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Game Design: 7.298

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Sounds/Music: 5.921

Other Aspects: 7.672

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Found 57 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 57 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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8 months ago
It was a fun game to play..who didn't like playboy mags... It was very cool... everybody wanted to play it..
1 year ago
Found one locally went to play it thought it was quite boring at 1st.
Watched a few videos learned what I was doing and after understanding and tuning up game a bit it is rather fun.I think the game looks very sexy next to some of the older titles I have.

Based on that and the good game play it'll be staying for a little while.

Ordered a brand new playfield will install it someday then edit review.

New CPR playfield installed! Now it's crazy fast playing. Fun game with cool sounds.(keeper for awhile)
1 year ago
I will play this any time I run across it. Its been a while though.
1 year ago
I was so excited to get to the bowling alley every saturday so i could use my allowance to play this game. Being 10 years old the idea of seeing and playing something "Playboy" was simply awesome!
2 years ago
This is a classic pin, played as a kid at the local Tastee Freeze and have it in my collection now. Very iconic and fun to play but as an early SS, not much to the sound. It you owned one early Bally SS Pin, this is a good one. It won't compare playwise to a modern day pin, but it still makes me smile while playing it.
2 years ago
Simple game play, but fun to play and easy for beginners to pick up. Nice playfield layout for a 1978 machine - I remember playing it when it came out, and enjoy it just as much today.
3 years ago
This pin should be top 100 on artwork alone. Has to be one of the best looking old school pins out there. I had mine brought back to life by a couple of fellow Pinsiders and man does it look and play amazing. I mean it’s obviously classic game play not like the ultra fast play of the newer pins but that’s why I have it. 1978 pinball at its finest. Do yourself a favor and add softlight pink LED’s to the playfield. Really makes it pop. I love the old school feel and sound of it. The grotto shot when it’s all full is an awesome feeling especially hitting it around the right orbit. Gameplay is a bit lackadaisical but if you don’t hit your shots correctly and think ahead for your next shot those outlanes are drain monsters even with the posts moved all the way back. All in all just owning this pin to look at and admire is worth the price of admission but the classic gameplay keeps me coming back time and time again.
3 years ago
Playboy! Used to be iconic and the "dirty" secret of arcades! (Hey guys, I played a Playboy!) Now seems so tame...

Good Solid State game and lots of them around. Some like the Pink/Magenta cabinet, not sure myself but it does fit the theme. Iconic again.

I enjoy the Backglass more than the playfield (girls are beautiful on pf, don't get me wrong). More references to the magazine contents in the backglass like Easter Eggs.

Go find one and turn it over for big bucks! :)
3 years ago
Classic 80’s Bally pinball. Great theme and artwork. Not very challenging but has great shots for a game of it’s age. Overall fun game.
3 years ago
This game was like a pinball version of the magazine... without the centerfold or the great articles! The backglass sucks you in (Patti McGuire was my favorite playmate) but the game is only average for an early "classic" SS game. It's fun for a while but doesn't grab you and keep you wanting to play again! The theme might be somewhat "adult" for young children (Mom, what's the "grotto?") But the play is middle of the road classic Bally. The main thing this machine has going for it is nostalgia.
3 years ago
I loved playing Playboy back in the day as a teenager, was probably one of the first pinball machines I ever played, and definitely was the one I played the most! A neighbor has this pinball machine and I’ve played it numerous times at his home. I love the upper bumper shots where it can shit the ball back up thru one of the three entrances. It’s always fun to try on the initial shot to drop the ball thru the lit entrance and then get the bumpers to shoot the ball back up thru so that you can work to get all three entrances lit. Really enjoy the challenge of getting all of the drop targets down. For me this is a really great and fun game to play!

