Pirates of the Caribbean (CE)

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This game ranks 2nd in the game group "Pirates of the Caribbean (JJP)". The group itself ranks #9 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Game Design: 8.744

Artwork: 8.565

Sounds/Music: 8.599

Other Aspects: 8.592

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Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "Pirates of the Caribbean (CE)".
The other versions are: Pirates of the Caribbean (regular version), Pirates of the Caribbean (LE)

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There are 44 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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4 months ago
I love this pin.
4 months ago
My ONLY complaint is - why are we still on code 0.99. It’s such great code but there has to be some improvements. The chapters are sometimes way too hard w too many targets. The stacking isn’t as clear as it can be (maybe it’s just me).
5 months ago
A definite classic! Great design combination of game play, callouts, and theming…definitely a lot of thought in the rules design. Seems you could spend a lifetime learning all the rules which can be a plus or minus. It definitely keeps you coming back to learn more. Creative design on the side drain lanes and a bump save. Music is good, but would love to have heard the original signature movie music in the pin, but understand that you have to pick and choose. Which royalties you want to pay. Mini playfield ship is very cool and love the ability to shoot the dauntless with a cannonball (pinball). Toys are decent, but there many great mods out there to dress up the pin. Seems another cut JJP made was not opening and closing the pirate chest..another great mod out there fixes that. The shots into the chest are pretty cool. Overall a great pin that keeps me coming back for more!
11 months ago
The shots are waaaay too short, and the overcrowded playfield feels claustrophobic.
1 year ago
Played at FT Wayne pinball. Granted I didn't get to play too many games to learn the deep rule set I got enough to have an educated opinion. Aside from the rarity this game isn't really too much to write home about. Very tough for new players to learn what's going on. The artwork etc are top notch and some of JJP's finest.

It's a great game but for it to be some kind of holy grail (based on the silly prices) I'd say you could pass this one up and not miss too much. Dialed in is actually more fun than this imo.
1 year ago
Pirates of the Caribbean (JJP) is the 4th game from Jersey Jack and their most ambitious to date.

The Pros:
The layout, artwork and sounds are brilliant. A great design from a new pinball designer is something to be celebrated. The animations are the best I have ever seen in a pinball game. The characters are well balanced from the get go and I'm sure that this game will only get better as software is updated. For a widebody game, this game does not feel wide. It feels like it shoots very well. Some of the game's shots are incredibly well put together and the flow of this table is incredible. There is a lot to do in this game. You may need a vacation away from everything else to really get this game down.

The Cons:
The risks taken with this design will have to stand the test of time. The tri-spinner and the chest have already been "reduced" in their complexity (and rightfully so). The rules are so deep and complex, that the only way to really get to know this game is to own one. Most pinheads do not have tens of thousands of dollars sitting around. Dialed In got the gameplay balance right. Would someone please reel Keith Johnson in (I admit it, I'm STILL trying to figure out how to play WoZ)? Thank you.

The Takeaway:
I got the chance to play the proto and the chest and the tri-spinner are not working as they should. While some may complain, I believe the JJP team made the correct decision to go with reliability as compared to flash. Will this game get better, yep. My sincere hope is that the balance of the game's rules and the reliability of it's mechanisms will become refined as well.

