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There are 228 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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85 days ago
Was one of my first pins and will always stay in my collection
3 months ago
Pro: Instant nostalgia for any child of the 80s. Great music and theme. Locking the 'eyes' for multiball is always exciting.

Con: The outlanes are RUTHLESS on this game (seriously, consider offset posts). 'Solar Value' carries over from previous games, causing whatever player happens to score it to get millions of points depending on multiplier. Not a great game in a competition setting. 80% of the game is played from the right flipper.

There were a lot of these made, so often times you can pick one up for only $2200 or so. Worth it for the lower price.
4 months ago
Keep coming back to play this one!
4 months ago
One of those games that never seems to grow old
5 months ago
Just a great classic Williams pinball. For a game from this era it is hard to find better
5 months ago
Pinbot was the first game I remember playing as a kid. I couldn't play very well but I remember being very curious about the visor, what happens when it opens up?? I couldnt get very far at all in the game so it always was a mystery to me until I got into pinball as an adult. Now that I've played much more complex modern games, I still appreciate this game for being so groundbreaking for its time. The art and sound package is still amazing. The creativity and originality still carries intrigue. I still prefer this over the sequels as the original was just so perfectly executed. However it's still a challenge to play! It has really taught me to guard the outlanes. This game will always be special to me and mine will never leave my collection. I got it pretty beat up but have spent a lot of time touching up the playfield and making it nice.
6 months ago
Played this game for hours on my first date with my future wife of 30 years.
Always fun to find one in the wild.
7 months ago
My first pin. Will always be a fan of Pinbot!
7 months ago
This game is always a lot of fun. The upward helix at the beginning is always a challenge to maximize points, and the PinBot "contraption" is very memorable and unique. I really like the theming, and it's very unique and has that "futuristic from the past" vibe. This game doesn't necessarily hold up to modern pins, but is a classic none the less and is always a highlight of any location.
7 months ago
A simple but classic game. Great for its time!
8 months ago
Great layout art and rules fun for its time
9 months ago
I recently played Pinbot after not seeing one for many years. I had forgotten how much I liked the machine.

It is really a compelling design with the cool lighting effects and how it all ties into the gameplay. For me, I wish it were a three-ball multi-ball game, but at least it has multi-ball.

The cabinet art is so-so, but the playfield and back glass are great - with the playfield being the better of the two.
9 months ago
Now I see you!! This machine was the one that started it all for me. I can remember spending summers at Mountain Lakes resort as a kid. They had an arcade on the property with many options, Pinbot was my favorite by far. Now I own one that is in amazing condition, even replaced the translite with the new licensed backglass. This one will never leave my collection.
9 months ago

this pin is magic. one of my favorite system 11s, it's delightfully simple, but can be fast and brutal.

to start off, each skill shot adds to the vortex value so if you get enough extra balls and you're making your skill shots you can really put some points up from plunging alone. I really enjoy hitting the ramp a bunch of times to build the solar value and then cashing it in during multiball for big points. progressing the planets while making the bank also adds to the excitement.

this game is a true classic and I don't ever see it leaving my collection.
10 months ago
My first Pinball purchase. The difficulty keeps you coming back. Great music and theme that defines classic. Guests love coming over to get some play in.
11 months ago
PinBot is exactly what I think of when I think of Pinball. A great timeless theme, fun game play, great music, and a lot of replay value. There are so many different ways you can play the table, from getting to the Sun, to growing that Solar Value, to opening the visor, and getting multiball. The ramp shot feels really good and the mini playfield will keep you guessing where the ball will come out. PinBot also has a great and satisfying skill shot. I never get bored with this table! A true classic!
11 months ago
A perfect example of a pin that does so much with so little. Playfield feels like only 2/3 of it is available, as the pop bumper area feels isolated. No orbit shots or spinners. Very few drop targets. Despite all that, I still love this pin. The look and feel of this pin really make up for lack of playfield elements. Robot themes are a plus for me and this one is highly immersing. The moving ball lock is still a cool feature. Awesome light show and sounds. Still holds up to this day.
1 year ago
Pinbot is one of my favorite games and the first game that I've ever owned.

I prefer the non-licensed games, as it opens up the artists to a wide range of possibilities. And the robot-space theme is surely one that many people can get behind. The art work, sound design, and playfield design work perfectly together.

The visor is an awesome gimmick and being awarded multiball feels like an accomplishment. The two different jackpots are fun and hitting the left ramp after locking a ball in multiball is very satisfying.

This is 100% a sharpshooter style game. There is next to no flow to it. You make a shot, and then scramble to regain control of the ball.

There are a handful of small things I don't like about the game. Primarily, advancing through the planets do not give enough points. These are risky shots, and the value is just too low to warrant going for them if you are trying to get a high score. They do make for a fun side objective if you aren't worried about points. Secondly, the skill shot rarely functions the way that it should. It is nearly impossible to get the skill shot to work the way they intended. This is a design issues.

The jackpot rolling over between games and ball steal aren't the most conducive to a competitive style pinball experience, but they are fun for a casual players.

Pinbot tends to have an unforgiving left out lane that you'll quickly have to learn how to nudge out of.

I don't expect that this game will ever leave my collection.
1 year ago
This is a challenging game that has some real subtlety to the rule set. For example, advancing planets is best accomplished on ball one because each planet will give you a bonus on drain, meaning you could get 4 or even 5X the planet bonus with extra balls. The skill shot is great, the sound and theming are extremely well done, and with lit up posts and leds, this game is an absolute blast in a dark room.
The outline drains are hungry but the game rewards nudging and if you put in the plays, pinbot will reward you by making you a better player.
Probably not the best choice if you’re only gonna have one game because of the difficulty...could be frustrating for a casual walk up and play scenario with guests coming over to play. But in a small collection of 3 games or more, it’s a great one to own.
(As a bonus, the game is pretty easy to strip down and work on, even the central chest target mechanism.)
1 year ago
Pinbot is a favorite in the family and for good reason. The background music, the call outs and theme, along with the integrated topper, all combine for a pretty classic pinball experience. Only three drops but a great mech with the visor. Tough out lanes make it hard to keep the ball in play. If not dialed end, may drain down the middle when multi ball starts. The bagatelle doesn’t really add much to the pin IMO, but it doesn’t distract from the overall game. A homage to pinball’s beginnings that will be lost on most. Overall, Robot themed pins seem like a natural. Get the new CPR back glass replacement for the translite – it looks awesome. Now I see you …
1 year ago
Love my pinbot. simple fun still to this day (2020). colorful lights, love the topper light bar!
1 year ago
Pinbot Circuits activate! Some of the most unforgettable speech I’ve heard on a machine. Very challenging to play.
1 year ago
Simple game, but fun.
1 year ago
"Pinbot circuits activated!" This game was ahead of its time. Toys and tricks abound: a hidden saucer shot concealed by the ramp entrance. The corkscrew skill shot. The iconic visor and matrix of lights to fill. And this under-appreciated gem: the upper playfield is an amazing callback to pinball’s roots in bagatelle...and why they call it pinball. The electronic music is stunning, and there’s a great payoff for touring the entire solar system. Just watch out for those outlanes!
1 year ago
A Granner/Oursler/Python masterpiece... with metaphorical robotic phrases like "we control the universe" intermingled with an epic and tripped out deep space score, what's there not to love about this game!? The game really does come to life when you pay attention to the depth of the sounds, music, and art. It's not the deepest game ever made as far as rules, and in some cases it can get repetitive, but it could be one of the more beautiful and cerebral.
There are 228 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 10.

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