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11 days ago
Just picked up an Alien SV - This so far is the most Immersive game I have ever played. Yes the playfield is dark, but definitely lends to the mood and atmosphere of the game. I will say the Sound is incredible- the best factory installed sound I have ever experienced. I do have it parked next to my GZ- both are obviously fantastic games that compliment each other very well in my collection (apples and oranges comparison for me between the two ). I have read comments that if you slapped a stern logo on this game it would be a $12k and I certainly agree with that statement. So far the game plays like a dream- fun, challenging, and is a "just one more" like GZ is for me. Overall the game shoots very well. most challenging is the Hypersleep ramp for me- I can see this game being in my collection for a long time. BTW, I first played this on location and enjoyed it. But this game is definitely rocks at home- If you are looking for a change from a stern heavy lineup this is the one to do it with in my opinion.
16 days ago
The good:

Excellent theming.
Four flippers and sooooo many shots and unique layout.
Play either Alien or Aliens. Clear mode start.
Fast flow for a widebody game.
Immersive experience. This shines in a home environment
A/V better than most.
Physical ball lock.
Inductions switches. Awesome!
Jonesy Mode. Pinball is ALWAYS better with cats.
Machines has that "just one more game" replay vibe.
Tech support is OFF THE CHARTS AMAZING. Fast, helpful, and thorough.

The Bad:

Code is not quite done yet at v3.0. Has some bugs.
Xenomorph magnet doesn't catch ball if it is traveling reasonably fast.
Really need to be able to get ball to upper flipper to make shots. This takes some skill.

The Ugly:

RGB light tubes used for GI lighting makes the game EXTREMELY dark. Had this game had additional "white" GI along with some RGB GI for effects, it would have been PERFECT. However, since I am an avid modder, I was able to light the game where needed without interfacing with any of the system boards and thus voiding the warranty. Since Stern SPIKE games, I have switched my mod designs to be portable on pin-independent. It's a bit of extra work, but it keeps the warranty and the pin safe.

There is a risk with buying a pin from new company. Hopefully, they will be around for a long time.
24 days ago
Played this at Lyman’s tavern in DC. We’ll built machine. Sound was too loud to judge call outs, etc. while it was fun, I prefer some of the newer stern models to the feel of this game.
25 days ago
Great, unique layout. Fun shots with great code/rules. Perfect ambient lighting and sounds. The Ambush Multiball start is amazing, but is not very reliable on most of the games I have seen/played. Fortunately the pin is very good in so many other ways that it does not affect my opinion.
29 days ago
Great theme. Sounds amazing. Doesnt shoot very well. Its a widebody so its to be expected. The alien is cool but rarely works. Modes are fun but overall game has an old school feel as its not really deep.
30 days ago
Solid game and very fun. It shoots great. Sounds are excellent lifts from the movies. Music is atmospheric but forgettable. They nail the theme. It's a blast to play. Lighting is the biggest thing I'd say is lacking here
52 days ago
What a great game now that the code has been updated to 3.0. If you played early versions play it again. If you have t tried it yet, don’t pass it by. Hopefully reliability will get better and better at pinball brothers!
54 days ago
The Good:

-- Theme integration
-- Toys (working Alien, side ramp lock, pop toppers, slings, etc)
------ The Alien is one of the best features in all of pinball. It's so awesome for the game to trap the ball with a magnet, then "cut the power" aka turn off the lights, and watch as the Alien reaches out and slowly eats the ball. Truly a work of art
-- Shots are labeled well via LEDs. I always know where I need to go
-- Colored LEDs are used very well. The insert/gi lightshow at times is awe-inspiring
-- The music is fantastic. It gets you into the mood and is never tiring
-- Multiballs are fun and can be stacked. There are four of them (not including All Out War)
-- Layout for me is a positive. It's not easy and can be frustrating for newer players
-- The game allows you to select which set of modes you want to start with, allowing for variation right at the plunge
-- You can earn weapons in the game that give you perks when you use them. Is your ball about to drain? Load up your shotgun, hit the launch button, and get a multiball started to save your ball! The strategy this employs is brilliant
-- Pinball Brothers are VERY good at responding and helping customers. I haven't needed any assistance yet, but I've rarely read any complaints about this

(The following was a negative, now I consider it a positive)
-- The upper flipper can't be fed directly. You have to hit the proper orbit to get the back post to stand up so it falls into the pops, and then you have to pray it falls on the right side to feed the flipper. OR, on the saucer kickout from the left side, you need to be dead on with the upper left flipper to have it feed the right flipper... and even when you do, there's a chance you feed it so well that the ball flies right out on the left side. (EDIT: Oct 30 2022 -- Now that I think about it, if you could feed the flipper over and over again, that Hypersleep Multiball and outlane saves would be too easy. This is perfectly designed! It's not a negative at all.

