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This game ranks 3rd in the game group "Alien". The group itself ranks #49 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Game Design: 8.012

Artwork: 8.137

Sounds/Music: 7.879

Other Aspects: 8.236

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Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "Alien (Limited Version)".
The other versions are: Alien (regular version), Alien (Standard)

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There are 45 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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9 days ago
When played in a dark room nothing can beat this pin for immersion..
14 days ago
Insanely great game. Got mine this week and it's honestly one off the best games I've played in years.

The theming, sounds, art (other than pf) - incredible.

The shots are buttery smooth, with some hard and very satisfying. An unusual layout which I happen to love. All flippers hit specific shots.. great rules and the lv looks insane with the lit side blades. I've heard complaints this is a dark game.... The lv definitely isn't!! My only con is the pf art imo the weapons look crappy. They stick out, looks like someone photoshopped them over an otherwise great pf. They do not look realistic either but cartoony - doesn't match everything else. I actually really dislike these....

I will update this review after I've owned it for a few months as a problem with these are reliability (no issues with mine so far!) - but to date this one is bolted to the floor.

This game was #1 on pinside and then mysteriously 40 new reviews with no comments appeared - seems legit! Especially considering it took a year to get 20 reviews.... I guess a lot of ppl played it that week and just none of them felt like leaving a comment. Weird!!

Honestly this is a top 10 of all time game.
17 days ago
Excellent theme for pinball. I have had very few issues with this pin and I have owned it for 7 months now. Theme is very well integrated and I actually like the fact that it’s a widebody. Code is strong and the game gives you that one more time feel. I really like how it switches between the two films. Modes are excellent. The cabinet art, trim and all the extras on the Lv make it worth the extra money for me. I do wish they used the old Highway backbox screen as well as the screen in the playfield, but aside from that, you can’t go wrong with this one!
24 days ago
Fun game to play. However reliability is killing the game along with missing assets when star is missing. Floaty wide body
29 days ago
Finally got to play the new LE in person when a friend got his. It’s pretty to look at for sure. I love the theme and I want to love the game, but the visually blocked outlanes are the reason I could never own this one unfortunately. It’s just super frustrating to not be able to see the ball to nudge at the most crucial moments.
29 days ago
Played this game many times in Cincinnati. This cabinet and back glass is simply a work of art. The Theme integration is incredible and the designer did a nice job keeping the mood spooky, broodish, and …. dark I suppose.I really like the call outs and voice overs for this game too.
It is true that you need to play this game quite a few times to get into a groove. This is not an Elwin game that races you around and hits you with direction changes and raises your BP.
The game has a great rule set and is very methodical. If you are down with slower play,
less light shows , and if you love Alien you are all set.
Does this stand up as a tradition pin? Depends.
Some shots are hard to make, the flippers are down scaled and the upper playfield pop bunkers are underused. It is probably missing that one amazing toy and that amazing moment that comes in most top 10 games. Overall though , a great design and theme. Is the money right in this game? That depends… do you think this game is worth MMr or Godzilla Premium? Well, there is your answer.
31 days ago
This game just sucks you all the way in. Best theme integration in pinball. If you love the films you’ll be in awe of this game. “But…it’s a wiiiiide body” Who cares? It shoots great and it feels like your playing in outer space. ITS ALIEN...the feel of the game FITS the theme integration flawlessly. Some folks complain it’s shallow…those same folks can’t beat it soooo…what does that tell you? The game is hard, sure. But isn’t that part of the reason we love pinball? As an advocate of new blood and new designs in pinball I applaud this game. Somebody has to have the grapes to make something that stands out because let’s face it: Sterns, they are getting to feel a bit homogeneous lately.
31 days ago
Great game but the code is a bit shallow. Sold mine after a couple of months.
32 days ago
I put about 20 games on this machine and it is fairly solid without anything feeling amazing. Some shots are narrow and the game doesn't use the upper flippers as well as it could. That being said, this game has a huge amount of shots and the theme is well integrated.
32 days ago
I played this pin at Florida Brewery Wesley chapel FL, and won a free game. Very good looking pinball machine with good layout in shots and 4 flippers. I like the upper flipper shots most. Not a fan of alien movies. Sounds are cool and code is ok. Overall worthwhile table to pump quarters into. Ball flow seems decent but not compared to godzilla. Center alien bash toy the highlight with magnetic ball hold and alien tongue grabs ball. Con is ball flow gameplay is slow and code confusing at times.
32 days ago
Wow played on friends ones at their home and wow they both play amazing.
The sounds and call outs are A1 and now need to get one for us as well
33 days ago
Played it at Expo a few times.
Also there was 5 Machines and 4 of them seemed always be available to walk up and play.
Nobody ever waiting in line play unlike a lot of the other newer pins.
Suffers from that wide body floating feeling of the ball.
Beautiful machine but still missing that special something.
Before I played it was really excited to buy one,but lost that loving feeling.
After you see the queen eat the ball it’s just not that much fun.
Unfortunately have to pass on owning one.
33 days ago
Alien is a blast to play!! Really nice artworks and decent software. Theme is fun but of course is very personal.
Main issue for me is that it looks a bit unfinished (rough designed). However it still plays great and gets me back!
33 days ago
Immersive, great use of assets, and the best sound quality out of any new game from out of the box
33 days ago
Solid game and very fun. Prettier than the standard without significant changes to the gameplay. The added bells and whistles are nice. It shoots great. Sounds are excellent lifts from the movies. Music is atmospheric but forgettable. They nail the theme. It's a blast to play. Lighting is the biggest thing I'd say is lacking here
33 days ago
Played the LV 10+ times at the Expo. Fun to play, but it did not feel as good as the new Stern games (GZ/Bond). Cool theme, art, and lighting. Need to play it more to probably see all that it can offer. Will update rating in the future.
34 days ago
I've owned this game for a bout a month now.

