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Game Design: 8.255

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Other Aspects: 8.255

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Found 73 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 73 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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5 months ago
Have about 20 games on this. The levitating ball trick, magic wand trick, and the trick shot are fantastic. I love the theme and game play.
1 year ago
This is a pretty rare game, but worth seeing out. It has several neat gimmicks/toys (the levitating ball and the wand). The artwork is good and I like the theme a lot. This would look amazing in a lineup with ToM, Houdini, and abracadabra.

The shots aren't as smooth as I would hope and the fact that it was made in limited numbers by company that put out very few pins and has extremely limited available parts today makes this a tough buy for me. It is also in DIRE need of LEDs. It's like 2 different pins with and without leds.

I would only recommend it if you absolutely love the there and toys in it, or if you gave a 20+ pin collection.
2 years ago
Nice theme game just ashamed that William brought out theatre of magic otherwise they may have sold more pinball magic
2 years ago
Beautiful game all around.
My only hesitation with owning is my limited knowledge of Capcom technology and limited aftermarket parts/support.
Definitely worth spending time playing especially if Magic is your thing.
2 years ago
Really nice surprising toys, fun little skill shot, getting it to drop on the loop is a bit annoying in two player waiting for someone trying to make it. Cool levitating ball, Cool Moving wand hand. I like theatre of magic, which, is more what you'd expect, and well polished with better artwork. But it doesn't have a levitating ball or magicians stage on the table. Tricky shot on the right to start multiball. Certainly recommend, a bit different.
2 years ago
Not a keeper. Limited shots. Didn't enjoy sequential shots and having to start all over. Game would have benefited by adding another ramp and some code updates.
2 years ago
This game is UNIQUE! No wonder Williams attempted to rip off the design to create ToM, which is, by far, the inferior machine.
I acquired this machine on a trade+ for a WW, and I am happy with my decision.


— Capcom hit the pinball market running: they sought innovation!
— You want toys? Well this game has two firsts for pinball: the wand and levitating ball.
— The trunk lock is very cool.
— There are great ramp diversion choices with the wand guiding the ball
— The ball drop into the critics is EPIC FUN! I cannot stress this enough!
— Excellent sewer system and theatre kickout.
— Captive ball is great. It can be really tough and punishing, yet you can light xb, which can also be tough to hit.
— The single theatre bumper works well if switches are adjusted properly.


— Theme of "evil female magician (witch?) sending magicians after you is original and cool.
— I love the almost monotone, scripted callouts from the woman. They make me laugh. "Behold, real magic" lol.
— The insults from the woman and critics are funny. "Loop this, pal."
— The various voices and for the magicians are integrated well.
— Really good DMD work on this machine, particularly the closing animation after your game ends.
— Lighting is pretty good with an OCD card and LEDs. Bummer that you can't add LED flashers.
— Music is okay. I have played the game for long sessions and do not get annoyed. It doesn't stand out either.


— I was very concerned about the linear style of the game, but it somehow works great.
— Scoring "levels" by defeating the magicians gets progressively more difficult, which is great.
— Having to silence the critics to end level one is a perfect amount of difficulty.
— Later modes that require drops etc. add tremendous danger and pressure.
— It's awesome that you can't use the captive ball to complete end-of-level modes.
— This game can be very fast with spurts of great flow.
— If flow was non-stop, it would be too much as it is sooo fast if well tuned and waxed.
— The potential to start a two ball via skill shot after lock is great for balancing difficulty.
— Three ball multiball adds clever scoring options.
— Completing the game is pretty difficult and EPIC when you get there.


— It is very linear, so it is better in larger collections I would think.
— Two ball multiball could be considered a little on the easy side to obtain.
— Hat shot from the left flipper rejects quite a bit. It likely needs some padding to prevent bounce-outs
— Flipper strength needs to be pretty high (I think I'm two points lower than default), which means the pf can take a beating.
— As others have mentioned, parts can be a bitch, but I've been able to find most without much trouble. This may change.
— The backglass could be a little better, but there is far worse.

