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Game Design: 7.883

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Sounds/Music: 7.478

Other Aspects: 8.12

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Found 247 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 247 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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14 days ago
Another game I wish I never sold. Multi ball, lock ball ,I see you,

let me put it this way find it buy it keep it.

Bough mine in 2000 for $900 keep it 10 years sold it for $900 can not find one for less than $2500 now

56 days ago
My first pin. I remember playing it at the hotel when we visited Disney World as a kid. I wanted to get back to hotel from a busy day at the parks, to play Pinbot! Easy to learn rule set. Just great fun for a 1980s game.
81 days ago
One of the all time great games. Perhaps the best original theme. The music, artwork, and sounds are maybe my favorite of any machine.

The game doesn’t have tremendous depth, but that goes with the time period. I had it in my collection for a few years and sold it. But, I could picture owning one again someday.
3 months ago
One of the best ever and one of a handful of games that saved pinball.
Turn it up too loud and it feels like no other pinball machine.
Grab one if you get the chance!!
4 months ago
Great Game. Williams are my favourite of all time both in pinball and arcade. Nitpicking, it feels a little dated though and slow play.
5 months ago
I was drawn to this game by the feature film "Big" with Tom Hanks. However, never seen this game on location. It's Jack-Bot without the DMD. What I like about this game is the theme and that it has the basic pinball features. I keep wanting to play. This is important when buying a pinball machine. If the game attracts you in some way and you want to keep pressing the start button, then this is the pin to have.
6 months ago
What can I say that has not already been said. Great game, simple rules, fantastic art and keeps you coming back. The out lanes are crazy hungry so avoiding them is a big key to keeping your sanity. LEDs really makes this game come alive along with the modified ROM files you can get for it.
6 months ago
Another GREAT System 11 late 80's pin. Still holds up today despite the simpler rule set from that entire era. Looking to add one to my collection!
6 months ago
Great pin. My brother and I would play the heck out of it.
7 months ago
Fell in love with this game at LAX and it helped get me into the hobby. The sounds are addictive and satisfying. The main center mech is challenging and fun to shoot. Theme and artwork has that 80s look that I love. Great game!!!
7 months ago
This might be a biased review based on the fact that I grew up with this machine and still own it! (been in the family for 27 years!!) I have spent countless hours playing this pin and have never gotten tired of it! It is a classic system 11 game and has an awesome 80s space theme going on with even better sound effects and music to match. Everyone that comes over and plays it always loves it! It has a somewhat simple ruleset, but can drain balls like crazy so it keeps you coming back for more trying to get to the sun!

If you get a chance to play a PinBot, I highly recommend it!

8 months ago
This is a sentimental favorite.

Not a lot of shots but it certainly gets an 'A' for originality. The one shot that is unique is opening the visor with one hit and it is still satisfying after all these years. Love the speech and the game is very atmospheric. Can you get all the planets?

This is a pin that I will always play when I see it.
9 months ago
Another 80s classic. One of the more colorful playfields of it's time. The opening and closing of Pinbot's face to give it's ability to see was pretty revolutionary for it's time. Trying to travel across all the various planets was challenging. Really good flow, but perhaps repetitive in completing the color matrix to open up Pinbot.
9 months ago
Great game!
9 months ago
Another Williams classic and gets a lot of plays out of my collection!!
10 months ago
My incredibly high rating may mess up the pop 100 list.
Oh well, pop lists are destined to constantly change. A baby yoda machine comes out and everyone loves baby yoda, so it ends up in top 10. Then people get sick of baby yoda and the baby yoda machine drops down the list.
Certain games have staying power, mainly because they are expensive and have priced themselves out of the hands of the average collector, some are as rare as a Vikings fan in Green Bay Wisconsin, others have top 100 staying power simply because it’s an awesome game.
12,001 units made should speak volumes on why Pinbot is a great game.
It was everywhere back in the day and was always eating quarters.
I won’t go into my fandom of creators Barry Oursler and Python Anghelo, but let’s be honest, these two were a dream team if there ever was one! Artwork? Awesome! Playfield design? Perfect!
These two put out some of the greatest hidden gem machines, along with Joe Joos and Bill Pfutzenreuter, whom they both frequently worked with.
So why buy one?
It’s still cheap.
It’s a great game.
There are plenty to go around.
One might say I have a biased view of Pinbot because I own one. Not at all! I would never score Pinbot any lower regardless of ownership. It is truly a key game that entered pop culture, became a part of 1980’s nostalgia, and is eternally cool to boot!
The investors and scammers are too busy flipping medieval madness, Addams Family, Attack from Mars, and Twilight Zone to care about most Williams System 11 games. They left this machine for us real pinball collectors… so far… but they are coming. They already took Whirlwind and a couple others.
10 months ago
Pinbot is a one of a kind. The corkscrew, bagatelle, locking the balls in the eyes. Still while it has alot of unique things, I just can't get into as much as others do.
10 months ago
After playing the game for a a few weeks, I now "get" everything have decent strategic senses about what I should be shooting for and when to get big scores. The sounds when the helmet (?)_ opens and closes are awesome. The music is great -- really sets the mood and pace for the state in the game. The shots are fun, including the plunger shot into the vortex. By the way, to get "big" scores the biggest trick is to get the ball into the Vortex and hit the 100k skill shot. The multiplier goes up every time you hit the vortex, so you can get 1 million points on the plunge, and you can replunge after hitting the ramp and having the ball drop into the shooter lane.
11 months ago
A nice, older table. Definitely harder than todays standard, you notice it was built to make money. Still a lot of fun in a bigger collection and I would always love to play a game or two. The raising center piece is always a blast.
12 months ago
My favorite pin of all time! Will never get old, pinbot is #1 in my book all day!
1 year ago
Excellent gameplay! The Matrix shots - Open visor - lockball feature is definitely one of the most challenging gameplay of alltime pinball history. Many of newer, modern, "complex" (?) pinball machines are boring against Pinbot.
Artwork is an art.
The only missing thing is a ball-saver function.
1 year ago
Don’t know how this made top 200 machines. Not very fun!
1 year ago
WOW! I've played this one a fair amount at locations and tournaments, but you really need to play this in a dark room without the noise of other machines obscuring the sound and music.

It is absolute an experience. A masterpiece of mechanics and creativity, and really about as good as pinball gets... it's the whole package here folks.
1 year ago
One of my top three games of the 80s, and still calls to me today even after a day out playing recent introductions with tons of new features not available back then. I've had to work a few repairs, but this had held up quite well given its age. If something ever happened to this pin, I'd definitely be looking for another Pin*bot to fills its empty place
1 year ago
Always wondered why this title got such a high ranking in the Top 100 and now I know. I played one a couple years ago at the local pin bar and fell in love with it so much that when the operator replaced it with something else I bought it from him. Now that I’ve owned it for awhile I feel like it can give it a true ranking. First, theme integration especially for the time is incredible. Space themes were huge in the 80s and Williams nailed this one with the sounds and light show.

This game is hard. It can be brutal at times and a drain monster. But that one game where you cash in makes you keep coming back for more. I still to this date have only broke 10 mil once! (I’m not good at pinball) Playing this one in the dark is the only way to go here.
There are 247 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 10.

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