The Bad:

-- Lighting is horrid. It's great on the LV and fine if you have extra lighting via the room, lamp, modded apron, etc
-- The backglass stinks. It's just an egg. Again, you can buy a mod to fix this
-- The audio callouts are subpar. If you aren't paying attention you will lose track. This may have been done by design to let the theme play a larger role, and I don't mind the callouts being most LED-based, but some people won't like it


All in all, it's one of my favorite games to play all time. How is this machine 8k used? If someone were to slap a "Stern" logo on it, the thing would be worth 10-12k tomorrow. It's an amazing game that draws people in.

I first played the Heighway version years ago and fell in love. It drew me in and I wanted to own one ever since. I'm stoked Pinball Brothers took it over. This game is 90-95% as good as the original in my opinion. I can't believe I own one. I never thought it would happen.

I'm going to hang onto this game for quite a while.
55 days ago
What a fun game. Great integration of the theme. Great depth of rules. Challenging shots. Lighting is is perfect for the atmosphere of this game and the digital assets are great aside from the glaringly obvious omission of Ripley. Love the modes and missions. This game is a keeper and is displacing another game I thought I'd keep forever. Really fantastic job on a next gen game. Latest code is getting this one to where it needs to be. Hoping reliability continues to improve!
59 days ago
In the process of un-stern-ing my collection I landed on Alien SV and Halloween CE. Both of which I bought. I wanted something completely different and both of these games have truly delivered for me and I am VERY happy with both! ALIEN is unlike any modern pin available. It feels about as foreign as being blasted into outer space. The odd layout, The moody dark lighting and the sound package fits this theme incredibly well and the result is an incredibly immersive experience. I bought into both of these games knowing full well that they are not code complete. I am happy to grow with the games as I find that a rewarding experience as well. As it sits it feels like a full game. There are some bugs and some points of polish I think are necessary and I believe they are coming. I will update my review down the road in that regard. I will say…if you’re tired of the Stern homogeny I highly recommend Alien, Halloween, Alice Coopers Nightmare Castle and Houdini as games to break it up. These games have cracked me out of bore rut with modern pinball. Just really cool, beautiful games that are interesting, fun and make you keep hitting the start button over and over.
62 days ago
Oh my goodness, what a brilliant pinball machine. I've had my Alien for about two months now. I wanted to wait a bit with my rating and really explore the pinball machine first.

I can honestly say that Alien is one of the best pinball machines ever. I have played quite a few pinball machines and Alien is really up there.... I would probably even put it in first place.

The missions are very well done. There are four missions on each side (Alien and Aliens) and then a kind of mini wizard mode for Alien and Aliens. Four multiballs that are also really well done. When you have played all the missions and all the multiballs there is an end wizard mode.

The quality of the pinball is really good, the sounds, the music, the whole atmosphere is awesome. The shots are also really good. I love the two upper flippers and the hypersleep ramp.

My only two negative points are the playfield and side art. I think they are good but a little uninspired and boring. Otherwise I really have nothing negative to say about the pinball. Other than that, I really don't have anything negative to say about the pinball.
63 days ago
I really enjoyed playing this and you get two games in one (so to speak). Excellent Theme IMO!
69 days ago
I've only had my SV for 3 weeks now but I love the game and unique widebody layout. I mean who doesn't love a four flipper game with a mechanical Xenomorph attacking and eating your ball?

The two Alien(s) movie themes of the game are excellently integrated from the dark feel of space to the David Thiel sounds and movie callouts. Some complain about the SV being too dark but the backbox has multiple USB ports and I've already added led strips to the back area along with strips to enhance the backbox art. You can add lighting as desired or needed.

The shots can be challenging and scoring a bit confusing but my scores are getting better each week as I learn the nuances of the shots and rules. Alien plays fast for a widebody and frankly those calling it clunky haven't taken the time to learn the game. The challenging nature of the game is one of the reasons why it actually makes a very good home pin.

I was worried about quality and issues out of the box since Pinball a new manfacturer but I've had no issues so far. This is an underrated game and a nice contrast to the Stern cookie cutter quality and layouts we've all become accustomed to over the years.
78 days ago
So this game gets flack for what I think are silly reasons. It's too dark. It's too hard. It's slow and clunky.
It's too dark: it's supposed to be. It's a game that follows an incredible movie franchise that built a legacy of screaming into the vacuum and cold of space. It's lonely, foreign, and your chances of survival are low. If dark is a real issue, turn off the room lighting or add lights to the game. That's what others have done. I personally feel it really adds to the immersion of the theme. I play an Alien RPG game and my group gets into the frame of mind by each playing a round on this table before our tabletop game. It really does the trick.
It's too hard: I disagree. Too many people are used to the same basic Stern shots and ANY manufacturer that's not Stern gets complaints that the shots are hard. (Thanks Nick from the Pinball Palace for pointing this out one day on a Spooky game, it really opened up my eyes and opportunities) I say, open up your mind to learning a different type of shot or ramp and enjoy getting back to the school of pinball. And it's still a tough game which keeps it interesting for long time ownership. And again... The theme. Almost nobody makes it to the end of any movie. Even Ripley who is the ultimate [email protected]$$, still wipes out in the end. So let it be brutal. Aliens are the ultimate animal. That's why the Company wants to get ahold of it.
Slow and Clunky: I tune my machines and this one was no different. Alien, in my house, never runs slow. I did also replace all the rubbers with titans, lift the game, and polish all the coil sleeves, but I do that on everything including Stranger Things which is also fast and brutal.

