Pirates of the Caribbean (Stern, 2006)

Pirates of the Caribbean

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Game design: 8.043

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Other Aspects: 8.039

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Found 267 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 267 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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5 days ago
Solid pin which always gives me the good vibe. I own it and added a color dmd (SMARTDMD), leds, a subwoofer en loads of mods. Whenever I'm in the mood of playing a solid game of pinball this one attracts my attention.
I love the artwork and the overall look and feel, the theme is non appealing to me but the art, sounds, flow, and overall gameplay is making this machine to be a keeper.
82 days ago
I enjoy playing this game in fact I want to add this to my collection one day.
3 months ago
POTC is a lot deeper of a game than a lot of reviews give it credit. I would play this dozens of times before reviewing. One of its strongest features is the rule set. It can be played shallow & be fun or very deep. This game is amazing. The theme is well developed. The shots vary enough to remain new and interesting. If there negatives, I'd say the callouts could be more in number & you do start & stop a bit. The latter is not bad at all though. It gives players time to review the DMD & look @ their next mission as indicated on the compass rose. This machine really benefits from a color DMD. If you are looking to own one, it is currently a good value. The ship requires a little more maintenance, but it really adds to the game & is one of the best toys since MM.
4 months ago
I played this game in an arcade and it felt good at first. It was satisfying to sink the boats. I liked the fact that they represent all the movies up to the date the pin was on the market. It's a pin that is not too fast and not too slow. I would own it and had plenty of fun playing it
5 months ago
A go-to favorite cuz I love the theme. Shots and playability are fun, and callouts with the music are great. Showing its age, but still top-notch.
6 months ago
This is a great game. I wish they could have licensed the original music by Klaus Badelt into the gameplay. They do have some pirate themed music but not as dramatic as Badelt’s. The play field animation of Davy Jones’ ship was a unique addition.

There were some voices from the movie incorporated into the game, but if I were doing it there would have been more.

Finally, the lighting was dramatic and the Dot matrix animations were fantastic. Dueling pirates moving in front of the score was a novel idea. It was distracting at first, but I learned to watch while player two was up. Lastly, the lower 1/2 of the playfield seemed bare as compared to intricatly designed upper 1/2.

A fun game to play and I would like to add this one to my collection,
6 months ago
fun pin, good shots, great theme, Awesome toys, just wish the playfield had better artwork.
6 months ago
This is a game I recently purchased. Keep in mind that I am not a seasoned pinball player. From a “novice”, not young, view point. This game is very interactive with lots to do and a hoot to play! Could there be more and better call outs? Yes! But this game has plenty and most of them work very well with the game! I have read where some have said that this game is too easy. When I first got my game I would have agreed but I followed some pinside and pinrev advice and dialed the game in, ie:
increased the pitch. It now plays like a totally different game! I was originally posting high scores all the time. Now it is kicking my ass constantly! If you don’t hit your shots just right the ball will come back at you with a vengeance! Which makes those rare times when I do exceptional all that more satisfying! Although, I have to say my wife still really enjoys it. It’s her favourite! Don’t go too steep but you can certainly push it! Hope this helps! Mike
6 months ago
Top 20 in my opinion. Great Pin lot to do .Nice Ramps.The Ship is uniqe. Spinning Compas great.The only minus its a Stop and go Pin perfect for Starters or Kids .Perfect Pin for Mods. Long Ball Times.
7 months ago
Super cool, gimmick loaded layout. Great toys. It's a long game and gets a little repetitive for me in the end.
8 months ago
Very fun family themed game with a great variety of shots. Sinking the ship never gets old and may be the best toy in pinball. The multiballs are great and there are plenty of them to get. Not a very deep rule set, and I am not a fan of the wizard mode. Myself and guests really enjoyed this one while I owned it.
8 months ago
Fun pin with a variety of shots however the plexiglass cover in front of ship is a little off putting. Overall a solid pin worth a second look.
9 months ago
This game has a lot of great things going on, but it's one of only a handful of games I'd call "too easy". I put $2 into the machine and walked away after 30 minutes with the same number of credits I started with...and I'm a mediocre player. Perhaps in a home setting it could be set more difficultly. There are a lot of fun shots on the game, but if you're looking for flowing combos there much better options. This game is more hit your shot, pause, hit your shot, pause, etc. Having said all of that, I did enjoy my time playing the game. I would even still own one in the future. I think it's a game my family would really enjoy.
9 months ago
Love POTC. Think it is a machine that is under appreciated.
1 year ago
I like the variation of modes and the layout of the pin. Lots to shoot at. Sinking the ship is super cool. Well designed pin. Not sure why its not rated higher.

Ownership update: This game represents an era before stern started to cheap out on their designs. The spinning port royal/tortuga ball locking toy is awesome and super satisfying to make. Sound design is great. Ramp is fast and flowy. Has a chest that opens and closes. Jack the monkey shot is super fun. The ship is the best toy since the MM castle. The modes are sometimes imbalanced when it comes to ease of completing the compass missions but still challenging enough to keep you going. Great game for home use and for a variety of new and experienced players.
1 year ago
Great game. Has some interesting shots. You can be punished by those posts if you miss your shots. Completing the compass is not too easy. Jack the monkey can be tricky, heart super jackpot and finishing Davy Jones can sometimes be challenging. Sink the ship, swordfight and all pirates are quite easy to achieve

Jack the monkey is a cool ramp. Like the chest en heart multiball. Compass and tortuga multiball is cool. Sinking the ship is great fun too and battle the krakken. The ship that sinks into the playfield is a great toy.

Pretty decent, that makes a lot of fun. It's pretty looking too me. If you like modding, you can do a lot with this game in the Pirate theme.
1 year ago
This review is of a fully working POTC, which is very hard to find on location unfortunately.

