Alien (Limited Version)

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Alien (Limited Version)

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This game received 157 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 8.497 /10


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This game ranks 1st in the game group "Alien". The group itself ranks #29 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Game Design: 8.296

Artwork: 8.452

Sounds/Music: 8.296

Other Aspects: 8.648

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Found 78 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 78 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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86 days ago
3 months ago
One of the best theme integrations in pinball; it perfectly recreates the dark, scary feeling of the movie. The use of movie clips is also top notch. The layout is good. It does feel a bit floaty and the shots are okay but don't provide a lot of kinetic satisfaction. Overall a very good game.
3 months ago
Game is great. Shots can be tough to find at first being a wide body, but once you find them, it flows really well. The newest code has really made the game even better with the callouts and video and the match sequence. The tracker mod is also a must have as it looks like it was meant to be there all along. Theme integration is top notch as well.
4 months ago
had this for 5 months now. still enjoying it. the new Ripley 4.0 code is great. PB really improved the music. The tweaks to the rules are great. Hyperspace multiball is still very satisfying. The Ripley clips and quotes are great. The code is as deep as any finished stern.

That being said the game isn't perfect. It can feel floaty.
I find the left outlane to be a waste of space. I wish that area was used for something else. The main toy is still cool 300+ games in. Overall happy with my purchase. it won't stay forever but its still great having it around.

Overall a great game.
5 months ago
It's refreshing to see more manufacturers on the market than Stern and JJP that are producing decent pinball machines.

I really like the layout and the ramps are quite satisfying to shoot but nothing shoots as well as a Stern or Midway to me. My favorite shot on the game is the airlock shot. And the Xenomorph's eating the ball is a really nice and unique feature.

I like the ruleset. The modes feel very different from one another. That's because you can choose modes from different movies, it makes this game more varied and replayable.

The artwork is very fitting, I generally like the look of the playfield. In its entirety the game matches the Alien theme down to a tee.

Overall, this is a good machine with a nice layout, varied rules and a very adequate theming. Every fan of the Alien franchise will enjoy playing the game. I also think it's quite beginner friendly.
6 months ago
Top notch game with so much to do
7 months ago
This is such a well made game. Love the wide body and shot layouts. The out lanes can be very dangerous and frustrating but when you learn to slow the game down and control the bal and flow it is unreal. I really like the modes in this game, they are easy to follow yet challenging. Also the use of the weapons is a fun idea.
8 months ago
Love the modes and sounds of this game.
8 months ago
I've been wanting to play this for years. Finally got to try it out at SFGE 2023. A great game for sure. I wish I could have been immersed a bit more, but it's loud at these events so I had to imagine things from what I know from gameplay videos. The only thing I'll add here that has probably not been said a million times in reviews is that the game FEELS so different from any other manufacturer I've played. The flippers just have a unique feel to them. Not bad, but different. The playfield screen wasn't working on the game I played so I was a bit lost on which shots to hit, but I absolutely LOVED being able to choose between the 2 Alien movies. So glad this is available to the masses now that PB has released the game. Must play it more and will update.
8 months ago
I have owned Alien LV for 5 months. It is absolutely a beautiful game and the Xeno multi ball is probably the coolest in pinball.

The games can be a bit floaty and some of the shots can be difficult to hit which isn’t a bad thing.

Awesome game but can’t say it’s bolted to the floor but it probably is.
9 months ago
This is the second alien I’ve had, the first being the highway edition. It’s kind a great immersive atmosphere.
9 months ago
Have had my Alien LV for about a month now. My first wide body I've owned, the shots took a while to get used to as a result. Also my first game with a center post, and I've had fun getting the feel on when best to hope it's going to hit just right and give me another go round.

The theme is top notch and the way it is integrated is as good as it gets! It's the perfect game to play anytime, but especially at night in a dark room (after all, they mostly come out at night, mostly...), the lighting is just beautiful, it's the one game I'm happy to leave on in attract mode and just drool over from across the room. The artwork from the cabinet to the backglass is gorgeous, I mean this game is a work of art, a true conversation piece.

As I said the shots have taken a while to get used to as they're just a bit off of what I'm used to (this being a wide body and all). I'm also still trying to get a better grasp on the rules, when to use my weapons and how to maximize scoring. The game can be brutal, I've had games that make me think I'm really terrible at pinball. But that's okay, it'll make me a better player and makes the really good games totally exhilarating.

I have a good friend who is totally anti-Alien for one reason and one reason only. The inlanes are covered up and impossible to see through, and I guess I can kinda agree with that criticism. I like the look of the plastics that are covering them, they add to the overall look and theming of the game, but I kinda do wish they weren't like that. The hyper sleep and extra ball shot is just so difficult to hit, many times I do hit it right and it just barely doesn't make it up and comes back down, but hey, shots with big rewards shouldn't be easy right?

Overall a game I am thrilled to have in my collection. Is it a bolted to the floor, never going anywhere, keep it until the day I die? That's TBD, but if it's still listed in my collection you know I'm still loving it!
9 months ago
Absolutely fantastic pin. One of the best I have ever played. Great shot layout and flow. Some very difficult shots and rewarding. Amazing lights, sound, and theme intervention.
10 months ago
I have played the Heighway version and this was my first try on the Pinball Brothers game. The changes improve on the original and the reliability so much better. I played v3.2 which I think is the latest software.
11 months ago
This might be the most immersive game Ive played if you are looking at lighting and sound.
I cant figure out the shoots with the 10 or so plays Iv had.
but dammit if I didnt enjoy my plays.
I love the out lanes on this game.
gives a chance to come back... game always keeps you engaged
1 year ago
I picked this one up today. My Pinball Bud and I were amazed at how under-rated this pin is. See my Collection... I own 7 of the top 10 in the top 100. IMHO this one is a Straight 10. More later after I've played a few more games. But Wow the quality of the build, the integration of the movie... and the PF quality is second to none.