At first I thought the rules were pretty shallow. As I've played it more I realize how much there is to it. Its not overly complicated like some of the newer Stern games but still has enough depth to keep me wanting to play it. I was a little disappointed with the marketing saying you can choose between two games because its just two different mode sets and if you complete one you go to the next. However after knowing that I enjoy deciding what modes I'm playing first.

Overall I think it is a great game that is a lot of fun to play. It has good flow to it, fun shots, fun modes, great sound, great clips from the movie, and looks amazing.

The only downside is there is no rule card to learn how to play it when you walk up to it lol
34 days ago
Very fun game, love the theme, and the use of the movie assets. The LV has some nice touches i.e topper, and extra lighting. The quality of build seems just oK
34 days ago
I am really enjoying this game...I love the theme...yes, it is immersive; it draws you in with each game you play and makes you push that start button again. It is dark and a magnificent tribute to both movies. The voice call outs are spot on. The playfield layout is done well, I really like the artwork. Since this is for the LV, I think the lighted side-blades are perfect for this game and in my opinion there really is no need for additional lighting. I did have a couple issues out of the box but PB support was rapid and it wasn't long before those issues were resolved. I like that I can choose between Alien or Aliens and the callouts and video follow my play is just fun...some hard but rewarding shots. I have only one beef and this is the slight inconsistency of the Xeno grab...I understand that they are working this issue, so it isn't a concern for me. I have owned this machine for nearly 2 months and am still I get more time on this machine, I will update my rating as necessary.
34 days ago
I own a SV and had chance to play a friends LV. The build quality between my early SV and this late model LV is night and day.. game plays well and had not an issue out of the box. Immersion is key, one of the best all in immersions of any pin on the market. I am certain that you as a player are in the role of Ripley and you are progressing through the missions of both Alien and Aliens movies. getting to play pinball in missions based on 2 of the best sci fi films is just awesome.. Sound package and artwork are on point. Yes i am a fanboy, yes i am thinking of selling my SV for an LV. Just a great game that nails the lisence perfectly.
35 days ago
This is such an emersive game. The theme, the sounds, the clips. All so good. The LV has real nice artwork on the cab and the backglass. Only the art on the playfield is a bit mediocre. The shots are great. Only thing minor is that it is a widebody. But 4 flippers make it good to shoot. Shots are all ok to do. Rules are clear, modes are fun to progress through. Multiballs are nice and the weapons add an element of strategy to the game. David Thiel did a great job with the sounds. Real space horror feel. The xeno is a great toy that matches the dino in jurassic park. Movie footage is great and the call outs are good. Sound quality is better than most other machines. The LV adds the lighted inner art blades and the beacons for a truly emersive experience.
36 days ago
I have an SV and have played the LV quite a bit. I love the SV and give it a high rating. The LV is awesome for the same reasons. I'm not decreasing my rating because of this because my complaint about the LV is very subjective. Some people love the extra lighting on the playfield... I do not, so I am content with my SV. I really like the dark, more sinister feeling of the SV. Other than this very subjective gripe, the LV has the same awesome gameplay and sounds and that is particularly what makes this game great!
36 days ago
The game is absolutely beautiful! Great gameplay and video integration of both Alien and Aliens movies. The sound is so good! I have a sub connected and this enhances the already big sound. I also really love the artwork on the game. The backglass is super cool! The service from PB is excellent. Shawn in the US is very helpful guiding me thru some of the issues I have experienced. Game is now dialed in! I recommend this game.
38 days ago
I'm very theme orientated when it comes to what I buy, with Alien right up there, and the theme integration in this machine is out of this world (lol). Having both Alien and Aliens movies integrated into the gameplay give variety between games, and each of the modes are quite unique and challenging - I love Find Jonesy and Combat Drop modes. The gameplay has a stop-go feel to it, which reminds me of Twilight Zone, yet the ability to collect different weapons and how to best leverage them (using the launch button) adds another unique element to this game. Now the sound package on this machine is outstanding as it builds tension as you progress through a mode and takes the immersion into the game to another level, it's simply brilliant. The cabinet is rock solid and really like the lit side blades; I've had the LV for 6 months and have only had a minor issue with the drop targets. So overall this is an outstanding game and very happy to have it in my collection.
39 days ago
Love love love this pin. I know have almost 300 plays on this. I owned a HWY version for awhile and made the mistake of selling it. The day it drove off I instantly regretted selling it.

I quickly ordered a LV. Luckily a good buddy was able to get me one fairly quick from the disturbutor.

Its my go to pin at home. The one pin when I look at my line I smile and instantly go to.

I've been fortunate to have O issues on mine. This isn't an easy pin but it's not impossible to make it to All out War. Scoring is low until you get some multiballs going and get through some modes.

I truly believe LV is the way to go with better lighting, beacons, artwork. The pin has a couple of hard shots that will make you want to pull your hair out.

I wish there were more call-outs and assets. Don't get me wrong assets are good but I just want more lol.

Pinball Brothers has been great given everything. We need to keep in mind they're a boutique company doing their best. These guys truly care and want to be around for a long time.

If I had to reduce my collection down to only 4 pins this pin would absolutely make the final 4.
There are 45 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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