Pirates of the Caribbean

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Game Design: 8.047

Artwork: 7.82

Sounds/Music: 7.435

Other Aspects: 8.006

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Found 298 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 298 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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5 years ago
This is an amazing machine. Great play field layout. Great animation. Amazing sound. The artwork is great. There is nothing negative that I can say about this game. I love it. One of my favorites.
5 years ago
Played a decent copy of this. stop and go deluxe in my opinion. It's a good example of a theme being force fed. I'd rather not have a pinball machine if this was my only choice
5 years ago
Played this at a pinball expo and really like it. I haven't seen the movie, but the pin is lots of fun. I would add it to my collection.
5 years ago
Awsome game, great toys, and really fun to play.
5 years ago
Very underrated game. Rules are easy to understand and game play is easy to follow. It should be in the top 15. I have it next to my TOM and it surpasses TOM by far.
5 years ago
Too bad for drawing too much theater and otherwise ill-managed as the game would not be so bad
5 years ago
Great game fun to play very deep
5 years ago
POTC has excellent music, callouts, dots and looks beautiful. But let's talk about the rules! POTC is much more like IM than LOTR, and that gives it a strong "just one more game" appeal. Rather than slog through modes, your goal is to set up the perfect multiball, and cash in jackpots with multipliers. Most people walk up to the game and focus on the ship, which is missing most of the game. Specifically, this is how you blow up POTC: (1) shoot the Tortuga ramp enough times to prime it for multiball. (2) Shoot the chest enough times to light jackpots. (3) Sink the ship. (4) Immediately shoot Tortuga, and stuff as many balls up there as you can. (5) Kill the Kraken, and play out Tortuga multiball by collecting jackpots on the rest of the playfield (shoot Tortuga as often as possible to get jackpot multipliers).

If there's a weakness to the rules, it's that so many shots are required to start HEART multiball, and that it resets every ball. And it would have been nice to have a few modes, including a video mode. POTC is not deep by any means, but it has a lot of replay value for me and my family.

POTC has a unique layout that not everyone will love. I think the concerns about "stop and go" are overblown, but I have other games for loops and orbits. POTC is special. Grab a mug of your favorite grog, and enjoy the chance to grab a sip once in a while.
5 years ago
Finally got a POTC and man I love it! I have been owning FAST and hard games like TWD and IMVE and this is a nice change of pace. Definitely has longer ball times and a lack of constant drains, i.e., TWD. I'd put it square in the middle of a Stern pin (fast and hard) and a 90's Williams pin (repetitive pattern that repeats)

First of all, the machine is beautiful. Love the LED effects in mine and the game simply looks great. That said, the BG and side art are "meh" but overall it's a pretty pin.

Tons of toys, a decent Depp impressionist, and great use of the pirate theme make this game a winner! Plus, a nice wizard mode.
5 years ago
Family love it. Although sound isn't the best and neither are the call-outs. Typical Stern build quality..
5 years ago
Love PoTC. Admittedly a big draw for me is I love the ride/movies, so my ratings may be a be high as I'm drawn to the theme.
5 years ago
good diversity on this game
5 years ago
Good looking pin. Plays great but it is a little easy. Still a keeper.
5 years ago
its a nice looking machine,it plays o.k i like sinking tbe ship ,deal wit the kraken is fun but everytime i play one. the machine seems slow,not the flow and speed i like ,decent it o.k to play
5 years ago
loved the look of this play-field, thinks its very fun also love the speed of it.
5 years ago
This is one of my favorite modern Stern games. I keep coming back to it.
5 years ago
I personally own this one so I am a little biased. I really enjoy the theme and do not find the stand in voiceover callouts objectionable at all. game play is fun, but you really need to work to hit the wizard mode (complete the compass) a task I have yet to complete.
5 years ago
This pin is a Thriller! The multi ball is very exciting. The stock graphics on the cabinet are ok quality but the playfield is amazing & with a little customizing it becomes a primo game in anyone's collection. I think the sound is fantastic & the darker yo ho, yo ho at the beginning of each game really sets the tone.
5 years ago
My wife loves this game so I had to add it to my collection. I happy to find I really enjoy playing it as well. I'm usually not a fan of "toys" but the ship is well done and fits the theme really well.
6 years ago
Fun game good theme but quality of machine is weak. That said I will own one someday. Very fun to play and music and sound is awesome.
6 years ago
I Didn't think I was going to like this one but my wife loved it so i gave it a try.

I have to admit she was right! ( Don't let her know I said that! )

Sinking the ship is a great effect and ties to the theme very well.

Would I buy it? Yes
6 years ago
Great Game period
6 years ago
My second machine, great machine to mod. These is a lot of place in the machine to get some extra figures etc in. The playfield seems a bit large and empty but there are some great toys like the ship, chest and compass. Shots are not to difficult but you need to take time, there is not a great flow in this machine. Ball play can be very long. The rules are easy to understand but the ultimate four wind multiball is not easy to achieve. The monkey shot is a but boring, de ship shot is great, artwork is very nice. I only do not like the cabinet art that much but in the row of machines this does not show that much. I worked with pinball browser on the music, the music is ok for the theme but you are missing the masterpiece " he's a pirate", so did include that, now that is almost perfect.
6 years ago
Pirates of the Caribbean is one of those games that feels like the lower playfield is too bare and the upper playfield is too crowded. I liked the game play (sinking ships and attacking the Kraken is fun), but the shots seems like I was shooting longshots at wide open Swiss cheese.

The theme fits Pirates well, and I liked the DMD animations and I liked the call-outs. However, I just couldn't get in to the game. I'll bet this game could be fun for others who don't mind the barren playfield, but this wasn't my cup of tea.

I'd recommend playing Pirates, but not owning it.
6 years ago
This is a really great game. I felt they could've made the artwork a lot cooler on all aspects. But it's a really fun fast paced game with good angle shots. I love shooting the ship and fighting the kraken. One of my favorite games to play.
There are 298 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 4 of 12.

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