After a bit more mileage on this design I have a few things that I have noticed about this game. First off is that the shots take a bit of getting used to. This is a widebody design and that means that even though it may not look like it (it really seems narrower to me), the shot selection is wider on this layout than on most. This is especially true for the left orbit\return lane and the shot through the pops. The second thing is that this game has a lot of stackability. A lot of stackability. Between modes, wizard modes, playfield multipliers and this can all be done in multiple ways. I have been able to get 4 out of 5 wizard modes going at once. Hooooooweeee! Gotta get all 5 now. With all this in mind this means that there is a lot to do to set up your big whammy scores. This takes time, effort, planning and solid play. Scores altered accordingly. Keith Johnson is the thinking man's pinball programmer par excellence!
1 year ago
Great game just needs final code!
1 year ago
It's tough to find any fault with this game.
1 year ago
It’s an impressive build but it lacks charm for me. Manufacturers will likely never make a game like this again as it’s a nightmare to maintain. It’s just too precious feeling for me. Like most JJP games it’s a lot of boutique flash lacking in soul and functionality. The rules and coding are great however and I’m sure it makes a great home game. I’m just not personally interested. Flag away! Haha
1 year ago
What an amazing game.
1 year ago
1 year ago
Amazing achievement in putting so much into one pin. So much to shoot for and so many toys. Only down side is its limited run.
2 years ago
Too easy to play +10 min. games. Otherwise ok but the lastability is not great. I have played about 50 games and do not like it anymore.
2 years ago
The CE is the same game with a different art package. I don’t have anything against Depp, but Davy Jones is the cooler character of the two.
The topper is just great and spot on.
Different art and playfield plastics make the playfield look more “dark”. Not a bad thing, but I prefer the standard playfield.
Cabinet art is very good, but the coral look-a-like ornaments don’t do it for me. Must say I owned a sea aquarium with real live corals some years ago and that might influence my opinion on this.
2 years ago
Beautiful, addictive game, masterpiece of collection.
Graal from these last ten years.
I own 2 jjpotc at home.
2 years ago
I’ve owned this over a year and it is in my top few games. I own several other current top 10 games including MMr, AFMr, MBr, JP, and TZ. It belongs right up there with the first four I listed and it is far better than TZ (which is a top 20 game, but not a top 10 game IMO).

I have zero interest in the Pirates of the Caribbean theme. I saw the first of the movies and thought it was decent, but never watched any of the others. This keep me from buying it for some time, but then I bought it after playing it and realizing how good it is.

I essentially ignore the theme when I play and consider it a “Pirate” game rather than POTC. Not that I hate the theme, just that it didn’t pull me in. As such, I love the fact that the movie clips are more generic scenes and not specific scenes with people.

The choice of characters can be a little overwhelming at first, but in the home environment, it is a lot of fun as I can pick a character and focus on moving their high score up.

I love the stacking of multi balls. The shots are so incredibly varied. The rocking ship with the ability to fire the cannon has got to be the best upper playfield by far ever in pinball and is an absolutely incredible toy.

Eric Meunier created one of the best games ever. I can tell you I have even less interest in GNR as a theme (and cringe at hearing it over and over through a pin), but 100% I will buy his GNR when it comes out b/c if it is up to the quality of POTC, it will be a fantastic game.
2 years ago
There is a lot to like about the game. It is jam packed with features including amazing 3d sculpts, rocking ship playfield, treasure trunk ball lock, whirlpool ramp, interesting outlane setup, and a display that is top notch. With that said, it feels and sounds a lot like a modern slot machine where the game is designed to make you feel like you’re winning with every pull; even though you’re spending 100 credits to win 80 credits. As a location player I have a hard time understanding what shots are the most important when every insert is seemingly flashing and changing colors all the time. It’s just too much for my taste. I’m not drawn to hit the start button over and over. Perhaps it’s better in a home setting where you can really study the rules.
2 years ago
Truly amazing game. I own the LE and CE is a little bit better (not much imo).
2 years ago
A perfect game!

This is the most beautiful pinball machine I've seen.
2 years ago
Awesome game. I am grateful to have played this at the museum of pinball in banning California.

If I could, I would buy a limited edition. The CE is absolutely decadent. The radcals are amazing. Literally the prettiest cabinet ever along with wonka CE.

Love the play field art with Davy Jones instead of Jack sparrow aka drag queen Johnny Depp.

