Pinball Magic (Capcom, 1995)

Pinball Magic

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Game design: 8.219

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Other Aspects: 8.253

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Found 67 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 67 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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7 years ago
A real shooters game because of it's linearity. Many folks don't care for it because of it's linearity and I can understand that. However, it was designed to be that way for a reason, ie, it's a feature in itself! Now, in home use that may seem like a real drag but keep in mind these games were intended for location play and it wouldn't get stagnant on route. The linearity as a feature makes you play the shots in the right order (as requested by your various mentors) or else you are punished with practically no score at all. You either like that kind of challenge or you don't :)
7 years ago
from october 2011, when i played the game few times to...
october 2012, when i own it, what a mess...
because i before underated it !!! lol

i upgrade my points than
great game for sure
7 years ago
This game really makes you wish that capcom could've made it work for the long run. Got into the game a little too late and had to compete with Williams/Bally and the strong licenses of Data East. This game is mechanically and from a design point amazing. The wand, the trunk lock, the theatre door/pop bumper, the skill shot and corkscrew habitrail are all amazing. Shots are fun, and layout is nice and deceptively fast. Sturdy construction, and some cool modes as well. The total art/sound package lacks especially when compared (inevitably ) to TOM, and TOM has much more staying power. But damn is this a great first effort for a company I wish we would have seen more from.
7 years ago
Decent enough but too linear to last. Couldn't hang onto it much more than a month.If you find a good deal on it, worth trying but not worth the high prices some people ask for it. $2,000-$2,500 at best
7 years ago
this game is pure magic capcom and mark richie should be still doing pinball
7 years ago
This is an amazing game, the magnetic wand is genius as you release the ball that rolls underneath the wand (the wand is a big electro-magnet that you turn off with the flipper button) and time the ball to land in the mouth of a 'critic'. And the floating ball 'trick' is funny to see... how does it do that ;-). Beautiful artwork too, and great lighting effects! If Capcom only kept going, they could make something out of this world... I don't know, maybe even themed on a bar in outer space!! :-)

The BIG thing that lets this game down is that there absolutely NO strategy at all... none (from what I can remember)... just do the tricks in the same order in every game... I think every 6th trick there's a kind of 'mini wizard mode'... this is what really lets the game down... that and the incredibly annoying voice of one of the magicians... imagine the voice of an old squalky parrot, and then say in this voice quickly and as annoyingly as possible 'swallow the sword!' and you hear this every game you have (because I think it's the first trick). The same voice appears later for other tricks... After playing the game a few hundred times, that voice will be imprinted in your memory forever and haunt you to your grave!
7 years ago
I love this rare gem and find myself playing a string of games any time I come across it. I wouldn't mind owning one of these. It has a pretty linear path for the rules which can get repetitive, but the shots are fun and the layout is unique. I like the audio too. I guess parts can be pretty hard to find and the dmd's are expensive to replace.
7 years ago
Another magic gimmick pin. I played this at the Pacific Pinball museum last year.
It is sorta fun and a good speed of a game. The magic wand gimmick is neat.
7 years ago
Although I can't say much for the playfield artwork, this game is amazingly fun and challenging! It's my first Capcom and I have to say some of the design features are great such as computer controlled lights, slipper strength settings, playfield raising mechanism, etc. As everyone says with this game, the toys are really slick.
8 years ago
I purchased this primarily for the magic theme and I liked the over all look of this pin. Some complain about the serial rule set but I actually prefer that as it makes for a MUCH more challenging game and therefore long term playability is excellent. The toys are over the top in this pin. The only concern I have is the availability of Capcom parts given they made so few pins. That aside, I love this machine.
8 years ago
I was glad to have a few games on this one. The game lacks a bit of linear making the games lastability a real question mark. It was fun to play with some great features the ball looks like it really is floating on the magic wand what a great toy.
8 years ago
A very fun game. The magnetic wand: I've watched several people go fully wide-eyed the first time they see it. I too was baffled and amazed!
8 years ago
Excellent pinball machine that has unique toys and challenging sequential rules. The game truly makes you consider your next shot carefully. Random bang the ball around shots aren't going to help you much with this game. While the linear rules bother some, I find it refreshingly simple --- it's actually clearly what you are supposed to go after next --- yet it's going to take me a LONG time to accomplish all 21 magic tricks. The cabinet art is probably my all time favorite. Sound is pretty good -- not disappointing -- but not as good as some other top tier machines. Game is challenging yet so far I find that beginners get the opportunity to see the toys in action which is fun for them. Unique, colorful captive ball and just some interesting unique touches by Capcom make this a fine addition to my collection that I plan to hang onto for a while.
8 years ago
When I first acquired Pinball Magic, I wasn't sure if it was going to be a keeper. At the time, I hadn't played the machine very much, and although I did like it, I thought of it more as good trade fodder than anything.

Once I had the machine home and started putting some quality play-time on it, I began to fall in love with it. Simply put, this pin is very fun to play. And the more I play it, the more I like it.

A lot of people comment on the game's linear nature as a negative, but I find it to be a positive. You have to make your shots count, and this makes things more interesting, as you won't be able to just randomly progress through the game on luck-of-the-draw wild shots. You need to pay attention and focus your shots to make it through.

The theme, toys, light show, artwork, and gameplay are all top-notch. Really...what's not to like?
9 years ago
I may be biased, as I've owned this game for more than a decade, but I think this game is very fun. The game play is a bit linear, but the toys measure up against any game I've played (including TZ). One of the best.
14 years ago
Don't find that many PM's in the wild but when you do, some of the tricks are downright entertaining. A little gimicky for this to hold long-term appeal, but fun to shoot a few games.
15 years ago
I have owned Pinball Magic for over a year. The magic wand and the floating ball assemblies are very impressive. The game feels really fresh and it's a blast to play. The Capcom brand brought a new 'feel' to my collection, next to the Sterns, Data Easts and the Bally/Williams games. The flippers are more snappy and the game feels extremely solid (bomb proof). The rules are pretty good considering the fact that this was Capcoms first game. The only downside (and probably the reason why I sold it) is the repetition factor. It always starts of with the same mode. That and the fact the the cool gimmicks loose their novelty after a while. Recommended to own once - but in a bigger collection. I wouldn't recommended this as your only game.
There are 67 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 3 of 3.

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