Pat Hand

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This game received 13 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 6.955 /10


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This game ranks #265 in the Pinside EM Top 100.

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Game Design: 7.008

Artwork: 7.124

Sounds/Music: 2.098

Other Aspects: 6.795

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Found 13 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 13 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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6 months ago
Trippy art and trippy layout...... I am in the minority here for sure, I like it.
My rating is a little high to offset the lack of love.
Have fun
11 months ago
I tried to like this pin, just nothing there that would make me want to play it again. Too much open space, not a fan of rollovers or the bumpers being down so low on the table. Nothing special, just not for me I guess.
11 months ago
Pat Hand is a really underrated EM that can be picked up for super cheap (at this time of writing you can still find it for under $500). While it's not Norm Clark's best layout, it still features his signature goofy pop bumper setup. The art is hit or miss - I personally like the Geisha and the card theme. It's very much a pinball machine stuck in the 70s. This pin's biggest flaw is that it's too easy. It's not particularly difficult to get both the extra ball and the double bonus on a regular basis. Raise the back legs as high as they go, give the playfield a good wax, and enjoy some dirt cheap pinball.
2 years ago
I used to play this game at a bar close to the Pepsi plant in Las Vegas in 77. After work I would head for a beer with other Pepsi drivers. One afternoon I was playing the game and there was a guy standing close by. I had about 12 replays racked up on the game. I finally asked him could I do anything for him? He said no, he was there to swap out the machine. I asked what was going to happen to the game? He said that it would go back to the shop and get parted out. I asked can I buy the game. He called his boss and said $200 and its yours. I bought it on the spot. I still have in 2020! Great game, love to play multiplayer. Lots of skill shots to hit all the cards.
3 years ago
Just an overall snooze-o-rama. I've restored one, and played one back in the day, and am very familiar with the gameplay, ruleset, etc. I would never consider this game as a portion of my collection. There are just too many games better than this one. Goofy artwork doesn't do it for me either.
5 years ago
Our first machine that got us hooked on the hobby. I personally am not a fan of the geisha. I think a more poker-like themed back glass would've been nicer. I do however really like the look of the play field. And I'm a fan of the way the game plays.
Only one drop so the ball stays in play more often. And it's easy to see what you need to hit to get the scorer moving. 8/10.
6 years ago
simple but VERY challenging playfield. Takes quite some practice to pass the tasks. Perfect for competitive gaming with friends. At the same time easy and save to maintain for the pinball-owner. Beautiful, timeless artwork with elegant painting and almost romantic lightning. The perfect piece for any livingroom.
6 years ago
I will be honest, this was the first EM I owned. I did like very much, had I not been offered what I was, I would have kept it. It was a fun fast game. It does suffer, in my opinion of a lack lust back glass. The game play was great. Very fun. I liked the asymetrical playfield and it had many targets. Very fun game and I will most likely purchase another if I find one for the right price.
8 years ago
This game caught my attention for the nice backglass. The pf is a bit barren but it ends up being surprisingly fun despite the lack of gadgets on the pf. The 2 bumpers in the lower left seem in an odd place but they keep moving the game along rather nicely. No left drain lane helps to keep the ball in play. 8 stand-up targets and 3 flippers make this game reasonable fun.
9 years ago
A very good game, difficult to play with all the action on the lower field.
Love the rollover buttons and lighting of the bumpers and rollovers.
Getting extra ball by hitting the four jokers can be a blast, for the score also (1000 points when hit).
Double special is a plus, only thing I am missing is a 100,000 point indicator on the backglass.
9 years ago
Pat Hand also surprised me. I know it gets grief from some for the open playfield and lack of toys/drops. Surprisingly with the pops down by the flippers it keeps you awake and its dead not an easy game. On 5 ball (the only way to play most EM's) its not the easiest game to roll over.

The lighting is a bit dark with the pops down at the bottom only lit part of the time. The special is tough to get as you have to collect the cards 3x.

Surprisingly fun and can be had at a decent price. Not the only pin for your collection, but a great starter or a complement to others in your collection.
10 years ago
This game was a huge surprise, from the looks of it there isn't much to it but once you start playing the game you find its pretty fun. There are no fancy shots, just a good game that scores well. The pop bumpers down by the flippers make things exciting the ball really gets moving at times. The targets on the right side of the play field can get a little tricky to get the bottom one lit.
10 years ago
Satin Doll and it's partner Pat Hand surprised me... and that's a good thing.

The Pros:
This game plays much better than expected. I love it when that happens. I came back to play it many times and each time, it was fun. That is the point of pinball isn't it? So lots of shots over an open playfield. Willams managemanet must have loved the bill of construction for this game. Double Flipper death is a real possibility on this game. I love hitting all 5 rollovers in one shot over the upper flipper.

The Cons:
NO DROP TARGETS! Can get boring real quick if the deck is not waxed, rubbered and steep. The PF needs more artwork!

The Takeaway:
A much better game than expected. You can find em' cheap and the double popbumper was not seen again until Game Plan came on the scene
There are 13 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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