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Popeye Saves the Earth

Pinside rating

This game received 146 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 7.003 /10


Top 100 ranking

This game ranks #269 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

Score breakdown

Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 6.681

Artwork: 7.664

Sounds/Music: 7.123

Other Aspects: 6.708

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This is how we, the very knowledgeable (wink wink) staff & moderators rate this game. 1 of us has rated this game.


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Found 90 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 90 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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19 days ago
Underrated pin where there's more that meets the eye. Harder than it looks with a fun ruleset to get to wizard mode.
4 months ago
Great for new players. Fun at first but gets boring after a while. I like the upper playfield idea. Its not a bad game but definetly not a very good pin. Still the machine deserves a better place on the list.
4 months ago
I really enjoy playing this game any chance I get. It will make it on my wishlist!
5 months ago
Review scores seems to be all over the place for Popeye.

I want to like it, theme, artwork and widebody should make it attractive, but this game just fails to keep me interested.

I hate the layout, especially the fact that the majority of the playfield is hidden for players taller than toddler-size. Upper playfield is OK, but not used enough.
The left blue ramp is a good idea but implemented quite bad, perhaps If they made it in clear plastic it would have worked better.

They could have made better use of the theme as well. Did Bally cancel a Noah´s Ark pin and merge it with this? Seems like it..

Sorry for the bad score, but in my opinion, the worst of the mid-90´s pins.
10 months ago
Got a chance to play this one recently and enjoyed it. Not a Top Ten pin by any stretch, but still fun. I don’t understand the bad reputation for this machine; it’s not bad. The big boat was distracting, and the play rules were not apparent; you have to play several times to get an idea of what to do to earn points. But no more different than a lot of other pins. Good, solid pin.
10 months ago
My friends has this machine and it is a fun time. Shots are predictable at first but for some reason as I play it the shots seem to elude me. Bluto eating your pinballs makes me laugh every time. Silly pirates. I suggest you play a few games if you see this gem it in the wild.
11 months ago
Found a Popeye for sale, almost didnt get it because of all the bad stigma. Then I came across one at an arcade, I had a blast playing it! The table is so much fun! The music is great! The callouts are awesome and funny! I think its one of the best looking layouts ever, game play does suffer a little becuase of the blocked view under the lower play field. But after 2 games you start looking past it and you dont even think about it! I ended up buying one for sale afterwards.

After Owning it a year i have updated my rating. Its still fun to play though!
12 months ago
Well how is this at 209 in the rankings??? A fully loaded if slightly bizarre machine - can be slow and confusing, but ultimately does the theme great justice and is lighthearted fun to play. Not a top 10 pin, but should be well inside top 100
1 year ago
Interesting layout but I find it difficult to keep track of the ball on the play-field, maybe just need to play it more. Otherwise, very fun game to play and would be a nice addition to a collection if you can pick it up for a reasonable price.
1 year ago
The saving the environment theme is a little weird but you're still basically fighting Bluto and trying to save Olive Oyl. The skill wheel is unique and offers great rewards that requires not much skill at all but that's not necessarily a bad thing. The play field layout is well designed and the upper play field doesn't really block anything once you know where things are. Once you get to know the rules they are pretty easy to understand though some objectives are not that obvious if you don't know the rules. No more so than any other pin? The game has some difficult shots but nothing that's impossible to make. The upper play field is a blast and even though it has it has some quirks it's still extremely fun to play. Not only does it have a maze to find Swee Pea but you can power up your animals and there are a bunch of awards to choose from. Loops can be fast as anything. The DMD animations are fun and really begs for a color DMD, something I would love to add in the future.

This game is a keeper for me. I keep coming back to it and it puts a smile on my face every time. I'm also happy that it is NOT well regarded, so currently prices are low and I was able to get a decent deal on it. It's also cool that it's a wide body!
1 year ago
First of all, I must say I agree with the many Pinsiders who state this is a very underrated game. It is not at top 10 machine in my opinion, but it well deserves a spot on top 100. A bang for the buck machine.

That said, my lowest rates are for the game design (not low, but other aspect score higher IMO). There are some small flaws, such as:
* Drop targets hidden under upper playfield is not only skillshots, but has a bit of a luck-factor as well
* Hitting the elevation ramp to upper playfield is not entirely skillbased
* Finding Sweetpea in videomode is really hard to get
* Multiball is fairly easy to get as well as multiple jackpots - a bit unbalanced
* Eject of balls from Blutos mouth, sometimes can go straight down the middle between flippers
* Not as many clean and dopamine rewarding shots compared to top 40 pins

But the different modes are fun to play and the general 'feel' of Popeye is great. The rules are easy to understand and easy played.

As I have seen in ratings of many different machines, Popeyes artwork and sound also divides people a bit. I am pro Popeyes artwork. I love the colours and the cartoonlike design. Great humor and spot on theming.

Music, sounds and speech are great and I love the callouts - great humor.