Theme implementation is king with this one. It's got the Disney license to attract new players, but works as a Pirates came even without the films. Sinking ships to battle the kracken, with all the kooky pirates feels reminiscent of castles in Medieval Madness, and that ship toy, on days went it is working, is one of the best toys in pinball. Other features such as the chest and the spinning compass are well implemented and fun to shoot at. The top right playfield is a little pointless, but it doesn't spoil the game. Rules are deeper than first thought as you have to complete the compass which is no mean feat! All in all, a fun game that is only ruined by operators failing to maintain it. Soundalikes could be better, but the cheeseyness of the Depp one actually adds to the fun of the machine so it's almost a positive in that regard.
1 year ago
This is a very good Stern deck from the period in the mid-2000's when people say there was a lull in the industry. If that's true, games like this and Spider-Man helped rescue Stern and pinball. I really enjoy this game. It's got great theme and art, the playfield is really gorgeous. The ship(s) is fun to sink. Good multiball modes that are not always easy to get. I would have preferred more movie clips and quotes. They used voice actors to make what sound like generic callouts and I feel they missed out on tons of cool sounds and footage from the movies. Had that been better, this game would ooze theme. Instead, it's more a general pirate game than one based on the movies. That's how I feel anyway.

Fun game, good shots and long ball times make this a good game for family. Some shots are tricky, but overall it's not super hard.

UPDATE: I finally found a beautiful, HUO version and bought it. I do agree with most descriptions of this pin being stop and go, which is true. Several places to send the ball where things happen while you wait and watch. The Tortuga/Port Royal "cannonball chamber" which spins your ball around, the upper playfield which your ball is sent to by shots to the orbits, and the sinking ships and Kraken battles, of course. The sinking ship is just a fantastic toy. I wish the Kraken was more animated. But this pin feels quite different than the typical "fan" layout. Yes, it's more stop and go, but that's not a bad thing in this case. One of the best Stern pins of the 2000's. In an era often cited as a lull in the industry, Stern made TSPP, LOTR, this game and Spider-Man. Each is very well regarded since.
1 year ago
Love this game. The pirate ship sinking is cool and i love the games that have upper playfields
1 year ago
Great, great toys on this game. The ship is one of the best pin toys ever and my kids love sinking it. The monkey shot is tough and good, and the treasure chest is cool. Just wish the voices were from the movie.
1 year ago
This one I've held off on. I like the theme and the related artwork is pretty good ... could be better. Game play is important to me and it depends on how the game is setup or maintained as to how it plays. The ones that are kept up play with a lot of fun ... but there is a limit to that. Hitting the same few targets to get to the reward modes gets old after you have your first good game of the day on it. I would play this every time I see it on location a few times, and had it on my wish list for a while for a good filler pin that guests would really enjoy. I did come real close to buying one. However, now there is a similar POTC pin theme being released soon so this fell off my wish list. Changing out the lights to LEDs and adding some of the available mods really makes the look of the pin look great.
1 year ago
Very good game! The shots feel very good and always a challenge to play. I focus so much Tortuga and the Kraken that I forget there is the jack the monkey shot and the heart chest. The theme is integrated well into the game and I really lIke the toys
1 year ago
Simply one of the best Stern machines there is. Has not one or two toys, but three main toys. Also has an upper playfield that requires strategy to maximize it's effectiveness. This is a very difficult game to achieve the wizard mode on, I have yet to get to the four winds multiball. What you have to do to get to the wizard mode is very clearly laid out on the compass in the middle of the playfield though so you always have a goal to work towards. This game also lends itself well to LED's and could be beautiful when done up properly. Just a blast to play every time.

Things that need improvement are the callouts. I really wish they had used the actual actors voices or even clips from the movie. No, instead they cheaped out and it shows. Fortunately there are options to replace the callouts and songs with ones from the movie. This game has slightly imbalanced scoring if you want to score a lot of points. Not as bad as shooting one shot like some games, but short plunging and going for tortuga is where the points are at. I also wish the wizard mode were a little easier to achieve, as I prefer that in my games. If you like games with long ball times, set this one up difficult or games can go on for quite some time.

Definitely pick POTC up if you see one for sale. It's a lot of fun and I don't think it will ever be leaving my collection.
1 year ago
Played this game a lot in an arcade in Italy. Great music, cool shots and a lot to see and do. By far the best feature is the sinki äng ship, but i also like the whirlpool in the upper left corner and the big treasure chest on the right. Play this game if you are a fan of the series, you won't regret it
1 year ago
This is a fun game with a unique layout. Overall, the cab artwork and playfield artwork are great. The translite artwork is decent, but it's the weakest part of the art package. If you're a fan of the theme and/or Disney, it's hard to be disappointed by the way this machine looks. The callouts are fun and the music fits the theme perfectly. My wife is a huge Johnny Depp fan and she has no idea that call outs are from an impersonator.

If you're a fan of flow heavy and fast playing games, this probably won't ever be your favorite pin. However, the layout is unique and there are lots of really fun shots to hit. This pin is all about catching the ball and aiming for the shots to set up huge jackpots. It's pretty intense and rewarding when you max out your jackpots and playfield multipliers and then start one of the 3 multi-ball modes. The code feels polished and there's a decent amount of depth to it. Achieving the wizard mode is a bit of feat and does require some grinding. The ship toy is executed perfectly and it's easily one of my favorite pinball toys ever. Watching the ship sink into the playfield always impresses guests.

All in all, this is a really fun game that feels very polished and has a unique feel. Fans of the theme or fans of slower/methodical playing games will not be disappointed.
There are 267 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 11.

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