Pirates of the Caribbean

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Other Aspects: 8.018

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There are 299 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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11 years ago
Could have been better.
11 years ago
One of Stern's more solid pins, POTC is a lot of fun. You may have to give this pin an investment of time to finally "get it". I didn't think much of it at first. If your a fan of the movies, you will be in heaven, as lots of scenes have been integrated into the modes. Surprising amount of depth! Tons of fun shots to make (Parlay is cool), some great flow (side bank-targets are clever), cool light show, wicked toys (the ship and compass spinner ROCK), some light humor on the dot-matrix, and some great crystal clear sound effects (using the new Stern board). Included is the trademark "Yo Ho - Pirates Life For Me" song. The remaining music and art package (Stern photoshop-fest) are underwhelming, as well as the voice overs from a Johnny Depp sound-alike. This pin is extremely popular within a wide demographic, and gets ridiculous amounts in collections. Will be sought after with the arrival of a 4th new Pirates movie. Get yours before they go up in price!
11 years ago
I like the original layout of the playfield and love the ship and chest.
11 years ago
I like this machine. The playfield seems really crowded to look at but it doesn't feel all that cramped when you play it. Good use of space. The flow isn't that great, more of a shooter game. There was a lot to do and shoot. That pirate ship is a home run. Sounds fit the theme but it was so loud in the room I couldn't tell that wasn't Johnny Depp's voice, bummer. Art was good and the light show was awesome. My biggest complaint is the game has to be set up correctly or the ball will drain down the center when rolling back down one of the ramps or lanes. And most of the games on location are not leveled correctly and finding that sweet spot is a PITA without a level. I would like to own one but not before SM, IM or LOTR.
11 years ago
Nice game and the ship is a cool toy.
11 years ago
These movies were excellent and this machine does a great job refrencing all of them. The different game modes are straight from the movies but are so much fun. Sinking the 4 pirate ships is great. The ship that sinks into the playfield is an awesome touch.

One of the biggest things about this game is how in depth it is. I've played it countless times and it has taken quite some time to experience everything this machine has to offer. You could play it a dozen times and not even experience half of the game. Even still, that first half is exciting and enough to entice a beginner. Then the depth is excellent for an experienced player.
12 years ago
Take a week off of work if you get one, you wont be very productive thinking about playing it again. More of a target game than flow but very rewarding toys when hit. The game scores creep up fast once bonus multipliers are awarded. Great theme.
12 years ago
This machine had so much potential, but someone dropped the ball with the crappy voice impressions. Would it really have costed that much more to have the actors record a few phrases? I felt like there was a really bad comic hiding under the machine immitating the movie over and over and over... The tortuga ramp was a straight ball drain every single time. It got to the point where I no longer wanted to play the machine. I tried replacing the bulbs with led's but it didn't work either
12 years ago
I played this one a lot, especially last night, so I suppose that's one indicator it's a fun game. I couldn't help, but start to really think about it though. If I could make any changes, I would suggest that Stern gets rid of most of the plastic ramps that covers much of the playfield backside, (the metal they use mostly in LOTR looks a bit better). However, the ship sinking and Kraken features are entertaining. As far as game play, I wish this machine had a bit more humor and the flow was slightly better.

Bottom line, not my favorite game, not enough to buy, but certainly it will take more of my quarters at the local sports bar. Arrr!!!!
12 years ago
Unfortunately the ship was stuck in the sunk position on the unit I got to play. That being said, I still had alot of fun with this one and would recommend it.
12 years ago
There seemed to be something missing from this pin to me. It really did not standout. The ship toy in this game is awesome and the spinner in the top left corner is also pretty cool as well. The ship will actually fall under the table if you sink it. But the gameplay felt a bit flat to me for some reason.

After owning this pin for a while I've gained a lot of respect for it. Family friendly, unique layout, great call outs, and some cool toys well integrated into the theme.
12 years ago
Third pinball machine and by far the best Ive ever owned!The ship is awesome!
12 years ago
A cracking pinball from Stern, love the theme, excellent licence, fantastic sinking ship toy, a great all rounder, deserves higher ranking.
12 years ago
A good all round machine with reasonably fun gameplay.
Good color and artwork but lacking the replay factor.

Playfield layout is fairly open making for reasonable ball speeds.
Sounds could have been more numerous but they can be amusing.

Stern built a nice machine with 'Pirates of the Caribbean' although this machine does not feel as solid as the Bally/Williams pinnies.
12 years ago
Theme is pretty good, play is OK, but I find this machine gorgeous to look at. That being said, I'd love to have it in my home, but I wouldn't pay anywhere near the going rate.
12 years ago
I remember playing this one once or twice, and thinking, "Well, it's ok." Then I played it a bit more, and thought, "You know, this is pretty good." Wound up getting one, and let me tell you, I have zero idea why people rag on this game. It's AWESOME! Very fun to play, with a killer selection of toys. The ship may be the greatest toy on any pin ever, and the tortuga mixmaster is stellar as well. I've played a lot of pinball, and I'm having a hard time coming up with any mode more frantic and fun than Battle Davy Jones. Awesome in every conceivable way. Only negatives I can come up with are a lack of more Captain Jack quotes (although the Johnny Depp sound alike is spot on) and the fact that it's a standard Stern backglass with just a single florescent bulb...but that's pretty minor! I eventually sold mine, but loved it while I had. Guests also loved it - by far the most popular pin among non-pinheads I've ever owned.
12 years ago
I guess I really didn't just get this game. I felt like the ball spent a lot of time away from the flippers and just about every flip was into a ramp shot. I didn't find anything particularly challenging to hit and my games lasted very long. The pace was just too slow for me to really get into the game.

Also, I felt like the ball was moving about at a snail's pace in comparison to other machines. I had just come off of playing Junk Yard the first time I tried POTC, and it was almost a shock to the senses to see how much slower of a game it was. The game isn't a total failure, but I can't see it being one I'd either seek out to play very often or want to have in my collection.
12 years ago
At first this game seemed to play like a dud to me. The loop lanes are made in a way that always bring the ball right on top of the slingshots. This seems to be intended in the design and it sure takes some getting used to. But once you understand the flow the game is great fun. Now, I'm not a huge fan of the movies but this pin is more about pirates in general than it is about the movies. The ship toy is so great that you keep watching it go - up - down - up - down... awesome assembly and a great game overall!
12 years ago
Disappointed. I was looking forward to playing this (I'm a fan, Arrg) but turns out "Black Rose" is still the better pirate theme pin.
Ghost ship is well done but I found play a bit sterile and lacking in the toys/gimmicks I look forward to distracking me during gameplay.
I'll stick to the Black Rose.
12 years ago
I have a pirates and all my family and friends always play it. Not as good as spiderman but its up there!
12 years ago
I've played this one a lot. Good layout and lighting, but they could've done better on sound design and what I call "bouncing" meaning going from bumper to bumper, etc. The toys are cool (pirate ship, etc.) and overall fun, just could've tweaked some stuff a little to make it better.
13 years ago
Played alot of Pirates lately. Dont hate it like I used to but its not a favourite of mine and by now I guess it never will be. Its a beautiful looking machine. The playfield is a bit junky tho. Not a fan of how they used playfield space. And why does every one of these Pirates machines feel soo loosey goosey and rubbery? I have to wait and wait for the ball to finally stop bouncing around from sling to sling to rubber to rubber etc...enough already.
13 years ago
Super fun to bash the sails, sink the ship and destroy the Kracken. A few special rules like ability to lock multiple balls for mb was what made this game a keeper for many.
There are 299 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 12 of 12.

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