Pirates of the Caribbean

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Other Aspects: 8.006

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There are 298 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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9 years ago
The theme goes very well with the movies. The pirate ship is a cool toy. I bet it would look excellent with LEDs. I question its lastability. It is one of those games I am up in the air about. It is pretty fun but for over $3000 there are plenty more machines that are cheaper and more enjoyable.
9 years ago
My favorite Stern to date. The ship toy is ultra-cool. I'm not a big fan of the movies, so I was surprised at how much I liked this pin. Seems a bit easy for a pin I'd want to own, but I'll happily play one in the wild when I see it.
10 years ago
All my friends liked it, but i could not stand to play it any longer. For me it was more work than fun to play it. And it was way to much stop and go. But the toys and lightning are great.
10 years ago
I've had the Opportunity to Own 2- HUO POTC . I like the Pin , but I have to confess, I Only bought them to get another Pin.. But I can say that i did like it. The Treasure Chest is a cool mod, also the Sinking Ship.. The Pin Goes Great with the movie in every aspect . The Plastic shield around the ship look's Cheap, but we All know why it's there :) . It's NOT a B/W , so it's Fragile !! I'd like to get my 3rd POTC someday just to Explore it again.. B_R
10 years ago
What a stinker!

I don't walk away from credits in machines often, but I couldn't stand it anymore. I gave this machine a fair shake over two gaming sessions. Between the "sneeze guard" that cuts the playfield in two thirds, and the shots at the ship/chest that bore a player to tears.... I just can't recommend it.

At the end of the day, you're better off playing the zizzle version!

10 years ago
Love the POTC movies - huge fan. The pin ... ehhh not so much. My complaints are the focal toy (ship) is too easily obtained. The whirl pool decal is often non existent (worn out).
But those two things aside I too am one that doesn't like not having original voice clips used.
I find the rule set fairly bland. I'm hoping since there are (to date) two more POTC movies to be released that either a new pin will be released or software written to upgrade this machine. As it sits - for me it's not one to own and barely one to play in the wild.
10 years ago
Overall fun machine. Enjoy playing it. Sinking the ship after multiple hits is good.
10 years ago
original playfield but boring and not really funny ( played it a lot )
10 years ago
My favorite thing about this game is the ship toy in which the ball has to hit it three times and it will "sink". Can't get any better.
10 years ago
Found one of these in a Cape Cod arcade and had to try it out. After playing it for quite some time, I think that it is a very solid Stern. It has some cool toys in the form of the ship and Dead Man's Chest that are both fun shots to make. The coolest toy for me was the Tortuga ramp shot which has the spinning disc at the top. This was always a satisfying shot to make, and the multiball that could be started from this was super fun to get. The kraken multiball was fun as well, which you get every time you sink one of the ships. All in all, although not the deepest game I have ever seen, it is a likeable game that even people who don't like the movies should enjoy. The only Sterns (that i have played so far) that I like better than this are LOTR and FG.
10 years ago
Beautiful looking game that's fun to play! Not played it enough (never owned one) to know it intimately, but it's on my wants list!
10 years ago
Played a machine where the ship wasn't working so haven't had the joy of sinking it yet!! May change rating in the future if I get to play a fully working pin. Update: 02/10/11 - played this a lot more and it's a solid game. Still haven't seen a working ship though!
10 years ago
Fun game, but loses a lot of appeal when the ship doesn't work correctly and sink.
I've never seen the movies and don't have interest in doing so but they seem to have
pulled enjoy from the movies to make it a good port. Decent flow and sorta fun.
10 years ago
Perhaps the coolest toy in pinball! Nice theme. Nice art. Unfortunately, nearly non-existent flow and repetitive shots keep this one from greatness. Still love to blast away at that ship, though!
10 years ago
I felt like leaving credits in this machine and moving on to the next machine.
10 years ago
Just found this pin fun really enjoyed the rules.
10 years ago
I recently discovered the fn of this pin. I am am fan of the films and enjoyed the amny references withing the game like Liars Dice and other fun game modes. The ship toy is really cool and since you can actually sink it mae the game very fun.
10 years ago
Game gets old pretty quickly. Very fun at first then it just gets old
10 years ago
One of the first games that got me reinterested in pinball. I've always had a ongoing flirtation with pinball (thanks to my dad the pinball wizard) growing up; but never really got to play pinball with much frequency. Then one day this POTC pops up in my local Chuck E Cheese. The fact it's only one token to play combined with the newness (see working) of the machine; I was able to put in a decent amount of time on the machine and for that I'm indebted to it. Other than that, I pretty much agree with all that's been said previously.
10 years ago
A very solid Stern that really doesnt start to get going until you get deeper into the game. Stacking Heart Multiball with Davey Jones Battle & even Time Lock is a great way to score some big jackpots. Its definitly a shooters Stop & go game but in the right collection definetly has a lot of replay value.
10 years ago
really wanted to like this machine....i can't stand the flow of gameplay. too bad, great art, sound, and theme.
10 years ago
Very exciting, invites you to play to break down the sails and succumb to hear that voice .... pity about the design is unimaginative and the music. Improved.
10 years ago
A beautiful machine, great playfield art, cabinet art, and nice backglass. The shots are interesting and the toys are well done. Pirates is not lacking for things to shoot at and do. The goals are fun, and the center compass area to keep track of them is nicely done.

But Pirates starts to go downhill from there. The shots seem poorly integrated. Shoot the ship, ball dribbles out. Shoot the chest, ball dribbles out. The left orbit shot gets captured and shot to the upper lane/Parlay area. This all interrupts an overall fast and challenging game. I'm not particularly hung up on flow vs. stop and go. I like both, but Pirates doesn't seem to do either well.

The music is nothing special. I can't get excited about it and it doesn't draw you in. The sounds and voice calls are pretty boring and not very funny.

One last comment about the art, the artwork on the plastics has to be some of the worst I've seen. Overall, Pirates is beautiful. But then you have plastics with boring, grainy pictures of ships, or a pixelated grey-blue sea of nothing.
10 years ago
Not my favorite Stern, but overall a pretty fun game. The lack of Depps voice work is annoying, but the sound package is engaging. WHile I do not have a ton of plays on this machine, it is pretty enjoyable, but like most Stern games, is designed to gobble quarters, so some of the drains feel cheap to me. The sinking ship and rotating disc are fun toys and I really like the starting ramp that comes into play when you plunge the ball.
10 years ago
I think this can be called a successful new STERN game. It plays well, it is fun. It has deep rules and satisfying shots. One of the better STERN games.

This is a game that is ideal for a home environment. It has quite a few rules, lots of ways to get multiball. Not overly complex to understand, you will get the hang of it after 2 or 3 games. I found this to be a great game to play with another person. Games last an average length of time... but a good player can have quite long games.

I like the artwork and theme very much. Your pretty safe with this game and it is not likely to drop much more in price. I suspect it has hit a plateau.
There are 298 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 10 of 12.

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