Pirates of the Caribbean

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Game Design: 8.056

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Other Aspects: 8.019

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Found 299 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 299 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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8 years ago
Family friendly theme. Underrated as a player IMO. Lots of neat toys crammed into this one.
8 years ago
Sinking the ship is pretty cool. There seems to be alot to do on the playfield. I like the game but it is overpriced, in my opinion.
8 years ago
fun machine !!!
8 years ago
I just started playing this a week or so ago...didn't like it at first, but it quickly sucked me in, and once you start to figure out what to go for and when, it really makes for a super fun game with lots of lastability. The ship and chest are both neat features, but I really like the timed lock, and Tortuga multiball. It's easy to stack with Battle with the Kraken, and can make some real good points. A nice variety of shots that will test your skills, and some that are just a death wish if you don't do it properly, but when you hit them over and over it is very very rewarding. Great game.
8 years ago
Nice theme, interesting toys (I love the Chest!). Good pin with long ball times…which does not mean it is easy (how many times have you completed the 4 winds !?). Some really nice shots, including the skill shot.

Might be repetitive after a while. Not so fan of Backglass artwork. Music is average at best. Some toys are probably fragile. Both machines I found on route had issues with the ship.
8 years ago
A home run from Stern.
8 years ago
really fun game loved hitting the ship. Can get a little boring after a while.
8 years ago
The rocking ship is awesome. Fun game to play.
8 years ago
Very fun game. Games can be very long and multiball are very frequent. I would like to play Home Use Only one because the one (stand in a bowling) I've played wasn't in fine condition. Yet I had got a lot fun and pleasure with POTC. The ship is a very good toy and it motivates you to sink the ships again and again. Wish I could test it any further once. Edit : now at home since two years and I like a lot the gameplay with original trajectories, especially the skillshot is very tigh and the double skillshot almost impossible. The main downside is that the strategy to score is tortuga+multiball ad libitum. The lastability is good if you focus on missions and try to achieve the four winds multiball, but no so good if you play in a competitive way. The sound and music cry for a custom rom, what I’ve done, and with original movie soundtrack it becomes much more immersive and rewarding. I often play this pin only the hear music and sound I’ve integrated in my custom rom. Access to some music needs some work and hearing them is so satisfaying :-)
8 years ago
Prates of the Carribean is a good game from Norman and team. They have captured the feel of the movie series (and even the ride at the parks) very nicely.

The Pros:
Great theme and toys to compliment it. Dancing pirates on the DMD make me want to do a jig. The Kraken toy is fantastic. I like it even better than MM's castle because you actually interact with it on the PF. The game has a fan layout, but does not feel like it due to the shortness of many shots, creative placement of the Tortuga, Chest, Jack the Monkey (Best name for a shot ever!) and orbit paths and feeds to different parts of the PF. The Super skill shot requires SUPER SKILL.

The Cons:
The rules at higher levels get tedious and monotonous. The wizard modes on this game are incredibly tough. Four winds is something most players will never reach and the Gauntlet is so difficult that most mere mortals will never complete it, much less see it.

The Takeaway:
If anyone complains about this game being too easy... they have obviously NEVER ran the gauntlet. Yo-ho, Yo-ho a pinball game for me...

This game is about multiball stackability for hyooj scores. If you can get tortuga and HEART multiball going, get a few balls to boost the playfield multiplier and THEN start hitting shots and the chest. WOW. You can easily boost your score by 100 mil. when it is up and running. Go for the ship as well to get an Add-a-ball during multiball maddess and make even more points! Does that mean that you want to go for four winds? Yeah, but you definitely want to focus on your multiball stacks as it is much easier to get to and you can do it many times before you only have to defeat Davey Jones and Jack the Monkey. Actually Jack the Monkey isn't hard to get. I just wanted to say Jack the Monkey again. After having been to four winds a few times... I can't even FATHOM what it would be like to play for The Gauntlet. And from what I know about it, each shot to the Tortuga spinner awards you ONE Gauntlet point. I talked to a great player who owned this table and he told me he was never so damn excited in his life to score double digits on an pinball game. The playfield is cut in half. Similar to a layout like Creech where if you do not get the shot made spot on... it is coming right back to you at high ricochet speed. This table is a great skills game. Play on playas!