Enough of the negative. This game has a rule set that is deep but understandable. It's videos, sounds, modes, and art are absolutely one of my top three in all of pinball. You have got to watch someone else play it a moment to catch everything I think. At least I do. I love watching it played as much as I love playing. It's just so immersive and cool! And as an Alien super fan, I was so scared it would disappoint but it does not. The Xenomorph laughing at your failures is the ultimate taunt to bring me back in for another game. And I play it more now after eight months, than when I first got it. I love this game.

One word of caution. Every piece in this game is unique in some way and very specific to this manufacturer. Stern is heading in this direction too I think, but if they ever stop producing any part of this game, it's going to get very difficult to maintain. That worries me as they are not using standard pinball components.
4 months ago
I'll get hell for posting this; Alien is one of the few themes where "take my money" is a thing and after playing a few times glad I did not. The game looks great on paper; dream theme excellent, cool toy or two, *David Thiel sound package*, decent art. What could go wrong?

The game is an unholy "clunk fest" where the ball just sort of drifts around the playfield striking everything but the intended targets. I'm ill disposed to widebodies for just this reason but there are widebody titles that are fast and not drifty feeling (see Black Hole) to add insult to injury the game started malfunctioning firing off one of the slings and you would accrue points.. while just standing there doing nothing at all. Maybe the flippers just have a different dynamic than other titles, regardless despite my best efforts to enjoy a game they were for nought.

At any rate I acquire games to have fun playing them and this wasn't a fun experience. Looks great, sounds great but missing that 3rd dynamic for me. If I get another chance to spend some time at the game again I'll revisit the rating.
4 months ago
Theme/integration is tops, there's no denying. The wide body thing I usually don't mind, but no matter how steep I placed this (up to 7.5deg) it was still very slow and floaty.
I've since sold my Alien. I really wanted to love it, but heck it's just a punishing game if your shot accuracy isn't great. Most games I would walk away angry. I've got other games that are a laugh regardless of how your game goes. But I found that I'd brick multiple shots in a row and that's just not fun. Some shots like hypersleep are quite difficult, and the Vent 3 is a shot you really need to be able to make consistently for mode completion.
Another thing that annoyed me was how slow things like the ball launch were (and it just shoots the ball up to a brick wall, then it dribbles down, then into the inlane where it dribbles suer slow again. Launching is a yawn-fest. The inlanes are super slow. The area between inlane and outlane is covered by the ramps so you don't know whether to nudge or not. That's annoying.
So all up, music and theming are great. But for me (average player) it was slow, punishing, and I just didn't enjoy it at all. I would urge anyone considering one to definitely play it first.
5 months ago
Need more time on this one for an honest assessment.
6 months ago
I mean come on... 2 games in one! Game is on the dark side off things but it fits the theme. I've honestly never seen the movies but this game is really fun. I love the wide body! Sounds and graphics are awesome. Neighbor has one and I really enjoy playing it. Still havnt figured out all the rules bit I enjoy playing it even not knowing them.
7 months ago
Easily one of if not the most immersive pinball experiences one could hope for. Every shot is unique and feels brand new, but that also all flow well and work as intended! I can’t recall another pin whose shots/layout both felt completely unique and also completely worked and flowed…. Honestly about as close to a home run pin a company could hope for. Especially, again, in terms of immersion and uniqueness of layout! (Even the code is fairly well established, not “take a night class” deep but enough going on and variance to keep me interested and itching to play it even with it being surrounded by 100+ other machines. .. A+
Ps this guy below me knows what he talking about. (Support your local Vermont Film Houses damnit!)
7 months ago
I got to try this at Pinball Palaces storage facility and it was a really solid and surprisingly awesome game. I did not have much hope going into it as it was made by a newer company, but it really did shine. We played this game in the dark and it was awesome, not to mention it may have the best pop bumpers I’ve ever seen. If you get a chance to play it, please do so as the shots and layout are fantastic, and the theming is top-notch too. Wish the artwork was better on the cabinet and glass, but this machine counts where it matters!
7 months ago
I’ve only had this game a week as of right now I’m completely blown away by it
Very unique game
The game itself is stupid beautiful

Killer game,trippy shots,interesting combos
This game is fast.When you get anything going,watch out it will blow by you
The music,when cranked up,is intense

Watch the first two movies and play this game you feel like your in the god dang movie

Most immersive pinball I’ve ever played
7 months ago
I FINALLY got the chance to play this game. Been looking for one for years. Wouldn't you know, it was in a friend's garage...

