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Game Design: 8.016

Artwork: 7.952

Sounds/Music: 8.554

Other Aspects: 8.203

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Found 66 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 66 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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40 days ago
The one I played was really slow.
3 months ago
Pinball Brothers have done a great job in making an immersive Alien game that captures the eerie feeling from the first two films. These machines are built solidly and are absolutely gorgeous.
4 months ago
Such a fun game! Could use some extra lighting as it is very dark.
4 months ago
This game is so much fun to play
4 months ago
This game is of course a fun game to play since I already played the highway version a lot. I have to say that I do like the machine but for me it feels a bit less solid compared to the Heighway version. But since this is the first machine that they brought out and that I played a early production Alien I might change my review in the future. but for me the gameplay and everything is fine only the quality should get better. On the machine I played on the music wasn't as good as the Heighway one and the targets broke very soon. I hope they improve their quality!
4 months ago
Great game, wish I got one sooner. Excellent layout and theme integration. It’s a tough game, but things are achievable. I find myself hitting the start button over and over.
4 months ago
One of the most atmospheric games out there and one of the licensed IP games that truly nailed the feel of the theme. One of the best sound packages out there and just beautiful quality build. The game oozes a quality to it. The rules are not that complex, but the game is quite challenging. Even as a wide body it doesn't feel overly floaty either.
5 months ago
I have had this game for almost a month ( 175 plays ) now and I will say that this game is awesome, the lighting and sound of this machine really does immerse you into the Alien theme. No other game feels this way, almost creepy feeling you have to experience this machine on your own in a quite environment, everything that is said about this machine is dead on, never had a wide body before and to be honest was never a fan but this machine is different it feels and shoots different from the sterns and Williams machines I own, each of the four flippers have different dedicated shots. While I Like most of the more recent Stern machines most of them shoot very similar to each other but this Alien machine has so much going on and different in so many ways and would make for a great addition to any pinball collection.
6 months ago
Love the modes and sounds of this game.
7 months ago
I found this game to be very dark (visually it need more light - stadium would help). The game feel seemed off. Could be how games play from this manufacturer, unsure but the feel was unusual for me.
7 months ago
One of my favorite movies and sadly one of my least favorite pins. I could not get into this one. The theme just didn't seem implemented well enough and the whole thing seemed boring for the theme. I feel like this is one that should be over the top but it was really tame. I didn't really understand what was supposed to happen next and the modes I thought would follow plot but I wasn't sure what was really happening. The shots are pretty terrible and the ones you need to get are put in bad spots and it just overall felt like a bad experience. I was sad to walk away from this one so unimpressed.
9 months ago
Fun game! Thought they captured the theme well minus having Ripley not being in the game. It shoots very well and has a solid layout. Only real drawback is the art.. really plain and uninspired in my opinion. It is fun to play though!
10 months ago
Great game that I could eventually see myself owning. I love the look of it and theme (happy it's just the first two movies). What I don't love is the feel of the machine, but this may be able to be tweaked if I ever owned one. On location, it feels slow and somewhat clunky.
10 months ago
Pinball Brothers.... Under-rated pin
1 year ago
Just got this one in on a trade and wow - completely blown away. It has a its quirks but one of the most immersive experiences I’ve had in a game. Shots are different but flow well, code is a ton of fun and the audio is next level. I don’t even need a shaker - the bass rumbles the game! This one will be staying for a long time! If you’re unsure because it’a not branded by the competition, take a chance. You won’t be disappointed! If they had their name on this game it would easily be priced at an LE.
1 year ago
Played this game at Pincinnati and kept coming back; actually has me contemplating buying one. The Ambush multiball is probably the most fun/engaging multiball of any game I have ever played. How they integrate the radar beep, from the movie, to coincide with the aliens/balls coming at you is fantastic. That part alone spiked my adrenaline and got me hooked.
1 year ago
Excellent game that is god tier theme. Only lost a few points from me on the toys since there could have been 1 or 2 more major toys and the backglass on this standard was a little weak when you consider the theme material. The flow lacks slightly at times. But I really enjoy this pin.
1 year ago
Just picked up an Alien SV - This so far is the most Immersive game I have ever played. Yes the playfield is dark, but definitely lends to the mood and atmosphere of the game. I will say the Sound is incredible- the best factory installed sound I have ever experienced. I do have it parked next to my GZ- both are obviously fantastic games that compliment each other very well in my collection (apples and oranges comparison for me between the two ). I have read comments that if you slapped a stern logo on this game it would be a $12k and I certainly agree with that statement. So far the game plays like a dream- fun, challenging, and is a "just one more" like GZ is for me. Overall the game shoots very well. most challenging is the Hypersleep ramp for me- I can see this game being in my collection for a long time. BTW, I first played this on location and enjoyed it. But this game is definitely rocks at home- If you are looking for a change from a stern heavy lineup this is the one to do it with in my opinion.
1 year ago
The good:

Excellent theming.
Four flippers and sooooo many shots and unique layout.
Play either Alien or Aliens. Clear mode start.
Fast flow for a widebody game.
Immersive experience. This shines in a home environment
A/V better than most.
Physical ball lock.
Inductions switches. Awesome!
Jonesy Mode. Pinball is ALWAYS better with cats.
Machines has that "just one more game" replay vibe.
Tech support is OFF THE CHARTS AMAZING. Fast, helpful, and thorough.