In the end, Pinball Magic is an excellent game. It is leaps and bounds better than Theatre of Magic, the game that attempted to outperform it. The innovation, great ruleset, and great gameplay make this game a winner. The price has gone up, but I still see this game as priced below its actual value. Get out and play this game!
2 years ago
Just got this machine. Had a few good choices of games for the price I paid. I made the right decision. Great pin! Lots of fun.
3 years ago
This is an amazing machine! It has an excellent ruleset even if they are linear. I see other people complaining about the rules but my advice to them is "Play better". This machine also has some of the best features with the floating ball and the magic wand not to mention the best skill shot in pinball! Just a very fun game!
3 years ago
I owned one of these briefly, so I feel obliged to write some kind of report on it...... trouble is I can't really remember too much about the game. which probably tells you all you need to know. it's a decent player and has some fun toys, but being a Capcom title there are practically ZERO spare parts available so good luck if anything breaks (when anything breaks, I mean).

Looks nice, sounds nice, plays ok.
3 years ago
Pinball Magic has some cool toys that tie in nicely with the overall theme. I'd be back for more.
3 years ago
Thanks to Pintastic I got to finally play one of these and it was one of Capcoms best pinball machines. As soon as I plunged I fell in love with the game play and shots, nice gimmicks and great artwork. Its a shame Capcom left pinball as they were just hitting their stride.
4 years ago
Game is alright. Interesting layout and cool toys/gimmicks.

Wish Capcom lasted longer, they could have made some great pinball.
4 years ago
I always wanted a Capcom Game - obviously can't get a BBB - but I got the next best game. This game is excellent - great toys - great playfield game play. Hard not to love the animations and integration into the game, it is very fun. It is a rare game, you just don't see it much, that is why I think the game suffers from a lower score than it deserves. I rate this as a top game - so many great features to this game, so well built, nice hinges on the game, very serviceable. Buy the LED OCD board so you can upgrade the bulbs - makes a world of difference.

The game needs some playfield spot lights but you would have to wire them off the coin door to keep it lit - otherwise it can be a little dark. The playfield art is not that great but the plastics and ramps are so cool.

It is simply a fun game, the knock most people have is that it is linear. But, the game prompts you through what is next so it is triggers you to what you have to do. SO, some people don't like that it doesn't bother me.

It is a great game - if you get a chance to play it you will not be disappointed if you can buy one at a decent price $3800-4300 or less you are going to love the machine. It is a great game...
4 years ago
Bought a player quality game and was surprised how much fun this was. When tweaked just right a really good game. Sold and bought another one in better condition and enjoyed it more second time around. So many tricks in this game.
4 years ago
First, let me say I own this game. It was the first pin I ever bought, and I did so without knowing much about pins. I have since owned numerous pins, and played most of the pins on the Top 100, and I will never, ever sell this game. It works for me, but I am one of those players who is bored by MM. I like this game because it is linear and challenges you to make shots in the right order. The artwork is not great, but fits the game. The play always brings me back. My family all love this game, and there are other pins I have that they do not even play. The voices are great. If you get a chance to play it, do so. The elevating ball in the stage is one of the best toys in pinball.
5 years ago
My favorite dmd pin, got it from a fellow pinsider. Good call outs and animations (color dmd would rock!). Magnetic wand and ball levitating make jaws drop if they never seen it before. Linear game play is the only negative for this game. With only 1200 made, don't see it much. Played TOM alot, this is way better to me.
5 years ago
Love the flow of this game. Toys are very unique. The levitating ball and the ball travelling under the wand are great. Beautiful art on the cab and back box. Playfield I'd well laid out and beautiful as well. Wish Capcom had made more games. The knocked this game out of the park.
5 years ago
Some people call this game the "The Fake Theatre of Magic", but the amount of error in this statement is unbelievable.
It offers twice the "tricks", gameplay, and variety than ToM, all for 3X less the cost than a ToM.
PM completely embarrasses ToM in terms of game design.
Additionally, you can buy TWO PM for ONE ToM! (If you can find two for sale quickly).
It is just a better quality machine overall.