All in all a really good pinball machine. When I got it, I didn't expect it to be in my collection for he longest time, but now I am not so sure it will leave soon
1 year ago
This game is pretty much the house favorite. I have no problems or dislikes in this game. However, I have had it several years, and know how challenging it is with some tough shots. Just a great pin. Yes, its fast. That's one of this games best features. You can delay the time going up escalator ramp to 7 seconds before it shoots to the upper playfield, if that helps. The players who do not like this machine. Need to play one in working condition, maybe. Great bang for buck. This pins zany theme always makes people smile. Its just fun, always challenging.
1 year ago
Great theme that has a bit of a twist to it with having to save the earth but I think it fits in very well. It’s fast and fun, it keeps me coming back for more. Some people complained they can’t see shots underneath the upper playfield, I think it’s fine, if you know how to play then you don’t need to see the ball every square inch it travels over. This is a great game, but I can see how a novice would be turned away because it is challenging and has a nice deep ruleset and the outlanes aren’t very forgiving. The DCS sounds phenomenal with a subwoofer, art work is crazy and while the animals don’t really match the Popeye style of art I think it blends well anyway.
1 year ago
I like this better than Indiana Jones . Not that bad how others think.
2 years ago
This is one of those games that needs to be well maintained to be appreciated. There is a lot that can go wrong, but if everything is working properly, this is a fun and challenging game with a very deep rule set. There are a lot of different ways to try to play this game. Theme is a little weird. Popeye never struck me as a tree hugger, but it does add to the humor of this game. Callouts are funny ("A little toxic waste never hurt anybody"-Bluto) and game is family friendly, although the Bluto chaining up Olive Oyl image on the DMD is a little risky. Way underrated. Not saying this is a top 100 game or anything. But should be a lot higher than it is.
2 years ago
Great game very underrated, wich is good cause you can find it for a good price! All people who said the pinball is bad, Im sure they never played the pinball or never owned one. The animations, the light, sounds, etc.. all of it is just great! For me its better than an Adams o Indiana Jones, White water, funhouse (owned them all). It should be rated in the top 30 best pinballs.

If you have the chance to own one, Im sure you are not going to be dissapointed at all.
2 years ago
Popeye is a good game, this is for me a underrated game !
2 years ago
I wasn't expecting much when I saw Popeye for sale in a bar up the Sunshine Coast. The owner was sick of giving patrons their money back as it had a fault where it would reset the game when you touched the left flipper. I was amazed that it was in near perfect condition cosmetically and when i got it home the issue had magically fixed itself! I've owned it for a month now and am loving it. My family and I relate to the eco friendly theme as it's probably the only pinball that has this. I like the fast play, the side animal ramp and the swee pea mini playfield which is tricky but fun and up to 6 ball multiball. I enjoy the Bluto challenges as well and rescuing the animals by getting he loop shot. Once you work out all the rules it's not that hard to rack up high scores and I guess my only negative would be that occasionally the ball will fly off wildly when playing the top mini field and occasionally when the ball is spat out from the middle trough it will go straight down the guts(but maybe that's just my machine needing an adjustment). The music at the start of a ball gets a little repetitive and 'I'm gunna level ya' at the end...I wish they'd done a few different variations but it's no biggie. They could've done more interactive stuff with the DMD as well. I replaced the 2d with the original 3d Bluto head and a full led kit and it all looks awesome. I'm just glad that so many people whinge about this game so that I was able to get it for a bargain price compared to other Bally Williams 'superpins'. It would've been a lot better with more shout outs to tell people what to shoot for.
2 years ago
This is my second Popeye. very underrated game still have not made it to the end. Pick this one up as undocumented Huo comes with most of the original decals for replacements on plastics which are incredibly rare.
2 years ago
I recently got to try it out at a show. I didn't care for it.
2 years ago
If you can find one for a good value, I'd pick it up. Don't be surprised though when it turns out to justify it's value though. PLayfield art is beautiful, cab is very nice, and everything else is average. Some aspects of the layout really annoy me. I perosnally hate the ball launch as you can expolit the awards (draining wiht ball save), and the fact that the ball can just roll down the right outlane. Saying the callouts are okay is a bit of a stretch, but if you are a fan of the show, you'd probably like them. If you like the theme, pick one up. If you don't, don't.
2 years ago
This game was very sluggish and, frankly. bland to play. There is no action during gameplay to keep the player engaged. This one is pretty forgettable.
2 years ago
Popeye certainly plays very fast and has quite challenging shots towards the top of the play field. There is a lot going on on this wide body and it is fun and looks great with LED's. Great fun game with all the old music which I remember as a kid. A keeper in my book and brings a smile to the face when the machine is setup correctly.

This machine plays great when the 6 ball led's are all working well. Had multiple ball feeds occurring just before the multiball, once fixed it plays great. Once all the switches and ball feeds work 100% its a fun and challenging game.
2 years ago
This is another game I was very much looking forward to playing. When I found it in a lineup in Houston I was excited. I went directly to it first. I will say the game had some issues and the room was very dark. I played 5 games thinking, no, it just me. I need to get use to it. I no longer have any desire to play this game again.
3 years ago
Had for only a couple weeks. It wasn't a lot of fun and pretty hard to be honest. The flippers up top are too small and it doesn't have great over game play. It seem pretty choppy, we couldn't get into the flow. It also didn't help Brutus would spit the ball straight down the middle randomly. I wouldn't recommend, even for a famuly
There are 90 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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