Perfect addition to any home collection. Great layout. Great rules. Very fun!!!!
2 years ago
Not one to rank a game a perfect 10.....BUT I couldn’t take one point off any of the criteria. This game is a 10!
2 years ago
JJPOTC CE is the best version of the best game ever made. It is the creme in creme-de-la-creme. SCHWING !!!
2 years ago
Absolutely incredible...the game has so much to offer and then you add on the cosmetic features of the CE edition and it will likely go down as one of the most desired titles out there..
2 years ago
This is what pinball should be in the 21st century.
2 years ago
I finally got to play the CE, and was just blown away. I mean even more blown away lol. Amazing game (like the LE), but even better art...and the ship in a bottle topper....drooooool. Dammit, I wish I could have bought this but the price point was just too high for me :/

I own an LE (I rated it similarly) and this I really think I rated it fair. I'm not a "JJP fanboy" as I'm not a huge fan of hobbit, wonka, or WOZ....this game is just really special.

You really need to put a few games in though. I will say this. Before I bought my LE someone told me "Pirates is so over-rated, it's a drain machine"...I couldn't disagree with this more. I literally have half hour games on mine at times. Yes, sure, sometimes you get unlucky and hit the "I" lane and can't nudge it and boom, you get a quickie, but most games are oh so satisfying. This pin will truly never leave my collection.

Let's see....

Game design - 6's across the board. I can't think of any other game with 27 shots that are all very hittable (they claim there's 27..... but I think with combinations a lot more, but 27 UNIQUE shots). Even the harder ones on the left side ("Special" and the Dead Man's Cove or whatever it's called) are both very hittable. The "free game" shot is my favorite free game shot in any game ever. I have mine cranked up to hard and if the ball so much as breathes on the bumpers it won't register. So satisfying.

Artwork - This is actually has the weakest category for me in the game - animation ("decent"). It's nothing special. The animations are few and far between actually - free ball, special, the ship blowing up when hit by cannon fire or taking damage, etc. It's not horrible by any means (and I'm glad it's not long / flow ruining like some games. *Cough* Jurassic Park. *Cough*) . The playfield of the CE with Davy Jones and the barnacle on the action button, great touches. The playfield is good with all shots illustrated well, and a ton of the characters.

Sounds and music - Excellent sound effects. Excellent Quality. Excellent Variation. I DO WISH THEY HAD MORE VOICE ACTORS THOUGH (5/6 because of this)....but what is there is really good. I never get annoyed by anything like on some games. The pirate-y jingles definitely fit the theme well.

Other Aspects - Weakest part is here. Theming. 4/6. They could have done a lot more to tie the game into the movies, but having said that it doesn't really detract from the amazing game it is. I wish there was a lot more videos of the movie, and as I mentioned above only having the one voice actor is a bit of a bummer. Imagine Johnny Depp instead?!?! I mean Gibbs is OK, but I'll take captain over the first mate any date. Game Lighting - 6/6 - when the game comes alive during multiballs and get more and more intense as you stack multiballs....just wow. Lastibility 6/6. Fun 6/6. I have 4 games in the basement now and I walk to this first.

This game will never leave my collection. It is also by far the favorite of my wife, daughter, and neighborhood friends who pop by for a beer and want to have a game. It's truly bolted to the floor and I have yet to play anything that even gives me close to the satisfaction of trying to beat my previous scores. The crazy thing is too, they could make the code even better.

I could go on and on and on.... a moving ship with a shooting cannon that actually shoots the ball across the table and registers hit / damage that you need to make to get the Black Pearl multiball, Liars Dice - the BEST video mode ever (I can't even think of a remotely close runner up) - gambling for free balls????? Unreal. I should mention too the rule set is really, really good for tweaks for home use as well - can make the game very easy with longer balls or very, very tough. There is also nudge opportunities to escape drains on BOTH sides of the table - this game has really brought my nudge game up...... Like I said.... I could go on and on....there's just so much here.

Summary: Greatest Of All Time.... It's just a masterpiece. I would take one of these over any other game in a second.
There are 44 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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