Party Zone

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Game design: 7.514

Artwork: 7.521

Sounds/Music: 6.722

Other Aspects: 7.344

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There are 72 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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67 days ago
Another great cheap, easy game.

Not a deep ruleset, fun theme.. pretty easy to play, easy shots to make.

I didnt want to give mine up... but I got a Twilight zone and this cant hold a candle.

Would be great in larger collection.
4 months ago
Pretty cool and fun game. Ramps are cool and fun and very different. Make it fun. Good shots. Not a lot of drain.

Overall I'd play it a few times and come back a few.
5 months ago
I love this game.
It is baffling to me that Pinside undervalues and underrates this game.
This needs to be in the top 100, period.
9 months ago
My kids love this game. It’s a good pin to teach the kids how to play and does well in a larger collection.
11 months ago
Let’s Party Dude!! Total System 11 feel with DMD animation. Enjoyable and a good game to have in a larger collection. Shots are straight forward. Very approachable machine for someone who just wants to play some pinball.
1 year ago
head for the Rocket!
1 year ago
Party Zone is one of the most underrated pinball machines of all time. Never has there been another pinball machine with as much 3D interactive toys than Party Zone! Also I don't believe I've ever seen a macine from that era with a light show like Party Zone offers. The ramps are seriously crazy and that adds even more fun to the game. I also love the reference with the Party Animals! Others may not like Party Zone, but it's definately a keeper for me so much that I own 2 of them!!!!!
1 year ago
Party Zone isn't the most in-depth game, but it is definitely worth trying out! Great game for novice players and kids. Super bright, colorful and fun. The callouts are great, and the various characters on the playfield are cool. This game has a 2 ball multiball where you are building up the rocket value, and that is where you get the most points. Fill the rocket meter, and lock both balls in the rocket to earn the "Big Bang". It's actually tougher than it seems.

What really stands out on this game is the lighting. Flashy/colorful inserts, and a mix of White/Red GI lighting.
1 year ago
It's a cheapest B/W DMD for a reason. There's not much to shoot for. Very shallow ruleset.
Sound quality is below average.
Gameplay is hard and ball times can be very short.
I really wanted to like it. I even bought a second one. But that left from my collection just as fast.
2 years ago
This game was a pleasant surprise. I thought I would like Dr Dude and not like this one. But the opposite proved true. This is a fun game to play.
2 years ago
Party zone is really striking to look at and the colors of the playfield along with the lighting are so good. I just wish it was more than a colorful game. The shots are fun. But it doesn't have enough going on in the center playfield and the gameplay falls flat after a while.
2 years ago
I haven't felt compelled like this to rave about a game in quite some time. I always thought this looked like a fun game over the years & might be one to own someday, but I've thought that before about other pins with even higher ratings & have been let down. I just went with my gut, & bought a super nice PZ that this guy had. I definitely overpaid a good bit if we are to believe pinside's pricing on this one, but I didn't care, I really wanted it.

This thing is a blast & continues to grow on me, my girl, & my friends love it. It is sitting next to another b/w title that is definitely higher rated & more expensive, yet it is PZ that keeps drawing us in. It has that "one more game" factor which in my world is huge.
My example is incredibly clean & finely tuned, I'm sure that helps. Ramps are clear & in nice shape, & I did color matched LED for the inserts & some nice strong frosted red LED for the red GI & the game is just stunning.

The game flows better than you would think, considering both of the ramp returns have a pit stop. That stop is quick enough though that I don't think it disrupts flow at all just speed but that isn't a bad thing. Gives you a moment to ready your next shot or consider what you need to do next.
Shots on this game just feel good to hit. The captain & his standups can be a challenge but even that shot feels great when the ball sticks in the hole nicely!

My favorite thing about this game is that not only is the layout & shot selection solid, but the rules make it so that they all have value. I've seen too many games that had cool shots in a sweet layout but they just weren't called on to be hit enough or weren't worth it. On PZ I find myself utilizing all the shots the game has to offer during each play. I don't feel restricted in what I need to do, nor do I need to think too much. I think that is what all of us are loving about this game. & I've seen it mentioned other times in these reviews. The game is somewhat mindless fun. & to me that holds incredible value!

Sometimes people knock a game for not being deep enough, but I'll be honest, I'm kinda tired of super deep games. They are a dime a dozen these days. But a DMD game that is fairly straightforward yet still engaging, challenging, & fun? Not a ton of them. I put this game right up there with Black Rose as an all time favorite from this time period. Deep is not always better folks. & lack of depth doesn't make for a dumb game either. PZ has a terrific brain in it.
& let's not forget that there is multiball & times during each game where things get a little more goal specific, so it isn't like the game lacks depth. It has enough.