I can't wait for my Queen Rhapsody by these guys.

After a couple weeks playing this pin I must say it is just getting better. However, I am currently experiencing a flipper failure and awaiting tech support. The upper left flipper, so I can actually still play.

UPDATE 2: Flipper issue was corrected... still have the game and it's great. What many don't comment on is that there are 2 games in one... Alien, and Aliens!

I also want to comment on what people are saying, when they say the Xenomorph doesn't always work. Actually the mode works every-time. Although, sometimes depending on ball speed the magnet isn't catching the ball (not like Stern's LZ magic Spinner Magnet) so that's the issue... can it be addressed with software, not sure, likely not. But the MB always works. More later still think this is a sleeper.
1 year ago
This one is quickly becoming one of my favorite pinball games. Love the way the movies & stories are worked into play. Lots of skill shots & objectives. That being said, I like the openness of the playfield (great flow) although I don’t know if the wide body was necessary. It truly is a beautiful machine.
1 year ago
Alien LE is a hard game to rate. This is flat out the most beautiful machine I own. The theme execution is flawless, and the sound design is a masterclass.

But the layout and shot feel is not great. The rules aren’t great either. The fundamentals of the game are simply not there the way they are with masterpieces like Twilight Zone or Godzilla.

As a piece of art, it’s hard to beat. As a game, it’s one I enjoy - but it’s only a B.
1 year ago
one of the best pinball machines ever, and in my collection. offers such a great variety of shots. so many good ideas in this pin!
1 year ago
I have the latest update Delta 3.0. This is my new favorite game. Godzilla has been dethroned. The first pinball game by Pinball Bros is phenomenal. After I lost 9k with Heighway (never got my game), I had a bad taste in my mouth. It was well worth the wait. I’m a collector, not a pro like some of the people here. It has the perfect level of difficulty. The call outs are great. The playfield is dark and I’m old, so I did add one stadium LED light. Truly game over man. Why this game is not in the top beats me.
1 year ago
Unique game with very cool theme integration. The coverrd habit trails is a bit annoying, and the hypersleep ramp is really tough to hit, but aside from that, it's a cool game to shoot. Not the deepest game, but the modes are fun to play, and I like that there are 3 wizard modes.
1 year ago
The newest pin to my lineup. The first not being a Stern. It took me longer to understand the gameplay and the rules. The first 20 games were just confusing to me. I had to get used to the gameplay on a wide body machine. The three inches make a big difference on the timing. Also very interesting the high amount of challenges and MBs. I like the variety! Short ones with up to 10 mil points and some which can boost you score immensely. It is a fast pin. I put 70 game on it so far and will put on many more for sure.
The Artwork on the cabinet, the playfield and specially the lighting are awesome. It is really a beautiful Pin.
Where are pros there are cons. Three things i do not like so much about this Machine, because it is supposed a limited edition, where I expect some extra quality.
1. the lockbar looks cheap ( each stern pro offers nicer looking one)
2. the outlanes are wide that a GMC can drive through.
3. The Xeno looks very cheap. On a LV I would have expected a much better one.
1 year ago
This is a great game. The theme integration is outstanding. It keeps me coming back for more games. Takes some time to get the game set up perfectly but once it is, it plays amazingly. The only negative comment I could make about the game is that the wiring is quite tight and at times, though infrequently, things become loose and need to be discovered and re-attached. A little slack in the wires would be helpful in preventing issues when the game is moved or playfield raised.
1 year ago
Traded my LV after about 6-months when a good opportunity came along. Not because of gameplay, that is very fun, but I didn’t have confidence in long term machine reliability AND playfield quality. Was expecting the Buttamberg playfield to be stellar like the aftermarket one on my F14, but the clear is too soft so easily scratches and is prone to pooling. May not be an issue for many, but I personally cannot handle poor playfield quality - sold my JJP POTC and GNR for same reason.

PB support was excellent and my 2023 build machine was solid after a good bit of out-of-the-box repairs required to Xeno, Hyper-sleep chamber, etc, but was concerned about the longevity of PB given their unique machine design and all the proprietary electro and mechanical parts under the playfield.

The geometry of the shots is different than other manufacturers so takes some getting used to but isn’t a bad thing if you like variety in your collection. And the rules and audio-visual aspects are excellent. The game is very difficult - not the shots or rules but the humongous out-lanes combined with poor out-lane visibility and difficulty nudging a wide body, heavy machine. Definitely recommend closing down the out-lanes somewhat. The right out-lane drain save gate is also poorly designed and can result in cheap drains off the ramp return.

All-in-all it’s a very fun, unique game but certainly recommend playing before buying given the different feel and challenging play - and to recognize the ownership risks surrounding such a new manufacturer/design.
1 year ago
Edited: With the addition of Ripley code this game just became a 10/10 for me. It was already a great game but was just missing one key asset and boom. This game is perfect all around, I love my LV and I can't think of a thing I would add to make it any better. Alien(s) is a top 5 theme for me and this game knocks it out of the park in terms of theme integration. The sound and lighting are the most immersive experience you can get out of a pinball machine. It has that Bally/Williams aura in terms of code, yet still deep like today's modern games. I can promise you there isn't a game that shoots like alien. It is a little floaty, but yet fast and flowy. Has a great variation of easy shots and difficult (Hyper sleep ramp very difficult and rewarding). This game is just unique and fun. If you're an alien fan this game should be 100% in your collection.
There are 78 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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