The game kicks off from the skillshot "hat trick" and improves from there.
It has an outstanding backglass image and cabinet.
Yes, ToM has a better cabinet that PM.
So what?
Do you play a cabinet?
Playfield artwork above average.
Gameplay is varied and the magic show tricks are superb.
Ruleset is above average as it is linear, but this is a Capcom...
DMD animations are very good, and music is in line with the theme.
Sound quality is average, but get rid of the damn stock Capcom speakers, they are a$$.
Build quality is excellent.
Maintenance is higher than many machines due to some assemblies complexity.

Personally, I wish Capcom would have made many more, so new collectors can learn to appreciate the game.
Many collectors have never seen one in good working condition, let alone actually played one.
It is ALWAYS a big hit at every pinball show, and played constantly.

Spare parts, as this game has unique assemblies and plastics that have not been readily reproduced and NOS is getting scarce. Boards are still available, thank god. Games have literally been "gutted" and parted out to make two games into one at this point.

"Bang for the pinball buck"?
It is here.
If you have the the opportunity to own one, buy it, you will not be disappointed.
5 years ago
Not sure I can add anything here that others haven't said but:
-a FANTASTICLY fun game!!
-great callouts
-TONS of gimmicks that come together to make a really cool game (they really threw everything at this game!)
-Bad artwork IMO
-Excellent build quality
-GREAT shots
-Monotonous due to the objectives ALWAYS being in the exact same order every game (calling mystery programmer!)

Overpriced at this point in pin history, but a REALLY fun game that I'd be happy owning someday.
5 years ago
The best toys ever in a pinball machine, v popular with beginners and the ladies.
5 years ago
one of the best skill shots,(wish it was on t.o.m )they nailed it,the levitating ball ,wand, fit the theme well and are sweet.. i enjoy playing this game with not the best of flow but plays well enough for me to want to play it,not a keeper for me but wont pass up a oppertunity to play a few times if i see one in the wild...
5 years ago
Beautiful game, well built. Fairly serial in terms of game play.
5 years ago
I've owned this game for over a year now but only recently got it running. Its a very nice low plays HOU example. Its still got all the original capcom parts in it and nice and tight. Basically plays about as good as it can get (I just put all new rubbers on as well). So what do I think of the game? Its very good, if not excellent!

Gameplay: Everybody complains about the linear nature of the game, which is true to some extent although it doesn't bug me very much. With so many tricks to complete its very difficult to actually get through them all, like REALLY hard. Yeah I wish it had a little more variety but its good and shouldn't steer you away from the game.

The flippers are very snappy and feel great. The shots are nice and smooth and satisfying. The loop is super fast both ways, and the ramp is a fun shot when you see the ball ride the wand or even when it diverts the ball to the other side. Speaking of the wand, its awesome! This game has amazing toys. The levitating ball is one of the coolest toys in pinball if you ask me. Overall a really fun game to play, I think it deserves a higher rating than it has, but don't expect the best game of all time either. Also its worth mentioning that this game has awesome lighting effects! Some modes are dark, some modes are dazzling, and some of the tricks the game can do with the lights are downright amazing. A+ for lighting effects!

The speakers in this game crank! Really good sound quality and a ton of bass! As for the music itself, its allright. I think its one of the weaker spots in the game personally. The main music score is dark and brooding. Its not annoying and it goes with the theme, but its just ok. It does its job without being a nuisance but its nothing catchy or memorable. Theres not a lot of other music in the game which is unfortunate. I do really like the rag time song it plays in certain modes however! General sound effects are very good however!

Art: Yes, sadly there is a lot of blank red open space on the playfield. Kind of boring and a let down. The art that is there however, is really cool. I think the faces are only average but everything else looks awesome. Plus theres some really cool stuff hidden away. There's a guy pooping out swords in the upper right hand corner!! I also like the little guy running off with the plans for pinball magic who might just be reporting back to "big bad willie" (williams). The game is really chock full of little easter eggs like that which is super cool I think, and IMO makes up for quite a bit of the space left artless.

Overall, this game is excellent. I highly recommend spending some time with one! You'll have a good time and its a different experience than you get with any other brand of machine. Its too bad Capcom's time in the pinball market was so short!
6 years ago
Despite awesome toys and great theme, i could not get into it coz of poor artwork and atmosphere.
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