Let's talk theme. It is pretty wild & dated in some ways. In fact I think it might be so dated that its actually cooler now in 2017 than it would have been in 2000. It is very unique, it is an original concept & original artwork. & again in the pantheon of all DMD games in existence, this is a rare trait & becoming more rare by the day.
I love all the color the game offers & it helps make for a good looking & beautifully lit game in the dark, & I love all the details in the artwork as well as the toys. Oh yeah, TOYS, the game has tons & are interactive. People are always floored by the fact that the captain's head follows the ball around once I point out to them that he isn't moving at random.

In closing, I'm finding this game to be a great fit in a collection where I have a couple deeper, more intense games that require a little more thinking. This game definitely has a place in today's pinball world. The only question remaining is how long will I keep this game, & how much will I miss it when it is gone. I just felt compelled to write this review between how impressed I was by it, & how underrated I found it to be.
2 years ago
Party Zone is the first game in my collection and the family absolutely loves it. I picked up a machine in pristine condition and it won't be going anywhere in a hurry. The game is quirky, challenging and above all, plenty of fun. It's 'Happy Hour' at any time of the day, and any day of the week. Party on!
2 years ago
Goofy, colorful game with simple rules but it's a lot of fun for mindless pinball action. I'm not sure if it will last in my small collection but I'm really enjoying the game so far.
3 years ago
It's a simple game for sure but I love the ramp shots and goofiness of it. Music is great. Love if you get to the end of the game all the GI goes red. First time I did that I was so surprised. Wish it more than a 2 ball multiball though.
3 years ago
This pin often gets a bad wrap. I've owned it in the past and enjoyed playing it. It is not terribly deep, but has a couple of nice gimmicks. This would be a great pin for a first time collector on a budget.
3 years ago
Recently picked this game up and love it more than my Black Rose or my 1976 Williams Grand Prix, which is my benchmark for fun. Love the crazy ramps, theme, and things to do in this game. Never saw it before in public but I'm glad I had the opportunity to pick this one when I did. I can easily see me playing this every day and not getting bored. Plus, after hitting the Bing Bang, you just want more! Great fun crazy pinball.
3 years ago
My local arcade now has this machine i have to admit i really enjoyed playing it lots of fun wacky theme whats not to like, now admittedly these are just first impressions and i can't comment about lastability but fo a novice pinball player like myself this was right up my alley
3 years ago
This game plays nicely to me, despite that I think the artwork and theme and music are hideous.
3 years ago
A fun game, that mashes previous pin characters into one game. For the most part it works. The dual GI colors really make the game pop in certain modes. Game is fluid, and plays great. Music has some variety, if you don't mind a midi version of Pinball Wizard. Dancing Dummy and the Captain are interesting, and the way they interact with the game is pretty cool. As others have stated, make sure the ramps are in good shape, to fully appreciate them. Nice game for sure.
4 years ago
Knew I would like this pin and when I finally played it. I realised my judgement was correct. Fun pin with nice shots.

Bought the pin and I like it even more than I did at one of the Pin events. Have uprated my score. Should be in Top 50
4 years ago
Defiantly has the one more game factor, can be very brutal, very important to get multiball going, the captain is a suicide shot, better off going for it rebounding off the targets , but need to shoot him to get the multiballs going, ramps are cool but the ball is known to fall off them, when buying one make sure the ramps are in good condition because you can't find them anyware , art is really cool an vibrant, cab looks great, unfortunately most are faded , call out can get very annoying after a while, party zone is pinball on a acid trip..
4 years ago
Another cheesy theme that works well. Fun for a few games, and makes you want to come back (later) for more
4 years ago
Simple machine with repetitive shots. Fun theme and fun features (talking robot, lo-fi almost midibforms if party/pinball based sings such as Chicken Feet and Pinball Wizard). I recommend it but it does get a little old quick.
4 years ago
A rare ho-hum offering from Dennis Nordman. I respect that the game unifies his oeuvre by using characters from past games (Monsters, Dudes and Animals) but I get the feeling that the game is TOO MUCH of an inside joke, leaving causal players out in the cold on much of the humour. Capt. B-Zarr will never usurp Rudy as the most famous pinball talking head. The game comes off as a bit too obnoxious for my liking. Not even Nordman's uniquely shaped ramps can save this one.
There are 72 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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