Party Animal

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Game design: 6.843

Artwork: 5.741

Sounds/Music: 6.51

Other Aspects: 6.591

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10 months ago
A great game for casual players, while also having just enough to bring back more experienced players for one more game. The rules and shots are easy to understand, but racking up a solid score can be more challenging. Earning the letters to spell p-a-r-t-y a-n-i-m-a-l (which gives the player multiball) is saved from game to game and player to player, which can result in one player doing all the work, and another player reaping the reward. It is a great game for both kids and adults, with a light, fun theme with funny sound effects and great music. There is a jukebox on the playfield, and when its three targets are hit, it switches songs. Overall, a pretty fun pinball machine, one which is great for quick games. If you can find a clean one for cheap, give it a try!
1 year ago
Just landed my 2nd one, which is in much better condition than my 1st. I liked it so much, I've been looking ever since I sold my 1st one. This game has a decent ruleset, and is a blast to play. I can play this one for hours. The jukebox has a 6 song selection, and it has a 3 ball multi, although you have to plunge the last 2 manually. When set up right, this game is just pure pinball fun. The backglass is cool, the cabinet the standard boring Bally from the late 80s. Sound is 80s as well, but suits the time period and the machine. Playfield is beautiful, and the copy I just obtained has to be one of the best in existence. Spotting the letters, and getting the surprise bonus is just one of the many ways to score here. This deck deserves a much higher ratiing than it has. Worthy of a spot in the top 100, as it is much better than several that are there now. As it gets more exposure, it will go up over the years. If you get the opportunity to play it, do so. Letters carry over, so play a 4 player game and complete the objectives, and you'll be hooked! You can't play it a couple of times and get a feel for it. This one requires the time and effort it takes to experience it fully, to really appreciate it. A quality build, and neither of mine ever gave me any problems. I play this one a lot.
1 year ago
Great game !!!! I own one and have enjoyed it for many years.
2 years ago
When I was younger in the arcade my dad gave me alcholic drinks..and I played this pinball..a solid cabinet
3 years ago
Very underrated pin that I've always enjoyed, despite the bad 80's artwork. Liked it so much that I tracked one down and bought it for my own collection.
3 years ago
Wow. I've owned 2 of these - gave one to my son. This game has hilarious call outs and simple, but very satisfying shots. For its day, it was a great game. I enjoy it more than my Twilight Zone. It really should be in the top 100 IMHO.
4 years ago
Finally had a chance to land this one. Far from an A list game but charming in its own right. A party theme with a decent layout and light rules. For its era, the sounds and music are where the game shine. The implementation of the stand up targets and the juke box are the games gimmick and it pulls it off quite well. The music is varied, there is a decent amount of shots but little flow and if in good shape the game can be fast but brutal. The multiball takes some effort to get but is fun to achieve. A fun game to play but far from a classic, approach this game with that attitude and you will be pleasantly surprised.
5 years ago
Another 6803 with very little love out there...probably the most complex playfield in this series of games.

Music could be better but nice sounds.

C'mon bally....if you're painting the cabinet at least have a unique design...I hate this same feature on my hardbody.

I like it, the fun factor is there...if made a few years later with a bit more technology this could have been a hit.
5 years ago
this is a great title for its day still alot of fun, it has the same feel to it as party zone for me, good flowing gameplay, cabinet art is abit basic but not important when playing this classic, unbelievably hard to come by, but if you do its definatly worth a look.
6 years ago
over all for its time this is a good little machine. I'm a big fan of the theme and think the back glass and playfeild are amazing works of art. That being said My biggest complaint is that they cheaped out with that generic late 80's Bally cabinet. Oh well. Game is very simple but I always have to remind myself that it's from a different era of pinball when they were just starting to get into more complex playfeild designs and rules. I can appreciate it for that as I do all other mid to late 80's games.
7 years ago
It has been a long time since I have played Party Animal. Here are my recollections.

The Pros: A great PF layout with lots of shots all around. The theme is a silly one like a frat party at the zoo (I mean, how can you go wrong with that?). There are ramp shots from the upper flipper are well placed. Inline drops on the right are always welcome.

The Cons: The cat on the left of the BG is a leopard. The cat on the right of the BG is wearing a leopard skin leotard... How wrong is that! And what is it with pinball artists and kitties with titties? The Bally-cab is just so... boring. Fatty flippers just seem to be unwieldy.

The Takeaway: I'm gonna have to play this game again and give it another chance. But from what I remember... this game looks good, but doesn't play so good. Rating will be updated when I get another chance to rock this deck.

Man... what is it with Bally fleeper mechs of this era? They are very strange. However... when they work, this game is fun! I do like the inline drops and the multiple shots from the upper flipper. I have no idea why, but when I hit that goofy frog and the deck says "ribbit..." it makes me smile every single time. Not the most complex game, not the deepest ruleset, but so what? This game is better than I thought it was originally and I have to credit the copy I played at the VFW. It worked as it should. Big ups to Shaggy and his band of merry men!

Update v.2
This game is bonus heavy. So don't tily. Now the 2x,4x,6x inline drops remind me of Flash Gordon, but without the evil drainy deadliness. Getting multiball is fun and hitting the saucers doubles up the multiball qualification and the game's bonus/score. Building and collecting the bonus is solid and multiball is surprisingly difficult to achieve. 2x/3x pf scores means that multiball... means something. The ramps feel flimsy, but the ball gets where it needs to go. Flippers must be rebuilt to make this game play as it should. This game has very silly sounds like burps, toilet flushing and when the frog ribbits, it always makes me smile (yeah i said it already, still true). Hit the jukebox to change the tune and multiball has it's own song. This is 80's cheezy sounds at it's finest! Is this the greatest game of 1987? No. Is it a better game than most think it is, I have to admit... I like this game better now than I did before. Party Animal will need to be tuned to be a challenge, but when properly setup, this game plays very well. Be warned though, this game is NOT as easy to adjust (the rules/settings) as A-B-C.
7 years ago
Party animal has Great music and a cool playfield (juke box, ramps, and drop targets). The flow is a little off with the large juke box and the cabinet is plain jane. All in all a good playable game for all ages.
There are 12 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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