as good today as they would have when first released, lightning fast game play, great shots including the middle drop targets, spinners and the ability to sweep both drop targets into the spinner. Some of the best feeling shots in pinball ever. Rules are simple (typical for the era), but have you coming back for more and more, great replayability on this one.

Cabinet is simple but sleek and back glass is stunning with super rich colours. Playfield is equal parts unusual and unique.

Definitely a pin that will last a long time in my collection
2 years ago
Love the Classic Sterns.
I really like the layout with dual spinners, drop targets, and triple pops. Artwork is not the most pleasing to me -- but gameplay makes up for it. Would love to add one to the collection someday.
2 years ago
Disclaimer: I'm not a fan of Stern...neither v1.0 or 2.0. While the artwork was usually FANTASTIC, most Stern 1.0 games have a really bizarre angle for the slingshots that I just don't like, and many of their games (I'm looking at you Seawitch) have just poor geometry. I say this as a former owner of several of these games. Meanwhile, Stern 2.0 seems dead-set on creating products that either have extremely late code updates to them or are not supported well (GB ghosting?). ALL that said, I absolutely LOVE Quicksilver. What a game. I want one.

-Super fast! Hence the name
-Really great layout with drops that can be swept in a single shot. Spelling out Quicksilver is never easy! And 2 spinners? Yes please. Honestly, this is the game I had so desperately wanted from Seawitch. Now I know.
-INCREDIBLY sounds. Love, love, love the sounds. Add a sub and turn it up!
-The artwork is gorgeous, as usual for Stern 1.0.

-While the middle drop target bank isn't nearly as oddly placed as I originally had thought it was, it is still in a spot that I'm not crazy about (I'm not crazy about it on Funhouse either).
-The playfields are typically beat all to hell. This game deserved either factory mylar or some sort of playfield protectant similar to what Zaccaria or Segasa was doing! Obviously, they weren't meant to last 30+ years, but sadly for us in the 21st century, it's very hard to find this game without a beat-up pf.
-While I'm still not crazy about the slingshot angle, it's more tolerable on this game for some reason.

I need to play this one a bit more, but so far...me likey
-Uh...the price it's fetching these days
3 years ago
I love this game for the artwork alone. Plenty of drop targets and 2 spinners work well together. The lower bank requires careful handling. A poorly timed shot against the post will drain the ball while you can sweep the entire bank if you hit it perfectly. Getting the spinners lit is where the money is. You accomplish that by dropping the corresponding drop target bank if I remember correctly. I have been trying to find a well preserved example of this game for years without much success.
3 years ago
This is a players dream game. Fast and balanced scoring with a great layout. Combo the drop targets into the spinner, very rewarding. Nice art package and sounds. This is my favorite classic Stern. Very happy I gave it a chance.
3 years ago
If you don't know about this one............go find one and play it, preferable in a quite setting
3 years ago
One of my favorite single ball pinball. amazing backglass and interesting rules. love the background sound, the bonus decount, and the way to catch extra ball ! great spinners ^^
4 years ago
I usually don't comment, but this is a pin that's going to be stuck in my collection forever. I dig the speed (hence, the name of the pin), the art, and the rules. There are many ways to play this pin. Wife digs the rotating extra ball light, sop she goes go letters while I try to max out drop targets and multiplier drop targets. So much fun!
4 years ago
Simple but great rules.
Fantastic artwork !!
5 years ago
Flipper decidedly unsuccessful, poor design
5 years ago
So, this game is exceptionally fast and has amazing sounds, lightshow, rules and a wonderful layout.

Many rare games like this are rare because they weren't that good, such is not the case with Quicksilver, it's rare because Stern was going under as a company but this is easily classic Stern's best playing game.

This is a game worth finding and playing. Phenominal tournament quality game.
5 years ago
Quicksilver is tough and has brutal outlanes, but the left drop target bank is really cool. More often than not, a clean shot from the left flipper will bounce through the left spinner up the orbit, sometimes all the way back up top. It's also sweepable from the right flipper although I'm terrible at that. It has the whole early solid state "spell a big long word all around the playfield" thing going for it, but thankfully you can collect letters from the drops. Scoring seems sensible and balanced, get the drop value up, advance your multipliers, rip the spinners when you can, it's not a one shot game or anything. I like that the spinners stay lit until you hit them, that seems like an uncharacteristically nice thing to do for a game of this era.

Not my favorite game, but one with neat geometry and balanced scores.
6 years ago
Very odd playfield layout with sideways drop targets close and to the left. Tricky shots all over the table and spelling quicksilver aint easy. I enjoy it...could have used a better theme.
7 years ago
not my top pick... but then again I'm not into sifi stuff.... game is fun to play and the bonus that continues from ball to ball is a fun variance from other machines... it really makes me focus on a good first ball
8 years ago
Feels alot like a Bally SS of its era. However, it has that layout that suits the game well. Spinner shots are very satisfying.
8 years ago
One of the best games I've ever played. I would buy this game in a heartbeat.
8 years ago
Quicksilver is a game that fatures the Bally feel with a Stern Layout. It's a nice combination.

The Pros:
I love the art package on this game. Ms. Melon bursting out of the green blobbies with the blue spheres is unusual, creative and vibrant in color and simple composition. Spelling quick silver is tricky with the upper lanes... nudging is required. Good thing you have 2 lanes with spinners to get there. Doug Watson does his best Moebius impression and succeeds with an impressive flair.

The Cons:
I never really got the lower bank of drop targets.

The Takeaway:
A fun game with a good deal to do. One of the most distinctive looking games out there. My favorite color is green.

I got a chance to play this game when a friend left it in my living room for a week after it was getting fixed. The 3 bank of drops on the right make all the difference. Bonus X carries over and in this game is HYOOJ!. Gettin' the 75k is not easy as you have to spell QUICKSILVER and then hit the saucer. The saucer on this table is dangerous. The kickout is not consistent and you'd better activate when it comes atcha. Will it go to the left flipper, to the right flipper? Am I gonna have to save this from going SDTM. This is still to be considered as the saucer builds the value of the center drops (up to 20k a drop!) and makes the lower left hand side of the PF more valuable than one would initially expect. The spinners on this game are begging to get ripped and yes, you can shatz the inlane with the curved dividers that ease it into the switches. The big points are definitely from the bonus, so build it and collect. When it is Maxed out, it sounds like a chainsaw ripping things up! This game requires shots all around the PF to get the good scores. Nudging at the top lanes as well as in the pops means that old school meets new school on this table. A really good game all around. Sweep the lower targets if you can and make sure to watch Bowen show you the way here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekkf4Z-O0Mo

it's up there with Nineball, Big Game and Stars in my book. Scores updated accordingly.
9 years ago
awesome bonus countdonw!
10 years ago
This game is just so-so. The artwork is a little on the unattractive side in my opinion and the playfield is just overrun with too much green. I also found the orientation of the drop target banks a little strange.
10 years ago
A nice single ball game. Stargazer and Big Game are still my favourite single ball Stern though.
There are 26 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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