The Bad:

Code is not quite done yet at v3.0. Has some bugs.
Xenomorph magnet doesn't catch ball if it is traveling reasonably fast.
Really need to be able to get ball to upper flipper to make shots. This takes some skill.

The Ugly:

RGB light tubes used for GI lighting makes the game EXTREMELY dark. Had this game had additional "white" GI along with some RGB GI for effects, it would have been PERFECT. However, since I am an avid modder, I was able to light the game where needed without interfacing with any of the system boards and thus voiding the warranty. Since Stern SPIKE games, I have switched my mod designs to be portable on pin-independent. It's a bit of extra work, but it keeps the warranty and the pin safe.

There is a risk with buying a pin from new company. Hopefully, they will be around for a long time.
1 year ago
I own a PB version of the standard game. I bought it off someone and have been begging to get it. I love this game. Fantastic.
1 year ago
Played this at Lyman’s tavern in DC. We’ll built machine. Sound was too loud to judge call outs, etc. while it was fun, I prefer some of the newer stern models to the feel of this game.
1 year ago
Great theme. Sounds amazing. Doesnt shoot very well. Its a widebody so its to be expected. The alien is cool but rarely works. Modes are fun but overall game has an old school feel as its not really deep.
1 year ago
Solid game and very fun. It shoots great. Sounds are excellent lifts from the movies. Music is atmospheric but forgettable. They nail the theme. It's a blast to play. Lighting is the biggest thing I'd say is lacking here
1 year ago
What a great game now that the code has been updated to 3.0. If you played early versions play it again. If you have t tried it yet, don’t pass it by. Hopefully reliability will get better and better at pinball brothers!
1 year ago
The Good:

-- Theme integration
-- Toys (working Alien, side ramp lock, pop toppers, slings, etc)
------ The Alien has one of the best features in all of pinball. It's so awesome for the game to trap the ball with a magnet, then "cut the power" aka turn off the lights, and watch as the Alien reaches out and eats the ball. Truly a work of art
-- Shots are labeled well via LEDs. I always know where I need to go
-- Colored LEDs are used very well. The insert/gi lightshow at times is awe-inspiring
-- The music is fantastic. It gets you into the mood and is never tiring
-- Multiballs are fun and can be stacked. There are four of them (not including All Out War)
-- Layout for me is a positive. It's not easy and can be frustrating for newer players
-- The game allows you to select which set of modes you want to start with, allowing for variation right at the plunge
-- You can earn weapons in the game that give you perks when you use them. Is your ball about to drain? Load up your shotgun, hit the launch button, and get a multiball started to save your ball! The strategy this employs is brilliant
-- Pinball Brothers are VERY good at responding and helping customers. I haven't needed any assistance yet, but I've rarely read any complaints about this

(The following was a negative, now I consider it a positive)
-- The upper flipper can't be fed directly. You have to hit the proper orbit to get the back post to stand up so it falls into the pops, and then you have to pray it falls on the right side to feed the flipper. OR, on the saucer kickout from the left side, you need to be dead on with the upper left flipper to have it feed the right flipper... and even when you do, there's a chance you feed it so well that the ball flies right out on the left side. (EDIT: Oct 30 2022 -- Now that I think about it, if you could feed the flipper over and over again, Hypersleep Multiball and outlane saves would be too easy. This is perfectly designed! It's not a negative at all.

The Bad:

-- Lighting is horrid. It's great on the LV and fine if you have extra lighting via the room, lamp, modded apron, etc
-- The backglass stinks. It's just an egg. Again, you can buy a mod to fix this
-- The audio callouts are subpar. If you aren't paying attention you will lose track. This may have been done by design to let the theme play a larger role, and I don't mind the callouts being most LED-based, but some people won't like it


All in all, it's one of my favorite games to play all time. How is this machine 8k used? If someone were to slap a "Stern" logo on it, this thing would be worth 10-12k tomorrow. It's an amazing game that draws people in.

I first played the Heighway version years ago and fell in love. It drew me in and I wanted to own one ever since. I'm stoked Pinball Brothers took it over. This game is 95-99% as good as the original in my opinion. I can't believe I own one. I never thought it would happen.

I'm going to hang onto this game for quite a while.
There are 66 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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