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Game Design: 7.865

Artwork: 8.081

Sounds/Music: 7.539

Other Aspects: 8.11

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Found 261 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 261 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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35 days ago
My favorite ‘modern’ game of all times. The action and mechanics of waking the pinbot are actually thrilling. Played this in the first PAPA tournament in 1991 in NYC. Fabulous game.
6 months ago
A true Classic. Game play is well balanced and very satisfying. Very interesting and original theme. Space and robot theme is perfect for the 80’s. Just a well designed and fitting machine for the time.
7 months ago
It was ok not really my favorite of the system 11’s maybe I’ll change this rating when I try it again sometime.
8 months ago
I'd love to own one of these. It's simple but a ton of fun to play. Go for the solar value to destroy your friends, or go for the sun to destroy your mind. Go for both and really bang your head into the wall. Talk back to the machine when he says he can see you, and tell him what's what when he says he's under your control. It's always a blast. This one gets a lot of play right next to Metallica and Mando at my arcade and for good reason!
8 months ago
I know many people like this game, but it was a little borring for me, there are just a few targets.
8 months ago
Earns its reputation as a classic. Got this in order to have a multi-ball game in my lineup of early 80s pins. Was a lot of fun but eventually grew a little repetitive. The sounds and music make it a little less so but it definitely has some limitations as a result of its age. Art work is another major plus of having this in your lineup. Would definitely own again in the future.
9 months ago
We've had a Cirsa (Spanish knock-off) PinBot for a few weeks. It has a gimped skillshot with no switches and different shaped inserts, among other things.

It's novel for its era (1986) with a lot of variety and novelty in the playfield, in the form of the mini bagatelle upper playfield, ramps and visor. There are several timed shots, and a strong retro feel to the sounds and artwork. The visor multi-ball feels like an early implementation of the castle/saucer in MM and AFM.

For the quality of play, it's very good value for money and seems like something of an under-appreciated pin. My sons, aged two and six, really enjoy playing it. Unfortunately, it's stuck in a room with AFM and Godzilla Prem, and feels a little underpowered, as a result, but it's definitely better than a lot of pins from the 90s, never mind the 80s.

UPDATE: Our El Pinbotto (Spanish PinBot) was out of action for a while and I really missed it, and have been playing it quite a bit. It's good fun and excellent value for money. Really holds up well compared to later pins. The music and sound effects are both really strong as well, with lots of charm.
1 year ago
The sounds and music are addictive. Like crack for your ears. Somewhat simple but really cool game. I was buying one cheap to fix and flip but ended up keeping it. My 4 year old loves it, and we have a line up of 5 pins. Iconic theme from the mid 80's era.
1 year ago
Clearly the best machine to own. The playfield works great the art package is top of the line, Plays great and the multi ball never gets old. Love to be in control. If you find one of these ,get it . You'll be glad you did and probably never get rid of it - ever - like me.
1 year ago
Another game I wish I never sold. Multi ball, lock ball ,I see you,

let me put it this way find it buy it keep it.

Bough mine in 2000 for $900 keep it 10 years sold it for $900 can not find one for less than $2500 now

1 year ago
I really enjoy the soundtrack and sound effects---very fitting for the theme of the game. Plays well, tough enough to hit the left ramp to keep it interesting. Not sure how long I'd keep playing it though--I feel I'd get bored rather quickly.
1 year ago
My first pin. I remember playing it at the hotel when we visited Disney World as a kid. I wanted to get back to hotel from a busy day at the parks, to play Pinbot! Easy to learn rule set. Just great fun for a 1980s game.
1 year ago
One of the all time great games. Perhaps the best original theme. The music, artwork, and sounds are maybe my favorite of any machine.

The game doesn’t have tremendous depth, but that goes with the time period. I had it in my collection for a few years and sold it. But, I could picture owning one again someday.
1 year ago
Pinbot is great game, can be frustationg cause the ball drains very easily. The shots are very gratifying when you hit them and hear his voice. This was the first machine I owned and I will never get rid of it. Great machine to get fundamentals of pinball learned on this machine. If you can get good on this machine others are a breeze. Great challenges getting all the planets and hitting the solar eclipse shots. Give Pin*bot a shot, your gonna love it!
1 year ago
A top favorite. Great game concept with fantastic artwork and a good number of objectives outside the main objective of opening lid locking ball. creating mutiball, lock one ball again and hit ramp to collect Solar Value. Challenging game as it eats ball all day long as it was designed to be a money maker. Scoring is also challenging so 6-10 million is a big score not like today's newer machines with scores in the tens and hundreds of millions. Only real gripe is the key scoring objective to collect Solar Value maxes out at just under 6 million and resets to aprox 100k requiring many trips up the ramp to reload it back to +5 million thus limiting big scores. Still a very fun game you that keeps you coming back.
1 year ago
One of the best ever and one of a handful of games that saved pinball.
Turn it up too loud and it feels like no other pinball machine.
Grab one if you get the chance!!
1 year ago
Great Game. Williams are my favourite of all time both in pinball and arcade. Nitpicking, it feels a little dated though and slow play.
1 year ago
I was drawn to this game by the feature film "Big" with Tom Hanks. However, never seen this game on location. It's Jack-Bot without the DMD. What I like about this game is the theme and that it has the basic pinball features. I keep wanting to play. This is important when buying a pinball machine. If the game attracts you in some way and you want to keep pressing the start button, then this is the pin to have.
1 year ago
What can I say that has not already been said. Great game, simple rules, fantastic art and keeps you coming back. The out lanes are crazy hungry so avoiding them is a big key to keeping your sanity. LEDs really makes this game come alive along with the modified ROM files you can get for it.
1 year ago
Another GREAT System 11 late 80's pin. Still holds up today despite the simpler rule set from that entire era. Looking to add one to my collection!
1 year ago
Great pin. My brother and I would play the heck out of it.
1 year ago
Fell in love with this game at LAX and it helped get me into the hobby. The sounds are addictive and satisfying. The main center mech is challenging and fun to shoot. Theme and artwork has that 80s look that I love. Great game!!!
1 year ago
This might be a biased review based on the fact that I grew up with this machine and still own it! (been in the family for 27 years!!) I have spent countless hours playing this pin and have never gotten tired of it! It is a classic system 11 game and has an awesome 80s space theme going on with even better sound effects and music to match. Everyone that comes over and plays it always loves it! It has a somewhat simple ruleset, but can drain balls like crazy so it keeps you coming back for more trying to get to the sun!

If you get a chance to play a PinBot, I highly recommend it!

1 year ago
This is a sentimental favorite.

Not a lot of shots but it certainly gets an 'A' for originality. The one shot that is unique is opening the visor with one hit and it is still satisfying after all these years. Love the speech and the game is very atmospheric. Can you get all the planets?

This is a pin that I will always play when I see it.
1 year ago
Another 80s classic. One of the more colorful playfields of it's time. The opening and closing of Pinbot's face to give it's ability to see was pretty revolutionary for it's time. Trying to travel across all the various planets was challenging. Really good flow, but perhaps repetitive in completing the color matrix to open up Pinbot.
There are 261 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 11.

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