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Pinside rating

This game received 187 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 7.794 /10


Top 100 ranking

This game ranks #99 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

Score breakdown

Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 7.81

Artwork: 8.833

Sounds/Music: 5.568

Other Aspects: 7.904

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This is how we, the very knowledgeable (wink wink) staff & moderators rate this game. 7 of us have rated this game.


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Found 96 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 96 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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6 years ago
Good for its era
6 years ago
I don't know how to rate an old machine so take that into perspective.

The gameplay is very slow which is typical of this era. This pin however is one of the more challenging ones. A few two many flippers can be difficult to get use to, I find myself actually losing a lot of games on this pin.

It's just not my style of pinball machine and I rated it that way, came back feeling bad about a poor ranking so I gave all the N/A categories a 3 instead of a 1.
6 years ago
Snoozeville. Looks awesome but its boring. I recommend playing it atleast once, I owned one for a few months and couldnt wait to sell it. Some people really seem to like this machine I couldnt get in to it.
6 years ago
love this game!
6 years ago
Really solid early SS release from Bally. Loved this game when I owned it.
6 years ago
Wow this one is hard! Not my favorite wide body. Played this in a group and we all got it handed to us. Very tough!
6 years ago
Played it, but sound board was out, not my favorite era of pin.
6 years ago
This is the only machine I ever sold out of my collection that I wish I hadn't. The artwork is the best of the era, and I'd argue that it's the best artwork of any machine ever. A well set up Paragon is challenging without being needlessly frustrating - I think it's the best playing widebody Bally ever built. People kvetch about the sound, but for the era it's fine, and I kind of like the weird little burps it makes.
6 years ago
a slower, relaxing gameplay
6 years ago
I just sold mine and am already missing it. A beautiful Bally widebody that is a great player. There is lots to shoot for and the inline drop targets are really cool. Better implementation than in Centaur, in my opinion. Great game. The only ding on this one is the sound. Bleeps and bloops and that's pretty much it. Would be a top 5/10 game with slightly better music/sound effects. But, for me, that's a minor point.
6 years ago
hate this game sounds and plays horrible
6 years ago
Not bad but very slow flowing
7 years ago
Besides being a beautiful machine Paragon is addictive, Love the inline drop targets; great spinner shot to waterfall; two top saucers are fun to nudge. Bonus holdover starting at 20k is essential when going for highscores. Beware the Beast Lair.
7 years ago
I think everybody should be required to own a Paragon at some point and REALLY play it for a while. A game that seems simple and poorly laid out after a few plays turns into a freaking genius design and amazing layout after a lot of plays. Sure, the game is brutally hard and unforgiving, but really a good player can control most of the bounces in this game. The artwork speaks for itself. It is amazing in a ridiculous way. The combination of art on the backglass and playfield is one of the best in all of pinball. The cabinet is ok, and hard to find one that isn't faded. The ONLY drawback of this title is the sound and connector design. The sound is sparse and uninspired like other Bally's from the day. If it had that awesome Williams sound from the early 80's it would be a perfect 10 in my book. The rules are simple but well thought out. It is all about maximizing your bonus. There are a couple of ways to get there and I always like trying different things. The game can be dang hard, but it is so rewarding when all goes to plan. I hope to own this one for many years to come.
7 years ago
A good game with great art work.
7 years ago
king of the real wiiiidebody, this theme and art is timeless, and badass... plus it has shots for days and is brutal as hell.
7 years ago
Great wide body game. This game will make you a better pinball player. Everything you need to learn about pinball you can learn on this machine; nudging, passing, everything. Amazing artwork; my third favorite backglass in pinball (if only it was mirrored it may be No. 1 in my view).
7 years ago
fun for a widebody. nice theme
7 years ago
The backglass and artwork design are amazing, probably one of the best designs especially for its age. The game itself can be frustrating as it is no piece of cake. One of the only games where you have to nail down two drop targets before you get double bonus, the 5X bonus shot is difficult as well with the outter plastic piece stopping any real hard sots directly to the hole. Has a real risk/reward feature once you get to 20 points in that it holds your bonus scoring. Quite good depth in the rule structure for such an old game. This machine bring back a lot of memories for me which is why I have it in my collection but for a late 70's machine it is the best around in its era and should be considered a top 100 machine for its artwork alone IMO.
7 years ago
Beautiful artwork, especially the BG. I love pins with targets in line and that one is no exception.
7 years ago
This game is simply amazing. Rules are easy to follow and fun to play for any skill level and all ages.