04/09/23 Update of Rating: While I still enjoy this pin, out of the 3 I own this doesn’t hold the fun and interest for me as it once did. The Translite in hindsight is not impressive, though Translite’s have nothing to do with game play enjoyment. “Lastability” is downgraded because for all of the shot making, multiballs, etc. it returns the lowest scoring for the a,Lunt of game play. Another downgrade to the overall rating is due to this pin coming with LED’s but for the Backbox to have a fluorescent bulb in it. I’ll be keeping this pin but it doesn’t have the fun factor it once had.
4 years ago
It's all about the nostalgia. It looks great in a collection and I know some people idolize this machine...but it's dated. It's a simple game and easy to learn. The issue is that shots are almost too easy to make and you can beat the machine if you're good at nudging and know how to aim. Even a novice can put this game away. The playfield is tacky, off-setting the sweet backglass and the audio is an absolute crapfest with the same dings and "song" you get to hear every five seconds if you can get into the little left Grotto area. It's a decent game but nothing more than a passing play for me.
4 years ago
This is always a fun game to walk up to and play a few games. Doesn't hold a candle to today's games but I've played it a ton during my drinking years at the pub! The artwork was great for it's time.
4 years ago
Do da do do!

I love the sounds this machine makes. It almost makes up for how average the game is. The backboard also does its job well, with the big nosed ol lady hidden within the scene. The chimes and whistles are the driving factor of making this long lasting for me.

Yet, i don't recommend it if you are looking for a game with something new or outstanding. It's nothing special in play. It's easy to get bored of unless your fighting for a highscore.
4 years ago
My father had this machine in his garage when I was growing up. Played it for many years. It's what got me into pinball in the first place. There's a lot of nostalgia here, so I may not be fully objective about my review, but whatever.

The artwork is excellent - especially for the era. It really is a pretty machine, if it's in good shape. It makes a helluva show piece, done right. The little Playboy tune that plays when you start a game (or hit the grotto) is unique for the era as well. Gameplay... well, it's a late 70s SS machine, and it plays like one. You have some drop targets, some standups, the right loop, the extra ball shot, the pops, and the grotto - and that's really about it. But that was normal for the time. It's one of the better machines of its era. The theme is well executed and it doesn't look horribly dated like a lot of other machines of its time. I don't know why, but it really stands the test of time in terms of appearance.

I don't know that I'd ever own one again, but I know if I saw one somewhere (unlikely, now), I'd want to play it at least once. If you're into old SS machines, this is a great one to get.
5 years ago
Classic, fun, great looking game.
5 years ago
A fun game I played back in the day on location. For an early Bally SS game it's more challenging than other pins of the late 70's. Artwork is excellent, a trend setter in it's time.
5 years ago
I spend my childhood with these ladies. Still a good memory...
5 years ago
great early game. it was one of the most played in bars when I was growing up. fairly easy game and not a lot to do but this was one of the games along with EBD. this game is part of the history of pinball
6 years ago
Good game. Many ratings relate to nostalgia I believe.
6 years ago
One of the classic Bally games from the 1970's that plays great today as it did in the 70's.
6 years ago
It is a looker with the two Playboy Bunnies and all of the pink.

I had mine set up steep and it played OK. But there is not really much to do. One drop target assembly with five targets that is hard to access to make a hit. And five standup targets to shoot for. And an Extra Ball shot.

I enjoyed mine while I had it. Sold it. And I don't miss it. But it sure was pretty.
6 years ago
I used to have this, and I do miss it.
6 years ago
I think of Playboy when I think of classic Bally games from the early solid state era: easy to learn, straight-forward goals, flashy artwork and a fantastic licenced theme. The art package on the game is easily in the top five of the era, with the edgy Bally artwork blowing away the cartoon corny-ness of the Gottlieb art packages of the same time. The pink and black that dominates the palate are presented in a visually pleasing way. I'm sure this theme would have drawn one or two adolescent boys to it back in the day, but is very tame by today's standards. The right orbit grotto shot through the pop bumpers feels so good when you make it, and not many shots like that exist in pinball from this era (that don't involve a spinner). Playboy comes out near the top of the heap for games released in the late-70s and early-80s.
6 years ago
I think the game play matches the theme really well.
Its fun to roll over the score on this one!
There are 57 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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