Q*Bert's Quest

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2 years ago
This isn't a well loved machine by most pinball players but I think it's fantastic and unique. The four flipper with reversed ball save flippers was done once and only once. The theme was a transfer of the popular video game Q*Bert. As far as video game to pinball transfers go, I think this probably did better than any other. It's short comings are it's sound and speech which are consistent with the video game in being minimalist and incomprehensible. Q*Bert essentially swears when making mistakes but the speech is reversed to make it incoherent. There's not enough love out here for this game.
2 years ago
I never thought I would get to play a real Q*Bert, but Galloping Ghost has one and I've got to play it a lot over 2 weekends of play. I did before I played the real thing play a virtualized version of one. This pin has a really unique and cool layout, I also like the prospect of if you're good at nudging time it right then you can cave your ball with the lower flippers. SDTM drains can still be dangerous, but if you build up your pyramids they can be worth a lot of points and draining down the sides you won't get the bonus.
Just like the unique layout the ruleset and scoring is just as unique. Unique, but not good... Not a lot to shoot for in this pin. The goal is to complete pyramids and stop the monsters. If the enemy/monster timer plays out then you lose a square on the pyramid. There are targets that set the enemies back, and if you make the shot you get points for defeating the enemy and another one starts at another location. There are three enemy locations with 3 shots. And there are a handful of ways to make pyramids, mostly by rollovers.
Not a lot of points, this game is very, very grindy. Very, very Grindy... I had fun playing the game and learning the rules, and there is some skill, and it can be fun in small dosages. Interesting and unique game, but not a great game.
The art is good, and really fits the theme. Cab is horrible though, but playfield and translite are good for the source. Music isn't really great, it speeds up when the enemies get closer to getting your block. The noises and speech are from the video game and again fit the theming.
All in all. This is a game that if you see in the wild or at a convention, you should play it. But, the novelty wears off and I don't really think it fits in a persons collection... Unless you lover Q Bert...
6 years ago
A very "decent" game. It's an early Trudeau and a solid System 80 title. It's very unique it's layout with the "lane save" flippers (similar to those on "Farfalla"). I think the fact that it's Q*Bert helps. Would be fun to own in a larger collection (as it's different), but not anything I'd go searching for. Very understandable as to why there were under 1,000 made. I enjoyed it.
6 years ago
A unique and fun game, doubt it will have lasting power though
8 years ago
Qbert is a game that took a lot of chances. This table:

1) A pinball based on Gottlieb's (Best and only successful) video game
2) Looks like John Trudeau really tried some different ideas with this layout

The Good:
A brilliant and unusual figure 8 layout that uses a 4 flipper arrangement that has never been seen before or again. Getting used the the left/right alignment of the flippers may take a game or two, but it makes perfect playing sense. The standup at the top of the PF is a VERY hard shot to make. The left "Coily" shot in particular is rewarding, goes to the lanes at the top right hand side of the pf. The video game sounds are perfect for this deck.

The Bad:
Considering the layout, there are very few shots to be made. Points are made by the lanes and the standup at the top of the PF, that's about it. Considering the amount of creativity and brilliance of the PF design, the game is, well... not really there. Onve you figure out the flipper arrangement, the ball never wants to drain. It got to the point where I just walked away from boredom.

The Takeaway:
Kudos to Trudeau for trying something different. Play it so you can say you played it, but the novelty wears out quickly. The video game is far superior to the pin.
13 years ago
Played by my brother so I might have a different opinion than him.
There are 6 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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