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Game Design: 7.244

Artwork: 7.015

Sounds/Music: 2.267

Other Aspects: 7.304

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There are 6 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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1 year ago
Although an older game and not one from the major mfr's, but this game played sooo smooth. Playfield, switches, gates, very easy playing fun game.
2 years ago
This is one of the best EMs I've ever played.
Here's how it goes:
You'll build up your silver bonus to max in seconds, sometimes by accident. Are you going to cash it in? If you don't, you're leaving points on the table! But to collect your silver you'll need to get into that saucer, and that's hard to do. If you shoot the saucer head on at full strength, the ball will just bounce right over. There's an obscure move called a "lob shot" which isn't normally useful, but this game was made for it. A lob shot is like a tap pass, but instead of doing a really short tap, you do a slightly longer tap. This shoots the ball, but at less than full strength.

Spinners = Fun
Left loop shot = Fun

This game really makes you feel like you're collecting precious metals. Rarely does an EM reach such heights of theme-feel.
The only thing that holds this game back is the art package. Backglass and playfield aren't my favorite. But the cabinet art is cool.
3 years ago
The fastest EM I have ever played. The ball SCREAMS across the playfield. Whatever sonic used to coat these playfields are the best clear ever used in a pinball machine. Rolls as fast as a modern game with an EM layout. The two spinners are great, super satisfying to rip. Double bonus ladder is great, always something to shoot. I love the cabinet art especially, backglass and playfield art is cool but in some places the scale of things is off. However, the pin is great fun. SUPER fast for the era, with modern flipper size and placement, you get a lot of control which isn't always the case with EMs.
3 years ago
This is a complex EM with a neat gimmick of two bonus ladders. Basically, you want to max out and double you gold bonus because it's worth 10x what your wimpy silver bonus is worth. You can just shoot the left lane over and over to do this. The twist is that you can't collect your gold bonus without draining the ball. You can build and collect your silver bonus as many times as you can. There are even two silver bonus collect holes. It really wants you to cash the silver in!

The middle saucer is the dumbest part of this game. If you try to shoot it, the ball will pop up and hit the glass. You're only allowed to luck into that one. The rest of the game feels pretty great.

Gold bonus is kind of overwhelmingly more valuable than silver though. You're probably not going to double/max your gold bonus across 5 balls. Whatever silver you're able to grind out along the way is peanuts compared to if you had just hit a few more golds. Still, when you're on that ball with your maxed gold bonus, it sure is fun to have a reason to keep going.

I realize due to the nature of EMs it wouldn't be feasible to implement, but this would be better game if the gold bonus was worth maybe 3 or 5x what the silver was so the game was more balanced.
3 years ago
I found this game to have many unique features for its age like the double bonus system and found it very challenging to get extra ball and haven’t got specials yet,some good shots and love the sound,people tell me under 200 made So finding one to play will be a mission.
9 years ago
Prospector is a game that has an unusual feel to it. It feels like a Game Plan table to me...

The Pros:
This game is fast! Alternating bonus spinners (like HGTR's) is a good reason to shoot and rack up your bonus. The center silver bonus collect is tough... the upper right silver collect bonus is tougher! Both shots are satisfying. Double Bonus on an EM table is way sweet!

The Cons:
Finding one to play is not easy. The upper kickout lane is more luck than skill.

The Takeaway:
A great game if you can find it. I think it's up there with Faces and Cherry Bell from this Spanish manufacturer.

Alright, How many EM games do you know with a double bonus ladder on it? I can think of Williams Grand Prix, but even then GP has two ladders with the same value. This deck has two different ladders with different values. Hitting the 5&6 targets is Hyooj as it doubles your Gold (extra decimal point) bonus, but those targets are DANGEROUS!!! I have yet to be able to shatz the inlanes on this deck for the 5&6 on left and right inlanes respectively. The left orbit shot is the most valuable shot to me as it is safe, makes points and adds to the fold bonus. Build and collect scoring rulesets are my fave and this one would be awesome if you could collect gold as well as silver, but the silver bonus will keep you working once your gold bonus is maxed and doubled out. Good action all over the table with hungry outlanes will keep you challenged at all times.

Unfortunately, my copy has water damage in the cab which is made out of disintegra-tech (tm) particle board. The man that I bought this deck from is a big Laurel and Hardy fan. This game is perfect for that kind of collector.
There are 6 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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