The artwork is a thing of beauty. The playfield and backglass are the best i've ever seen. If you can find a cab in decent shape it is the best art on a cab i've ever seen.

The sounds are really the only downfall to this machine. The lack of music and crappy sound effects is a real bummer.

I would easily reccomend this machine to anyone.
7 years ago
This is a sleeper! Got this from a friend who wound up with two machines. Had never touched it. And I just kept going back to it time and time again. It's nice and simple..just get a high score. No modes, nothing fancy. And you need to learn how to nudge to really enjoy the game. That's what got me. It looks like a simple game and time and time again it whooped me. But every once in a while I would put up a great score...

I miss this one already.
8 years ago
Paragon is the best Widebody game of it's era. I own its skinny older brother Harlem Globe Trotters and while the game in many ways is "flipped" on it's axis, there are other characteristics that set it apart on it's own.

The Pros: Great shots everywhere on this table. Get that spinner shot down and bump your bonus up to 20k+ asap. This holds from ball to ball and if you get it on ball one is at least an extra 40-80k in your pocket for the game depending on 3-5 ball settings. The Beast's layer makes you work your nudging skills like there's no tomorrow. The inlane drop targets take great skill to get past into the saucer. Swords and Sorcery artwork and pinball never had it this good.

The Cons: The pf's on these games get shredded with lots of use. Audio is the standard Bally SS sound set.

The Takeaway: Another great Bally from this early SS era. Greg Kmeic took the best parts from Harlem GT's and make the most of the extra square footage given to him. Paul Faris once again... makes a great game look the part. The game itself is not that complex, but it is not easy and it is very well done. A great bridge from the EM to the electronic mindset. This deck is a widebody game, but with the speed the ball travels around... it sure doesn't feel like it is slow or sluggish as the amount of real estate might suggest. The whole team came together on this one. I will possess one someday. And then I will play it until I can't play no-mo!

Just remember kiddies, the moral of this pinball game is: Bat-winged barbarians always get the blue bikini'd blonde babes by beating and bludgeoning big ol' birdwinged-cat-beasts.

The game is surprisingly light for it's size. For a game with such a big Buh-donk-uh-donk... How is this table so freekin' fast?!? There are times that I think that this game is fast as some of the golden era b/w and stern v2 decks. Keeping the ball in the Golden cliffs is about as safe as this table gets. The ball rocketing through the spinners and careening down the green gargoyle barf-falls is always going to bring a smile to my face. But man... hitting the saucer for 5x with max bonus is the best on this table. I can't wait for the bonus count to kick in! Always challenging. Never safe. A true player and one of the best examples of a great design from the horrendously unsung hero of pinball Mr. Greg Kmiec.
8 years ago
Best backglass in pinball. That alone should keep Paragon in the top 100 for decades. In the day this was my favorite pin.
8 years ago
Another Bally classic for a reason. Beautiful game, great variety of shots, when set up properly a very fast game. Double right flipper requires some thought, try top "trap" on lower flipper will more often than not slip between flippers, same thing for a ball headed right between if you open too early, great game to practice bounce passes (like Harlem Gl) inline drops are key to good scores and a tough shot to groove as well. Top saucers a "standard" Bally thing from the day, have 2 is cool. Right drop targets also a key shot and tougher than it might look at first glance, small flipper is handy for attacking these. Not a huge fan of the left bumper in the "beast's lair" usually a lost cause, Future Spa makes a better use of the lower bumper and seems to send it up field more often than not. Spinner is placed on a hard right turn, fun shot to make and one Stern borrowed on Big Game, waterfall lane is unusual and really adds to the uniqueness of Paragon. Only "takeaway" for me is the sounds are not up to snuff yet this early, almost think chimes (ala Strikes and Spares) may have been preferable...Next to other earlier sound boards from Bally like SilverBall mania, Future Spa etc that I absolutely LOVE, have to ding Paragon for sounds and music that seem a tad annoying to me, but what do I know. Update...after owning this game for a while, decided that paragon saucer works better not on scrolling, makes game play more skill, less luck. Additionally, getting bonus points up to 20k so it carries over is a MUST if you want to be competitive on this table..spinner is a key shot to add in this effort. Additionally, sounds can be modified via dip switches and actually have found a mix I like much better, but it still doesn't have the back ground which is still a take away.
There are 96 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 3 of 4.

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