update v.2
Stacking all 3 multiballs is a real treat! and while four winds multiball is great, it really is about defeating davy jones. the rest of the arrows on the compass will come to you as you play the game without really having to focus on them. While rarely seen the gauntlet is a great wizard mode that features a different kind of scoring system. yes you get points, but the gauntlet points harken back to the days of EM sports games with a second kind of a scoring system. This wizard mode has you shoot every shot on the table as it progresses. Yes... every shot. Very well done. It's so good that I wish that the mode was integrated into gameplay in a more frequently seen and played manner. Learning to set up multi-multiballs is how to tourney this game out. Go for the ship in another multiball only. that shot is dangerous and does not feed consistently from the release. This game may seem simple to some, but it really is a better player than many give it credit for.
8 years ago
Pirates of the Caribbean is a truly fun pinball game. Owning one for over 6 months now and playing a couple of games on a daily basis! Every time with a lot of pleasure. It keeps a question why POTC is stuck in the 30+ position in the Pinside Top 100?!? It really should be rated a much higher spot.
8 years ago
Definitely an enjoyable machine to play. Not the fastest in the flow department but still lots of fun. The ship is a pretty cool toy and the rest of the machine is a nice package.
9 years ago
nice playing game
9 years ago
Another Stern gem in my opinon. The sinking ship feature is sure to draw people of all ages (esecially younger ones) to the game. Other cool features such as the spinning disk of Tortuga and the Dead Man's Chest are also great eye candy which are also functional parts of the gameplay. Everytime I see one of these, I will make every effort to play a game or two if I can. Great artwork and special effects top off one on my personal top 10 pins!
9 years ago
This one has a terrifle flow: many shots will just lead to a STDM or right to the outlanes. The ship on the back of the playfield is beautiful, but it serves no purpose at all, so I don't see why it was put there. They could have used the resources & space better.
9 years ago
Played this table a dozen times and found it very frustrating. The theme is nice, the sinking ship is neat, but the table seems set up to drain the ball a LOT. I think the flippers are set about 1/4 an inch too far apart in my opinion. I had a very hard time picking up any kind of steam with it. I would probably play it a lot more if I owned it, but pumping .75 per credit into it was just not a lot of fun for such a frustrating game.

EDIT: I played another Pirates at a different location and it was a TON of fun! I discovered that the operator of the other pirates table (A bowling alley in Irvine) has put different flippers on his machine, which appear to be slightly smaller than the stock flippers that came with the machine, which obviously causes the ball to drain more. also the peg that the ball bounces off of when exiting the hold after hitting the ship seems to have been removed, or modified so that the ball would be more likely to drop straight down the middle when released. It was also nearly impossible to go up the Tortuga ramp on the bowling alley machine, while the theme park machine would get me up it every time I hit the ramp.

Again, gave this a second chance in a new locationand had a ton of fun playing it! With the table in un-modified working order my games were much longer and enjoyable.
9 years ago
My Personal favorite of all time. I love the Ride, the movies and the game. Easy to understand game play, Sink ships, kill Kracken, lock tortuga multipball fight davy jones. it has it all. i love this game
9 years ago
Extremely enjoyable home purchase. Play it all the time and don't regret the price tag one bit. Lots of neat multiballs and modes, too.
9 years ago
Nice game. Fun. A bit too easy. Overall good pin.
9 years ago
Overall was very fun to play, with lots of interesting little tidbits, though seemed like lastability might have be a bit of an issue.
9 years ago
One of my all time favorite games. Love the shots, flow, call outs. Deep enough to have long term fun but also a hit with non pin people who visit us as well.
9 years ago
I'm not as much of a fan of this theme as most people, so that's probably why I don't find it as enjoyable. It's a fun game, but not one of my favorite Sterns.
9 years ago
This machine is good, but the sound a bit weird, i cannot explain it!

the sinking ship is quite cool though!
9 years ago
Solid table that seems a bit lacking for a few reasons: Obvious Johnny Depp soundalike; little or no ties to Disneyland or the original attraction; that awful wheel. (I just don't like those kinds of targets.) But the game does have a certain unexplainable replayability, almost like it's daring you to beat it.
9 years ago
Had this pin in my collection for two years and me and my children just never really embraced it. The ship toy was really the only thing that this pin had going for it.
There are 299 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 8 of 12.

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