The Pros:
An interesting layout in a wide body proportion. I prefer narrow bodied games, but there are a few wider games that I like (Twilight Zone, Star Trek:TNG), I think this will be one of those wide body games that I think are of good playing quality. There are interesting shots to be made with good rules and choose-able paths through the game's software. I would even go as far as saying that the different paths are different enough to offer multiple experiences within the same box. BRILLIANT! The artwork on the game is perfect for the theme and while some consider the lighting on this game to be "dark"... it is appropriate to the dressing and theater of what the designers created. Let's call it the "anti-feature". When this game flows, it sings. When the cross playfield shots work, the feed from the upper right to the upper left to the ramp shot may be one of the most satisfying combos in all of pinball.

The Cons:

Andrew Heighway.

Some of the audio and video assets show their age. I don't know if the game feels "clunky" or if the copy I played just needed more love. I do like me some Sigourney, but I also understand why she isn't included in the design. They got her on Ghostbusters, but not this game. Calling Roger Sharpe! The shitshow that this game whipped up is a most tragic story. I know of a few people who put their hearts into it's development only for the house of cards to fall down. Hard. There were a lot of unhappy people who spent a great deal of money for a game that never showed up. The pain, feel it. Ouch.

The Takeaway:
The feel and the tension of this game is palpable. Better than any other horror game I have ever played. Credit for this is specially prominent to David Thiel. He knocked it out of the park with his part of the player experience. The theme is very well integrated and when the alien eats the ball, right off the playfield... WOW!

Credit to Pinball Brothers for keeping this project alive and supporting it after the nonsense that happened with the first verison of production. I may have to find a copy for my own collection.
8 months ago
Very unique game. Total immersion.
8 months ago
one of the coolest pinball machine ever. individuality is capitalized in this game. the flow is a bit poor; but it is absolute great entertainment. it seems that you are directly in the movie. the sound, the speech, the animations are perfect.
if it succeeds to fade out all the technical problems, this is one of the most spectacular pins over the last years.
standard and limited version are both worth to buy.
8 months ago
I have had my Alien SV for about a month now. As someone who has a small collection, I am already feeling this one will be around for quite some time. The theme immersion is absolutely top notch. From choosing your storyline for modes to the callouts for the movies. I had one small issue with my machine upon delivery and PB shipped out replacement parts that were plug and play. Some some specifics on the game.

Pros: Shoots like a GOOD widebody, feels like a standard body in a widebody frame. There are plenty of shots and I am still don't have all of them down. Next is modes, progression and having some tough shots make this game fun for a novice to walk up to and an experienced pinhead appreciate. The hypersleep lock and vent loop with the top right flipper add a oh crap I have to pay attention to everything during modes/multiball. Multiball modes are well balanced in the game, and the weapons interaction require good knowledge of the ruleset and having a strategy on when to use them. I personally like the cabinet art, it's simple and looks great. I did put in a custom translite and optional lighting which came out amazing. The sound and callouts on this machine are the best I have ever heard. Stern/JJP Please take a note of this one, spend a bit more on your crap speakers. This machine kicks and the music pulls you right into the theme. Some shots are tough on this game, while others can get repetitive, just like any other pinball machine IMO. Having strategy and making the right shots to keep your revive saves lit are key. This game also plays well when nudged a tad for the right outline as it has a gate save if you time the ball in the lane just right (I haven't come close to mastering this yet).

Cons: The game is dark, but it goes with the theme. I am adding a custom apron mod that will be able to add a bit more lighting where you need it (by the flippers) so this will be a non issue shortly. Some shots are difficult to see, the left outlane and upper left flipper area are tight and it's often hard to know if your ball is in the outlane or the inlane. The Xeno is LOUD, during bootup when it calibrates, when it is used in a game, it's incredibly loud. The magnet for my Xeno catches most of the time, I do have concerns on playfield wear around that area as it pushes the ball off the PF magnet. I did put mylar on the day I got the machine to prevent this. The buttons feel very light, this is due to the switches PB used, I have a set of Stern flipper switches and will replace them eventually.

Overall I think this is one of the best theme integration machines made, but more importantly, it's a damn good pinball machine. Plenty of shots, some options for strategy and a blast to play as you destroy the Aliens.
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