Pirates of the Caribbean

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Game Design: 8.127

Artwork: 7.806

Sounds/Music: 7.439

Other Aspects: 8.102

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Found 310 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 310 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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50 days ago
Pirates of the Carribean is a good machine.

I used to very much not like the layout due to the stop and go of the gameplay but it's actually okay. It reminds me a bit of Medieval Madness actually in terms of gameplay. The best shots are the Kraken and Tortuga shots. The spinning disc is actually the best utilized in pinball in my opinion. The sinking of the ship looks a bit cheap but it's a nice feature nonetheless. The opening Deadman's Chest looks very authentic though.

The rules are good although I think there is too much focus on destroying the ships. I think there is not enough incentive to go for the other shots as well except for the Deadman's Chest.

The artwork is one of the better mediocre movie themed ones. Especially the playfield is nice to look at in comparison to games like Batman: The Dark Knight.

All in all this is a good game, with a unique (albeit non flow based) layout and nice rules. It's probably best for beginners and casual players.
3 months ago
Overall a great game especially at the price point. Lots of mechs and shot variations that are not too difficult. I believe with some mods and LED lighting this game could be great for the average/new player. Probably not the best for seasoned players or players looking for deep rules and challenging shots. Theme and fun definitely shine in this game.
4 months ago
Had more fun on it in the past, couldn't get much done this time around. Maybe the chest was not working. Sinking the ship gets old pretty fast. Not much fun this time around. Feels old compared to the new Sterns like 007. I rated it much higher in the past.
7 months ago
This was one of my first and favourite pinball machine this machine will always going to hold a special place for me it has unique details and I never get bored playing it it was created in 2006 so it features only the things that were in the pirates of the Carrabiean 1,2 films but it still has really good decorations like the moving ship Tortuga the bumpers are sword fight area and the playfield is really unique the only bad thing is I think the play field is a bit too yellow but like the sound effects and animations and the shots just awesome.
8 months ago
The Theme is a favorite but what you get for the money is amazing when compared to today's games. Tons of toys and shots in this one. This one holds up over time and I still enjoy it.
11 months ago
It's a really fun game with some fun features.
1 year ago
Amazing game. Very underrated! Lots of shots and interactive objects.
1 year ago
This is a fun game albeit very simple and mindless; sometimes that is what you want to destress.
1 year ago
The game flow, rules and frequency of multi-balls make this a wonderful machine I could play for hours.
1 year ago
This game has grown on me, it a lot of skill shots. You can’t just muddle your way through to a high score. The ship and compass are fun and they did a good job of making taking down a ship feel rewarding, wish the playfield was a little less yellow but that’s about all I can say. Even the audio bits are enough to keep ya going with variety.
1 year ago
Played several times on location at Brewdog in Shepherd’s Bush, London.

This is a simple pin with a limited ruleset that depends on the ship/kraken toy for its entertainment value. Compared to the other pins in the same venue (Stern Star Trek, Star Wars (Pro) and JP2) it felt deeply outclassed, as there wasn’t much to it and it didn’t feel like a huge challenge either: despite being a rubbish pinball player, I got to the kraken multiple times on each play.

I could imagine I’d get bored of it pretty quickly at home. I also found the Pinbot-esque path splitter up at the top right-hand side of the game really annoying. It took up a lot of real estate on the playfield, but didn’t do very much.
1 year ago
A fun game that doesn't last since it is too easy. The first impression is great. Filled playfield. Bright lights. Fantastic pirate ship! And the first games are also a lot of fun with constant action and great call outs. After some games (too few) an experienced player has already beaten the game and it gets repetitive. Balltimes are too long and it is way to easy to get multiball.
1 year ago
I played this at Disney World and I thought it was good. I have not played the JJ version yet.
1 year ago
The sinking ship is the most fun toy in pinball. Who doesn’t like bashing it right up the middle? Love this game!
1 year ago
In a local retro store near me. A lot of fun but not a big pirates fan. I am sure people who like the movie and are interested in pinball will love this one.
2 years ago
Pirates is a really fun and challenging game. If you like the movie you'll like this pin.
2 years ago
Good fun game. Simpler rules than modern Sterns, but very approachable for novices, but still challenging for the better players. A solid game.
2 years ago
Good game, not great. Some of the light bulbs are exposed and too bright. Takes away from the experience. The upper magnet playfield is fun. It seems very approachable for a new player.
2 years ago
I love this game! From the creepy young child voice at the beginning singing "yo, ho, yo, ho a pirates life for me" to the fun sword sounds and the challenge of taking out the kraken... this game delivers! It plays long some games, and can be a short game the next minute. For difficulty I'd rate it "easy to get into, hard to master". The game at times can make you feel like a pinball master, then jerk you right back to reality. Every one should play this game. **edit** please note, i'm a life long Pirates geek who has loved the ride since childhood. I enjoy the movies quite a bit, so my rating has some some fan boy bias in it. Though I've owned many a pin, and they have left my collection, just for playability alone, this game is super fun and will never leave, pirates or not.
**Edit of the Edit** The game though I loved the theme after awhile ran a bit stale for me. Fan boy for pirates or not it’s too expensive to leave sit so it gave way for other titles
2 years ago
My kids love this one the most out of all my pins. I translate that to "easy shooter" and "friendly theme". And you get to sink a freakin pirate ship!
2 years ago
The only review I have done without putting at least 50 games into the machine... reason being I was one shot away from completing this on my third game. Great value for putting coins in on location but if I owned this it wouldn't be for long. The game is fun. Sinking the pirate ship is a nice feature but the game seems to depend on the same couple of shots over and over again. Perfect game for beginners and again I will say... it is a lot of fun. Just lacks depth for anything other than a handful of games on location.
2 years ago
This game was my first my first Stern experience and it didn’t disappoint. Very exciting game play that doesn’t get old. The ship is a nice touch along with all of the other action. I am keeping an eye out for one to add to my collection.
2 years ago
Not in my favorite pins...The new one looks beter and is more fun
2 years ago
Another Stern that feels and plays cheap.
2 years ago
This game gets a bit repetitive, but as a beginner it is fun to play. It is the first real machines I was able to get to the "wizard mode" on.
There are 310 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 13.

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