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There are 9 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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1 year ago
Well, someone has to love this game. No idea why it has lower ratings than other widebodies from the era when PP has a great layout with a lot to do and a three flipper setup that feels useful rather than tacked on. The playfield art is very nice, various locations in a castle painted spooky shades of dark blue with the cartoon Pink Panther here and there. The backglass is more of the same, except oddly featuring some blonde lady in a pink jumpsuit. Good/standard sounds for the era, except it plays the Pink Panther theme song now and then, which sounds great and gets me smiling.

But really where this shines is in the layout and gameplay. A well-placed bottom pop on the left outlane that is helpful. Two "secret entrance" type shots that open up once you qualify their neighboring drop targets, and capture for potential multiball. Plus an alternate scoring system of diamonds, which are awarded both during single and multiball, and increase the multiplier.

It's not super deep but it is fast thanks to an open lower third that allows for a lot of both vertical and horizontal motion. Just a fun player with some good early chiptunes.
3 years ago
I'm not really sure what to say about this pin. It's not awful, but it's not very memorable. For the right price it could be a good catch as it does have some qualities that other EM games sometimes don't.
6 years ago
A "pinball sharpshooters" dream game on drop and stationary targets.
Challenging game for the targets only.
Playfield layout is average.
Playfield artwork is good.
Backglass artwork is very good.
Cabinet artwork is mediocre.
Music and sounds are not memorable.
Ruleset is basic focused on diamond scoring and bonuses.
Flipper layout is typical of the period ala carte Paragon and many other early SS Gottliebs.
Harder to find title of the Gottlieb System 80 era that is not played out.
Ranked well above 10+ of all Gottlieb System 80 games.
A game that really only has value in Gottlieb System 80 collections.
7 years ago
Used to own this one. .it was OK but nothing crazy fun ..i wish i would have keep it since i got it for free but something smoked in it and my girl freaked and down the road it went. .would have been worth fixing I'm sure. Hard to find fun in older games with the deepness of newer ones honestly. .
7 years ago
Pink Panther is an excellent classic that really doesn't get the respect that it deserves. It's really a tough game to find, and is a blast as a multiplayer game. The diamond counter display, that keeps count of how many diamonds you get in multi-ball as well as your high count in diamonds, is both unique and addicting!
Rules are simple, drop center targets, light right lock. Drop left targets, lights left lock. Lock both, get multiball off the plunge. Targets add bonus and wow, you can get some whoppers going! The artwork is stunning imho, there is a lot of blue but a TON of detail on that playfield, it's just awesome.

The sound is okay. Not terrible by any means, but the only music it plays is from the start of the game (a jingle) and when you release the multi-ball (plays the pink panther tune!)

This game is an instant time machine. In my opinion, this era of Gottlieb (1980-1983) is when Gottlieb was making really great games, such as Punk! Haunted House, Devils Dare, Black Hole, Spirit, Spiderman, Mars God of War, Volcano- EPIC games!!

I'd like to believe that this game is rated so low, because so many people haven't experienced it the right way, or at all for that matter. It's a very cool theme, very rare pin, that is different. Different is a good thing. ;)
8 years ago
I have never seen one in very good shape, usually the playfield and backglass is in very tough shape but it is a good game non-the-less. Many tough shots, keeps you coming back for more.
9 years ago
Boring and ugly. What else?
... the audio, which is hard to tolerate.
So many better pins from the same period!
9 years ago
One of the weaker Gottlieb machines from this time period. The captive ball areas don't seem very well placed. Just isn't as fun to me as something like Haunted House or Devil's Dare. The rendition of the Pink Panther theme is cool though.
11 years ago
A great fast playing game, with good rules. Sounds let it down in comparison to most other games.
There are 9 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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